New firmware (6.1.1.B.1.54) certified for Xperia P, U, go and sola

by XB on 8th November 2012

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For those who own a Sony Xperia device powered by a ST-Ericsson NovaThor chipset, it looks like a new firmware version will be heading your way soon. A new firmware version 6.1.1.B.1.54 was certified by the PTCRB earlier today.

The firmware has been certified for the four Sony Xperia devices with the NovaThor U8500 chipset which includes the Xperia go, Xperia P, Xperia sola and Xperia U. The update most likely offers only a minor improvement over the existing firmware (6.1.1.B.1.10). We’ll bring you more news if/when it rolls out.

Thanks Aaron!

  • Norio24

    Good news for my brother who owns a Xperia U while I’m still waiting for a new firmware for my Xperia s to fix ICS issues

  • Ahmed HHH

    No ICS update for my Xperia sola till now

    My SI number is 1261-5056

  • mohammadjamous94

    My sola Still. GB

  • Im happy about this news..xp user..

  • Jerry Berglund

    What the heck. How many software update shall de other phones recieve? Xperia S hasnt gotten any for some time now?

  • i hope it will solve the laggy and slow problem of xperia go…

  • do u think they can fix it if i sent it to the center.? i’m tried of the wireless problem. feels like throwing my phone away.

  • dj ksr

    wen xperia u wil get jelly bean update??

  • What is the problem? I had wireless problems too :/

  • Xperia S has Qualcomm processor, so much easier, they dont make mistakes, they dont need to patch because its cool, novathor hsa bugs and needs bugfixes

  • Y U NO manually update ?

  • bob

    I hope it fixes the laggy camera and slow ‘quick’ launch for my xperia u :)

  • My go is fast. The only problem is GPS isn’t working at all. And some issues with HD Games. Hope they fix it this time. :)


    i am purchased two Sony Xperia P yesturday. In every websites it mentioned out of box is Android 2.3GB, but for me two mobiles come with 4.0.4 ICS. I dont no this is new or used mobile,and it is manufactured in September 2012. kindly reply……….

  • Upgrade manually, it’s easy

  • Q1 2013

  • Xperia Go isn’t made for HD games

  • if it’s manufactured en september its normal, ICS came in August

  • Anonymous

    So having been “certified” by that “PTCRB” doesn’t mean it’s released yet? o_O

  • Miguel C

    Let´s hope that solves the Wifi problems in the Xperia U

  • bhosadchand popatpappu

    go fuck yourself fucking jizz..peace out of my ass

  • Jonathan Moerman

    And after over two months of waiting my xperia p is still on gb…. No bugs though…

  • Ahmed HHH

    I cant find official ICS firmware which support Arabic language to upgrade manually.
    Thanks for help

  • Sagar

    Its a long time since Xperia S got an update, the dialer app sucks big big time. It is buggy, the phone acts weird many times and gets stuck in between.

  • millA

    How can i update manually ? Sola ?

  • Xperia U will be getting Jelly Bean??? I thought Sony announced that U will not get one… ANyways, I’m happy if it’s true… yeeeyyy… :)

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  • ah ok! that’s bad for you =(

  • they told they were working on it (to know if xperia U can or not get jelly bean)

  • no! they can release it days or weeks after or never

  • upgrade manually

  • i hope it will solve the laggy problem of xperia go.

  • just watch the forums, or directly go on xda-developers forums, there are official and non officials roms, you can upgrade manually for Official without unlocking /rooting phone and without void warranty =)

  • fidfidelis97

    what computer language you use ?, if english why not u use your sola in english ?, i use sola too

  • fidfidelis97

    great news, hope will bring improved memory management, because after update to ICS I found only about 50 MB free ram its very lagy if you browse something on internet

  • fidfidelis97

    what things make you happy if xperia u not getting jelly bean ? ~_~

  • dj ksr

    Xperia u wit android ICS doesn’t support adobe flash player!!! Please fix this issue in upcoming update….

  • ???? ?????

    install any compatible firmware don’t wait SI or ur local, Arabic lang exist in any version of firmware of sony, if u don’t found by default use “local language app” from play to unhide it.

  • josesl16

    excuse me for my n00bness, but how do I upgrade manually with unlocked booatloader? XDA isn’t up-to-date to the really minor improvements, after all.

  • Gaurav Saxena
  • Just got the Xperia P 6.1.1.B.1.54 update in Singapore. Not sure of any changes yet…

  • Sobhan

    ahmed => I use India ROM(ICS) (Sola) it supports Arabic and Persian and all languages in Asia

  • arjun

    Can you please tell me the cons and pros of the new firmware update for sony xperia p? Heard that the camera quality became low… Is it true?. Please clear my doubt..

  • ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????WTF

  • BK

    Just been updated with the new firmware but there seems to be some problem with the WIFI; when I was connected to a particular network, after I am out of the place, it still shows me connected to the network.

  • vishal

    Dan please let me know how to upgrade mannualy my email id is

  • Lawi

    i hope this comment i made could be a big help regarding with the issue of firmware 6.1.1.b.1.54 camera half black images.. :))) regarding with the half black images… i found out that when you activate the night scene mode using the 8mp camera it works properly… and doesn’t not show the half black images.. :) i hope this temporary solution could help you guys big… ;)

  • ssss

    installing this with SONY PC COMPANON Will void my warranty?

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