New firmware (7.0.A.3.212) certified for Xperia T/TX

by XB on 11th November 2012

in Firmware, Xperia T

The Sony Xperia T (LT30p) and Xperia TX (LT29i) handsets have seen new firmware certified by the PTCRB. The new firmware is version number 7.0.A.3.212, which is likely to offer mainly bug fixes over the current firmware (7.0.A.3.197). The 7.0.A.3.XXX firmware was released a few weeks back and introduced a number of new features including Wi-Fi Miracast screen mirroring, extended standby mode, new media icons as well as some new Small Apps.

  • That was fast..

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, still nothing for Xperia S?

  • Douglas Anderson

    Still on 7.0.A.1.303 here in the UK on a handset purchased sim free, so frustrating..

  • Jeffrey f

    Perhaps Sony should put his efforts in jelly bean (4.2) ? Still it shows Sony is active in software bug fixing and improving end user experience.

  • kiikooo

    me too i have been checking everyday for 3 weeks since the first update was annouced and nothing :(

  • APai

    same here. third firmware in recent time and no update. perhaps the firmware are floated in batches starting from asia. if they encounter bugs, they fix it and push a new set of updates. they progressively increase the release to other regions if the particular release is bug free. so, that ways, even if we do not get the latest and the greatest – we can be assured that it is relatively bug free!

  • roeshak

    Just forget about the xperia s (a phone they released just 6 months ago) kiddo. It’s obvious Sony have forgotten about it and moved on to newer releases.
    I’m just waiting for the global launch next year of the J Butterfly so I can forget Sony too and I think you should do the same.

  • khalisz

    Hello :)

    I own the Xperia GX and my phone is running the firmware 7.0.D.1.117.

  • lacicsk

    For update use “sony update service” or “pc companion”.

  • The need an update to fix some bugs on the TL!

  • any body without this new firmware update yet. been checking like every few hours. (uk)

  • Ludwik

    4.2 – Version will not be released
    4.1.2 – Version will not be released
    4.1.1 – Version will be released in February 2013

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