Sony gives out free Xperia acro S handsets hidden in drinks

by XB on 12th November 2012

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Sony is superb at their marketing tricks and this one is no exception. During the opening weekend of the latest James Bond film Skyfall in Stockholm, Sony hid a number of water resistant Xperia acro S handsets in people’s drinks.

Before the film started a short video was played to explain what was happening and then a number of people in the audience were called. Once the winner opened the drink to pull out and answer the phone, it was theirs to keep. Click through to the video below to see people’s reactions as they found out they won. We wish our cinema trips were as exciting!

  • efus09

    awesome sony :D

  • Hannad Ahmed

    the jealousy is strong in this one…

  • James King

    Amazing. That would have been so awesome.

  • John

    Yuck! it’ll be all sticky! …… But I wouldn’t mind :P

  • DragonClaw

    you can wash the phone with water. :D.

    Damn Sony. You are awesome

  • Wow amazing thats the Best marketing strategy that i never see fuck Samsung Sony is back

  • blackvodka

    wow lovely!! I want it too :))

  • This is the best suprise and marketing promotion i have ever seen. Good job SONY

  • Avery Navas

    So amazing…. I want to cry….

  • Nick

    awesome !

  • DJMashup

    They should have given out some of the numerous entry level phones, it’s the only way they’ll get rid of all the shit handsets they’ve released of late.

  • ajish v a

    This is absolutely amazing.splendid marketing promotion.

  • roeshak

    To be fair, I don’t think these guys are any of the guys slag off Sony.
    I can all but guarantee that they are the same fanboys who defend Sony to an oblivious end. Only that sort of joker would get so excited about such inconsequential news. Don’t be too hard on them. They are what the are. A very peculiar breed of humanity agreed but I’ve met stranger folk.

  • And yet you are here, commenting such “inconsequential” news, and spending words on Sony fanboys. Thanks God for sending these words of nous for us, blind Sony fanboys, through special breed of sane humans like you. Maybe we’ll open our minds some sunny day.
    Internet – such a lovely place.

  • Great marketing move, no doubt, no matter what one thinks about Sony itself. You must admire these kind of moves.

  • na

    Hey Sony – How about handing out Android 4.1 so your PAYING customers get bugfixes?

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  • Dont feel pain for that friend be happy buy the fucking handset that you wants is your money i feel good with Sony thats its gr home u r in a wrong place

  • MyTechDroid

    You’re too bitter!

  • sooo cool!! yeah awesome!

  • A happy user

    I’ve just bought it a week ago. It’s a great phone. Internet-surfing is fast and smooth. There’s no lag or annoying rebooting problem. The call reception is remarkable. I’m truly impressed.

  • A happy user

    Oh, and it’s actually about the same price as Samsung Galaxy S2, not that expensive.

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