Xperia ion firmware version 6.1.E.3.7 rolling out

by XB on 19th December 2012

in Firmware, Xperia ion

A new firmware version (6.1.E.3.7) for the Sony Xperia ion (LT28h) that was certified recently is now rolling out in some regions. The changelog is unknown at this stage apart from some performance enhancements. The firmware has not been released for the LTE version of the Xperia ion (LT28i) but it can’t be too far behind.

Via xda-developers.

  • Norio24

    Yes Sony just keep ignoring the Xperia S !


    Maybe they will start rolling a new firmware update out for Xperia S soon too. I’m also waiting for an update .. But we have to be patience.. Even though it’s hard :P

  • rabi

    yes….they r concentration more on new models to increase the sales, at the same time they should not forget that their smart phone market started to gain only after Xperia S…
    i’m not going to compare with other manufacturers but try to satisfy sony users to continue ur market….

  • Alex

    My mate said he got an OTA firmware update for his Xperia S today. I’m still waiting and yet we’re on the same network!!!

  • burnin

    Same feeling here… Sony Xperia S owner for 3 weeks now and all ready desaponted

  • burnin

    Same feeling here! Sony Xperia S owner for 3 weeks and allready desaponted by the update politic by Sony… Just have the same problem with my last phone… SE Satio…

  • Jan

    i hope they will relase good thing for xperia S maybe wit new UI and some extras.
    If this would happen it would be after yuga premiere.
    So if i want newest android version i must buy most expensive phone.

    Im user of XS and i see no reason upgrading to XT. I cannot say i dont like XT so i bought it as christmas prestent for my brother :) cheers

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Lol, u are dreaming

  • Jan

    you funny name, it doesnt sounds normally, like your post.

  • jmx2012

    I got this update yesterday.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    It sounds normally and pretty simple in slavic languages, but your post is totally nonsense about new UI

  • lesthur

    your post doesn’t make any sense either,the other guy is telling his point of view which is relevant about the topic but you chose to insult’re just another stupid dumbass sitting in front of a pc and bullying other people knowing that they just can’t kick you in the ass..go and get a life you moron,hahaha!

  • vilas1958

    Are there any expected updates for the xperia s ?? Pls help…

  • vilas1958

    They have to solve the heating issue , the sliding panel when recieving calls it just doesnt respond some times… Its just a month since i bought this phone

  • Bayhas Kana

    I can confirm that this rolled out and installed as it should in the US, on LT28h. LT28i is still telling me I have the latest update.

    This was exactly the other way around when last update rolled out, The “i” got it first, then “h” about a week later…

  • odonk

    if the new firmware for xperia sola .175 can fix the ram issues, that might get updated to JB. if not i will switch to samsung again. never ever buy SONY phone unless Nexus

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Try again

  • sage99c

    hope they fix timescape

  • cmjmmrp

    Hello from Spain with this firmwarew version i have’nt hdmi signal in my sony tv why is this problem? anyone have this trouble too?

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  • The latest update on Xperia ion drains slightly faster than before. Previous firmware was good but this new update improved performance and responsiveness.

  • Jason

    do NOT do a full format/update. the normal rooting method fails for this latest update. i am getting tired of being screwed by Sony again – Jason

  • Steven

    Root ?

  • actinide95

    Me thinks, battery drains faster after update, not sure……couldn’t compare

  • Sathish Pillai

    Still i havent got the update, can somebody tell me even though i stay in India(chennai) while some of the other LT28h has received the update & i didnt, plz?

  • I hope they fix Timescape and improve battery life.

  • JLO

    hmm.. no update on the l28i yet!

  • Aishwary

    i too havnt got i liv in India(Indore) but report says that camera quality become bad after this update the stock firmware hav best camera quality…

  • Bayhas Kana

    LT28i finally got this today!

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