Limited 24K Gold Edition Xperia P is one special prize

by XB on 11th November 2012

in Xperia P

If you live in the Nordic countries then you may want to enter this very special competition. Sony Mobile has created a Limited 24K Gold Edition Xperia P and is giving one away in a competition. The Sony Xperia P is one of the most attractive phones in Sony’s range, created from an aluminum unibody. We imagine this limited edition offering is gold plated, rather than being moulded from pure gold, but further details aren’t included. We doubt this will see commercial release, so we’ve got no idea how much this beauty would actually cost. Details of the competition can be found on Facebook here, but you’d better be quick as it closes tomorrow.

Thanks Nabendu!

  • i dont think so it cost so much , about ( 1500 – 2000 ) usd maybe less

  • PRo

    One word….. “Tremendous” !!!!

  • And it’ll be obsolete in a year…

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    yeah but it’s free

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    It’s kinda a stupid step….the device in not that special to release a golden version of it
    Prossecor -> weak
    Ram -> normal
    Screen -> the antiqe (aka the abandoned) LCD = poor
    White Magic -> colors problem … Yellow ? Green ???
    Screen Size -> 4 inch = old… we are in age of 4.5 inch and upwards screens
    Generally performance –> lags in HD games it even lags when playing Temple Run !! + cannot do multiple tasks
    Sony should release a golden version of Xperia V or ION at least instead of dis poor-performancing phone

  • CerealD

    I don’t live in Sweden (but in germany which is very close), and i already got an SXS, but i wrote them using the Google Translator, and hopefully… lets see.

  • naathaanS

    You do know its free right? “Details of the competition can be found on Facebook…”

  • XYZ

    Its easier to gold plate a phone made out of metal….

  • XYZ

    Wow people complaining about something that is free…….and Gold Plated……Talk about 1st world problems….

  • xperiaX10.awesome

    All that glitters is not gold ;-)
    Sony concentrate on ur product line up to lure customers not such stupid acts !!!

  • naathaanS

    Its free for fuck sake

  • DragonClaw

    This is not a phone to be available commercially . Not a phone that will hit the market. It’s a special edition phone. And those who will buy it, will not care about what’s inside. They will care about how it looks. And Xperia P is an eye-candy.

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  • It’s free…

  • The processor is by now means weak.
    Ram is in the high-end even, as there are only a couple of phones with more ram.
    LCD beats OLED any day of the week in colorreproduction.
    There are no problems with WhiteMagic. The “color issue” is actually an increase in contrast when it goes into “bright outdoors mode” and can be easily avoided by setting the brightness to 70% (much brighter than the competition already at that point.
    I have yet to play a game that lags. I’ve played Temple Run, Dead Trigger, Riptide HD, Great Big War Game and many others.
    You are the weakest troll I’ve seen in months. Please just give up.

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  • Cp2020

    First of all it’s processor, antique and performing not prossecor, antiqe and performancing. Second we are in the age of personal preference , and we always have been. Your 4 inch screen dispute is completely pointless. Ram is normal? I’m not even going to comment on this. Lastly…cannot multitask? Dualcore 1gb ram smartphone, running ics can’t cope with multitasking. Oh man … simplicity of your poor point of view petrifies me.

  • naathaanS

    “The Truth Must Be Said” is always, and have been the weakest troll that i’ve EVER seen

  • xperiaX10.awesome

    But its fcking fake publicity, concentrate on betterment of Sony mobile line and stop giving fcking one gold shit !!!
    Got it ???

  • naathaanS

    How is this fake publicity? It’s clearly said on Sony SE’s facebook that it’s a limited edition, unless you can’t read. Try using your small brain, i know its hard but try, do you seriously think that Sony use their entire company’s employee just only to make this phone? I think you’re just jealous that you’re not living in Sweden, which is the only country that this competition is held in
    EDIT: and to answer your other question, ifs not gold, everyone knows that, because as you can see, it said here and on facebook that it’s gold plated :-)

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  • xperiaX10.awesome

    I think you are very happy with Sony Xperia S, P, U, SOLA, TIPO, J, T, TX, V, XYZZZZZZ…..
    Point is Sony is way behind Samsungs and they need to come up with something BIG!!!!

  • PRo

    Its nt only matter of bringing on Something bigger than others…. Look Wht happend to HTC oneX…… All it needs proper Marketing Bro….. Sony Tried to increase Company’s utility by preparing awesome phone with little flaws(Xperia U) and the result is infront of you that this company is bouncing back . Sony is not insane that creates phone with 4gb non-expandable Memory phone. First learn some economics and come again….. You vl see some better phones in 2013 and vl find that this company has its plans and managements folks….

  • XYZ

    It doesn’t take much effort to make something gold. It requires ZERO R&D, and costs relatively little compared to the amount of money the company is dealing with as a whole. All they have to do is take the aluminium unibody of one of the Xperia P’s from the production like, and use electrodes to plate it with gold. It requires barely any effort yet is HUGE for marketing.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    I think he’s imagining the sale value it could be IF it went on sale.

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  • i know it is free , i just wanted calculate the value of gold with phone :P

  • naathaanS

    Is that why T, TX, V have a higher benchmarks than the S3?

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  • xperiaX10.awesome

    Coz programs testing benchmarks runs better on dual cores !!!
    Speed n performance wise TX lags too much as compared to SGS3…

  • xperiax10.awesome

    YES, even I am waiting for 2013 line up, wish Sony learn to release a clear FLAGSHIP DEVICE in 2013 !!!

  • naathaanS

    Have you used one?

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