U-Disco brings the party to your Xperia U and Xperia P

by XB on 9th December 2012

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It’s a shame that out of all of the Xperia handsets launched by Sony Mobile this year, only one had an illuminated transparent bar that could light up in various colours. It is one of the most endearing features of the Xperia U and devs have been able to hack it in various ways. Another such app is U-Disco, which brings different coloured light patterns to the transparent bar.

The app requires root access and works with both the Sony Xperia U and Xperia P (sans any colour). A free version is on the Play Store along with a Pro version for £1.00. Extra features found on the Pro version include more colours, the ability to edit blink patterns and allows the app to run in the background. Check out the video below showing the app in action.

  • This app freaking awesome. If i got xperia u or p, i will buy it

  • Schweet. I too wish Sony had taken the best bits out of each phone from the NXT lineup and combined them all into one super awesome mega phone. But alas. They need to keep churning out mediocre phones so we can all wait until one great one comes along. I have a U and already use the Illumination bar app so as to make notifications clearer… which Sony should have done in the first place. This colorful bar really is the whole reason I bought this phone. Otherwise the storage capacity is crap and I can’t even expand it if I wanted to. Major downsides, worth the prettyness IMO. When I get sick of it I’ll move up to a P.

  • Rishi Rathod

    Imagine it changing colors on the rhythms of a song! Especially a song full of beats, bass and horn arrangements like MJ’s ‘Bad’….!! It would be freakin’ AWESOME! Just like the Sony Rolly :)


  • garry

    What is root access

  • Herman

    If you don’t know, you shouldn’t need it.

  • Simon

    is it comming to xperia S too?

  • maxiobor

    so I have xperia P and that app sucks, wtf why is it for xperia p if I have rooted phone and acess but it isnt working, also why did they make apps like this if illumination bar light on P is too weak, bcs there are buttons on it…

  • mbnjlbbjklbhk

    dude michael jackson is the best

  • maxiobor

    Oh sorry it is working but only some of them…

  • mordox

    We want official feature like this from Sony

  • Great features for xperia u and xperia p

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  • Rishi Rathod

    Of course He’s the Best! The King of Music! <3 MJ <3 :D

  • rus_media

    I want it on my Xperia S :(

  • No. Xperia S have one colored leds.

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