Photo shootout: Xperia TX goes up against the iPhone 5, Galaxy S III and One X

by XB on 9th December 2012

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It has been a while since we’ve covered a camera shootout and this one from features the Sony Xperia TX (LT29i) against a number of current flagships including the Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X. It’s quite a comprehensive comparison, shooting in a number of different conditions.

Unfortunately, the Xperia TX didn’t fare that well with the reviewers. It came behind the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III in all tests, even on shutter speed where it came last. The criticism here was that whilst the camera app can be opened in less than two seconds, the constant focussing and re-focussing puts it in last place by the time the phone could actually take the picture. Check out some of the crops from the test below, but head to the source link for the original pictures.

Photo shootout: Xperia TX versus iPhone 5, Galaxy S III One X and others

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Night photo

Via DGtle.

  • muhi

    without a reference photo these shootouts will bring nothing

  • Hannad Ahmed

    ….Why can´t we say they all look good, éh?

  • Raziel Salazar

    why you don’t use lumia 920, ho i forgot, lumia beat them all

  • ismailchenko gasmi

    Hard to tell but Xperia TX did a great job

  • Nothing surprising, almost every review noticed the T’s camera is much noisier than the Xperia S camera.

  • Ambroos

    Well to be honest I think they’re all fine, a few exceptions aside. That night bridge shot at 100% looks horrible on the iPhone 5, while the picture of all the photos on the wall does a little less good on the TX. Overall I really wouldn’t want to say any of these is a winner or a loser compared to the others.

    What’s funnier is that all the camera sensors in the best devices are made by Sony. The iPhone 4S, 5 and Galaxy S3 all have Exmor sensors from Sony. All You’ll simply have to admit that they currently completely rule the compact imaging sensor market (and are gaining ground very, very fast at professional levels).

  • What people seem to forget is that a phone’s camera is more than a sensor. Also a lens and software.

    That’s where Sony falls through. Horrible compression on every Xperia phone, and apparently focusing problems for the Xperia T.

  • Ambroos

    Well those focusing problems are only in low-light situations, and that’s something every camera has issues with if they don’t use a helper light. But yes, the compression is a problem at times. Still, it’s a phone. There still isn’t a phone that yields photos that actually look good when printed. The cheapest point-and-shoot cameras do better.

    If you want good pictures in a compact package, get a Sony NEX-camera.

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    1- iphone 5

    2- Galaxy S III

    3- hTC One X

    4- Xperia TX

    5-iphone 4

    Anybody sees unlike that, he is blind.

  • tymodmyt

    Nokia Pureview 808 beats them all.

  • Benedict Chong

    Oh please, the lens provided to S3 and iphone do not have Exmor R. Sony provide a basic lens to Samsung and Apple.

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    “Exmor R” is crap bullshit, There is nothing called “Exmor R” It’s just a marketing

  • I’ll use my DSLR, thanks for the tip though ;-)

  • hooman
  • hooman
  • arcds

    My SL takes a while to focus and forever to realize its not focusing right BUT when it does its PERFECT.

  • DragonClaw

    Today I find out that “The Truth must Be Said” is an Apple fanboy.

  • abbas

    they are all fake .i my self test all them and t was the best. its odd that other sites do everything and every lie to make their belived brand look better but xperiablog do it in reverse. how can they prove that last pics belong to xperia tx? just review more sites that compare them and u see completly diffrent result in each of them.

  • abbas

    and if they were true.they are in diffrent conditions and diffrent sites.view them carefully and u see how unmanly they put tx in harder situations and iphone 5 in better.any way tx did better in some shoots for example in skylines

  • In camera department maybe :)

    I owned one 808, sold it.

  • Only in low light with unrealistic HDR shots. It’s just marketing bullshit, just like Exmor R is. Audio and stabilazation is above average though.

  • rave

    I actually like the Xiaomi M2 most from this comparison

  • Exodite

    The problem is that all the other phones using Sony’s own sensor look /better/ than the Xperias due to the compression issues.

    Storage is inexpensive, a lower compression level would significantly benefit users and thus, by extension, Sony.

    The compact camera is, for all intents and purposes, dead. Sony have to decide if users should be buying their phones or the competitions and act accordingly.

    After all, why even bother with good mobile sensors if we’re going to botch the images through software, might as well stick with a 2-3MP sensor and call it a day then.

  • lili

    1.Nokia Lumia 920
    2.Nokia 808
    3. others…. :D

  • Am I the only one who thinks that Sony’s camera is shit ??? So poor quality !!! I am a Sony fan but I will have to switch to some other brands if they continue to do so horrible cameras!!! What is happening with your cameras Sony ???Come on do something !!!!!! :(((

  • Raphael

    This kind of comparison is just pointless. The laurels most often go to the most catchy, contrasty, saturated cameras. One needs a proper reference : a standard studio scene with charts as the one used on dpreview website. Of course it takes time to refer to the same scene and lighting, to archive results and compare. It’s called work.

  • AkllanT

    the problem is that Sony use 12/13 megapixel sensor and the rest are using 8 megapixels. adding more megapixel to small sensor reduce each pixel sensor size and thus each pixel getting less light. sony does it for marketing purpose knowing that photo results getting worse

  • I share your sentiment

  • Exodite

    That really isn’t the issue here, high compression levels have been a concern with all Xperia handsets.

    That said, the compression level used on my Xperia arc was reduced when going from 2.3 to 4.0 with a noticeable increase in photo quality as a result.

  • Guarulhos

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    Nokia 808 PureView PRO

    “This wasn’t too hard to guess, was it? Without a doubt, the Nokia 808 PureView is the year’s best cameraphone – so good that it is commonly regarded as a point-and-shoot camera replacement with some phone functionality built in. And it isn’t only about megapixels, altough with 41 of them, one can capture incredibly detailed images. (For a phone, that is.) You get features like lossless zooming – none of that digital stretching non-sense, both when shooting still photographs and while capturing video, even at 1080p. Moreover, the camera is smart enough to manipulate those millions of pixels and combine them producing a 5 or 8MP image that no other cameraphone can recreate”.

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  • 1- Xperia TX

    2- hTC One X

    3- Galaxy S III

    4- iphone 4s

    5-iphone 5

    Do you see the bad quality shot at night from iphone 5? You must blind.

  • John Zakaria

    The Night shot of the TX is better than ZR

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