Xperia V marketed as ‘The Bond Phone’ in Singapore; launching next week

by XB on 5th December 2012

in Xperia V

Up until now, Sony has been marketing the Xperia T (LT30p) and Xperia TX (LT29i) as The Bond Phone, given its appearance in the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, along with all of the films marketing materials. Well it looks Sony will be a little liberal with the truth in some regions as the company has confirmed that the Sony Xperia V (LT25i) will be marketed as The Bond Phone in Singapore.

The Xperia V will be available in Singapore from 8 December 2012. Both black and white versions will come with a recommended retail price of S$698. According to Cnet, the Xperia V will also launch in Malaysia next week with an Indonesian release following in January.

Thanks Aaron and Someone!

  • it should have been.

  • country at malaysian and i will go into singapore to buy this phone :D

  • Ambroos

    In Belgium they marketed the Xperia S as the Bond phone :P

  • weeeeooo

    xperia tx still havent release in malaysia yet ….

  • mobiousO

    Really the only deal breaker for me is the absence of the camera shutter button. Seems like there’s no news of the TX coming to this region….hmm…

  • Paraoh

    come to Indonesia Pleaseee… I will show my friends that u are the best phone … all of them using Samfuck instead

  • Mirza Adha

    Yeeyy Indonesia^^

  • DragonClaw

    And the X10 Mini Pro as the Spidey phone? :P

  • solidpig

    I think the V deserves the title of the Bond phone more than the T. It’s pretty much superior in every way.

  • afzal

    Yeah… come to malaysia… cant wait…

  • ThilinaC

    Even Xperia T is still not available here :/ no wonder samsung is winning here

  • jag

    oh yeah!!! now we’re talking!!

  • in my country indonesia TX will replace V , because in my country doesnt have 4G LTE

  • Trafalgar

    Philippines was not even mentioned! WTH?

  • ME TOO

  • no LTE also can use.

  • sacrow

    Even The Ion has the LTE version in Indonesia

  • APai

    i think the yuga deserves the title of the bond phone more than V. It’ll be pretty much superior in every way.

    THIS is the quandry of sony right now. launch half a dozen “flagship” phones and grovel in mediocrity.

    here’s an idea sony – stick to one or two flagships. don’t defy the dictionary!

  • Zora

    Sony is killing itself through stupid marketing mistakes.

  • Geeve
    Xperia E 3D, you got no news Xperia Blog?

  • Alvin
  • the 3D in the title doesn’t mean that the phone is 3D, its the video of the phone spinning in 3D

  • For some country, T and/or TX and/or V is not coming, so something have to be a replacement Bond Phone

  • am i that “someone” u just thanks??

  • Quark Gluon
  • TjaldidTjaldid

    should be “360” instead of “3D”

  • Ramy Ayash

    Oh I forgot to tell Xperia Blog. I live in the middle east and Sony markets the Xperia Ion here as “Trusted by James Bond”. You can check Sony Mobile ME’s page.

  • Quark Gluon

    I guess that’s because it’s a 3D rendering of the actual phone.

  • Azman_arc

    please sony.. i hate to say this but samsung is conquering Malaysia right now, only because of slow launching and bad marketing strategy that sony made. i really hope sony will make a comeback near future.

  • yeo wee kian

    my contract is up, dont know should i change to this, or wait for next year sony flagship phone

  • Exactly..In Turkey, Xperia Ion is ‘the Bond phone’

  • Arie

    That’s right, fewer devices but absolute quality!
    Easy to manage the software updates and everyone happy!

  • Arie

    Samsuck payah!

  • Sittiwat Pranwipa

    Sony never ever be one leader for world smartphone market. It because ur organize
    have done lately and I going to buy new smartphone
    and I I always waiting ur phone should release so long time in Thailand market!!
    almost Thai going to buy other as SAMSUNG Galaxy S III 64 G me too. bye bye stupid this organization!!!

  • lovebmw

    wait is this a fact or a joke?

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  • Im heard price xperia v in malaysia around RM1899

  • indeed like putting only 4gb on the xperia u and no ff camera on the xperia go

  • Alfino

    January!? It’s too long to wait it available in store in indonesia, maybe I’ll buy SGN2 than it.

  • Samuel

    The Xperia Ion was also marketed in Dubai as the ‘Bond’ phone, according to a friend on mine, with the Xperia T or TX nowhere in sight.

    Lack of brand consistency, slow update cycles, product line saturation, late market entry and underwhelming flagships are some of the problems that will sink Sony’s boat. Sony is undoubtedly a design powerhouse and they do have the technical prowess, but they somehow seem reluctant to push forward.

    Sure do hope Sony gets its act straight.

  • I’m OK with the fact that T isn’t coming to Malaysia. V is the way to go :)

  • Felipe Pimenta

    The entire NXT line was marketed as Bond phone on Brazil…

  • jag

    i saw the phone here in Singapore and it looks good. kinda looks small but it feels good in the hand (especially the black version… the back has a fine finish and not a finger print magnet).

    the camera is awesome too. with some filters and and superior auto mode.

    i havent tried the music player yet.. must try that one to see if it is better than other previous models (because of clear audio +).

    its only S$698 here. but still waiting next month to get it for my recontract. i hope next month will come fast.. hehe

  • Buen

    u sure this phone will arrive in indonesia? why in xperia V not in gallery?
    i need this answer please.. T_T

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