Sony CP-F1L and CP-F2L portable USB chargers hitting Europe from mid-December

by XB on 14th December 2012

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Regular readers might remember the external batteries from Sony that were announced for Japan in September. The portable USB chargers came in a stylish aluminium body and were very slim to easily carry with you. Well it looks like the same batteries (CP-F1L and CP-F2L) are due to launch in Europe imminently.

The CP-F1L has a 3,500mAh battery capacity with an output of 1.5A. This particular USB charger is just 9.4mm thin and weighs 125g. The CP-F2L has a higher battery capacity of 7,000mAh with an output of 2.1A. It comes in a slightly thicker body of 12.9mm and weighs 198g. It features dual USB ports so that you can charge two devices at the same time.

Both seem like great solutions to keep at hand if you do a lot of travelling. They will provide some emergency back-up power for those tablets and smartphones you may be carrying. The portable batteries can be charged up with the supplied AC adaptor or a USB port from a computer. Sony says that both chargers retain up to 80% of its charged capacity after a year, and can be recharged 500 times. Both batteries are due to launch in mid-December i.e. any moment now, but pricing remains a mystery.

Sony CP-F1L

Sony CP-F1L

Sony CP-F1L

  • Amos

    Am I being pessimistic or does 500 recharges not seem like a lot?
    Does anyone know what the average recharge figure is for other battery packs?

  • Coollead

    I own a charger by Panasonic. It’s also 500 charges. Keep in mind that this is full charges, and to (almost) full capacity. I haven’t noticed any degrade in quality, despite using mine almost every day.

  • Love my phones

    I’d say never mind. When I bought the Sola I got a LOT of things that I wanted. One thing that I missed was the very low battery. I will not make that mistake with my next phone purchase, and will not waste money on this.

  • Aokde Gharra

    Lets take the worst case and assume you recharge your phone using this charger everyday, your phones battery is 3500 mAh so you need 500 days * 2 thats 1000 days, near 3 years of daily use, so yeah, seems like a lot to me…

  • arcds

    Or Sony could just make phones with BIGGER battery capacity -_-

  • Norio24

    I don’t need it !

  • Very good design

  • Rob

    They are already on sale in Japan. The 3500 mAh is 4,380 yen, and the 7000 mAh version is 5,225 yen at Amazon Japan. That’s about 50 and 60 dollars respectively.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Imagine if they made a portable battery that looked like that but was a contactless induction charger for those rumoured Xperia devices with contactless induction charging a while back!

  • Just wait a couple of month till some more handset-makers adopt Qi wireless charging. If I had to guess, I would say that the Nexus 4 will be one of the first devices to get a case with build in Qi charger. I hope that Apple will also join the Qi party and won’t develop its own standard.

  • Rune Christiansen

    Of course they’ll make their own, none standard version. It’s Apple after all….

  • hivonzooo

    Will this work with the old Sony Tablet S? Thats a shame that Sony made their own charger plug and never release the adapter to it. I cant use S1 as a GPS and cant charge him on the go. I hope they didnt forgot about S Tablet users.

  • kurtdean

    xperia v video is amazing!!

  • You call that amazing?! Then take a look at this and think again!

  • hivonzooo

    Real-time footage vs promo video made by a bunch of specialists. Yep, i think i go with Sony.

  • That is not a promo video!!! It’s done by youtube user topolino who is quite famous for his beautiful footage of Finland’s nature. And what about this video, also a “promo video” done by specialists? or this

    There is no better camera smartphone than the 808 (at least at the moment). And even the competition using Sony’s own image sensors are delivering better results than Sony.

  • ..

    the nokia 808 might be the best but i dont think sony cameras lose out to the oversatured “competition”.. im sorry but some of us like the colours as it is.. and scale back to 8 or 10mp if you want to actually compare it to the competition.. sony performs way better

  • Quark Gluon

    Dude, I like Sony much much better than Nokia, but let’s be realistic here. 808’s camera beats any xperia’s camera anyway. You may set the shot to 5mp, but the sensor capture all 41mp anyway. Nokia fans can be proud of 808 and post it on every article about phone’s camera. The thing is, to put that kind of sensor, the current consumer technology requires us to sacrifice the shape of the phone. Maybe that’s why Nokia didn’t put that much of megapixel in Lumia 920. So in the “normal” smartphone world, Sony is not losing.

  • ..

    i know man… I said 808 is the best…

    I was referring to him talking abt competitor’s phones using Sony’s sensor taking better pics…

  • seb

    Thank you for the Hint, i have been waiting for this moment since you have reported the first time about the battery!

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  • Is it available to buy anywhere online?

  • bombay

    where can i buy this ?

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