NTT DoCoMo confirms November 16 release for Xperia AX (SO-01E)

by XB on 13th November 2012

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Earlier today Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo confirmed that the Sony Xperia AX (SO-01E) will be launched this Friday November 16. The handset recently went on sale through AU by KDDI as the Xperia VL (SOL21), but here in the west we’re still waiting for firm release dates.

We know that the Xperia V (LT25i) will launch in January 2013 in France with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but it’s unclear whether this will be the case in all markets. We’ll bring you more information as we have it.

  • Don’t even think of getting anything from Docomo as they are by far the worst network at updating phone software. I’m still stuck on GB for my Sony Xperia Acro HD. Still waiting for ICS release even thought Sony released it 4-5 months ago!

  • FlowXT

    A lot of people complain how this phone is late to worldwide market despite being released two months earlier in Japan, but I actually find it surprising that high-end waterproof phones are being released outside of Japan at all.

    Before 2012, it wasn’t possible to buy a high end waterproof phone anywhere in the world besides Japan. Sony Ericsson had such phones, but kept them strictly for the Japanese market.

    I don’t even know what has changed, or why we started getting these phones, but I’m definitely amazed that we can finally get a hold of them.

    P.S. the upcoming Yuga is also rumored to be waterproof, according to this source:

    ?????????Sony Xperia Yuga???????????????????

  • dereknobuyuki

    Xperia SO-01b (X10) is still on Android 2.1 on docomo =P but they did give everyone with old smartphones a discount voucher to break whatever discount contracts one has and go a purchase a new device

  • sami

    Xperia V is going to launch in Sweden witch ICS in the end of the month. You can buy it from Three on preorder since yesterday

  • jag

    Hehe! Yuga is for japan only

  • Small screen

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  • Victor Oliveira

    I wanted the japanese version of Xperia V because of some of its features, such as infrared (yes, I could use the phone as a universal remote, just like my old Palm TX *-*), 1seg TV (I’m travelling back and forth from Brazil to the US, and in Brazil we have 1seg TV support (the PSP adapter for digital TV (sold only in japan) does work there, so the phones might work as well.

    1 question though, the AX will rely only on FeliCa or it will also pack a proper NFC device as well?

    Sad thing about it all: if I were to live in Brazil this phone would be perfect (supports many features, even LTE(which will take some years to be fully deployed nationwide) !) But in the US it would work reasonably only on, guess what, AT&T (looks like Sony had been seduced by AT&T to release phones compatible with their network) I mean, I wanted to use it on T-Mobile (and I could, but on 2G speeds only AFAIK). There’s the Xperia T (not TL, I dislike the branding on it) that would work like a charm for T-Mobile, but I don’t want a phone screen larger than 4.3 inches (hell, if I did I’d go straight to Nexus 4!) nor an overpriced water resistant phone, such as Acro S (which is already outdated by Xperia V, but would work wherever I wanted on 3G, but it’s still $450 :(

    What to do now, wait and pray for a “more global” Xperia V, or just give up and wait for CES/IFA 2013? ( I can’t stand my new-old phone that has only GPRS and can’t even run that Facebook app (that runs in a LOT of phones, as long as they are compatible with Java/J2ME, mine clearly isn’t, which makes it a lot worse than a chinese iPhone clone, that DOES support Java *-*)

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