Sony takes the reins on Xperia S AOSP project; shows progress so far [Video]

by XB on 8th November 2012

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Sony Mobile has given an update on the Xperia S AOSP project, which was first talked about by Google’s Jean-Baptiste Queru back in August. Sony has announced that it is now taking the lead on the project as from Android 4.2 Jelly Bean onwards, the Xperia S will not remain a target device on the main AOSP branch.

However, the project will not be left to flounder as Sony will move the Xperia S AOSP project to a Sony git on GitHub. The video below shows how much the developers have achieved. A lot of things are now working including the SD-card, Wi-Fi and sensors. Internally, Sony also has the audio and modem working but the company cannot release these publicly right now due to proprietary binaries. Sony says the next major step is to get Android 4.2 Jelly Bean working on the device. As it is an open-source project, Sony is calling on developers to help. Progress is looking good and we look forward to hearing more.

Via Sony Mobile Developer Blog.

  • whocares

    Bitches… They should not do that

  • DragonClaw

    Err… why?

  • good or bad news?

  • Why so?

  • Keon Fraites

    Nice, just keep working get the stuff fixed and functional with as little bugs as possible then throw on the Sony UI and release Jellybean 4.2 on Xperia S!

  • LOL, even Google abandons updates for the Xperia S. I guess the only thing that keeps them from updating the Xperia S is that they want to update the Xperia T first. They probably have a beta eDream ROM on standby already.

  • sony

    Because you will lose Bravia Engine ….

  • AsadMulla

    Make me appreciate Sony UI much more. Although Stock is nice I prefer Sony’s UI like walkman, home launcher, Clocks, Dailer .Sony Camera app is way better.

    I know this post is not about that but I am just saying

  • acey_zero

    I think Sony should pay Google to provide direct software support for one or more phones. Would be just like a Sony Nexus, but Sony could make it however they want.

  • M Usman

    so what does this mean? this rom will not be available. or that Sony will finish off what Google started and then release it to the general public?

  • DragonClaw

    Not really. Developers can add it anytime. :)

  • DragonClaw

    Dailer, in my opinion is better on the AOSP ROMs.
    Music Player, Sony’s is best.

  • Xmas

    Agree! i hate Google UI, it’s so fucking ugly and inappropriate for Xperia Devices.

  • AndFTW

    That Beautiful skin is the one who uses up a chunk of RAM and Processing Power..

    Performance > Beauty

  • Amsakanna

    Dialer sucks in sony UI

  • hammad Ali

    Awesome when we will get it in our Xperia s?

  • Guest

    Good news: other devs can also participate and eventually take the lead should Sony also bowed out of this (will still be subject to the release of open source drivers for remaining devices. HDMI is still likely to be out of the question).
    Bad news: the prospect of a Sony-built Nexus device has diminished.

  • Evita

    political matter, some lead company try to prevent the risen of Xperia!!

    Cuz they significantly and definitely lose market share, if let this continue.

  • Ogbemudia Jonathan

    That UI from the video looks terrible compare to the stock UI on S.

  • oiuy1

    does that mean that Sony will release that update when they finish it to our xperia s ? and if yes will it be android 4.1 or 4.2 ?

  • paul4id

    Why is Sony wasting their own resources on this? I thought they had Google helping them out before?

  • pixlas

    Just to be clear. This does not affect the XS users from getting JB. Everyone will get JB even without going vanilla.

  • The UI may suck but as time goes on you get used to it and it doesn’t really bother you anymore but so far things look OK, just waiting on Jelly Bean on my Xperia T.

  • I agree with you and very pleased to be a BIG sign, we’ll have 4.2 on the Xperia S, but criticizing the pure google android and Smasung, not criticize Sony for the time it takes to update your softaware “single” and unique !

  • hcm.

    must be samsunq

  • electrash

    Sony you cant even update your phone and you take the lead.
    Should i laugh now?

  • lol

    y u no release beautiful ui update, sony??? yyy???

  • That UI doesn’t look good on Xperia S! I prefer Sony’s, just add more basic function!

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  • Very BAD UI….

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  • DragonClaw

    Why has it diminished? Next year, a Sony Nexus should be coming. Just hope that the phone will be the ultimate. Atleast one Nexus with all the features. Do not care about the price. Make it as high as required. But make the phone the best it can be. We can have budget Nexus phones from LG and Samsung, but the best phone in the world should be from Sony.

    And then, Sony is the brand that deserves it the most. With features like swipe (Sony has the best swipe keyboard) and advanced camera beating in Sony phones since the age of Gingerbread, Sony is ahead in terms of technology when compared to other brands. Perhaps the features of Xperia T will see integration into the later versions of Android.
    So basically, Sony and Google are the best partners. And I really hope that a Sony Nexus X is on the way. :)

  • Avery Navas

    please God… let me see an official jelly bean update on my xperia s… :D

  • uidesigner_sony

    Terrible UI(Samsung), except animation. Compare if u want:

  • Guest

    If you follow the speculation of 2 Nexus’es per manufacturer (Nexus One was the counter example though, I don’t think that theory holds any water), then the next one is LG. Nexus with all the features? Dream on, Google wants decent prices, non-removable batteries, and no microSD expansion. The last one in the name of “not confusing the users”. :(

    Features of the Xperia making it to later versions of Android? One can certainly hope but I would not hold my breath. While Sony can still contribute to AOSP and Google may choose to pick the contributions up into their own builds, however, now that Google has moved away from working with the Xperia S, they don’t get first-hand looks into what Sony is doing and may simply ignore the changes.

    And remember, the next Nexus is most likely not going to be >4.2, or perhaps even 5.0. This current XS AOSP project is going to be up to 4.2. If Sony and Google are really that keen on working together on the next Nexus, why would Google kick this project to the curb now?

  • InspectorGadget80

    Does anyone even know how to put STOCK ICS on your phone? with out using bootloader or root

  • I think the launcher looks a lot better than the stock UI. The apps on the other hand…

  • hamboy


  • Nic Noque

    I like Sony’s Android UI, I am also fond of HTC Sense UI but, here’s an idea for all manufacturers: Why don’t you supply all your phones with a pure unadulterated “vanilla” Android and have your company’s custom UI as an option pack (which can be completely & neatly uninstalled if desired)?
    This would allow end users the option of the “beauty”/”functionality” of your User Interface or the possible speed & aesthetics of pure Android.
    Wow, imagine giving consumers the right to choose. I suppose that is as outrageous as unlocked bootloaders (or not penalising users for unlocking them!), or unbloated/unbranded phones.
    But who would dare speak such blasphemy?

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