Sony Mobile named by XDA Developers as ‘OEM of the Year’

by XB on 15th November 2012

in Firmware

Sony Mobile has been named ‘OEM of the Year’ by XDA Developers, highlighting the strides the company has made to become as developer friendly as possible. Actions from Sony include allowing users to unlock their bootloaders to allow custom ROMs, releasing kernel source, being one of the only manufacturers we know to release a beta of their ICS firmware, releasing ICS for their entire 2011 Xperia range, open-sourcing much of its code and more recently taking the lead in the Xperia S AOSP project.

We may be a bit biased here, but even so, it’s hard to argue that any other manufacturer has been as open to the developer community as Sony Mobile has. It’s a well-deserved accolade and we offer our congratulations to all of the developers at Sony Mobile and everyone involved in the Xperia developer scene including the FreeXperia team.

Via Sony Developer Blog.

Thanks Joe!

  • Vote for Sony :D

  • malk


  • pixlas

    Misleading title though

  • reptile64

    OK now thow to us the clean 4.2 and we will give you another applause! m/

  • yeo wee kian

    seriously thanks to sony and xda developers, i have Jb running on my xperia s. SONY + XDA gives user a wonderful experience

  • tiborh

    ” allowing users to unlock their bootloaders” – WHAT? i cannot unlock. this is not true. it is addicted to T-mobile … AND anyone can unlock it. neither the Sony or the T-mobile. sad.

  • naathaanS

    That’s T-mobile’s fault then not Sony

  • hamboy

    ‘releasing ICS for their entire 2011 Xperia range’


  • naathaanS

    Xperia PLAY’s fucker has arrived…

  • jjghj

    ‘Releasing ICS for their entire 2011 Xperia range’
    Yep, still waiting on my update for the Mini Pro though…

  • Evita

    next time buy from Sony store not carrier shop

  • foggy flute

    they also desvere “the worst line up of the year” for having T and V fighting for flagship position and J slower than some 2011 device, and not available global yet.

  • which rom are u using?? I didn’t find any stable roms :(
    Any luck with the link is appreciated.. :)

  • APai

    Sony really needs to bring out the android updates quickly. if too many models are bogging it down, reduce the number of models floating out there. every class of device in its stable has like 2-3 clones. while choice is good – it’s only good if the support and updates are timely. bringing out too many devices, also dilutes the brand value of the flagship. if you cannot have a single flagship that is popular, then your strategy is wrong IMHO.

    xperia T for example is not gaining traction, it’s an also ran. despite being a good device, the update to it will be 2 months after sgs3 is out with 4.1.

    how will sony compete with the likes of nexus 4 ?

    the message is loud and clear. tighten your shoelaces sony. cannot rest on your laurels.

  • Fraulein

    Unlocking the bootloader could possibly compromise the SIM lock. That’s why it’s not possible, as a requirement from the carrier.

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Totally agree

    And hope to see a superiour quad core with AMOLED screen + with a totally new, advanced USER GRAPHIC INTERFACE from Sony next year

    2013 is last chance for Sony or I have to move to another company

  • GzA777

    ” releasing ICS for their entire 2011 Xperia range”. Was the Xperia PLAY not part of the 2011 Xperia range? I’ve come to expect more from XBs reporting.

  • anything pass Jelly Bean is a lot better. Cuz they finally has a very smooth running UI and it has features and functionality a few years ahead of iOS lol. Sony should do 1 year of official major update, like version 3 to 4, 4 to 5 for every phone then unlock the whole thing after for XDA developers. Reducing the numbers of phones probably would help too…….

  • hamboy

    I was referring to my unlocked Xperia Ray – for some reason they never released ICS for the UK version of the Ray (I had to flash it with a Taiwanese rom)

  • Guest

    I believe a couple of guys on XDA can unlock those carrier-bound bootloaders. Have to pay though.

  • Steel cock

    Stool sample

  • paul4id

    I can’t see this article linked anywhere from the main XDA site.

  • Quark Gluon

    LOL. What do you mean by waiting on your update? The ICS or the 4.1.B.0.587 firmware? I got ICS in August and the .587 firmware last month. Now running smoothly on it with XDA stuff like MOAL, Walkman, Album, and other mods.

  • Quark Gluon

    many of us like IPS-LCD better.

  • jjghj

    Still waiting for the official ICS for my Mini Pro. And its an unlocked, sim free one too so can’t blame the carrier or anything. Quite annoying really, don’t understand what the delay is, still stuck on GB.

  • roeshak

    Funny that! Curious how hard core android fans don’t opt for Sony and the development community and resources around Sony phones are much less than HTC and Samsung .At xda and modaco.
    It’s not really helping them much is it?

  • AOKP JB and CM10 are stable.

  • Adrian

    Yes! No Amoled please!

  • naathaanS

    My apologies. Unlocked, as the bootloader or the carrier unlock?

  • Quark Gluon

    You can try upgrading with official ICS kernels available on XDA Developers. But before you do that, you might want to unlock the bootloader and root the phone because it’s easier on GB.

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  • CM10 doesn’t have any working front cam, so does the AOKP. I really need front cam as m a frequent skype caller…

  • hamboy

    Carrier unlock – I know some of the UK networks prevented the ICS update due to ‘performance issues’ but I guess the decision not update the carrier unlocked version must have been Sony’s.

  • naathaanS

    If you got it from the carrier store, it would still have its bootloader (the carrier’s bootloader, doesnt matter if its carrier unlocked). But if you got it from a Sony store for example, now that would be Sony’s fault or you might be just be unlucky

  • AlexBurnout

    Sony the best

  • iamrandomguy

    I guess they call them ‘OEM of the year’ because they are the only OEM that takes over one year to upgrade Android OS on their phones aka where are my jelly beans?

  • paul4id

    Only if OLED can prove significant power consumption savings.

  • Hahaha I know that moment when some Xperia PLAY user bitching about no ICS for their phone (because ICS slow down gaming Experience in X Play)

  • My front camera with CM10 works perfectly.

  • seriously?? maybe they included it in new builds.. will try soon

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  • nagendra

    my xperia ray stuck at sony logo ,while trying to instalCM10…how to slove this ….plese help me

  • iiandskater

    Actually PLAY got beta release of ICS from Sony, but then the company decided to not giving the official release due to decreased gaming performance using ICS on PLAY

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