Xperia V (LT25c) to be formally announced for China Telecom on November 16

by XB on 14th November 2012

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Sony Mobile China is adopting a similar social experiment to the ‘Fast Forward‘ campaign earlier this year. If you remember back in June, Sony Mobile launched the campaign which was a countdown timer to announce the release of the Xperia miro and Xperia tipo/tipo dual. Users could click ‘Fast Forward’ each day in an effort to move the announcement forward.

Sony Mobile China is doing something similar for the Sony Xperia V (LT25c) which is headed to China Telecom. A number of hints on the actual countdown such as 4.3-inch display, 13MP camera and IP57 water resistance leaves no questions over what handset will be announced. Currently there is just under two days left for the unveiling, but we are likely to see it sooner with a push from Chinese fans.

Via Weibo.

  • Julio

    Release this phone in the Philippines already! Please!!!

  • Bluerain

    +1 dude. Been waiting since August :D

  • Whyane

    I have been waiting since June

  • saju

    I am waiting from August.pls release it ASAP

  • And the releasing date for Europe? When when wheeen?

  • Julio

    Sony should stop announcing phones and then releasing them 4-6 months after. I think it’s a lame strategy. They should’ve kept quiet about this phone until 1 or 2 weeks prior to it release.

  • Julio

    Been waiting like…forever!!! I think Sony should stop announcing phones and then releasing them 4-6 months after. That’s lame. They should’ve announced it 2 weeks before they’re going to release it.

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  • AsadMulla

    too late

  • I heard it will be available on Sony Mobile PH for January or February 2013. Sadly, CES will be on January and MWC on February so we expect another exciting phone again from Sony.

  • Loken

    this is old news since nexus 4 was released :( i wanted the v badly but the nexus 4 caught my eye

  • Julio

    Too bad, the Xperia Nexus may have been announced that time.

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