Sony Mobile takes second place in UK Android market

by XB on 6th December 2012

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Sony Mobile leap-frogged HTC to take second place in the Android market in the UK during the third quarter. Sony Mobile made gains from the recent James Bond Skyfall marketing as well as the rebranding from Sony Ericsson earlier in the year.

Sony Mobile shifted 500,000 units in the UK during Q3, against HTC who shipped 440,000. Both paled in comparison to Samsung however, who managed to shift 3.2 million, highlighting how dominant it is within the Android segment.

Pierre Perron, the UK MD of Sony Mobile commented on the news: “All sources are confirming the same trend – that we are jumping into second place in the UK Android segment. This is what all our customers are telling us, that Sony Mobile is considered a top player in the UK Android space.”

Perron also commented on how important content on the smartphone was becoming in driving sales: “More and more of our partners are asking us to work more closely with them. It is no longer about just launching a smartphone and hoping consumers will buy it. It is about the story we are telling, offering the very best content experience. That content is becoming more important.”

There’s no denying that Sony is making progress in building share of mind, whether it is through marketing or the goodwill on the developer front. It gives Sony a solid platform to build on as we move into 2013.

Via Mobile Magazine.

  • eu

    lots of models and a shitty support…. that’s awesome bussiness strategy SONY !

  • Well deserved! A fantastic year has yielded great results. Let’s hope for another one!

  • Hannad Ahmed

    With the new 2013 Flagships they’ll be number 1 in UK.
    From what I know about the Yuga , It Is Da Bom! I may be wrong with specs ;p

    1080p 5″ Screen with Bravia engine 2, White magic

    2 Gb ram, Quad-Core S4 1.5Ghz

    13 Megapixel camera, 2800 mAH battery

    Dragontail Glass, Clear Audio + , 32 Gb rom and Micro SD

    And It’s Fuckin Water and dust resistance IP 57/55

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Very old news

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    there is also Odin along side Yuga and they are measured to be the same size as the GSIII and Note2 if not smaller do to the onscreen buttons

  • crazychef

    well by te looks of it sony focuses on uk and asia alot and leaves america out of the game. there is a lot of potential for making money here all they have to do is make the phones available in att brand and tmobile brand or fully unlocked. Iwent to a sony store in california and i saw alot of people looking at the xperia phones and asking information about them. I was one of them, but when they said they where not tmobile compatible i turned around and left.

  • thats how samsung became number 1.

  • they need to work on their distribution first before anything, I think they said they reason why they move the HQ back to tokyo is to speed up the process and keep the secrecy. Erricson design some amazing phones but has no idea about the NA market. Barely any carriers in NA carriers their phone and most of the time its either low end or mid end.

  • DragonClaw

    But HTC has already announced the Butterfly today.

    Sony. Hurry up with the release of Odin and Yuga. And make sure you juice those SOCs beyond what HTC could do.

  • DragonClaw

    But before releasing all those models, they released the top on benchmarks, the S series.
    The S, SII, and SIII anchored the market for Samsung in the respective years of their launch. And this made the market more attracted towards Samsung, even though not all were buying the high-end phones.

  • HTC just reported a growth of 21% in the moth of November!!!
    Hurry up SONY!!

  • iTalian Droid

    now the USA is kissing korea’s ass

  • Rayx

    most people I know have no idea about why they buy a phone. they just do it, because others do lol. either buy an iPhone or Samsung with no real reason whatsoever.

  • lovebmw

    but its not for the U.S.

  • lovebmw

    but not for the U.S., we are getting the fat one ODIN that cant swim….

  • roeshak

    500 units isn’t a great deal. Doing better than other strugglers isn’t really news to celebrate. HTC have been struggling for some time now so this is no surprise. Both manufactures are now minnows compared to Samsung. The real difference is that with the J Butterfly, HTC seem to be fighting back. Don’t think Sony has anything in the offing to challenge that.2013 might very easily mirror 2011 in terms of sales. There are a lot of disgruntled Xperia owners who make these statistics, many of whom would have spread negative words about Sony to their friends, family, and others. This bad rep coupled together with the fact that there are coming with less than their computers would be next year makes the future very uncertain for them.

  • arcds

    Why would Sony waste more of its time creating a different variation of an existing product just to please the NA carriers? That would mean a new device that they would need to update in the long run. At Sony’s state that would be suicidal. Its actually better they don’t than actually bite more than what they can chew and choke

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Those numbers are laughable. Get a clue Sony – GET WP8 and do it right. For now, you’re IRRELEVANT in lagdroid space.

  • sony is gaining momentum from all over the world :)

  • Shubham Mutreja

    z3 compact coming to US

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