New firmware (7.0.A.3.223) certified for Xperia T (LT30a)

by XB on 7th December 2012

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A quick heads-up to let Sony Xperia T owners know that a small firmware update might be headed their way. Firmware version 7.0.A.3.223 has been certified by the PTCRB for the North American version of the handset (LT30a) and could also make its way to the international model (LT30p). We expect only small improvements over the current firmware version deployed (7.0.A.3.212).

We also have new firmware certified for two other Sony Xperia handsets. The HSPA+ version of the Sony Xperia ion (LT28h) has firmware version 6.1.E.3.4 certified. The budget Sony Xperia J (ST26i) has also seen a new firmware certified with version number 11.0.A.7.5.

  • ismailchenko gasmi

    They just forgot about the XPERIA S !! what’s wrong with you Sony ? we need a new firmware !

  • lolzer

    And they’ve forgotten about Sony Tablet S too ><
    Xperia E launched with JB, Xperia J is yet to be updated to JB, and they claims 2011 Xperias wont be updated due to "did not provide a satisfactory result for the end user". Xperia Arc S is A LOT faster than Xperia E and J and yet the Arc S wont be updated to JB.
    Sony failed at making 2011 Xperia users switching 2012 Xperias. Firstly, they don't support newer versions of Android, secondly, SE branded Xperias are NOT COMPATIBLE with Sony branded and vice versa.
    Good job Sony, GOOD JOB.

  • I own the Xperia T and I would like to know what improvements it brings, last firmware I didn’t notice anything apart for the new small apps.

  • Quark Gluon

    Don’t you think it’s maybe because of the internal memory?

  • Lorenzo

    For me the last fw (195.) has 1 “big bag”:
    camera stop working after 1 photo. I tried to reinstall (cleaning everything) the fw….but nothing has changed.

  • P9vutha

    great though bro, I think so, really enjoy my lww with modding in xda for features from new xperias…that’s enough for me with this price…it’s really gd to hear top OEM of 2012 in xda is sony. I still trust my beloved company anyway, <3 sony! :)

    how dudes who say sth awful though!? @@@

  • Ambroos

    The issue with the 2011 devices is indeed that they have too little internal memory. Upgrading to Jelly Bean would mean there’d be almost no place left to install apps and a full reset would be needed (a simple update won’t work when repartitioning).

    These devices were designed late 2010, a very long time before the release of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. Trust me, Sony really wants to support devices as long as possible, but there are times when decisions like these have to be made. The new devices (Xperia Tipo, J and E) have a hugely increased amount of internal memory, allowing for easier upgrades to newer operating systems.

    Same with the ‘incompatibility’. With the 2012 line Sony switched their headset standard over to the most popular one instead of a very rare one. In the short term this is annoying because you can’t use things like the LiveSound or the earbuds that came with your 2011 Xperia, but in the long term it’s brilliant. You’ve now got access to pretty much all headsets out there that are iPhone-compatible, including many of Sony’s own great XBA-4iP.

  • Quark Gluon

    I was being polite though. It’s sad that Arc S didn’t manage to Jelly Bean, considering it was an upgrade of the flagship at the very end of Sony Ericsson era. They could’ve increased the internal memory, I guess it’s easier than increasing the proccessor’s clockspeed. It’s understandable if it was unforseen requirement back then, but it’s just sad. The Arc S owners that were once premium users, now they are left behind just like the rest of SE owners.

    For me, I use Xperia Mini Pro. I’m not crying the internet out for Jelly Bean. I’m happy with stock ICS and some XDA mods, while wondering what could be my next Xperia. :P

  • Jerry Berglund

    That thing that Xperia S still get no new software update makes me more and more believe that it means that JB is not that far away.

  • kirito

    it should not be an issue for sony…….when they can release new sony tablet s firmware for US with so many good features then why not for other regions…………….they also promised a JB update for Tablet s but have not given any date….why so slow??

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  • supercow


    do you know where I can download stock ROM (ftf) for France for my LT30p ?

    can’t fin it anywhere….


  • osin17

    If it’s about a memory sd_card/internal problem

    1. try to format your internal storage, sometimes it’s necessary.
    2. just after, set your connexion mode in mass storage mode to on “sd card ”
    3. set now your connexion mode in mass storage to off

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