New firmware for Xperia Tablet S (release6b) brings SDXC support

by XB on 13th December 2012

in Firmware, Sony Tablet

Sony has released a new firmware update for the Sony Xperia Tablet S. The firmware update (release6b) adds SDXC memory card support (64GB/128GB). The update is still based on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and has the same kernel. The update is around 330MB in size and should be available now.

Thanks @poke612!

  • JaroB

    Xperia Tablet S 32BG +128GB SDXC = 160GB in tablet??? WOW NICE :D

  • Belgium this time?
    All this updates are only US!

  • What about SDXC support for Xperia line ? :)

  • XperiaS

    OK but… Jelly Bean?

  • reptile64

    Not available in Greece yet..

  • APai

    so is this good news for the rest of line too ? perhaps they would extend the same to the other phones like xperia T too ?

  • xperia User

    I have been using a 64gb SDXC card since I purchased the Xperia Tablet S back in October… So what does the update do if I could already address that amount of memory?

  • kiikooo

    I have a 128gb sd card installed and working since day one. I dont get this update

  • got this update late night in Canada as well…

    but it was able to read my exfat 64G SDXC since day 1…

  • rimas

    check this link Update available for UK as well but its not coming in Tablet

  • daniel

    The sony tablet s also had new firmware update.. now the ui abd function similar with xperia tablet s. Thanks sony.

  • cyun84

    This is awesome news!!!!

  • mountain

    There is somethnig really funny about this update:
    1. I have been using a 64GB ever since I bought the XTablet S, so there is nothing new.
    2. The update is 352MB, which is the size for the whole firmware, compared to 20MB update previously.
    Sure, there must be something Sony has not told us.

  • Xperia User

    I had noticed the size of the update as well, and made a comment about the fact that I have had a 64gb SDXC installed since I purchased my Xperia Tablet S in October. But I have not recieve an answer yet. :O/

  • Sony said that jb will come! “m glad to inform you that the Android 4.1, Jelly Bean Update is scheduled for release in the second week of Feb 2013. The update will be available very soon and you will be notified with the notifier in the Tablet”

  • AsadMulla

    sony tablet s just got a new update. 4.0.3 release 5a. lots of new features.

  • Patrick

    I will be waiting for the Jelliy Bean update in February. I think this wil be the last tablet s update.

  • is there exFat support?

  • any source? i asked diffrent sony pages but couldnt get an answer

  • Andreas Vatis

    Could you please give us some feedback about Jelly bean for Xperia tablet s ? Hope to get it this week !

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