Xperia V (LT25i) unboxing video; sized up against other Sony and Samsung smartphones

by XB on 23/11/2012

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As the launch of the Sony Xperia V (LT25i) nears, we have come across the first unboxing video for the retail version of the handset. We have already seen the Japanese variants (Xperia AX and Xperia VL) of the Xperia V launch in recent weeks, but here in the west we’ve been waiting anxiously for more launch details of the 4.3-inch water and dust resistant handset.

The black version of the Xperia V is unboxed and shows that it comes with the usual micro USB cable and charger, stereo headset and documentation. The Xperia V is also compared against other Xperia phones such as the Xperia arc and acro S, which whilst being smaller phones aren’t that different in size to the Xperia V. It is a much closer match to the Xperia S that looks near identical in size. However, the Xperia V is significantly smaller than Samsung’s stable of phones including the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Nexus and the ginormous Note II.

Thanks John!

  • 紅蓮

    Wish they included the docking with the package :(

  • Kinder

    Is the screen of the the Xperia V the same size of the Xperia S? Not the diagonal, but length and width. It seems smaller :(

  • Keon Rada Fraites

    Suuch an amazing phone!

  • Yuuri

    Comments on the display quality? better than the XS?

  • Loken

    i wanted this… but i bought the nexus 4

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I compared them at and it says their screens are the same size. By the way, I noticed there that the display type of S is LED-backlit LCD, and the other is TFT. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each technology ? is one of them superior ?

  • dhrewgiron

    I love sony experia i have a brand new last ago and then i used now sony experia st27i

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Found the answer here :
    But I suspect that the specs on the may not be correct and both phones’ displays are probably LED-backlit.

  • Kinder

    But there is a menu bar at the bottom of the screen, and the screen seems to be smaller on the Xperia V.

  • Kimmy Stylelove

    Fast release for this model @Sony Mobile.We are waitting xD

  • Anders

    I’m getting the Xperia V next week :D.

  • Dragon

    But it’s by LG… *Sigh*

  • Chong Benedict

    Definitely better than Samseng S3, thinner as well. It is sexy!

  • Claw


  • Claw

    Still, I +1 your comment because of the first clause of your first sentence, and the second sentence.

  • Martin Andersson

    Hope I get mine next week!

  • Claw

    Did anyone notice, Xperia V doesn’t have the Sony Orb

  • bva

    But Xperia V is ip57… and the Nexus 4 has a glass on the back…

  • pf

    @0:48 :-(
    “do not use your phone in the following conditions:
    ocean water, swimming pool, diving, …”

    my xperia go does photo and movies on ocean and pool….
    ..and the xperia go should only the tool in awaiting the V.

    that’s very sad.

  • owl

    I didn’t! Gosh, it’s happening already. Imma miss the liquid energy orb =(

  • ItsBond007

    Someone please tell me if this will work with Tmobile US hspa+?? It seems to have the same bands as the htc one s..

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  • Gitarooman

    use the same design for Xperia Ordin then I will buy it instantly.

  • Quark Gluon

    so gorgeous!

  • Xlash Andraid

    I understand you. I mean, LG is not that reliable, but a 1.5GHz dualcore
    snapdragon is not definitely match for a 1.5GHz quadcore snapdragon;
    also, 2 Gbs in RAM make a difference against 1, we’re talking about a
    double amount of RAM. However, those are the only strong points of Nexus
    4 (I won’t talk about the updates thing…), Xperia V is better in the
    rest of features.

    I wanted Xperia V so badly, in fact, how could
    not wish to have it after watching this unboxing video? BUT, This
    time I want to make a REAL upgrade, to give a big jump from my Xperia
    Ray, so I’ll wait for Odin to see if I can do it with that phone, but if
    I gotta be honest, the upcoming HTC Deluxe has strongly catched my eye.
    I still don’t know, but SONY is so damn delayed in this and I hate
    that. Xperia V should be in my country already but is not here yet,
    probably until March or April of 2013 (maybe…), Odin will be introduced at those
    months (I think) and it will come to my country until august or september, that sucks.

    But I’m still a SONY fan, I’m going to give them another (yet another) chance…

  • Ñarü Giavani Tollemache

    can someone do a review on the xperia v!!!??? … in english.

  • Noxius

    where is it possible to buy next week ?

  • Noxius

    where is possible to it buy next week ?

  • Noxius

    where is possible to buy it next week ?

  • shn87

    can you tell me between xperia V and xperia acro S, which one has a better battery performance (not bigger or smaller)

    My question is which has a better battery endurance?


  • Brapicoco

    If this will be cheaper than TX this will be a great replacement for my snatched TX..

  • metcarded

    Delicious looking phone. Good job Sony. I will be copping the 5 inch Sony Super phones next year though.

  • King

    Miss clamshell phone so much, if sony make clamshell smartphone we will definitely buy.

  • Weiking Kuan

    Finally finally…..after a long wait here is the xperia vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv!!!!

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  • Claw

    Xperia Odin will be ip57 too. Xperia V is a phone that is coming to the market too late probably. Or may be the Odin will come late too. 4 months after announcement?

  • CLaw

    It’s there in the T. :(. THe last phone with it may be.

  • aboslete

    Maybe cos the metal on the side corrodes with saline water, whereas the go has a full plastic build

  • jag

    im gonnna buy this phone!! i dont care about odin or yuga for now because this xV is already a winner ^^

  • bva

    i cant handle 5″ screens… i prefer 4.3″ max… so yea.. il still be going for the xperia V also need a waterproof phone real soon… !

    Also i dont actually believe quad cores make a difference in real life situations. There arent many apps optimized for it and intel claims android itself isnt ready for mult cores.. So S4 is a pretty good processor .. wish they put an adreno 320 like the lumia 920(China model) .. anyway for me… i guess this has to be the best phone there is… i’ve lost 3 phones to water damage!

  • dereknobuyuki

    I finally got around to playing with the Docomo and AU variants of the V.

    The back bottom is totally different in terms of color and finish on the VL (for AU’s CDMA2000 network) and doesn’t look as good as the AX variant. But, with that flap on the side, either V variant doesn’t look as good as some other Xperia devices.

    There is SO much carrier bloatware (i mean “Carrier Services Integration”) on these devices (the AX and VL), one even had a useless screensaver (more for store marketing) and all the models in stores had their settings sections password protected. I hope the V in other markets can ship with a lot less bloat.

    My Xperia GX has a moderate amount of carrier services integration which I make use of (well… 30% of it), so I don’t mind that so much that not everything can be deleted. Since the AX and VL’s settings were both locked, I couldn’t see how much could be deactivated and the screen saver really got in the way of getting to the lock screen (had to reboot the device).

    Picking up and using these devices, I started to miss having the camera button but thought that it could take seemingly decent pictures at very high speeds (you could very easily take subsequent photos with little delay or lag). Without a camera button, you have to rely on powering on and slide to camera (assuming you don’t have any kind of lock screen) to get quick access to the camera. On other Xperia models with camera buttons, you just hold down the camera button, it quickly fires up the camera and takes a shot allowing you to take more shots (you cannot touch to view the large version of the photos though since it would ask you to put in your passord/pattern/etc.)

    I certainly wouldn’t mind this Exmor RS camera in a phone.

    The devices felt a bit bulkier and thicker than my Xperia GX despite the GX screen being a lot bigger. But, it was definitely not TOO bulky at all and still felt okay in your hand and hopefully being the same resolution screen in a smaller 4.3″ display might have some positive impact on battery life. I haven’t seen battery tests for the V, but hopefully they are decent.

    If you like this 4.3″ display size in a device and you like the design of the V, then I think you should get it. There is a lot of competition these days so there are a lot of devices to choose from and while the V may not be for everyone, if you like it, there’s little reason to not get it.

    I’m certainly not going to lose any sleep over not having an AX since I’m happy with my GX but you should check out your local V variants… pick them up… and trying them out for a while… coming soon to a market near you.

  • Claw

    I lost lots of phone to accidental drops. So I will get the V too. :)

  • stoneman

    My next phone and when sailfish is out I’m going to install that on the phone. Sony and sailfish. That would be a perfect duo. The most perfect.

  • AlexBurnout

    Better than every phone, Sony is getting not warmed up but hot.

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  • Jose Noguera

    can you tell if there’s many difference between GX and V displays?

  • pariah

    xperia v coming to malaysia ?

  • Aaron

    Quick question.Does the Xperia V have gorilla glass?

  • qzak2K12

    does anyone know if this is coming to ireland? Would love a reply ASAP :)

  • Gilles H Marcotte

    where can i buy one?

  • shivaprakash hiremath
  • dereknobuyuki

    Didn’t notice any big difference but I’ll take a closer look the next time I have the chance. The GX has a “backlight” button with the other toggle switches that makes it very bright but I never use it; It seemed like the AX and VL had that turned on.

    AX and VL should have Bravia Engine 2 but I didn’t notice any difference with Bravia Engine 1.

  • jhnwoo

    thin back cover and after open up back cover with battery exposed. this can water resist? very curious about tis.
    for xperia go with thin back cover, but after open up, battery is not exposed, still protected inside.

  • Narin Phoung

    I do hope to see Xperia V in Cambodia sooner. I think your marketing is a bit slow because like Xperia T, you promised in the GSM Arena to release on September but until now December still disappear in Cambodia. So Xperia V will not like T because I do want to see V in Cambodia on December and happy to use it.

  • Athrun Zala

    xperia V coming to South east asia next week!. that is singapore, malaysia and indonesia

  • Dean Chong

    SINGAPORE, I got one already ^___^. Nice phone and I can hold it.

  • Dean Chong

    XPERIA V power better than ACRO S. V can save more power.

  • Niggle

    Can someone please advise or tell me if there is any application download for Screen Munch on my new Xperia V LT25i just as it was on Blackberry if you want to screen munch a conversation or picture from your email or Facebook e.t.c and have it saved automatically on your Phone ?

  • rosaria99

    Great phone, sleek design, poor quality. the screen is super thin and shattered within 2 months, i have had it replaced, proffessionally with a SONY approved component and within 24hours it shattered again. Giving up on this phone and SONY after 6 years of firm support

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