Sony Mobile takes third position in French smartphone market

by XB on 19th December 2012

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Sony Mobile has the third highest smartphone market share in the French market, only behind Apple and Samsung. Sony Mobile managed to sell over a million units in the country in 2012 from a market size of 13.3 million handsets overall. David Mignot, CEO of Sony Mobile France, said that the company recorded 8.7% volume market share in October and 7.1% share in terms of value.

Sony plans to leverage on this growth next year and expects to cement its number three position with between 15 and 20 percent market share. To help achieve this, Sony Mobile France plans to double its marketing budget in 2013.

Mignot says that Sony Mobile has a “strong ambition to become a major player in smartphones” and feels that it is the “only brand that can compete with Apple and Samsung”. “Sony is the only brand that can compete with Apple and Samsung in the premium segment,” says Mignot. He goes on to say that Sony Mobile will launch high-end smartphones in 2013 benefiting from the “best” of Sony in relation to screens, music, photography and games. See David Mignot speaking about this below (in French).

Via L’Express.

  • Aokde Gharra

    awesome :D despite the late JB update for the XPERIA line, i still love sony.
    go sony go!

  • ravi kanyal

    when will xperia v comes in india …. oh god i can’t wait more .

  • lovebmw

    get the updates faster and your sales will be faster

  • Xlash Andraid

    Too sad SONY isn’t the first place in any country. Their handsets are just unique and beautiful…

    Oh wait, yeah, the delayed updates and the early deprecation of devices don’t help to be the number one.

  • Cristian

    same in Italy!

  • With the given Jelly Bean update schedule, they won’t be able to see such market share again. Total failure!

  • With the current strategy Sony cannot compete with Samsung (and still less with Apple). I don’t think that my next phone will be by Sony. The current ICS firmware is a failure. Using my Sola lately is pain in the rear.

  • Crytek Pfff.

    Support your loyal customer . stop screwing your loyal customer. Thank you.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Strange…. When Ericsson vanished from the name SOny is really lsing it in Sweden. Sony had when they were called Sony Ericsson several high selled phones on the lists. Today Sony are quite far down on all rankings. But it really seems to be the case that the rest of europe like the new name?

  • You do realize that your motivation doesn’t hold water, right? You’re complaining about Sony’s software capabilities due to an almost year-old, budget-oriented (and performing) phone. How do you think the Samsung Galaxy Star 2 or Galaxy mini 2 feel and run? Just as you’d expect giving the budget. Want a good experience? No matter what company you’re looking at, you got to dig deeper in the pocket. If your next phone won’t be a Sony but you’re planning to get a similarly priced phone as your last one, you’ll have the same experience 6 months later. Try getting an Xperia SL or even better, a T, and it’s a whole other world in terms of performance. Of course Sony can’t compete with Samsung (and by that i mean the s3) or Apple (4s or 5), if you’re comparing it with your sola. They’re not on the same level AT ALL.

  • PS: My Xperia T on ICS runs buttery smooth, almost as smooth as my friend’s Galaxy S3 on JB, and some games run even smoother (NFS Most Wanted for example), so there you go, ICS firmware isn’t a failure, it’s great, and I can’t imagine how smooth it’s gonna be on JB in almost 2 months. All companies concentrate mostly on their flagship devices, no exceptions. Saying “my 7 months old budget-oriented Sony doesn’t run so good on the latest software” doesn’t say anything about the company that makes it.

  • Trafalgar

    EARLY updates and EARLY phone releases

  • Jerry Berglund

    In a way Xperia V definately kan compete with SIII

  • Cheng

    Indeed faster updates and phone release. I agree with most people Sony have to release lesser amount of phones in 2013..and have more time frame between each release, while packing up-to-date and best software & functions at that time. As Xperia S owner, I love my phone and really look forward to Xperia 6’s design. So far I have not seen any Xperia that more beautiful than Xperia S (NXT series design). Though I really love the specs and dragontail glass being used for Yuga/Odin, but these early designs might still not be special enough or not better than Xperia S.
    I believe 2013 will become a gooood year for Sony and I hope all the best for them to compete with crappy Apply and damn Samsung ~_~”

  • ThilinaC

    Faster software updates and faster releasing after announcement can do this for sony.Good luck !

  • APai

    welcome to another year of 24 phone models and delayed updates, and a few which will not be updated. congrats sony – your run won’t last this long if you screw the customers.

    2012 beginning was really nice with sony changing the way they came around with their android strategy. late 2012, they are showing their old form.

  • chrisphillers

    Import it;)

  • goldenblls

    Very well done and all the luck in the world to them. I think 2013 will see Sony really getting into gear with their mobile phones – it’s going to be interesting to see what they come up with.

  • ganga

    I waited for T or TX for a long time…now i dropped th plan.

  • jag

    hate seeing all these whining…just buy other phones so all of you who keep on whining would be happy!! get all your updates but dont complain about having a cheap phone or buy an iphone instead

  • DragonClaw

    No point. It’s not the Nexus 4, that will come in cheaper if you import it, rather than to buy it from a store.

  • DragonClaw

    And what are you going to get?

  • DragonClaw

    +, his Sola looks and performs so much better than phones by Samsung at the same price range.

  • i am from CZ, I buyed Xperia TX(LT29i) – I can offer to you. Your really interesse on e-mail

  • No, it REALLY can’t because of 3 reasons:

    4 gb internal memory (considering that, without rooting and doing other stuff, no matter if you have a 32 gb card, you can install VERY little on your phone)

    small screen (4,3 inch i think?)

    crappy front camera (vga, that’s horrible for skype or google talk calls).

    The ONLY device that can compete with the S3 is the T (16 gb internal for LOADS of apps and games installed, screen almost as big as the S3 4,6 inch, 1,3 mpixel front video with HD recording), and that’s in practical use, where you can actually see that they behave similarly, because on paper the T is dual core.

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  • Jaywalker

    He could say anything about Sony smartphones, even that they are better than iPhone or Samsung, he works there :D. The pictures are awful, making 13-15MP cameras to take noisy and grainy photos or out of focus or color tints and not to solve the problem for 1 year now, what do you call that? People will notice that in time. It’s the brand Sony that still keeps the flag up otherwise the products are low-level. Even Yuga is under the competition regarding the camera.

  • eman

    go sony we will support you

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