Sony Xperia VC (LT25c) announced for China Telecom

by XB on 16th November 2012

in Xperia V

We have yet another new name for a regional variant of the Sony Xperia V (LT25i). The Xperia VC (LT25c) has been formally announced for China Telecom, following the ‘Fast Forward’ promotion that brought forward its announcement. The handset offers the same features as the Xperia V, but offers support for China Telecom’s CDMA/GSM bands. This particular version will not have support for LTE.

The phone is due to launch in the next few weeks and will be available in three colours (pink, white and black). The product page for the Xperia VC can be found here. The Xperia VC has a dust and water resistant chassis with a 4.3-inch 720p display powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core chipset (MSM8960) and 1GB RAM. It comes with 8GB internal storage, microSD memory card support, 13MP camera, a 1750mAh battery and will land with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • king


  • jip

    I don’t get it, How can Sony release regional version of the V but can’t launch the international one ? Do they think that customers are pigeons ? I have seen this phone at IFA and I want it phone till August but I won’t be able to have it before January. I have been waiting for almost 3 months, i have to wait for 2 more months at least, not sure I will wait more… Nexus 4 is saying hi to me.

    Sony should really release their phones earlier. And I’m sure there are loosing too many customers because of unclear international release date and announced/showed too early.

    Example : Sony shows the V why should I take Xperia S ? In January they will show the next flagship, why would I still want to buy the V when a better one is coming “soon” ?

  • DragonClaw

    Exactly. Sony brings V to all the stores, why will you get the Acro S.
    Sony wants to sell few of those Xperia Acro’s before bringing the V to the market.

    Reason for this is mainly the fact that Sony used 1 GHz S2 processors for their flagship in 2011. This caused a huge gap in competition and Sony’s devices, in terms of the spec-sheets. Filling this gap Sony has been forced to use a very awkward marketing strategy.

  • APai

    I don’t get Sony’s flagship strategy :(
    sony xperia T has a MSM8260, this one has an updated processor
    this one is IP57 rated

    I’d say fire the guys who create strategies in creating lines of products. if they do the same in 2013, I’d say sony could kiss their customer base goodbye. customers buying an S2 still feels good that he had a flagship phone, or someone who picked an iphone 4/4s. but buying a sony itself is a massive exercise in futility in 2012. product lines are confusing, or priced confusingly. products are announced way too late, and desired product variants not available widely.

  • Then why announced it early? or why produced it in the first place?
    They shouldn’t have showed the XV this year and announce it next year with better specs.

  • Nick

    True !

  • ppl keep getting confused, the Xperia VC, VL is not the same as the Xperia V that was announced, it has the similar specs but not really the same phone. If you really like the V design you will notice that the bottom bezel part of the VL and VC doesn’t sticks out. AX was the only one that is close to V with aluminum body.

  • Andy O

    Updated processor?! The processor is the same, Qualcomm Krait dualcore 1.5 GHz. Maybe you mean the Soc? I beleive it is just the LTE modem that is different between this and the one used in Xperia T.

  • APai

    yeah the SoC. my bad. I din’t read the whole spec, I presumed the gpu would be the adreno 320, which it apparently is not. pretty much like the lumia 920 which has the MSM8960 with adreno 225

  • Luffy

    Wow, make the rest of the world envious, whydoncha!

  • jag

    true… and this version, as stated above, is not LTE version. so the production for this version is different than the international version. maybe the LTE XV is a lot complicated thing to do? Just my guess… ^^
    plus it will be released in many parts of the world that’s why it’s taking so long to produce thousands/ millions of XV.

  • I think, they have more designer than software experts, that’s why they can’t wait to release those phones, because they are planning to release the other designs for next year’s new wave.

    While Samsung is releasing the same design with just upgraded specs and of course with just new colors and texture.

  • Nexus 4 is cheaper and much better, good riddance to this handset.

  • DragonClaw

    If they would not show the Xperia V, they would still remain behind in terms of specs, when compared to the rest of the market.
    I do not know.

  • I was about to say..

    “They should have released the Arc series (T,V,J) that time instead of Acro S.
    The timing could have been perfect.”

    Then I realized, Who’s gonna buy the Xperia SL?

    They are different in design, so I guess it’s ok.

    Sorry for my English.

  • APai

    only hope that the ICS is not the new gingerbread!

  • DragonClaw

    But now that Sony has T with the S4 processor, next year, we can expect a very quick arrival of Xperia Odin and Yuga in the market. Xperia V, on the otherhand, will be a hero of it’s own, due to the fact that it is a pretty High-end phone (imo, it’s more than enough), and still offers full dust and water protection.

  • I guess they won’t release a dust and water resistant phone in the next year first wave because of the delay of XV. And if they will, It has a far better specs than XV perhaps.

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