New Xperia T firmware (7.0.A.3.223) now rolling out

by XB on 12th December 2012

in Firmware, Xperia T

Sony Xperia T (LT30p) firmware version number 7.0.A.3.223 was only certified by the PTCRB last week, but the firmware already appears to be rolling out. We have confirmation that the new firmware is being pushed to UK generic handsets, but this doesn’t mean it’s not appearing in other regions too. Firmware changes remain a mystery for now, but if you’ve updated let us know any changes in the comments below.

Update: The firmware is rolling out to generic Germany, Switzerland and Italy handsets too (Thanks Ambroos!)

Thanks Yav!

  • allen

    wow…its cool, but my German edition still have no OTA. I will try to flash UK firmware first, then do OTA

  • nanana

    When will come to xs?

  • shivaprakash

    Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Update for Samsung Galaxy S3 International (what It Brings)

  • Ambroos

    Before everyone gets excited, it’s not available for UK Generic handsets yet. Tiny error in the article. It should be up for Generic Germany through PCC/SonyUpdateService.

  • APai

    IF we are lucky, we will get 4.1 by the end of February. not too shabby.

  • Asa

    I’ve upgraded my T, I’m still on Android 4.0.4. so I don’t think it’s anything big. Probably some minor bugfixes..

  • Asa

    On another note. I’ve noticed some new small apps again. I hope we don’t have to update our Android versions every time just for new small apps -.-

  • I’ve 7.0.A.3.195 on my phone at the moment and once I connected it to PCC it picked up the new update right away. Its downloading now :-)

  • ismailchenko gasmi

    Well well well ! another firmware for other Xperias and the XS’s current firmware .45 is getting old and buggy , thnx Sony for letting your best product down !

  • allen

    I changed the CDA, then updated to 223. But it isn’t a JamesBond Edition, so without any ringtone and theme of Skyfall. The JB edition of 223 firmware should still wait.

  • allen

    the Touch Firmware Version changes from 3e to 40, and the baseband updated to 33

  • kiikooo

    There is nothiing i hate more than these stupid android updates. I mean get it on all phones at once :S

  • herasymcuk

    i have an uk generic Xperia T, but the fw update is not available.

  • Ludwik

    CE1 (Polanc, Czech Republic) is available

  • Ludwik

    Hello! From Poland is available rok.

  • Jack

    same story for every sony phone. lack of updates!. Last sony phone I bought was an x arc which was a beauty. later i switched to GNote and never looked back. even now im running jellybean 4.1.2 (although beta) but samsung was kind enough to release it on xda. Final version will be more or less the same and im happy running bug free JB beta with Note 2 features.

    I hope sony suffers because of this behaviour with their customers every year

  • xperia

    greece too

  • I wish they would release an update for the TL to fix the stupid notification light -.-

  • APai

    how did it go ? whats new ?

  • Jerry Berglund

    BUT WHAT THE HELL!!! Sorry about the language. XPERIA S do also need a buggfix…. where is it?

  • Jerry Berglund

    No, its not. At the moment Sony release to almost every phone except Play and S at the moment. All others have received buggfixes and updates several times. Xperia S got 1. the others have gotten more than that. Getting the feelings Xperia S is forgotten.

  • TCM

    Also in the Netherlands! Updating my T now !

  • kiikooo

    me 2

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  • Jan

    Me too. DAFUQ! why Xperia V having 9.0 firmware, and not aviaible when T(7) and S(6) are worldwide and are forgotten?

  • I got the update. My phone is UK generic.
    But I don’t see any changes from .195

  • New kernel and baseband. Just some small fixes it looks like

  • Jack

    My friend i wasnt referring to the bugfixes. Samsung releases those every now and then. I’m talking about a major OS upgrade. Note was released half a year before Xperia S and is still being updated, jelly bean so far has come along very nice. It was released on gingerbread and now we’re 2 OSs up.

    Sony on the other hand makes short term promises. Their design was top notch during Arc days and I’m yet to find a phone that matches up to its design. Unfortunately the inner hardware isnt as top notch and now sony has lost the design edge too. Recent phones are ugly according to me and I wish sony mobile had realized the potential they had and unique edges they used to have. Samsung wudnt have been on top of the android food chain.

  • Polish one got it as well.

  • Asa

    You sure it wasn’t leaked lol? Samsung releasing shit for developers seems a bit far fetched, seeing as developers keep complaining about Samsung..

  • APai

    spot on. sony has it’s work cut out. only giving out good hardware and late software updates will make it look like nokia. samsung has delivered a premium suite to sgs3, which is a competitor for xperia T. it costs like 50 dollars more. if sony wants people to buy their upcoming models – they need to show they are serious about existing customers. if T tanks now, sony will presumably forget about it. the whole gameplan of releasing a dozen models and not support it ? it’s going to explode on their face.

  • Ludwik
  • jack

    Leaks dont happen every couple of weeks. We’ve had 5 JB leaks so far. Someone is definitely doing it purposely. I believe they released it purposely so that people on xda would install and devs would remove the kinks. Thereby making it easier for Samsung to release the final version.

  • clank201

    rolling in spain too

  • Laci

    I Am from Romania, and just now updated My Xperia T.

  • Kratos

    I am upgrading my T so it is available in france too

  • Urban Zupani?

    Already updating in Slovenia also

  • vince

    i have a mt T here in asia. will i get this update too?

  • Omer

    man I tried updating my T but all it does is turn off and turn on when I follow d procedure of connecting d usb with the volume down key pressed .. did u hav the same issue ?

  • omer

    I could not update my xperia T. all the phone did is turn off and on and nothing happened? can you help me ?

  • goldenblls

    Just got this update. Probably some minor fixes.

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