Sony Mobile rep responds to Jelly Bean update criticisms

by XB on 17th December 2012

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Sony Mobile updated us on its Jelly Bean plans earlier today and judging by the comments in the previous post, there are understandably a lot of upset folk out there. Obviously, we have users of the Xperia U, Xperia sola, Xperia miro and Xperia tipo frustrated by not being on the JB update list. Then there are the Xperia S users, annoyed by being lower down the pegging order compared to other handsets such as the Xperia J for example.

There has been a lot of venting on the official Sony Mobile blog post too. This led Sony representative Anthony to try and explain Sony’s actions and decisions. We have collated a few of the responses below so that users can see where Sony is coming from. Unfortunately not all of the responses make sense.

For example, Anthony says that “screen resolution, hardware platform and RAM” are all considered when making the update. Whilst this may explain why the Xperia U and sola were overlooked and the Xperia go received the green light, it doesn’t explain why the Xperia J is being updated to Jelly Bean. Anyway, see what the Sony Mobile rep has to say below.

On why the Xperia U, Xperia sola, Xperia miro and Xperia tipo are not receiving Jelly Bean:

“The quality of Xperia’s software experience is dependent on a number of factors including: screen resolution, hardware platform and RAM. In the case of Xperia go, this combination came together in a way that meant the user experience running JB was not adversely affected.

Unfortunately, in the case of Xperia tipo, Xperia miro, Xperia U and Xperia sola this wasn’t the case – so we made the decision to keep them on Ice Cream Sandwich.”

On how the decision is made as to which Xperia to update to JB:

“Our priority has and always will be, to deliver the best possible smartphone experience – this means accounting for hardware, functionality and stability alongside Android version development.

As we are making the JB upgrade available to a considerable portion of our 2012 portfolio, finding a balance between these elements, means the process takes a little longer than if we had done it only for particular models at the high end.

We are continually investigating upgrades to the different/latest Android OS versions. As always, we will only share firm information when we’re confident of hitting the deadlines.

When we start an upgrade process we look for the way to get the very best out of the new software; that normally means starting with the most capable/latest devices. Once we’re satisfied that we’re really stretching the capabilities of that software, we then start to look at how we can re-create that user experience on earlier products. This takes a little more time but we believe it pays dividends in terms of the final product.”

On why the 2011 Xperia family will not be updated to JB:

“Xperia Arc S is part of our 2011 portfolio, which won’t be upgraded beyond ICS. The reason being – user experience is at the heart of our product development and support; after thorough evaluation, we concluded that the user experience for our 2011 Xperia smartphones will be superior if they remain on Ice Cream Sandwich versus being upgraded to Jelly Bean.”


  • Ali Alkhazal

    Okay is it not that the Xperia Arc S better than Xperia J then Why it is not getting JB update. their comments don’t make any sense. if not Xperia Arc s then why that late for Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia ion and Xperia acro S they are more powerful than the J.

  • Issac

    In my opinion, the reason why Xperia U was left out, it was due to it’s 8GB, if ICS leaves the phone with 4GB, imagine how little memory it would have with JB (probably 3GB).

  • I smell bullshit on “2011 Xperia smartphones will be superior if they remain on Ice Cream Sandwich versus being upgraded to Jelly Bean” but Sony is Sony, there is always be something that they can’t tell us for real, same as other companies

  • Hope we will have the lastest feature at last. It’s worth waiting. Don’t make us dissappoint. I don’t quite understand why my Xperia S will be upgraded last

  • The Arc S is snappier than the Xperia J…

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?


    The user experience can’t be worse on ICS than JB!

    You just have to admit that that’s part of your bad marketing plan.

  • dj-K

    NO SENSE! This is amazing! He doesnt know what to say! XU would fly with JB, but they only want money… This is my last SONY product… ever!

  • All I could read was “user experience”!!! Sony is not really focusing on “user experience” which is clear from the reasons provided. Need to learn that not everyone is noob. Learn from CM Team.

  • dj-K

    Sorry but that’s stupid… Memory is shared in 2 gb for system, 2 gb for APPS and 4 gb for other files… JB will do the same… :/

  • dj-K

    AHhhh… and NEXUS 4 has 8 gb too… :/

  • Felipe Pimenta

    An update doesn’t do anything to the SD card partition. System has a partition of 1 Gb only for System.

  • CaZton

    At what point is Xperia J “BETTER” than Xperia Arc S

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Still no reason for XS being that late

  • rhenanbelem

    after a long period using Sony handsets, I have to say that Xperia S is my last… Next year i’ll buy a Nexus 4 or a Razr smartphone.

  • mibas

    Tech firms Sony and Panasonic have had their credit ratings cut to the level of
    junk status for the first time.

  • Sony has obviously done extensive testing and come to an educated conclusion. They know the limits of their products and they’re the manufacturer that updates the highest amount of different devices. Complaining shows ignorance…

  • This is all bullshit !
    That’s why you’ll never beat Samsung , Sony !
    And it’s mean bye bye for you !
    I’ll never buy Sony product agains unless you release xperia nexus .

    – Your Heart-Broken Customer –

  • CaZton

    ICS is an worst update for the 2011 smartphones I got my Xperia Arc S crashed in that ICS version now its running on GB.
    How can You even speak about superior user experience in that Worst ICS update.

  • saif

    One thing that intrigued us
    during today’s conference call
    was that towards the end, CFO
    Masaru Kato was fielding a
    question from an analyst asking
    about the mobile sell-through
    and Kato replied “the software
    we are planning to launch
    towards the end of the year, we
    are really hopeful that it will be

  • There’s no reason explained for Xperia S, getting the latest JB upgrade. Sorry Sony.. Xperia S will be my last Sony handset and I will switch to GS4 as soon as it hits the market

  • Grishm

    Doesn’t the Go use same hardware as U and Sola? Back then, Sony screwed up U by not putting up a miroSD slot in it. And now to extend that, Sony screwed it up again by not giving Jelly Bean.

    If I’m not wrong, Sony used to have many more customers than what it does at the moment. And I suspect Sony will lose the existing ones too unless it learns to value its customers.

  • John-Mark Christmas

    If you guys did not announce SOME MANY HANDSETS IN ONE YEAR, this would not have happened. Well at least I think so. Sony has the WORST set of strategists. Still NO PROPER explanation as to why the the Xperia S and SL would be updated FOUR MONTHS into the year. All comes back to the amount of phones that were released. No proper service is being put out to a FLAGSHIP from Sony.

  • Luke

    C’mon the sony xperia u and sola can run JB perfect, the screen of go is the same of U so WTF! all is the same! please do the update to the xperia u and sola please c’mon!

  • John-Mark Christmas

    I guess you would say that releasing so many handsets in a calender year is a educated decision. SMH

  • dm_alk1

    hey just saying- bad experiences with moto rollouts :( (although with Google controlling it things should theoretically be better) these companies make really great phones but if you want the latest software i unfortunately suggest Nexus :(. It’ll prob b my next switch too :(

  • PVV

    What a load of marketing bullshit!

  • Very odd that JB appears to be more efficient than ICS… so older devices would probably benefit more. I wonder if the problem is that Sony neither wants to spend the time/money, or has an issue in that there are now many more native Google apps (and larger ones at that) and only a very limited amount of space to install them. After all, Sony still has to include its own (to be fair rather limited) bloatware on top. I have no idea if Sony could modify the file structure (but I guess that would mean forcing a total erase, which wouldn’t go down well for most customers) to allow more app storage space, at the expense of normal storage (after all – you have a card slot and 32GB cards are dirt cheap these days) but they’ve considered these life expired now, ignoring their commitment to support devices for 18 months (of which there are still a number of 2011 models that qualify).

  • Yayat S, S.S.

    Xperia E has lower ARM and has the same RAM with my phone, Xperia Mini Pro. Xperia E runs in Jelly Bean then my phone SHOULD GET IT

  • Yayat S, S.S.

    Xperia E has lower ARM and has the same RAM with my phone, Xperia Mini Pro. Xperia E runs in Jelly Bean then my phone SHOULD GET IT

  • I just read “bla bla bla, we want sell more phones, bla bla bla, all of you were so naive”. What a shame.

  • Keon Fraites

    “On how the decision is made as to which Xperia to update to JB:” That makes no sense, when they said this think back in April 2012 what smartphone was the last phone to get ICS…. and the latest of its kind to be released.

  • Jerry Berglund

    well… dont think that has in a way nothing to do with the Mobildivision of Sony. Mostly Sony with all its branches. In a way Sony Mobile made a come back. But I do understand why people is upset. I am upset too. This guy just talk crap. Just bad explanaitions almost everywhere. I do understand in a way why not the 2011 phone will get the update. Sony cant update their phones for ever, but I do think its a bad choise. Xperia arc S should have gotten one I think. And Still wanna know why they will update Xperia S that late? Its an expensive phone and I as a customer wont to get premium service, and that isnt what I kinda payed for.

  • jack

    and this is why i ditched sony for samsung. My comment in the previous thread stands.

    I hope sony suffers for doing this to their customers. Arc was my last sony handset and ive never wanted to come back to sony. Infact I tell friends/family to ditch sony too.

  • Keon Fraites

    Sony is just being slow… and concentrating on getting phones made and sold instead of concentrating on updating current phones :/ Sony needs to rethink their strategy, what they said hasn’t cushioned any blows to the xperia family, these “excuses” are third grade at its best, Sony needs to accept that their current strategy is wrong and formulate another one quick.

  • Adrian

    Disappointed for my Arc S. It was the top modell för one year ago and the ICS version it running now have lots of problems.

  • anti-Sony

    ahhhh damn!! this is last i buy sony mobile,u release many phone but u r servive is bad. thanks you..

  • NXS

    What a shame… This is my first and last Sony device.. thank God for CM team, bringing us future to this phone…otherwise this will be same crap as x1 with Windows

  • Andrew D

    I knew this would come,… ‘And when ever they are finished by testing the JB update and ready to provide it to the rest of the devices,. we will still be outdated, cause then the other companies like Samsung and HTC will be getting 5.0 +.
    Thanx Sony, Always liked your devices but i think im turning you in for a Samsung.

  • Good, one less whiny person. While you go use something else, i’ll wait for Yuga/Odin

  • bye bye sony

    Yeah.. Xperia S will be my last sony handset and also switch to GS4.. Sony is suck..

  • bye bye sony

    Yeah.. Xperia S will be my last sony handset and also switch to GS4.. Sony is suck..

  • Xlash Andraid

    Same old garbage in their arguments: “we want the best smartphone experience”.
    Unfortunately, people who were waiting to have a reasonable explanation is now angrier than before, and for me, that’s definitely not a “best experience”.

    But hey, not all is lost. XDA is your friend, a serious deal. Anthony is just a clown repeating a script previously learned.

  • bye bye sony

    Sorry sony.. Poor my Xperia S.. The situation always like this, my next handset is Samsung GS4 as soon as soon as it hits the market..

  • Michael Salib

    WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? None sense response that has nothing to do wid the fact which is u r tooo late for updating & u r behind Samsung that u want to compete with…not convinced by any of this nonsense reponse. U still losing ur customers & will lose them all.. Face the fact. Replacing XSX by Nexus 4

  • lovebmw

    It’s just way too many phones… Apple worries about one phone one update…. Sony worries about 7-10 updates per country for all their sigma of phones, per certain phone carrier. Apparently they kept the idiot from Ericsson…. Or perhaps it was Sony all a long responsible for the delays.

    This reminds me Of the x10 night mate when we went from 1.6 to 2.1

  • Issac

    Ah…I see. Well, that’s kind of dissapointing, especially since XU was part of the NXT series.

  • This is perfect. Let the others go, I stay with Sony. After beating htc, and become a second place, now looking to beat samsung with odin and yuga. Bye bye sams. Dont u think sams not dissapointed their fans? Look at the exynos case and you’ll be sorry to be fans of samsung.

  • And after THAT they learned from it… bringing all 11 devices of 2011 with ONE Hardware Platform to only manage ONE main update that includes every Software and every Drivers for all devices… and they just activated the correct configurations… and this year… they fall back into the same bad Scenario like all the other manufacturers -.-

  • Glad I got my Nexus 4 to replace my Xperia S. It will be on eBay next week. I already knew that these clowns will screw their customers in one way or another. No more Sony craps for me I guess. Enjoy going bankrupt Sony, no one will save you this time.

  • He has the product and he complained about poor customer service. Who are you to tell him whether or not he should whine ?

  • Except that most of these excuses are pure BS. Why don’t you go comparing the specs of Xperia J and Xperia Arc S then come back and tell us what you come up with ? Educate yourself before you speak next time.

  • Lester

    F**K! Xperia S left behind? It was the first flagship from you guys! SONY SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!

  • Avery Navas

    this is both my first and LAST sony android device…. worthless xperia S… never was a real flagship…

  • Mine too

  • New comer :P

  • Sony failed. Software from Nokia 1100 set is working on JB for Sony I guess :D

  • APai

    why bother even responding ? Xperia P & Sola are similar in so many ways and yet they cannot update it ? WTF ?!!! had enough of sony’s BS. I had just picked 2 phones within last 3 months. I was planning another 3 in the next couple of months. Samsung/ lg/ htc/ nexus/ anything will do.

    why release half a dozen models you cannot support beyond 6 months ? sola was barely released 9 months ago! please be upright about announcement. you’ve just lost a whole bunch of customers with this move. rescind your crazy decisions or be ridiculed into oblivion. If JB does make its way into sola, i will make it my personal mission to dissuade people from buying sony phones. fair enough huh sony ? it’ll be nice to remind people that you’ve had an awful track record of supporting mid range phones, or even top end phones.

  • APai

    actually, sony IS the new nokia.

    they are giving less hardware and do not support the phones with software, when they do – it’s slow and almost time to give up on the phone. 6 month delay is unacceptable.

  • APai

    I rue my decision to go sony instead of a N4

  • APai

    BS. I did plan on getting a yuga or odin… no more. had enough of sony’s idiotic ways. I do not believe sony has it in them to deliver timely updates. besides, their track record of giving yesterday’s hardware reminds me of nokia. 1080p 5 inch slabs are already released and in the market, and we are not yet through with a JB update. keep dreaming

  • APai

    if they want their customers to have the best experience, they should be producing flawless updates, which is not the case. also, they should be giving timely updates

  • APai

    yeah, same here. absolutely incensed with sony

  • APai

    exactly!!!! why can’t sola get it if E can ?

  • APai

    with sola – the only thing possibly hindering them is ram, but they can cut some sony crap instead and deliver jb. U might be hamstrung by very less storage space. sola has no excuse whatso ever!!!

  • APai

    yeah, why announce a dozen models if they can’t update it ?

  • APai

    I used to actively canvas for sola with my friends’ now I have lost face. I’ll do the opposite now. sony, enjoy the ride into oblivion – there will be so many customers you’ve pissed off!

  • APai

    ha! this is nothing but a marketing move. nothing to do with “educated decisions” or “best user experience”

  • I never said that he cannot whine

  • odonk

    I do not care what are you talking about, cause im already dissapointed. And never ever buy sony phone again. You lose ur loyal fans

  • APai

    actually, I do not have too much confidence with google and hardware. look at how they botched N4 – how long will they continue with no stock. it’s a disgrace that they arent able to fix it for such a long time

  • Evita

    I see you point but updating XJ ruin everything from your and Sony defenses

  • hrd

    After 3 Years, being a loyal SONY customer I feel so disappointed this time man… I have Xperia X8 Stuck with 2.1, Xperia SOLA Stuck with ICS… My Conclusion, SONY produces Great Hardware with Bad Support. I think this time to move on and sell my xperia sola. Change to lumia and back to nokia :(

  • Sony lost many users, again. In Malaysia, only few Sony users you will get to see along the street. The rest are Samsung users. I guess Sony’s going to loss all the current users.

  • odonk

    for the owner of U, Sola, tipo and miro, don’t ever sell your phone to buy sony phone that can be updated to jb such as Go or you’ll be fucked up, who the hell knows, consider sell your phone to take an samsung device instead :)

  • Sony. Anything you wrote up there is bull shit, that’s it

  • Matthew Cheung

    Despite all the rest of these people complaining, I am actually quite excited to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on my Xperia P and really don’t mind the wait!

  • ramsy

    I already switched to nexus !! :D ,I previously used xperia neo,xperia p,xperia s…full of bugs….no battery life,network,camera,speaker issues…etc; no more :)

  • Dimitar

    The next batch of phones (Xperia P, Xperia go and Xperia J) will be updated from the end of March. Following this, the Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia ion and Xperia acro S will be updated from April onwards.

    What about this xperia p , go and j to be updated before xperia s,sl , ion and acro s ?

  • Teng How Lai

    ICS – Xperia S being late reason because of being fair to old phone.
    JLB – Xperia S being late reason because of being fair to new phone.

    Summary: Xperia S is always the last to get update. Prove me wrong!!

  • Xlash Andraid

    Can someone give this link to those idiots, please?

  • Quark Gluon

    Even in XDA, stock ROMs are very valuable ones. But definitelly not the outdated ones!

  • Sagar

    Lame reasons, I have an Xperia S and I’m pissed off at the moment, dunno why the hell i got it, the software already sucks big time, its laggy and now Sony says the JB update is coming after 4 months? WTF?

  • I’m a sola owner, I bought the aforesaid phone few months ago (during the Initial launch here in Asia Pacific Region), The original package was in Gingerbread OS format, And amongst the 2011 xperia phone series…Sola was the first phone offered a label “upgrade-able for ICS” that’s one of the “few reasons” why I bought it…. coz I felt, ICS would be great! in terms of added functionality, UI improvements, A way way better multimedia experiences… in other words a huge leap from its original stock firmware….. and it really took a while for an ICS finally came to Sola that was late November 2012.

    Initially I was so disappointed by Sony, Aside from the feeling of being envy for other phone competitors, the original stock android from google device setting its new benchmark which is the Jelly Bean….this had become a huge pressure for Sony… and during those time I felt I was being left behind….

    So… I tried to live with it, and just simply enjoying what it has currently offer from its original package, gingerbread based sola was NOT really a great deal, it has so many bugs and lags, but as times goes by… Sony never really left us in the dark, I’ve recieved several firmware updates though it is still far away from being perfect… atleast few bugs and lags were minimize… it becomes a learning experience for me, in some way I tried to help them by self-descovering from other third party apps on what sony should have been lacking of, like ram manager, battery saver, strong wifi connectivity apps, some utilities apps, and even a UI launcher ofcourse those were from Android Market.

    What I’m trying to say here is that if im going to take in charge of modifying my phone manually, whether its an apps from android market or manually flashing my device into different stocks… still I need to comply with its hardware requirements which is very limited and fixed…Only certain apps and dev tricks were only allowed to run smoothly…

    Until ICS came, and resolve all its basic problems, and its far far way better upgrade than any ICS update on any other manufacturers, perfectly fit and custom built only for xperia experiences… and the most important of all a “Stable firmware”

    Sony might be a little bit too late when it comes to what supposedly be the benchmark for android devices, But Sony is a different company and let us tried to differentiate between an “android based product” (like sony, htc, samsung) to a “pure android phone” like google nexus, those two were different… and there’s no other company out there that provide innovation like the sony does, from its firmware development to its hardware devices….

    Sony Xperia Sola was very unique on its kind, offering a “non-touch” to a “touch enabled phone” which actually blew my mind coz I don’t know what functionality does it serve best from its consumer, it really sounds ridiculous and stupid But frankly it shows great innovation on sony’s part, which later appreciated for glove-mode work on ICS.

    As an ordinary consumer, ofcourse I want to experience also the goodness of Jelly Bean but not with Sony Xperia Sola with Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9… coz that would only make my phone too sick and laggy.

    I would rather buy sony xperia V which would be my 2013 phone in with a promise of becoming a different kind of Jelly Bean soon, and that’s for sure!

    As a consumer we’ve only have to admit to ourselves that Almost all of the phones, OS and technologies were only lasted for a year….

  • Jimmy

    All you all know is that Software get updated so long. Jellybean run very well on Samsung? Notice that alot of them upgrade complainting non stop. OS is how the company polish it or change it. Unlike Samsung just browsing the gallery or opening more app it force close or even worse their mid range can’t even support 4.0. Most of you only know that particular phone have that LATEST OS does it really give you superior design or experience.

  • Kevin Ko

    Nexus from now on. GG SONY!

  • arghhh

    Don’t get Samsung. They are more badass than Sony. Remember how they didn’t update galaxy w with ics? It was shipped as the same date with xperia arc s though. Fuck all manufacturer. Next time i will buy pure google phone! NEXUSS PHONEE FTW!!!

  • xperias

    Don’t buy sony.

  • Very disappointing Sony……..Till April will buy Nexus with key limme pie no need of Jelly bean

  • utsav shah

    I am still waiting for an answer on Xperia S.

  • DragonClaw

    Those comments are just for the sake of something from the official side.

  • just open the platform up and let ppl that really want new update upgrade to CM10. Easy and they won’t have to hold resposibility.

  • My dad gave me an Acro S and we had an agreement that I’ll use this for 2-3 years, AND NOW THIS?!? Jesus f*cking christ WHAT THE HELL SONY??!?? I was so happy when I recieved this device and now Sony is giving us this message? For fucks sake Sony rethink your strategies, especially for your biggest hit flagship phone Xperia S…

    I got no choice but to unlock the bootloader of this shit and flash CM10.
    Thank God we Xperia users have FXP, else our phone will be stuck at Sony’s cool but outdated software (Timescape)



  • hans

    Sony, please make it fair to all of us. You know what? Built a common ROM and software, turn off the feature if the target phone doesn’t have it, and then we’re all set! But please, if you want to build a low end phone, at least give them a spec of 2011 flagship devices, Xperia J is utterly a garbage phone priced at sky high prices.

  • ok ?? but the main question ?? why Xperia S tooooooo late ???

  • Guest

    And… Sony disappoints again.

  • And… Sony disappoints again. Big surprise.

  • Sony
    Mobile ur developers r really suck & morons…how they said that
    Jelly Bean not compatible & not stable for Xperia 2011 Series
    Phones? in same time Most of 2011 Xperia Phones r successfully running
    CM10, Aokp JB, Pacman JB & more Custom JB roms more
    smoothly….Even Jelly bean is more stable & smooth on 2011 Xperia
    Phones than ICS 4.0.4…XDA Proved that…. Sow whats problem with ur
    engineers to providing Official JB update for 2011 Xperia Phones?…. Im
    Using Xperia Neo V…U guys totally disappointed to me… U guys
    totally loosing trust as well as ur Customers by doing this crap

  • hans

    What the? Acro S is still in the running and you still complaining? Unthankful brats you are..

  • bye bye sony

    Yeah thats right.. Sony suck..

  • bebexbiroe

    Sony….Better u HARAKIRI

  • Yes, Go use same hardware as U and Sola, but U and Sola display resolution is 2x bigger then Go , and it practically will slow down phone performance.

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  • chen

    I don’t think i’ll go for another sony handset any more

  • Sony wants to be the new Nokia.

    Good hardware. CRAPPY PATHETIC software

  • hirzan

    Sony sucks big time . I didn’t sell my xperia S from last 2 months cz I belived they will update JB asap.. But now they say its on april.its time to move on to samsung

  • Rex

    Sony don’t suck and you know it! If your going to buy a new phone buy an Xperia V like i did. Fantastic phone and in just over one month it will be running JB:)

  • Lam_Ang

    Just go with nexus devices, where Google always bring updates to. Before, I was thinking of purchasing Xperia S, good thing i didnt, i bought Nexus 7 instead. It’s smooth and fast, and having timely updates is not a problem. Next thing on my list is the Nexus 4.

  • Coollead

    Are you sad that you are getting an update to Jelly Bean…?

  • Crytek Pfff.

    Wow, Just wow. i thought sony maketing strategy change already but its still the same. they really let me down hard. Xperia S should have deserve AOSP update but no, sony refuse to take that offer and now Xperia S maybe can’t even get Jellybean. Sony you’ve failed me once again. Xperia S will be the last sony phone i ever bought. its time to move to Samsung who cares for high end device or Apple. -.-

  • Crytek Pfff.

    Sony only thinks about money. it’s their marketing strategy to keep people buyin newer phone but not giving support to their loyal customer. Sony officially sucks. Im starting to hate them and their product, Samsung Is Better!

  • phantom_p

    At least Samsung updates their flagship devices like the S3, S2, Note II and the Note I. Ie you pay premium and get premium treatment software update wise as well. I don’t see Sony doing the same with Xperia S. With this flawed update strategy for a 2012 flagship phone, it’s very hard to trust Sony again. And still no reasoning from Sony rep why Xperia S will be updated last.

  • Crytek Pfff.

    Agree but its time to say that sony truly sucks. they only thinks about money. 2011 model can still handle JB but no. You’ve lost many loyal customers today sony. Xperia S was a true flagship. i thought they would changed after buying Ericsson but no. Come on people. just stop supporting them. NOTE II , Iphone 5, SIV(SIII) and NEXUS 4 are better than sony product :D

    You can hate me all you want but its the truth. SONY = junk

  • vifiore

    Bullshit… Xperia X10 mini runs Cyanogenmod… It’s like a JB… X10 have a much lower hardware config than Xperia U… Sony… What a deception… I’m gonna buy an NEXUS!

  • Crytek Pfff.

    So true! Miro and tipo just come out and they wont get any update anymore? Lol. sony is so stupid. SONY = junk,bankrupt please!

  • surethom

    I am sorry to say but HTC or Samsung is getting my money next year, I am fed up of waiting for the 2012 Flagship Xperia S getting an update, Sony are now as slow as LG

  • surethom

    Agree, 2012 flagship phone the Xperia S, is one of the last to get. Shame on you Sony.

  • surethom

    HTC or Samsung is getting my money next year aswell.

  • Sony Suck

    Update Jb at the end of march????wtf??Sony Suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  • surethom

    I am so glad I am on a work contract, they pay all the phones bills, & I can then change my phone ever year or a couple of times a year, so am not stuck with outdated phones. Ebay my friend.

  • jhdevos

    They should not respond with measly explanations, they should respond by fixing their broken update process. Hire some more developers and testers and give your customers what they want, not silly talk about “user experience” that nobody believes.

  • Rohit Rooprai

    Sony confirmed JB for Xperia U, Now They Saying Its Not Gonna Happen, I Don’t Get It, I thought i Bought a Good Phone, It Seems I haven’t, I’m Changing The Phone Due Not Being No More Updates, Going Back To Samsung Or Apple!!

  • surethom

    The only thing sony can do to get me to buy another sony phone, is
    1-release updates much quicker
    or release a Cybershot Android phone with Xenon flash.

  • Wake up sony !

    Miro needs to be updated…becoz it was ICS out of the box…atleast one level up OS shud be provided ..

  • this is my last sony product. END OF STORY

  • MIUI worries about tons of phones, and there is already JB on MIUI
    Why is Sony so slow?

  • yy

    heh, better battery for sure.
    plus corning gorilla glass..
    and it looks better!

  • reptile64

    No word on Xperia Tablet S though…. and the Xperia S last.. what a mess!

  • Samuel Serafim

    Its all lie. The Xperia E that have the most crapest hardware, one core, have Jelly Bean.

    Samsung have better cameras and now, much better support. Thats why Samsung is the seller champion.

  • bkh

    Yeah, it’s just Sony talking nonsense. An Arc S can easily cope with JB. I’m using Cyanogenmod 10 with 4.1.2 on my 1GHz Arc and it’s fine – actually a lot smoother than stock ICS. Dump stock rom and get CM10 – you’ll remove a lot of Sony’s pointless bloatware as well.

  • Sebastian Nilsson

    Why don’t you create a clean roms without all you blottware and let the user to decide what apps they want and maby this way all the xperia phones will get jelly bean

  • roeshak

    Never heard more nonsense in all my life. User experience is at the heart of their agenda. Do me a favor, that’s why they’ve left the Xperia s languishing on buggy software for months. A joke

  • yy

    i admit, Sony arguments are quite bullshit (unlogical).
    but what you’ve written above is bullshit too.

    get real, this is just bussiness – Sony has no interest in upgrading ’11 models to JB.
    majority of Sony customers dont give a shit about they’re using GB or ICS or JB (they expect their *phone* to run stable and smooth).
    and they will be still buying Sony phones, ‘cos they like the design, user interface, etc..

    besides, did Sony promise you they would upgrade ’11 models to JB? i dont thnk so..
    XJ will be upgraded ‘cos Sony promised that in press releases – it’s just marketing (you should get used to it these days..).

    and if you really cannot live without JB – just do it yourself (xda-developers are your friends..).
    or stop crying, ‘cos i’ll bet your phone still runs pretty much fine on GB or ICS.

    yeah, go ahead and buy iphone5 and try to root it, genius!

  • yy

    i use Sony phones since CMD-J5 – simply because they make good phones.

    whinning about not being upgraded or being upgraded too late is just pathetic (or funny – cannot decide :))

    good luck with your LG or Motorola!

  • disap_ed

    I thought there was no CM10 for the 2011 models?

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  • yy

    well, if JB is the most importand thing for you – just go and preorder XE

    get real, marketing is not logical – welcome to XXI century ;))

  • XYZ

    There isn’t a single company in the world that doesn’t do this. Did the iPhone 4 get Siri? Lolno. Did any Galaxy aside from the GSII get upgraded? Lolno etc. etc.

  • XYZ

    XperiaBlog, I think you should point out to those who are annoyed about the lack of upgrade that Sony has developed a flashtool and allowed fully unlocked bootloaders, making it extremely simple for users to flash to CM10 or something if this bothers them that much. They may not be providing an offician Xperia update, but them being the nice, developer friendly company that they are, have at least left the user able to upgrade themselves and have made it easier to do so.

  • yy

    did Sony promise to upgrade ArcS? no
    did Sony press-released J with promised upgrade to JB? yes

    specs doesnt matter, it’s just marketing – come on, get used to it!

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  • David Lettinga

    Maybe you shouldn’t have so many phones. Limit your products to 2-3 a year instead of 3 every 3 months

  • people forget that the Xperia S was “redrawn” again because of the pure android …

  • APai

    why is expecting updates or updates on time is too much to ask for ?

  • XiphiasGladius

    I’m with you in regards to the SGS4.

  • Dani

    I don’t believe that reasons of Sony. Sony Xperia U and Sola are a powerful phones. It’s ridiculous. This is my last sony phone.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well in a way it is. It has to do with plattforms. T/TX/V has Qualcomm S4 plattform. P/J/Go has the Nova-Thor plattform and S/SL/iON/acro S has Qualcomm S3. The strange part is though that U/Miro/Tipo and Sola wont get. They do also have the same plattform as P/J and go. So the software-update has to do with 3 plattforms and that they have to configure the software to different resolution, screen-size and so on.

  • Jerry Berglund

    No the worries in this case is for 3 plattforms.

  • Xperia go;
    CPU: NovaThor U8500 1Ghz Dual Core
    RAM: 512 MB

    Xperia sola;
    CPU: NovaThor U8500 1Ghz Dual Core
    RAM: 512 MB

    Xperia go can meet the requirement, but no Xperia Sola! Do you believe it? But I do.

  • Airforce

    Raged sola user here < , cant get why the J and GO get JB while Sola & U with better performance dont. Bye SONY.

  • Did@

    That’s mean Xperia U, Miro… are to shi t ty and this sh.. have been made by Sony. Sony made outdated phones without support. No more Xperia.

  • Jorge Calvo de Mora

    Just lies, the costumer of the new xperias series have readed lies since the beginning and here comes some more…I will never, ever buy another Sony phone. Shame

  • lolled_so_hard

    read xda thread once more

  • lolled_so_hard


  • BoDhi2010

    SONY = LIARS !

    Sony Xperia J (480 x 854 pixels, 4.0 inches, 512 MB RAM, MSM7227A Snapdragon)

    Sony Xperia Ray (480 x 854 pixels, 3.3 inches, 512 MB RAM, MSM8255 Snapdragon)
    Sony Xperia Sola ( 480 x 854 pixels, 3.7 inches, 512 MB RAM, NovaThor U8500)

  • LancerEX

    “Our priority has and always will be, to deliver the best possible smartphone experience…” huh? I can barely use my ray with ease after upgrading to the latest ICS update! :|

  • Crytek Pfff.

    Well your probably right. i know how sony marketing strategy is, which is pretty bad. yeah, sony did not say anything about JB on 2011. Xperia J is truly inferior to Arc S right? the things that is bugging me right now is, sony isn’t supporting their loyal customer at all. they love screwing their own customer. come on man, even some company listen to their customer. Xperia Arc S still have some of its juice. it can still be update to JB or future android version. Look at Nexus S(2010) . it still can run official ICS and JB 4.1.2 -.-

    I dont hate sony but they truly suck

    is it to hard to root iphone 5? ^.^
    NOTE 2 will be my next phone anyway

  • sanket utekar

    Xperia U is my last sony phone.

  • arihant

    This is insane…not expected from Sony……xperia arc is much better than xperia j….Sony is just looking after it’s new devices

  • ProWeirdo

    Because Sony doesnt care about ??s :)

  • anas

    whyyyyyyyyyyyy xps is being updated lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it is ur flagship fone and u dont give any excuse on it i will never buy sony if u dont give clarification on xps and why the camera is so shittttttttttttttttt improve it

  • P-G

    And so will I
    Must say I expected more from Sony…

  • Gerald Uy

    Sony has always been silent when faced with bashing and whenever they explain something, it’s either meaningless or full of bullshit. there was no decent reason as to why Xperia S would be upgraded last. Even P that is inferior to S is prioritized. I suspect that the truth is, the hardware or probably even software on Xperia S is a total failure. remember the camera issues when it was supposedly marketed as a camera phone? there were no response on their part despite the top argument and hot topic on their community forum for months even up to date.
    the only response they ever gave was the general useless suggestions such as do the factory reset and stuff when we know they know that it’s a result of a faulty device. 8 months after, still not a word or even a “we are trying to work it out”. no nothing which led me to believe that they simply just messed up on Xperia S which if you would notice, they turned their attention with their marketing all of the sudden to Xperia P and even came up with the limited edition “Gold” Xperia P.. and now when they announced that Xperia S will be upgraded last, that justifies that there indeed was something wrong. if you tell me inferior phones are harder to work on, then how come superior phones such as T will get the upgrade first and vice-versa..

    I was excited when sony parted with ericsson and got even more excited when they announced Xperia S. It was indeed one of the best looking and unique phones I have ever seen in decades. I thought that finally, the Japanese Giant will be able to catch up with Apple and Samsung but I came to a conclusion 8 months after buying the Xperia S and 8 months of struggling with their poor and clueless customer services that there is absolutely no way this company will be able to rebound at all. Even my 9 year old son asked me: “Dad, how come sony have so many phones in a year? those letters are making my head hurt”

    You always talk about how you prioritize the best smartphone experience. check out all the criticisms. subtract all the negatives from the positives and tell me at what point you are living up to your ironic motto..

  • fuck sony.. i sold my Xperia S and switched to HTC

  • Paul

    Every Android phone I buy is like a gamble of chance, lottery about its further support. I tried Sony, then HTC and then again Sony’s Xperia S and didn’t win again apparently…
    So many phones out there! I’m trying to figure out what will happen when Sony runs out of alphabet when naming their next phone?
    Or so much easier to buy Nexus or iPhone and just forget the whole thing.
    I also doubt Sony Mobile will stand another year or so. Too many phones to support, too many screwed users.

  • parikshit

    I m sola said “The quality of Xperia’s software experience is dependent on a number of factors including: screen resolution, hardware platform and RAM. In the case of Xperia go, this combination came together in a way that meant the user experience running JB was not adversely affected.” ….but compare to xgo screen resolution,hardware and Ram are same as sola….if sola will not get jb then sola user throw their phone and will buy samsung or htc phone….oooo this is the good way for sony to downgrade their marketing. Sony revert ur mood.

  • Lost a customer

    The thing I hated most on sony is that there is no real flagship phone. They keep releasing “flagships” shortly after another. To make things worse, they segregate the goodies and distribute them to multiple flagships to have something new to market with. Since when did Sony became such greedy giants? Plain dumb. Xperia S will be my last. Im getting myself a razrr max for christmas. To hell with the battery life of xperia s. To hell with fake temporary flagships and to hell with sony. You should be renamed shitty.

  • APai

    but at least S2 released in april 2011 is getting jelly bean in 2013, almost 2 years later!!! tell me which sony flagship from 2011 will get it ?

  • Pritchett

    My god people, stop complaining. Bunch of mindless consumers you are. Started crying as soon as you don’t get the latest updates. It’s a marketing strategy, they’re investing in developing new phones, they’re supposed to force mindless consumers like you to buy their new phones which support the JB update. The newer the phones are, the higher the prices and higher the profit for them.

    And as a company, they’re not doing anything different, ALL companies do it. If someone is buying a 2011 Sony phone, how is he/she entitled to get the JB goodies as compared to a person who bought a newer 2012 Sony phone?. I have the Xperia S, i know i will get the update in April 2013, but it’s not like my life will stop if i don’t updrage from ICS to JB. I’m sure your won’t either.

  • Wow,,sorry to hear that from SONY. Me and my family use SONY phone since SE K700i, Xperia X10 Mini, Xperia Active, and now Xperia sola.
    I think, i’ll keep my Sola in my pocket right now, while next year i will find a better phone from other brand. Thanks SONY. Welcome SAMSUL

  • phantom_p

    I’m sure no ones life will stop just because Xperia S owners will get Jelly Bean only in April. However such mindless and late update schedule does tell us that Sony doesn’t care about it’s flagship models the same way as Samsung or HTC does, for example.

    Like many have already stated in these comments that they have sold their Xperia S and have bought a phone from another brand. So you tell us if Sonys marketing strategy is working here or not.

  • Adek Zakk

    I’m really dissapointed.
    I buy Sola a month ago and what now?
    Shitty Sony, I never buy a Sony products again. What a liars. Xperia J runs JB, Xperia E.

    I think sony Sold Out Sola and U. Xperia Go isn’t selling well on the market and that’s the reason…

  • panggih eka

    Sony did not give reasons Xperia sola really disappointing, but specs xperia Xperia Go sola with almost the same, and even compared xperia xperia J even better sola … why can not JB,,, in my country many users xperia sola very disappointed,,, including me,,, i hope sony want to think about it,,, suck

  • ken

    damn, my Xperia Sola only get ics, I think Galaxy Ace II better than Sola with their ICS firmware and bigger RAM, bye Sony..


    Just I can say FUCK YOU SONY.
    we dont have money to buy smartphones every 1 year.

  • Jorge Calvo de Mora

    Lies, lies everywhere. You just wanna attend the new models, that´s all. Please don´t develope so many different phone models if you just cannot give good post-sell and update service. And if the answers are going to be just hilarious (resolution? really? oh my god…), don´t say anything

  • I laugh at you cry babies

    Quit moaning all of you. Just do what I did with my Xperia S. Unlock the bootloader, and flash CM10 rom from XDA. Add the Sony UXP theme from the market, and you have an Xperia S running JB; looks like the real thing!!! Then, when JB does become available, relock the bootloader and update it to 4.1 with Sony PCC.

    I knew when I got the phone and it only had GB installed that I would have to wait till ICS became available. And then when I got ICS on my phone I knew I would have to wait till JB was released. But it didn’t bother me as I bought the phone because I liked the phone. Sure I could have got something else like the SGS3, but I didn’t like it. Makes me wonder why all you cry babies bought the bloody thing..

    Having used both ICS and JB on my SXSI I cannot sense any real difference between the 2. Am I having a strop and throwing my toys out the pram? NO!! Am I ranting and raving at Sony about it? NO!! Threatening ‘I’m going to sell my phone and get something else…’ isn’t going to make them suddenly change their minds.. Just get on with life and enjoy what you have got. Some people would be grateful to have a phone….

  • Santi Roggio

    I don’t understand you guys. Sony is a great brand. They’re creating great devices with a future design, stable and (most important) WORKING. I’ve a Galaxy Note by Samsung bought in 11/11 and now is working bad, built in plastic. It’s slow and laggy…i bought it for 700€…a lot of money.

    Now i’ve got an Xperia T that was updated a week ago and it’ll receive JB in February or March…stable device with great design and materials. I can’t ask anymore better to Sony…

    If you MUST HAVE update every month…just buy an Iphone and enjoy it!

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  • shanefalco

    Xperia U is better than xperia J!!! Sony a group of loosers!!! No more sony product in my home!!!

  • arpit

    to club xperia u and sola with xperia tipo and miro is blasphemous

  • APai

    “Anthony says that “screen resolution, hardware platform and RAM” are all considered when making the update. ”

    why the did they not plan for an update while making the goddamn device ? it’s not like sola/ U are age old devices. they are barely 9 months old!!!. FUCK YOU sony!!!!

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  • pranjal

    Why not Xperia u is not update android 4.1?

  • 675Terry

    1 x10, 2 arcs and 1 xperia S. See ya Sony hello Nexus. Why should I pay 500.00 for a bootloader locked S that doesn’t see an upgrade for a year when I can buy a nexus 4 for 300.00 unlocked. No more. Oh yeah, and while I am already bitching where is my update for my year old Tablet S. Moving on there to the Nexus as well. That number 3 spot is going to 4 or 5 by the end of 2013.

  • Notagain

    release date. haha. fuck sony for screwing their users since the X10 days!! great job Sony. i let go of my Gnex because of the Xperia ion and now i feel like regretting what i did! i still have my Nexus 7 so somehow that helps me cover the stupid decision i did with my Gnex.

  • Pritchett

    Ok a fair argument, but i’m sure Sony is moving on from their previous flagships. They’re trying to pin people on new phones and declare those phones as flagships. Of course i’m not happy with their schedule also but that’s how the market works.

    Depends on the sales figures also, they will always focus on improving those phones that sell more.


    still not giving reason why rollout begins february other manufaturers already started. people who think its ok for it to be late because then it would be more stable is stupid. they did the same thing with ics and my xperia s is very unstable, crashes alot, very laggy, very unresponsive at times, very buggy, goes stupid sometimes etc… and i still havent recieved any update to fix these bugs since i first updated to ics months back. i was very interested in yuga but now im not so sure because of the shitty after service from fony.
    p.s. im a big fan of sony, they have really let me down

  • Mercast

    2011 Xperias won’t even run smooth on ICS. I’d be glad if Sony would release a faster
    and more stable ROM of ICS on 2011 Xperias.

  • Jaywalker

    To be honest, I don’t care about ICS or JB or whatever will come up. All I care is that my phone to work and to do what it’s supposed to do. As long as the camera is still low-level, the battery life has no improvements, there are no new stuff (I mean useful stuff not all sort of mumbo jumbo apps or facilities for nothing) what’s the point of crying for JB? There are bigger issues with Sony products than JB updates for some models so…Just be happy that there is Samsung HTC Motorola and others to chose from. Samsung is not number 1 for nothing you know.

  • “is it to hard to root iphone 5” from that sentence alone, i know what kind of user you are, a really bad user

  • Crytek Pfff.

    just because i don’t know how to root an iphone 5. doesn’t means that im a bad user. -.-

  • The keyword is “root”

  • Crytek Pfff.

    i can root an android phone bro. -.- wow. whats your problem anyway?

  • You don’t root iPhones, you jailbreak iPhones

  • yy

    isnt that the same?
    what is jailbreak then? i thought it gives you admin access to the phone (same as root..).

    i really dont know, i dont use that crap..

  • yy

    that’s not the point..
    the point is: try to jailbreak iphone5 – is it possible or not?

  • redhotiron2004

    I completely agree with your statement. Sony is acting as if there customers are idiots who would accept any illogical bullshit they have to say regarding updates. They should respect the intellect of there customers and tell the truth rather then trying to deceive them through there ridiculous statements. It is hard to digest that they really think that there buyers lack even simple commonsense.

  • redhotiron2004

    Do you actually believe that bullshit logic from Sony?

    Resolution is just a silly excuse to make a fool of people. These mobiles have dual cores and powerful Gpu that would be enough to run JB quite easily irrespective of the resolution that there screens have.

    JB is just a bug-free update to ICS. Which means that it have been developed to remove the short-comings and heaviness of ICS. So, JB would anytime run better than ICS on the same hardware.

  • redhotiron2004

    You people just keep on saying “It would be your Last handset from Sony’. Just for the sake of saying. The next thing you would do is to look up another Sony upgraded model and buy that. After which you would come again and bash that handset as well and say the same thing. you don’t need to say anything. Just go buy another one from Samsung instead. Don’t try to fool people. OK!

  • David Méndez

    Also Xperia J has the exact same resolution as the U and Sola, same RAM, but way worse CPU and GPU, and they are updating it. There’s no excuse for that.

  • i don’t know why you guys are always pissing off when sony is concerned,
    look at sammy and HTC did they upgrade their all series??
    sony is the only company who is providing frequent android and firmware updates,
    and also they want to earn profits if they are only upgrading their old gen phones which are way cheaper so who gonna buy new ones???
    C’mon dude get a life.

  • they are just too lazy…just admit it

  • dodong

    “The reason being – user experience is at the heart of our product development and support; after thorough evaluation, we concluded that the user experience for our 2011 Xperia smartphones will be superior if they remain on Ice Cream Sandwich versus being upgraded to Jelly Bean.”

    What a bullsh*t statement here! user experience superior on ICS? bullsh*t!!!!!

  • And what is your problem then? Can’t you just bypass our posts? Or you are a paid servant from Sony?

  • redhotiron2004

    I like Sony mobiles. But, I am not a fan-boy. I like the overall package that they offer.

    But, I just don’t like hypocrites! That’s all… If you are going to do what you just said then you shouldn’t feel bad at the first place. But, if your intention was to fool people into thinking your own way then it’s wrong! I am just fed of of listening to people saying the same old thing(all the Sony hate stuff) and then again buying the next Sony mobile/product.

  • After reading this i have to gotta says.. ANDROID ITS SUCKSSS…. Google not help the manufacturer to get they OEM … look at google do with nexus… very sucks.. i love sony… but since Google leave AOSP just make me hate ANDROID.. and make Sony stand alone like ” no need nexus brand ” … i have to say.. may new phone will be iphone …

  • Soul_Est

    Sony screwed up the U by not making a direct successor to the Ray (which I currently own). Even the J is the missing the Exmor R sensor.

    All Sony had to do was continue the trend of creating single a line of phones for the year, using a single hardware platform, including Exmor R sensors (8 MP on the lower end model(s) to cut costs) – but nooooo. Hence Sony will continue the lose customers as potential ones see nothing to pull them away from Samsung or HTC and the veterens like us continue to reminisce about the glory days of 2011 while daring anyone to take our 2011 phones from our cold, dead hands.

  • Soul_Est

    The camera doesn’t help alleviate some of that pain? Then again, I tend to use the camera on my phone more than most people would.

  • Soul_Est

    Missing the excellent Exmor R sensor that the Arc S has though. :(

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  • Ok. Then what are you doing here if you are that much fed up? You are not a fan boy though. But I am using a lot of gadgets of sony. I replaced my Xperia Arc S only for they said that, Xperia S will be the first to get Jelly bean.

  • s

    I just got my sony xperia sl, the speed is slow……………………..!
    I used to be using iphone, The speed is a vast difference from this, regretted my decision!
    Will the jellybean make my phone’s speed faster?

  • nick

    you are totally right about that cause xperia u sola arc s users should feel the most fucked up now..but its real that sony fucked it’s first initial phone by this way
    ics~xperia s got it last cause oldest phones should get it first
    jb~xperia s got it last cause newest phones should get it first plus worst phones like p and go will get it faster than xperia s
    key lime pie~”
    the user xperience of xperia s on jb is superior so it won’t get key lime pie”

  • Guest

    Awww.. Really nice phone, but I want to see more news about the ZL than Z, my TX is just 3 months with me but seeing the ZL makes me want to replace it this instant..

  • mfrahim

    This not the 1st we heard something excuses like this from Sony. And that why stay away from Sony long time ago. Non of the sony phone on the top list but the price.

  • Kedar


  • kedar

    Please sony mobile rethink about Xperia sola (MT27i) jelly bean update.
    thank you

  • Gohul

    when is ics update for xperia u (sl 1261-8812) is going to be released?

  • George

    Sony,your “user experience” is poor anyway,don’t even think you are doing a good job.Devs at xda do it way better just for fun…your whole dev sector is circus…

  • jdcver

    Samsung Galaxy S3 mini has the same specs and chipsets as Sola’s but theS3 mini will be on Jellybean and why Sola not?

  • man, root is not for Iphone 5. Jailbreak is the term on Iphone. and even if you do jailbreaked it, it still have a lot of security, need a third-party software (itunes) to sync or copy a pictures or video.



  • thecrazyguy

    why everyone is dying for a update, my sl is running fine, okay it lags a little
    sometime but thats not a big problem, I can play high end game without lagging(it dont lag in b/w game really), I know update will make it more better but I can wait,
    I got some questions please answer them.
    1. does antutu score will increase after update?
    2.why s is more popular & costlier than sl while sl is more better.

  • cyber go
  • cyber go

    see reason of not upgrade of jelly bean in below link-

  • Akmal Darari

    Please give Xperia Sola and U update to Jelly Bean, because Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has lowered processor clock (800mhz dual core, but same processor like Xperia Sola and U) is decided to upgrade to Jelly Bean and skipped ICS, And some 2011 Xperia phone has identical specifications with Xperia J and Xperia E. Please sony…… Your customer will not choosing and buying Sony again if Sony not decided some 2011 Xperia phone (Arc, Arc S, Ray, Neo, Neo V, Mini, Mini Pro, Pro, LWW, etc) and Xperia U and Sola

  • piyush

    We need jb update for miro or not buy any sony phone in future go for Samsung ! Really sony sucks and we need an update or you can give an update of ics but looks like jb !

  • pankaj

    We need miro update any way !

  • miro user

    Plzz give performance updates if not jb ! For xperia miro !! Sony sucks samsungs rocks !

  • piyush

    Fuck u sony ! Give jb update for miro

  • anna

    As if xperia sola runs very smoothly with fuckin ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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