Sony Xperia V available for pre-order in Finland, due early December

by XB on 19th November 2012

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The LTE enabled and water-resistant Sony Xperia V (LT25i) is now available to pre-order in Finland. The handset is currently on pre-sale through Gigantti which has the white version listed for €619 including VAT. Gigantti is listing the release date as 7 December 2012, similar to that in Sweden. So it’s increasingly looking like we will start to see the Xperia V hit some European countries in just under three weeks’ time.

Thanks Joni!

  • DragonClaw
  • Loken

    done waiting already… i already bought the Nexus 4

  • hotdogs

    Could not wait got the go instead. Screw you Sony

  • APai

    but the value proposition would have been better if it were priced exactly like S3. buyers need an incentive to pick a phone that’s not a frontrunner. s3 is the undisputed android smartphone king (the merit of it is irrelevant, but the sales make it a king).

  • zymo

    According to Sony Germany the Xperia V will hit the shelfs sometime in Q1 2013! Facepalm! There is no way I’m waiting a couple of month for the device, especially knowing that Odin/Yuga will be available end of Q1/ beginning of Q2.
    As soon as the new batches of the Nexus 4 arrive I’ll definitely buy one.

  • When will arrive to Indonesia? Can’t wait to have this awesome Sony.

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  • DragonClaw

    Xperia V is a phone that offers dust and water protection. A rare thing among high end devices.

    So this phone will be perfect for those who will want a powerful + strong device.

  • Trafalgar

    Why not release this phone on December…2013? I mean, it wouldn’t make much of a difference! :rolleyes:

  • mountain

    From my source, I can get it locally at the end of december for €410-

  • zymo

    But by the time it goes on sale in most European countries, Odin/Yuga which are also water and dust resistant will be released. And both are even more high-end than the V. So where is the point to buy the V in Q1?

  • witch country?

  • Abcd

    Link for Odin/yuga being waterproof?

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  • dude

    Well im in luck, im in Finland. Only price is ridicilous! it can compete yes, But no so good.

    gonna LG with adreno 320. or Sony NXT 2013 line….mostlikely

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  • does it actually price more than S3? Docomo has it cheaper than S3 in Japan. Xperia T is priced 100 dollar less in Canada than S3 and they are both using the same S4 CPU, and Sony considered it the flag ship over V probably because of Bond. I guess its different for every country. A lot of ppl say it should have price lower due to Nexus 4, but why does Sony has to price it lower when Samsung still price the S3 and LG or HTC with their own flag ship at 500-650 range (high end phone price in Canada). It doesn’t matter if those phones were released earlier if they still cost the same now.

  • Rex

    It’s on sale here next week in Sweden!!!:)

  • APai

    my point is kind of more like the sticker price. for example sony india always sells only at MRP/ MSRP. only ebay Indis sells sony stuff for much less than the mrp. it’s a sore point for the customers. as they have to suffer the high prices way past it’s actual worth.

    I had the xperia V in my mind & the price quote by dragonclaw sgs3 – 549/ xperia v – 620. further, the note2 is just 589!! I’ve used the note 2 it’s a beast of a device. only thing negative is that the phone is HUGE. not practical for me. don’t get me wrong, I have the T and it’s awfully confusing to own a ‘right’ all in one sony device – there isn’t one!

  • ya I thats a regional or country thing, T in Canada has lower MRP than S3. I can imagine V cost anymore or maybe the same if it ever made out here.

  • zymo

    esato + xda forum insiders

  • Mibas

    I was big fan of Sony, not now. I still have XS, but its not a good phone, follow up is bad. When Nexus 4 comes out, XS is up for sale. Enough with Sony. Aaaa forgot, radio on XS still not working, camera autofocus takes forever….No, bye bye Sony.

  • naathaanS
  • naathaanS

    You’re comparing a phone from last year to this year… make sense. Did you plug your headphone while using the radio? I guess not, also Nexus 4 is using the BSI sensor from Sony so you’re still not getting away from Sony

  • Fraulein

    Yuga has water protection, Odin does not.

  • jag

    “Sony Mobile had the smartphone on display at the company’s early Christmas Party Yuletide product exhibit at Resorts World Manila last Wednesday, which gave the media a hint that it’s only a matter of weeks now before consumer can finally get hold of the 4.3-inch Dual Core Krait powered Sony Xperia V.”

    OH YEAH!!! GOOD NEWS!! ^^

  • Trafalgar

    Crap…why wasn’t this announced anywhere???!!!

  • jag

    i just read the news this morning.. im not also aware of the exhibit

  • Trafalgar

    Was this really posted on October 21? How come i never heard any news about this? I hope there’s already a dummy phone available so I get to feel it while it’s not yet released. Good thing a couple of nice folks in an Xperia store willingly give away dummy phones who ask nicely. :)

  • jag

    im not so sure also… try and see for it in some sony stores there. maybe they have some displays there.

  • habbibu

    last year? xperia s IS one of 2012’s flagships.

  • habbibu

    yes definitely a rare thing but not worth the high price tag. come on just because its water and dust proof doesnt mean it has to be priced premium. and by the time that its released, yuga and odin are already taking the spotlight.

  • habbibu

    i love sony’s design. but cmon sometimes you have to factor in price and specs too. this is not worth premium! water and dust protection? yeah like im gonna shove a smartphone worth a lot in the sand.

  • naathaanS

    Let me correct myself, a phone with last year’s spec

  • Sony

    bye bye sony o.O are you going tov Nexus 4? If you do How can you say bye bye Sony o.O? hahahahaa Say bye bye to Sony If someday you going tov Nokia 1200 :D

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  • Anders

    This respond is from Sony Mobile DK facebook page it confirm that the phone releases in the end of november

    “Sony Mobile DK Hej Per, lanceringen er stadig slut november. Vi melder ikke en konkret dato ud, da det kan variere lidt, hvor hurtigt mobilerne kommer fra forhandlernes lager til butikkerne, men som sagt lander den i butikkerne i slutningen af november:-) /Morten”

    The lowest price I’ve found is 3799 Danish Kroner (€506) including taxes.

  • the V gets unboxed
    seems like Finland and Sweeden are on the top of the list to get the V but what about the rest of the EU countries, Sony?
    and the question remains; WHEN?

  • pulmesic

    Where did you hear that?

  • Nico

    This one is available for pre-order in Holland for € 507 (White) and € 519 (Black).

    Nothing on a release date though.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Good point although unfortunately not so rare here (in Japan); other domestic makers are substantially improving lately.

  • goldenblls

    I’m with Three network in the UK. If I decided to get a Three branded one from Finland or Sweden it should work on the UK network shouldn’t it?

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