New Xperia V firmware (9.0.1.D.0.10) rolling out

by XB on 11/12/2012

in Firmware, Xperia V

Sony Mobile has started rolling out a new firmware version for the Xperia V (LT25i). Firmware version number 9.0.1.D.0.10 is still based on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and uses the same kernel (3.0.21). This new firmware replaces the current 9.0.D.0.484 firmware. There does not seem to be any significant changes from initial observations, but we’ll hopefully find out any differences soon.

Thanks Chompiz!

  • Aaron

    I haven’t seen any one rooting their Xperia V unless I have been missing out on something.

  • Alex Ibargüengoitia

    Android JB for 2012 Xperias, for god’s sake!

  • Monkey

    you never report the roll out for 6.1.1.C.1.0 for Xperia U!

  • bva

    hi guys… i am planning to go for the xperia V.. not available in my country.. so planning to import it..

    i just wanted to know if there was any problems of rebooting and randomly switching off and stuff… coz i read about it in sonymobile support… is there anything i have to be wary off?

    also is the phone smooth? coz on swedroid’s post of ui and design.. the phone didnt seem very smooth..

  • Aaron

    I have been using mine for 5 days already, right now I haven’t experience any reboot or random switching on and off. And it seems pretty smooth to me, maybe the review is a little off?

  • amsaKANNA C

    when is this available in India?

  • chrisphillers

    Ive just updated – the only difference I can see is the LTE logo has been changed to 4G. Im guessing there must have been mainly ‘under the hood’ changes.

  •Čuvalo/730754346 Mario Čuvalo

    Chris, please tell us more about the xperia V !!! :) can you make some kind a review and post it on youtube ? I think that a lot of people would appreciate that, how’s the cam? battery? they said that xperia V has somekind of voice HD….tnx

  • bva

    thanks :) just cant wait to get my hands on the phone :)

  • sadly

    not till march 2013 according to the sony store near my house…

  • chrisphillers

    I havent had any issues at all, not one reboot – the phone is smooth, Im very happy with it (then again I came from an Xperia U!)

  • bva

    thanks! plus… i just wanted to kno if it feels sturdy…. like if the glass will break in one drop etc..

  • chrisphillers

    I havent dropped it yet but its definitely well made/strong, feels good in the hand, its light. Its one of the best phones I have owned.

  • Daniel

    Can you tell us something about the available Memory in your device? how much free space is ready for use? i think about 5 gb, right?

  • Dean Chong

    Check my video for xperia v, I try to let my xperia v lag,

  • amsaKANNA C

    Thanks for the reply buddy

  • w.b.trometer

    Well I have Xperia V since the end of november and this is the best phone every from sony i have also acro s and xperia s but xv puts them in the pocket and eats them to breakfast in allmost any department the cammera is excellent videorecording is also pretty good batterylife is moore then good enough as long you are on gsm network 4 g 0nly drains the battery only use that if you download big files like updates and so on yesterday i bourgth a 64 GB card slot and remove old memmory card and after that removed all pictures videos and contacts from internal memmory to sd card slot this works pretty good without a hitch yheas xv supports 64 gb which is very good you can downlad san disk app from play store but be aware of that it is nt possibly to to move other apps which a downloaded from play store to memmory card i have it yesterday and it did nt work about price the prices a very diffrent is always depence on where you buey the xv the price is a bit to high but its worth buying the phone the XV is some of the best phones on the market also when doing phonecalls is very loud and clear sound on the other end of the line music player on xv is also excellent and if you are not sure then you can read a review over the xv on that webbside www amobil no and but you have translet over to enhlish becourse the review is in norwegian

  •æss-Bjørnstad/552715722 Kjetil Næss Bjørnstad

    No rootcapability yet, but they are working on it.

  •æss-Bjørnstad/552715722 Kjetil Næss Bjørnstad

    mine is 3.4 GB free internal..

  • Ravichandra

    When the Sony Xperia V will be released in India..?

    Thanks in Advance…

  • alex

    I am typing this on a rooted Xperia V….

  • David Hallowes

    Dear bva
    Yes, many problems. Over 100 customers have complained to Sony since December (see link) saying that the new Xperia V is full of bugs with constant freezing, catastrophic battery
    drainage, WiFi and alarm function problems.
    Nobody is mentioning this, least of all Sony in its daily marketing barrage about the upcoming Xperia Z. There are now 12 pages of complaints on that Sony Mobile site yet still no communication from Sony, let alone a solution.
    You can read all those complaints about the problems with the Xperia V here:

  • David Hallowes

    Re: Xperia V
    As of 24th January, 2013 over 100 customers have complained to Sony since it released the Xperia V in December (see link at end) about bugs causing constant freezing, catastrophic battery drainage, WiFi and alarm function problems. Nobody is mentioning this, least of all Sony in its daily marketing barrage about the upcoming Xperia Z. Does this mean the Z will also fail to work properly once released?
    I see the UK regulator fined Sony £250000 today for what it called “one of the most serious breaches of the Data Protection Act ever reported” in failing in 2011 to keep its Playstation Network software up to date, thus allowing hackers access to its customers’ personal, bank and password details.
    Sony smartphones had a poor reputation in the past. There are now 12 pages of complaints on that Sony Mobile website. Those people have spent a lot of money on a Sony product either directly or through signing an expensive long-term contract. They deserve not to be ignored and they deserve the mobile media to take up this issue with Sony on their behalf and hold the company to account. In fact the law should force Sony to do so and fine it if it fails.
    Compare this with two friends of mine who experienced problems with their iPhones a year or two ago. They contacted Apple and the company simply replaced the products, no questions asked. It clearly cares about its reputation for technical excellence and customer satisfaction. By comparison Sony stop updates on products less than a year old, fail to fix problems or even communicate with its customers when they report problems. It’s not good enough.
    You can read all those complaints about the problems with the Xperia V here:

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  • Helton Maia Maia

    melhor rom para xperia neo v is Xperia Pureness v7.1

  • Keith Veigas

    from which country ur buying bva ??

  • Sayhan

    Отличный телефон просто, всем советую

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