Does the slow Jelly Bean schedule put you off future Xperia phones?

by XB on 20th December 2012

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Sony Mobile has had a chequered history when it comes to firmware updates for its Xperia range. Who can forget the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and its notoriously slow update schedule. The phone launched in March 2010 on Android 1.6 Donut, despite Android 2.1 Éclair being available from the start of the year. It took until the end of October 2010 for users to finally receive the update. The company then said that the Xperia X10 would not receive the Android 2.2 Froyo update, only for it to eventually release the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update over time.

Sony Ericsson needed to build its reputation after that episode and made massive strides in 2011. Firmware updates for its line-up came relatively fast and it was great to see the whole Xperia line-up being updated at similar times. There’s no doubt that the company benefited from much of the range being on the same hardware platform.

Fast forward to 2012 and it’s been a bit of a mixed year. Sony Mobile has released more smartphones than it has in any other year, with many on different hardware platforms (some Qualcomm and some ST-Ericsson). Therefore it’s probably inevitable that updates have not been as timely as its competitors.

It’s commendable that Sony is still looking to update most of its range to new firmware, but the recent news that some of the budget range will not receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has left a sour taste for some. This is probably more grating given that they were led to believe that Sony would do the right thing given the company’s 2011 efforts.

For many though, it’s the waiting game that is frustrating. With Jelly Bean not expected to appear on the Xperia S (one of its 2012 flagships) until April 2013 at the earliest, it appears the company has gone back to the dark days of the Xperia X10 when it comes to the update schedule.

Given the competition in this industry, this may end up putting some customers off – especially on the premium side, where owners demand timely updates. Many Xperia S owners can’t understand why, for example, the budget Xperia J is expected to receive the update before it.

Anyway, what is your view on this issue? Is it a big deal to you that you have to wait so long? Does it put you off buying into the Xperia brand again in 2013 or beyond? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this below.

  • reptile64

    I’m sorry but I’m going Nexus, maybe in 2-3 years I will return to Sony Mobile, if it still exists :P

  • Xperia S will have the pure android, we can forget this. there’s a lot of work that sony have to done

  • Aokde Gharra

    definitely not, can’t wait for 2013 models :D!

    sony’s own firmwares are enough for me, even though they are based on older android versions…

  • yetanotherfiasco

    Yet another fiasco

  • mitchel

    never a sony for me again..
    the updates are to slow waiting for 6 months alright but waiting like 10 months is to damn much.

  • Things that Sony has to improve in 2013:

    – Better screens (Why they didn’t use the same JDI panels that use HTC?)

    – Better and fast updates.

    – Less products and less fragmentation between different markets.

  • Mario

    I’m very dissapointed. I have a Xperia Neo which have better hardware than Xperia J and I will not receive the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. I can’t understand it…

  • von

    Many want the update bec of the bugs present like Camera Focus etc.

  • just_being_real

    Well said tej, well said! Sony needs to keep it together and prioritize its premium based customers. I have been spending thousands of dollars every year getting the latest and greatest phones and accessories from Sony and i expect Sony to treat me with timely software updates. I’ve given them the benefit of a doubt from the X10 and so far i’ve been very patient with the Xperia S. When i purchase the Xperia V and still get slow updates and this kind of service from them… 3 strikes you’re out!

  • yetanotherfiasco

    you forgot to add the Xperia mini noise while recording videos, xperia Arc’s housing cracks, Xperia X10’s promised Dual touch digitizer that was a single touch digitizer, and Sony blamed that on Android 1.6 later on Sony recognized that it is a hardware limitation, Android 2.3 only for the X10 quite buggy. X10 ear speaker issues. lies regarding the reasons why the rest of the 2010 Xperias weren’t updated to 2.2 or 2.3. Xperia Play still stuck on 2.3.4. 2011 Xperias are not going to enjoy Jelly Bean and again lies regarding the real reasons. Xperia S, U and Sola ear speaker issues. Yellow tint issue (Xperia S)

  • I don’t think it is a big issue. I know people want new firmwares, but there is always XDA ;)
    I would rather wait a month or 2 more to get a very good fimrware upgrade. I think 90% of the buyers doesn’t even know what android version they have

  • Raymond

    Waiting this long for updates are putting me off Sony and I’m due an upgrade in April Sony needs to get their finger out.

  • Sasa

    After Xperia X10, Xperia neo V and Xperia S, no more Xperia phones for me! Xperia Yuga/Odin? – Thank you Sony, but no thanks.

  • Jj

    Why is J-B on the sony xperia go and J, but isn’t on the sony xperia sola ?? …. They are worse

  • matse5581

    Have had an xperia s, beautiful device. But update shedule disappointed me too much! Now satisfied with my Nexus 4 and 10… Sony lost one fanboy, Started with CMD-J5, got many others… X1, X10… Now, I am done for a while.

  • Someone

    Never liked their update strategy, and now I dont like them at all, my Xperia P lived 3 months before it got hardware failure because I attempted to reboot the phone normally !!
    No more Sony for me, because of what happened and their update strategy.

  • Ali Alkhazal

    I still don’t know. Maybe yes if they give us crappy phones and the rest of companies brought better android phones. If they have new powerful phones I may buy it “May = 35%”

  • maddogsilver

    First i had a Motorola Defy. It had Android 2.2 and i had to root and put a CM. Now i have an Xperia S and some days ago i had to realized that i have to root my phone to enjoy the new features and i really fear that 4.2 won’t come to Xperia S. I’m tired to hack my phones. My next phone will be a NMexus with a stock Android.

  • Shuks

    Bought Xperia U last month..with a firm belief that atleast it would have a year of upgrade potential…thats a norm for any Drioid..but seems Sony for sheer greed of new customers new handsets simply forgets the installed base…n guess never earns loyalty and thus would never be amongst the top Mobile vendors…They are slated to launch Xperia E in Q1 2013 with a H/w & screen resolution inferior to U..RAM same as U ….still Xperia E will be a JB..sheer opportunistic and greedy focus for Sony to make sure their new models can sell because the Old get stuck to ICS…Surely not just me any Xperia customer will not consider buying a Sony/ Xperia again !

  • Jan

    I would not go Nexus if its not Sony made. Especially not if made by LG or Samsung.. I had one LG but it was travelling to serivice too many times but on last issue i just sold it because i was unsatisfied of it. Xperia X10 and S never had problems with something non-working.

    One is for sure, time passed, company moved on i tought they already learnt that flagships supported firstly. I were happy with 2.3 on X10 but little slow performance. I would be happy with 4.2 on S before end of this year and it should happen i think. Execution misfire i would like to believe.

    Also Sony should consider version beyond for 4.2 for S because it have a lot of users and some of them using devices little longer. Software isnt everything so im planning on this 5 inch monster which should be supported regal.

    There is little of thruth in the “there is too many xperia phones”


  • Diablo_666_2

    From this side of the continent (México), we got another issues, like depending on the service provider (Telcel) also to get updates. I’m on a Xperia S with Ginger Bread that so far it’s good enough, but I cannot even get ICS for not to mention JB, it’s really bad but for now just keep waiting or maybe return to other brand…

  • Federal

    They can check this in settings if they are curious. And i agreed that i prefer to wait for genuine sony upgrade

  • Noim

    I used to be a loyal SONY FAN ….i love their product …i am a SONY smartphone user from the X10 age , then the ARC S , then Xperia S ….i am very dissapointed with SONY in 2012 with Update …it seems they r not looking after their Flagships or Premium users …..they r so busy in making many many new phones that they 4got their users ….i gave them 3 chances but not anymore.. they should have seen that they have competition coming behind their back…samsung always takes care of their premium Flagship users… next phone will be Nexus 4 or S4 (if sammy releases it early)….bye bye SONY , u were good but could not satisfy me in the long run ….

  • ravi kanyal

    i don’t care about update timing . there are always lots of custom roms to play with them until i got official update.
    the things i hate about sony …. their below average display,noisy camera,overpriced and usually late products.

    Btw this i m still waiting for Xperia V :(

  • Mark Walsh

    The updates are ridiculous they have a very unfocused strategy. They need to prioritize flagship owners as they invested most in getting a device if you buy a flagship you expect the updates timely and first what daft bastard thought I know let’s update the j before the s. I’ve already jumped ship sold my xperia s and got a note 2 and am delighted with it have already had meaningful updates that actually add functionality . I am a Sony fan and would love to stick with Sony but they just aren’t putting stuff out fast enough

  • malih

    Very, very disappointed, I too thought 2011 marked a fresh start for Sony (Ericsson), thus why I own a 2011 Xperia, but they screw their customers all over again in 2012. I am of the opinion that people in Sony Mobile don’t really care about customers, spits out silly reason for not updating, it’s clear they don’t have the best of developers.

    Let’s see if it will change, maybe I’ll buy another Sony device in 2014, that is if they’re still around.

    Thank God for Samsung and it’s single flagship policy, I’m glad I chose them this year.

  • MIB

    I thought the Xperia S was the turning point for Sony and I went ahead and got the phone but the JB update just shows how Sony has become all about profits and less about the consumer, this has been and will continue to be the failure of not just Sony Mobile but Sony as a whole.

  • Alex Ferdean

    As an Xperia S owner it seems that Sony simply doesn’t care at all about us. Never again I will buy a Sony device.

  • lovebmw

    I mean it’s not one month late, they announced the same update that is already took place on some other phones…. That’s just unbelievable

  • elmart

    I have been a big fan of the Xperia line for a while now and am today in possession of 3 Xperia Handsets, the industrial design of the handsets is top notch and the skin is relatively lightweight, I was really hoping for a Xperia Nexus model. But my next handset will be a Nexus 4, one that I am getting tomorrow, perhaps will my handset after that be a Xperia device, but only if they start giving me better update cycles, my Xperia S is now 2 releases behind and since I own a Nexus 7 tablet I get more and more frustrated that my phone is so far behind.

  • mohammad1233214

    Very very very disappointing and angry Sony to slow at the update schedule. I mean look at Samsung and HTC they are super fast Sony please learn from them
    but I will still Sony owner but not if they stay like that.
    And just two last things : release lessphones and make better screens

  • I have being in dis squel for 3years usin x10 xperia arc and now xperia s……its really sad ……….if a device is called flag all benefits should b given
    Amongt all the xperia device I’ve use xperia s sucked wen it come to night photos I wonder y this problem can’t b solved…….which obviously is a software bug
    Next year won’t b that great cuz am losing it……samsungs s3 already go the jelly bean update 2months back yet sony still struggling
    If funds where or lack of man power why not update flagship first then momentarily other device get them…….
    After the sad nice thinkin of getin a new sony mobile next year is on a pause

  • Da LegoTeX

    Sola needs Jelly Bean!

  • Dimitar

    I have xperia s its really good pgone but software update is the worst ever i have experienced , my mother need new phone she has htc desire s and it is old she want new one i want to buy for her xperia t beacuse its nice but with my experience with xperia s with software updates i won’t buy for her sony device … Why should i buy sony phone when there are also great designed phones from other manufacturer with better software updates ?

  • AlexBurnout

    I have Jelly Bean on my Xperia S, it’s glitchy and unstable sometimes but it’s extremely smooth anyway (FXP 148, 151 available though) – CM10.

  • adsada_arc

    short answer, yes. I don’t want to have to wait till april to get an update that then is a year old. Just check out your old article, “Sony Ericsson confirmed that the new handsets have a lighter SE skin and
    that its own modifications (including Timescape, Mediascape) have been
    decoupled to ensure that updates will be much more timely compared to
    what current Xperia X10 and X10 mini owners have had to endure.”

    they’ve clearly f’ed up from this promise haven’t they?

    with temptations such as the bargain nexus 4, which will get updates straight away its seeming more and more like a no brianer to leave sony devices unfortunately

  • Ambroos

    Personally, no. For me personally the things that Sony adds to Android (Walkman, the great camera app and the good design) are worth more than having a newer version of Android.

  • Norio24

    Jelly bean will be released in. Late April 2013. That means it will reach my country in September 2013 !! Bye Sony! Maybe we will meet again someday.

  • malih

    Absolutely, I carry two phones, one flagship and one is a lower-end device, I don’t expect the lower-end to be updated.

    I don’t think many lower-end device owners care about updates as long as the device work trouble-free.

    but for the flagship one I do expect update at least within 18 months of purchase, cause in two years I would’ve already bought a new one.

  • fishyweb

    I regret ever buying a Sony phone. I should have known better, with their poor customer service record. I now have a Xperia S running a shockingly buggy ICS firmware, with no prospect of any improvement until April. And I’m saddled with the thing until 2014. Never again – I’ll trust my instincts next time.

  • John-Mark Christmas

    Yes it does. I have owned 4 Sony Ericsson phones, the last Sony Ericsson was my Xperia X10 which I had for 2 years. Now I own the Xperia SL despite the fact that they treated the Xperia X10 VERY BADLY. I was not expecting this kinda treatment with this Top Class phone. Sony has lost a devoted customer. HTC from now

  • From t610, k700,k750,k800,w800,w960
    Xperia the name killed me then it was it from x1,x2,x10,xperia arc, xperia s
    I refused to b disappointed all this years but this time
    I AM

  • disqus_j3I2MPxphT

    Im so disappointed with xperia s, with the lack of updates. After hearing that the JB update is not coming to at least April, i’ll never agian be buying a Sony mobile after this fiasco.

  • Dmitrii Stanev

    Does the slow Jelly Bean schedule put you off future Xperia phones? YES YES YES

  • Sony is comiting the single most damaging customer satisfaction no no, ignoring it’s high end clients. Never again Sony for me.

  • ken

    start of 2012 Sony released novathor U8500 chipset, last phone released was in June and since then released phones with older and single core Qualcomm 7225/7227 chips even 2013 phone have these. Is the novathor dead now why no new models, what happened to the LTE novathor’s promised?

  • Jan

    I mean i considered Nexus many times and liked when it was from HTC but definitely no for Sammy and LG.

    Also S should be now on level of T (for example colour of loudness bar changing with “theme” on S it doesnt changes with it.)
    Upgrades: time shedule
    1 S to level of T (small upgrade)
    2 before Yuga premiere Xperia T should get JB 4.2 (BIG)
    3Yuga relase with 4.2 better than on T (“relase version”,better, its more “premium”)
    4 S 4.2 relase with level of Yuga or at least of T (BIG)
    5 T to level of Yuga (small upgrade)
    6 before new model premiere, yuga should get 4.X (BIG)
    7 new model relase with 4.X better than on Yuga (“relase version”, better, its more “premium”)
    8 T 4.X relase with level of new model or at least of Yuga (BIG)
    9 Yuga to level of new model (small upgrade)
    and so on. something near this is right now and i like but this what i written is winning scenario, and Sony didnt won this year ;) maybe more luck (or work) in happy 2013 ;)

  • It has already. Does it make any difference if I leave for Sony? “no” but when number of we becomes bigger, then they will notice.
    After Xperia X10, ARC, S, TX and all the suffers of bad updates and empty promises, sadly I have moved to Nexus 4. I have time till next release of Sony to see if its worthed to come back but from recent update mess they talked about last week, I doubt if it makes it any easier for me to come back,

  • Raphael Deschaepmeester

    However, there are several Roma circulating on the net, just go to the right place, so yes it sure Sony updates about is their bad points but we must not exaggerate because when Sony released their updates, the Hardwares are much better than that on the Samsung galaxy S with, S2 S3! So this is not the problem of updates that will make me change my opinion on the quality, premium material, APN monstrous design, unbreakable, scratch-resistant screen of the Sony Xperia. With all this, Sony deserves respect, because I know he works hard to please consumers, unlike Samsung who thinks only their money.

    They have no values ??respective Samsung, they forget the fundamentals of a cell. Sony is working on material recycled is just protecting our environnment, so much so that the Tablet P is mercury free.

  • beni

    Now not update jelly bean xperia s?really if not update jelly bean I am not use again sony xperia phone.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    I have Xperia S and last update was in august, last month Sony rolled lot of firmwares, but for X, and now JB in April. great. fuck you Sony

  • Never again. Burnt with X10 Mini, Burnt with S.

  • AsadMulla

    Unfortunately no. I will always buy a Sony phone. I am too brand loyal with all my purchases. End of the day the quality of the product in the is good.

  • Michael Felton

    im waiting for xperia tablet too update for jb in feb and im getting the yuga

  • We don’t want only pretty phones. Every brand produces nice-looking phones. Now the market is very competitive and the decision of buying a phone doesn’t depends only if it is beautiful or not; we also consider the software support. All manufacturers know this, unfortunately Sony doesn’t. The solution is clear: less phones, better software support.

  • David Jay

    I have mixed emotions. I was part of the X10 debacle and I vowed never to buy another Sony Ericsson phone. I watched what happened with the Xperia 2011 line up and it seemed to improve. The Xperia S was released with the first 720HD screen ( highest dpi) lovely telly looking design and I was seduced.
    Now I have the oldest version of ICS (.453) which is still buggy and I feel cheated as I watch the HTC One X and Samsung S3 (which was released after my phone) gets the announcement that they will receive the JB update before me. Not only that but Xperia devices released after mine will get the update (late but) before me.
    The only reason I stay will Sony is because the XDA community is at hand and the device is lovely. If the next Sony device seduces me with their sexy design I may buy another Sony as long as I feel XDA will support it else I will jump ship to HTC or Samsung (although I wouldn’t want to)

  • David Jay

    I’d be happy with Vanilla Android and let Google take care of the UPDATES. Sony are no good with2 words Loyalty and Support.
    Sorry Sony (I used to be a Fanboy too)

  • BigDavieG

    I think Sony fail to realize that most people commit to a phone for 24 months in the UK. We want better support and more updates rather then 100’s of new phones. If the support is bad then people will not buy another phone. It happened to HTC, now look at them fewer phone better updates and happier customers.
    If you look at the market at the moment Samsung are updating quickly and they hold the lion share of the android phones, and their phones don’t even feel as well made as the Xperia.
    Update faster, make all the bootloaders unlocked and you will keep your fanbase don’t and you will end up like Nokia. Just a name in mobile phone history.

  • Sorry, Sony but I dont have plans to trust in you in the future… I have the xperia S, and when finally I get jelly bean, probably google relase Android 5.0 :-(

  • My Sony Xperia S is sold, after I made dock station for it and adapter for telescope … check on YouTube … I didn’t like Sony developers who created lovely phone but never try to fix issues then finally completely forget about this phone… too many phones, developers don’t care about feedback … and useless. Customer care they can’t answer dimple queations bexause they were never trained properly?

  • Lariv

    Yes, it seems to me Sony need to do three things to ensure what is happening with its 2012 line up does not happen gain.

    1)Ensure Sony does not make too many phones with significantly different hardware the Sony global site shows 19 2012 models Though I understand some phones are quite similar like the Tipo and Tipo Dual. Sony could probably get away with making six or eight phones for the worldwide market and then have the LTE and dual sim variants. This way it shouldn’t be as difficult updating phones. Two high end phones with one being more premium and expensive, two mid range phones with one being slightly more high end, and two entry level phones with one more premium should suffice and this should means Sony phones are not competing with each other in the same market.

    2)Ensure all unlocked phones are updated relatively quickly and the updates are stable with quicker bug fixes if required. Sony does not necessarily need to be the first to get the update out (though it would be nice) but it shouldn’t take 8-10 months for an OS upgrade like it will with the Sony XPERIA S.

    3)Stay ahead of the hardware curve and release phones to market faster. The Sony XPERIA T is an adequate Samsung Galaxy S3 competitor but it took to reach market and now phones with S4 pro chips and 1080P screens are going on sale, same story with the Sony XPERIA S which was released with a Qualcomm S3 chip around the same time the HTC One X and only slightly ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S3..

  • Phil

    Well, i bought my Xperia S because of two reasons:
    1. first sony phone (yep… i’m a sony fanboy)
    2. After the X10 desaster Sony promised us to offer faster updates, after a while it even lokked, that sony is keeping their words, so I bought this phone. But now i learned that this were only empty marketing words…

    conclusion: neven again! my next phone will be a nexus!

  • Ali Honarvar

    I was a fan of sony before … SE K800 – SE W950 – SE Xperia X10 – SE Xperia Arc S

    when I bought my X10 it has 2.1 firmware and it was better than any phone ! but after a while some phones like Nexus one , Desire , and Galaxy S gets android 2.2 upgrade but sony not ! they changed their mind and released crappy 2.3 without any Linux kernel upgrade for X10.! just a port ! and then I Get my 2011 phone at the end of year Xperia Arc S !!! I hoped that they will support us with this phone and they will not say hardware is too low for upgrade after 1 year ! but they only released 1 major upgrade for Arc S without any kernel upgrade again ( No 2.3.5 , 2.3.6 , 2.3.7 , 4.1 and up , no 2.6.35 , 3.0 kernel and up !) they only said that hardware is low and released this laggy ICS ROM ! and now I’m a Galaxy SIII user with android 4.1.2 and lots of futures ….

    this was my being love history with sony and how they disappointed me !

  • Just bought my 8th sony(ercisson) phone! I’ll stick with Sony, no matter what.. it works with the android firmware that is currently running. and when the updates are there, it WILL improve my phone I Guess. but as I said, IT WORKS.. Jellybean or ICS.. I can wait!

  • No because I would still have to use what I have (playing with ROMs) till whenever, and by that time Odin/Yuga would’ve come out already and I would still have to wait until the next’s next year model is announce till I can buy one, I’m poor :(

  • Disappointed with Sony… Really really disappointed! I bought a flagship expecting excellent service, apparently I was wrong. Nuff said.

  • MarkG21

    I have just got my Nexus 4 in the post, and can safely say the dark days of owning Xperia are long gone. I won’t ever buy a Xperia phone. I really don’t understand what Sony are upto. It makes no sense, they are alienating their userbase.

  • A.N.K

    totally Agree im a XS owner and im considering that it may going to be my last Sony mobile

  • Keon Fraites

    Yes. it’s a big deal.

  • Julius Buma-at

    Sony should only release 4 models per year (entry level, mid-range, high end range and flagship smartphones); and 2 models for their tablet models (low end and high end range) that way they can easily address to manage their software updates, and bombard the world with the coolest ads they can think of. That’s how Nokia became very successful for quite a long time. If only Nokia jumped to the Android bandwagon I will buy a Nokia Android smartphone and not from Sony.

  • jhodax

    never a F…… SONY smartphone again, never ever

  • Michael Salib

    For me as a former huge Sony fan..ues this ia so frustrating for me as a. Experia S user. I ve been using SE phones since K750 passing by k800, Aino & now xperia S…therw is no clear or logic reason to rollout the JB update to XS as its the first flagship carrying the Sony label & then it forgets about Xperia T V & J this is bullshit to put it…by April other conpqnies will rollout the 4.2 or even a newer one…& yes that will make me think seriouslyabout moving to Nexus Phones or Samsung…let Sony enjoy updating the phones that late with enjoying losing its customers everywhere & see its market share chart going down.

  • i have a xperia s and im sick of waiting,will never buy a sony phone,hate them :S !!!

  • Andrew D

    Not ONLY the Jelly Bean Update, But ALL Updates. Your service sucks Big Time. I Aint sorry saying So, Although i Really Love sony. But Your timing isnt any Good .
    Sorry For saying But YES, Its making Me go OFF The sony Xperia Phones.
    Youse either do Something about it or Watch how your Gonna lose Customers

  • David

    Sony does everything backwards first actualizen the xperia 2012 update that strategy does not work the first new models are perdidendo desmoraliazan to customers who have a Xperia 2012 if sony wants reinvindicarse have to give a faster upgrade that I think android in May launched a new version of Android and Sony to update to 4.1 hours. then you missing the 4.1.2 and that in May Lanzen

  • gazelle

    if only XDA firmware and updates were legal to my warranty, i gonna stay with Sony. just make a new policy: rooting doesn’t void my warranty. simple enough? your update to my flagship Xperia S took forever. my phone even starts to sprout little guava tree. >:(

  • This Sony Xperia S owner will never buy another Sony phone again — unless Sony does a Nexus phone with guaranteed timely updates.

  • daniel

    As xperia s user.. i dont see any issue if the current firmware running smooth inside my xps maybe some people think the newest os they had the more advance they think.

  • Mumbira

    For me Sony died. (I have the S)

    Until Sony hasn’t a REALLY good reason why the hell “I,( a User who just paid 550€ in the first week the device released, because he loves Sony)” have to wait longer than a J user, who just bought it 8-9 Month later and payed 150€-200€, recieves the Update earlier than me.

  • Gerald Uy

    Sony has always been silent when faced with bashing and whenever they
    explain something, it’s either meaningless or full of bullshit. there
    was no decent reason as to why Xperia S would be upgraded last. Even P
    that is inferior to S is prioritized. I suspect that the truth is, the
    hardware or probably even software on Xperia S is a total failure.
    remember the camera issues when it was supposedly marketed as a camera
    phone? there were no response on their part despite the top argument and
    hot topic on their community forum for months even up to date.
    only response they ever gave was the general useless suggestions such
    as do the factory reset and stuff when we know they know that it’s a
    result of a faulty device. 8 months after, still not a word or even a
    “we are trying to work it out”. no nothing which led me to believe that
    they simply just messed up on Xperia S which if you would notice, they
    turned their attention with their marketing all of the sudden to Xperia P
    and even came up with the limited edition “Gold” Xperia P.. and now
    when they announced that Xperia S will be upgraded last, that justifies
    that there indeed was something wrong. if you tell me inferior phones
    are harder to work on, then what about Xperia J and Xperia Go? the first one in line
    comes last. doesn’t sound right does it?

    I was excited when sony parted with ericsson and got even more
    excited when they announced Xperia S. It was indeed one of the best
    looking and unique phones I have ever seen in decades. I thought that
    finally, the Japanese Giant will be able to catch up with Apple and
    Samsung but I came to a conclusion 8 months after buying the Xperia S
    and 8 months of struggling with their poor and clueless customer
    services that there is absolutely no way this company will be able to
    rebound at all. Even my 9 year old son asked me: “Dad, how come sony
    have so many phones in a year? those letters are making my head hurt”

    You always talk about how you prioritize the best smartphone
    experience. check out all the criticisms. subtract all the negatives
    from the positives and tell me at what point you are living up to your
    ironic motto..

  • alname

    This is my last sony mobile phone… I spend many not to wait this long

  • Arie

    Yeah that’s right, why Sony doesn’t want to use LCD-IPS panel just like the one on HTC??
    Even 2013 Yuga only use plain LCD panel, so disappointed

  • Hyouchi

    Of course. I’m leaving Sony after a X10 and the S. I was planning to continue on a 2013 modelo, but after this schedule, I’m off. Gonna buy a Samsung or a Nexus device from now on. Or a Motorola.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm…. Sony Ericsson never promised Dualtouch. They always said it wasnt possible, but it was later found out that wasnt true. So X10 got Dual-touch, but it was not a good one.

  • Jerry Berglund

    If they did that, Sony mobile would have to wave “Good bye, people” becuase they shouldnt survive at all.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Just a question, why still on .453? There is a newer one .45

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, dont think anyone consider Nokia a real competitor either. :-) Sony Mobiledivision has done a whole lot better than Nokia reseantly.

  • Jerry Berglund

    What do you mean? Xperia S will get Jelly Bean, but not until march/april

  • Jerry Berglund

    Bad updates for arc? ICS for arc wasnt bad at all.

  • mike_b

    Actually I have no problem waiting for upgrades but as a Xperia U owner I’m quite disappointed that i don’t get and up date at all, and then i see the newly released lower spec J will getting the JB update, it’s that kind of thing that’ll turn me off from Sony but I’m willing to give them another chance, I’m willing to wait, I’m a pretty patient person. I’d just like those updates to be quality stuff not the buggy crap we have to deal with now.

  • odonk

    no one buy the 2013 sony phones i hope.
    samsung is currently rolling out JB 4.1.2 and its expected to coming in January ==.
    sony said budget model won’t update include xperia u and sola, are they forgot how much they set prize at the first launch for the both of them?

  • Sagar

    Will buy a nexus/Samsung device from now, good bye Sony!

  • XS should get it before other mid range devices. BTW if the update is going to take that long, we expect no bugs and at least give android 4.2 and an improved sony UI and apps like the new Xperia flagship. When my XS breaks/dies, I’ll get a nexus. XS will be my first and last sony device. It seems like their dev team consists of only 5 people working.

  • With the AOSP project, I don’t see why it still takes so long. SIgh.

  • Chirag Vaghela

    Now onward I will never buy sony mobiles, go with SAMSUNG always

  • Teng How Lai

    This is real sad bro…

  • I love sonys Userinterface ..even though they are releasing 4.1 late but i hope that they will not disappoint us…Will buy Yuga if it is available in b/w march in india.

  • Teng How Lai

    I agree with some people saying Sony is providing good user experience which you can’t find in other products, even iphone users love it. Yes, Samsung is like a toy and the UI is horrible. (Although it is FAST)

    Despite that! Sony, it is common understandings nowadays that people is looking for timely update. (Wake up! this is Android way of doing business) Most people will just feel outdated without the latest “& reasonable” update on their phone. Man, we know we are greedy users. Since other companies are providing that, you have to. I can’t use Notification Weather apps with ICS for example :(

    Xperia S was the last getting update in ICS, why this happened again for JLB? Just because it is a “Flag”ship phone? You flag it for later work aren’t you? :P

    Summary? Sadly no, I might go ahead with Nexus for my next phone, not so bad UI, timely update, up to date hardware.

    Thank you Sony for bringing smile to me before. To clarify, I am SONY FANS, my tv, my phone, my computer. I have to emphasize how IMPORTANT SONY FANS are to your company. They advertise for FREE to their friends about Sony products and this is the way it should move forward!


  • Teng How Lai

    Hey Duo, and that is only 4.1, not 4.2 right?

  • daniel

    yes! soory for you!

  • I love Sony but hate to wait for Update.
    I am not sure but If this continues then I may not buy buy any Xperia in future.
    I got xperia Neo and Xperia S.

  • its True but Sony’s update is very buggy most of the time :'(

  • mountain

    To be fair, I do not really care about version numbers. I know Sony has more functions in their ICS rom than vanilla ICS. I have a GS3, and I could say, JB really sucks. Its slow and unstable, I could not even end my call!

    What I really like about Sony is that they DO give old customers new features, ie, Sony media apps, etc. to Xperia S/P/U. Take a look at the Tablet S, it has all the features of the new Xperia Tablet!

    Of course, Sony update is not perfect. I would really want to see JB updates on U and Sola, These 2 devices are more than capable, and having GB to begin with does not make sense anyway. There are a handfull of devices here with lower specs, but still running JB buttery.

    I agree, Miro and Tipo should be left in ICS. But if you leave these devices in ICS, then don’t release E. There is no excuse to release a new model without improving the existing one.

    I have one more question though. Will SX be updated to JB? Being one of my favourite phones ever, I would really like to see at least one update. However, knowing DoCoMo’s track record, it will abandon the update not before long (like the original acro), which is quite sad. The boot loader is not even unlocked, so custom rom is out of the question.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Where’s the poll?!
    The title of this post is a question so I expected there to be a poll =P

    Every time I get a new devices I look at ALL the phones available to me (unlocked or via my carrier). The last two mobile phones I’ve chosen happen to have been Xperia devices because of various things like strong industrial design.

    I’m a software engineer so I can understand the technical and business challenges that often get grossly oversimplified on blogs like these so I’m not particularly upset about the update schedule. The updates are far less important to the mass consumers as they are to people like us who frequent blogs like this. At least for us, XDA has always had a lot of solutions for people dying for the updates or feature changes, etc.

    The Xperia line up, in particular Android Xperia devices, have had a lot of growing pains as the market changed in a way that was not completely expected and the relationships between makers and carriers changed as well. It seems like a lot of carriers feel threatened by these changes and SMC doesn’t have the best relationship with all carriers; this definitely hurts SMC (scheduling, marketing, requiring more variants, requiring more carrier integrations and customization, etc). Here in Japan, their relationship with two carriers is decent but those carriers are extremely demanding which can hurt SMC’s product offerings.

    In the future, I will continue to evaluate all devices available to me but I wouldn’t be surprised if my next mobile phone after my Xperia GX would be another Xperia device. They’re not exactly a nexus device in terms of using it as a developer device but they are certainly a lot better looking and sufficient for dev.

  • Radzie

    Just unbelievable what Sony does to our Xperia S.

  • Teng How Lai

    XS in ICS also same, can’t end my call sometimes..

  • Akil

    i am a huge sony fan i love sony for its design and quality.but i hate with it’s slow updates . latest hardware with older android version is no use . sorry sony i have to say goodbye to you and hi to samsung coz they always takes care of their premium Flagship users . Bye sony

  • gcotron

    Some HOPES fades away :(

  • Akil

    slower updates = more features and more stable . i can wait for updates but update for sxs is too slow even lowend xperia j is receiving update before it . this made me think of putting off buying xperia phones later

  • its giving me a reason to pause and think about whether i want to change from my xperia s to a 2013 flagship, might just go nexus 4 when they are available again if i really feel sony wont give fast updates.

    but for the budget phones, im sorry but if u buy a budget phone you shouldnt automatically expect it to be upgraded

  • Teng How Lai

    One question to Xperiablog: What will you do with these comments from loyal fans? We comment because we hope for a “POSSIBLE” change you know?

    Evil thinking comes to my mind, what if these comments appeared in Sony Mobile Facebook wall? Oops… :P

  • utsav shah

    this is a huge concern if you are buying the flagship device.
    And in case of Xperia S i can’t understand why sony is going so late with the update?
    They even have a working AOSP JB Rom.

    It seems like they are neglecting the device after Xperia T,V announcement.

  • utkarsh sethi

    Well lil info fOr xs owners
    according to leacked info d reason update is taking time is that its being along with xda soso giving d best update sm1 hass ever seenn……
    sony i’m staying :*

  • Natal

    Sy ga ngerti jg soal cr mainnya sony memperlakukan kepuasan konsumennya. Soal update jelly bean ko’ xperia s hrs mndptkan paling akhir dibandingkan xperia p, xperia j pdhal xperia s adalah flaghsip tahun 2012 dgn harga yg jauh lebih mahal dibandingkan xperia p, j. Saya selaku pengguna xperia s sgt menyesalkan membeli produk sony ini krn sepertinya sony sama aja dgn sony ericson yg dl yg dinilai kurang perhatian trhdp produknya.

  • Elixir

    I’m disappointed for sure,but for me sony is the best.
    therefore,I will just wait for the update.

  • I’m with you on this one, the leaked screens of the yuga prototype puts me off. Since it is to be a high/top end phone it should have an excellent display. When I say excellent there is nothing you can criticize about it. But the screen of the yuga that leaked awhile ago is said to have a weak viewing angle. On 2011 HTC had the worst display among the Big OEMs, but as of 2012 they arguably have the best LCD screen in the market, and most of all you can view it in all angles.

  • Pingback: ???????????? Xperia ?????????????????????????? ?? | SE-Update()

  • APai

    A) Sony releases phones with specs that have already been floating around since 3-4 months.
    B) Sony’s Schedule of updates is typically 3-4 months behind schedule
    C) Life of a phone is around 2 years these days of fast changing tech

    all these factors make sony a bad investment to begin with a dated tech. When i picked a couple of sony phones this year, my thought was sony had changed, Sola’s ICS update was late, and they said xperia T would get JB soon after release. If their “soon” is 4 months after release, I might as well bid goodbye to sony.

  • Pallav

    I don’t mind late updates as long as the present ones make the device work good.

    Sony phones are made with a class and taste to mind. Not toy UI like samsung or uselessly flashy like HTC. Sense UI is all show and no substance.

    I’ll stick with Sony because even though updates are late, I know they’re coming. And Sony will take a phone to as far as it can handle the updates.

    I was never expecting my 2011 Xperia Mini Pro to get ICS, but it got the update and the phone is amazing after that.

    I can’t even dream of going for Samsung or HTC.

    Now only if Sony made a Nexus. I’d stand in line to buy that one.

  • Ray

    I’m actually quite disappointed on Sony’s decision of extending the JB upgrade for Xperia S to April. Being an owner of the Xperia S, although ICS runs great on my phone, I’d still like to keep up with the trend and proceed onto JB as soon as possible. Sony phones have awesome designs, great multimedia performance and also superior imaging capabilities, and updating to the latest Android OS may enable the phone to perform optimally in these fields. I’m not very surprised that the Xperia J gets JB earlier than the Xperia S, since it is launched later in 2012 than the former Sony flagship. I sincerely hope that Sony could try to make the updates as fast as possible so that we can actually keep track with technology ongoings.

  • Ray

    High 5! No Samsung for me. Sony’s all about elegance, class and superior functionality.

  • DragonClaw

    That’s untrue. Why are they “buggy”?
    Other then the LED Notification bug, I never found bugs in their firmwares.

  • APai

    “I never found”

  • Ramy Ayash

    Not one bit. My Xperia J is getting updated to Jelly Bean while other phones from competitors like Samsung, LG and HTC aren’t updating phones in the same price range with better specs.

    In the other hand; let’s wait and see what does Sony’s JB bring to the table. Maybe it will be magnificently better than other firmwares and may be worth the wait.

  • karan kumar

    i would be with sony IF AND ONLY IF sony will provide key lime pie update to XPERIA U and XPERIA SOLA

  • He means if he doesn’t get it now.

  • sony suck

    This topis always make angry with Sony..the most dumb and slower company..goodbye 2013..

  • As a business user with a 24 month contract on my new Xperia V it’s important to me that Sony will do all they can to keep this phone up to date as long as my contract exists. Not just until the new flagship device arrives in the market space. If they don’t their products will simply not be on the table as an option the next time I need a new business phone.

  • LL

    Sony Guys, the update versus no update is a selling point nowadays, so I would advise to prioritize the updates in a more clever way. I would make a generic version for all models relatively fast on latest version, and working after that on local and operator versions. In this case those folks who are interested in new versions will have the chance to update their gadgets to latest OS. And they will not complain about. I would use them to make the testing for U instead….

  • Teng How Lai

    For point 3, after so many products I used from Sony, this is always the way they do it for labtops, phones, and other gadgets, outdated hardware, except for Xperia V which I think not considered late..

  • I haven’t took into consideration any other Android-based phone. But after announcing the information about lack of update of Xperia Sola to JB I guess I’ll choose another company.

    I think phone should have at least 1.5 year of system updates, not 6 months…

  • klay

    im SE’s since P900, and bought all.flagship phones since that time, every year i gave them a chance to develop their way in treating their customers, but now its makes me sad when I saw my friends owning galaxy range note 2 and S3 are waiting the update to JB which already seeded in some countries. however what im sure about that ill not replace my XS in 2013 and ill wait till 2014 in order to judge their performance.

  • minur

    xperia s kullanc?s? the later update this condition as received anlayam?yorum.geçen year, this year again, the device will get the latest update. I think I will use the latest sony xperia s going to be my phone! nexus differences arise here.

  • TonyStark

    Definitely yes,slow update and bad customer technical supports.Even galaxy s2 which is 2011 device still manage to compete with xperia S/SL .This is a shame cause xperia S was a flagship of SONY at 2012

  • prateek


  • Lightning

    atleast sony updates unlike my samsung phone hate this crap phone.

  • xperiamaniac

    kind of frustrating wen u buy a premium phone n still u r treated shit

  • just release all phones unlocked, let XDA guys play with it, they seems to do better fw than stock google ones anyway.

  • Mehdi Solamannejad

    Well, Jelly bean was a rather minor update over ICS if compared to GB to ICS.

    If they fix the bugs in their current firmware and push it fast, I won’t mind if it takes 6 months to get a new taste of Android. Also, I already flashed a CM on a 2011 device, pretty satisfied.

  • The screen on HTC One or Droid DNA are the best LCD for a mobile product that I ever saw, are just simply unbelievable, like if the pixels were impress directly on the screen with a laser. Whitemagic is also a great screen with a great sun legibility. Is puzzling why Sony does not use either.

  • yes

  • never a sony for me again. 2013 samsung

  • Lorenzo

    I bought a sola in june with a buggy and laggy gb for 260€, it was impossible to answer to a call if i was listening to music for example. I have waited until november to get a buggy and still laggy ics.

    Sony confimed on italian facebook page the upgrade to jb and now they say i won’t get jb because of user experience. Which user experience? The only experience from this story is “never buy a sony phone again”

  • Joe N.

    As a Xperia S owner I am very disappointedthat the update will come sometime in Q2! Don’t know if I’ll get another Sony in the future.

  • Guys Samsung only updates its Note and S2 and S3 range on a regular basis. If your upset then you should spend 5 mins of your time by emailing Sony Mobile direct and complaining to them about the update schedule. They will only learn or know about it if users notify them! If enough complain then they will surely listen!

  • sansa

    col cazzo che ne compro un altro!!!! Xperia U ex-fan

  • Konamy

    I will not buy a Xperia Phone again while there’s breath on my body.

  • phantom_p

    This. If Sony is too lazy to do the updates themselves, then don’t punish people if they get the latest os from XDA.

  • bodhi

    Personally I couldn’t care less about the speed of the updates, as long as the firmware they release works fine I am not too bothered, and the current ICS build on my SXS is stable and quick, so meh. I’ve never had a problem with an app not working and the Sony additions, like Walkman and the Camera Album are superb, so I don’t get what the issue is?

    I can safely say the SXS is the best phone I’ve ever had, maybe not in pure specs, but in term of the user experience and hardware quality, it’s pretty difficult to fault in my book. So why wouldn’t I buy an Xperia next?

  • yy

    not a big deal.
    honestly, i dont really give a damn about it – the update schedule is the last thing i care

    about when lookin’ for a new phone (mostly ‘cos there’s nothing to be sure about – it can change sideways just like that..).

    btw, when i see the specs:
    i think the XS users shouldn’t be pissed off that XJ will receive v4.1.2 faster, but rather the lack of a card slot and stupid non user-replaceable battery..

    plus, the XJ has corning gorilla glass :))

  • emre


  • i have the xperia s, and i wish the updates was’nt so slo. I want to buy the xperia v but due to the update issue i am just not shure anymore. Exept that i am totally happy with my Xperia S.

  • aaron

    yes, i will buy another phone like samsung.

  • Little disappointed as an Xperia S user. But my phone does almost everything i want it to do. Currernt firmware is stable. Not going off Sony, but they will have to speed things up. Especially they had time to work on AOSP on Xperia S project but still they need 4 months to make their own official update available. That is actually FUNNY !

  • phantom_p

    Props for Xperia Blog for this post!

    I’ll won’t say never again to Sony, but such update schedule does put me off from buying a Sony flagship model for the considerable future. Samnsung and HTC flagships along with the Nexus line seem to bring more to the table than Sony, especially what comes to aftersales.

  • sony

    I am a loyal fan and also a true fan…. no need to complain this slow update for me :)

    What? April is ok :)…… why is ok? let see…… Samsung and HTC they update their flagship very fast….BUT did they brings anythings new? NO, not beside basic update from Androd :P
    The late update from Sony brings many things new lolzz that what i need?

  • phantom_p

    I’m afraid it’s the other way around. At least the SXS didn’t get anything new with ICS and I doubt we’ll see things like the Bravia Engine 2 added until that JB update in April.

    Meanwhile the Galaxy S III gets bunch of new features:

  • Your comment made me laugh! :D

    The XJ is a mid ranged phone, not even close to XS in terms of specs. Cause it has a corning glass, replaceable battery and extendable memory card it will get the update early? ROFL. Mind you the Nexus 4 also has an irreplaceable battery and limited storage. That makes no difference whatsoever. Get your facts right!

  • Arihant Jain

    Yeah…Sony again might ignore 2013 models in future.They might look after the new models just like xperia j.Sony is not a trustable company…

  • Cloud_Connected

    No way! I’ ll stick to Sony mobiles because thry manage to combine cool technologies and superior design language.
    Still running GB on my Arc S. Phone does what it shall do without problems so no reason to be upset! I’ve much more urgent things to deal with than such updates…

  • Joshi

    The Xperia S will definately be my last SONY device… Nexus is next!

  • Calypso

    Updates are one reason I just bought a Nexus 4 after several years of using Sony.

    But more important is the availabilty of their phones! When will Z be in stores? If it is announced in Feb it will be in stores in June. Until then I used my Nexus 4 for half a year!

    Would have bought T or TX, but was not available.

  • some brands don’t even update their mid range phones, like samsung.

    that is true, sony takes a lot of time to make their updates, at least they make.

    also samsung phones are a crap plastic thing.

    i will wait to see a motorola phone with google’s work by 2013 and then i will buy.

  • lasttodie1.1

    Don’t really care about updates but Sony could be a little faster.
    I hope they come out with a phone with optic zoom soon that would be nice.,maybe a Xperia Nex? (lol)

  • owl

    I don’t mind using firmwares slightly older. I’m actually still on 2.3 right now, as I’ve heard 4.x uses more of my already limited RAM.

    I’d pretty much prefer a properly optimised and thoroughly tested software rather than one that’s rushed out of the doors half-baked.

  • update isn’t only a question of fashion…it means more security and more compatibility with apps

  • sony

    I’m afraid you get me wrong…. New things not bug fix….
    BTW, Bravai engine 2 come out with Xperia V that was announced in August by that Time Xperia S already on ICS. I hope you understand what i mean

  • surethom

    Yes, Yes & Yes again, it is showing that they dont care enough.

    They either need to put more people programming the upgrade or Skin less so any upgrades can be done faster.

    Next phone will be a HTC or Samsung. UNLESS Sony releases a Android phone with xenon flash!!!

  • I don’t think that I’ll ever buy Sony phone ever. My Sola is so annoying with the current firmware that it is barely usable.

  • surethom

    At least one with with a xenon flash (cybershot phone)

  • bryan lee

    because sony is using their own LCD panel, you may not know, sony have their own LCD panel which excel in some aspect when compared to IPS panel

  • cincin27

    and better and bigger battery!

  • gtskaushik

    I luv Sony. But I’m fed up wit the newd abt the update since I own Sola. Xperia Go has the same specs wen compared to Sola and Xperia U. But only Go gets the update. Tis is not at all reasonable. Though I’m a die hard fan of. Sony, I’m really very angry and planning to move away from Sony

  • cincin27

    and better and bigger baterry.

  • TheDutt

    I own an Xperia S and I was one of the first people to get it in my country (India).I’ve always had Sony/SE phones… T610, W850, W995 and even the Xperia arc till my SXS… People have already released various stable 4.1 roms for the arc…. but not Sony… I’ve never ranted out, not once against Sony and I’ll still buy a Sony phone… but only if its a Nexus device. Never again a Non-nexus device.

    P.S.: Samsung Sucks. So does LG. Long Live Sony! Long live Walkman!

  • von
  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Yeah, lets show them how do we like their “customers care”

  • Sami Dawood

    JB update blinds you gentlemen. ICS from Sony is better than fu***n Google stock JB. Go to Samsung if you want to change numbers only. There is not any company like Sony make beautful features . Everyone should know, Sony will give you JB better than fu***n stock key lime pi.

  • yy

    good for you :))

    but looks like you didnt get it quite right..
    if i were the XS user i wouldnt cry about getting JellyBean update too late – i’d be pissed off that my phone has no card slot and an irreplaceable battery.
    and the same goes for Nexus4.

    but of course, de gustibus non est disputandum..
    you can even say that you like that lovely glass back that Nexus4 has ;D

  • never Sony again for me either. having one Xperia S and neo V updates where very slow. i want a company with faster updates like Samsung.

  • great camera? like the Xperia S with the autofocus problems?

  • HP

    Yes, I might consider NOT going for Sony for my next mobile. As an Xperia S owner i feel neglected by Sony and this will probably make me having an affair with someone else….

  • Samuel Serafim

    I dont want sony anymore for my next phones. Already the worse cameras and now this lack of respect…

  • ffh2303

    Sony, I was an owner of the Xperia S until last week. Wanna know why I sold it? Because of your terribly slow updates. Once I read about your update schedule I proceeded to immediately sell my Xperia S and ordered a Nexus 4.Jelly Bean is an important upgrade because it has Project Butter which makes the phone really smooth in such a way that ICS devices can only dream to be.It has been 4 months since Google pushed the code to AOSP and yet here you are saying that you need 4 more months? I mean,come on. Why do you need so much time? Why didn’t you allocate more resources for your flagship’s software upgrade? Your phone designs are second to none,you’re already learn to put top notch SoCs in your phones but you still can’t get the software updates part right. The HTC One X has already got it’s Jelly Bean upgrade a month a go. If HTC can do it why can’t you?

  • Firmware is out very long. I bought the phone with the hope for his future, and now it turns out that will not be updated. I am personally not satisfied. I read a lot of controversy about this. They promised to do an update at the end of 2012. I hope it will do in spite of all the circumstances.

  • Simran

    Kudos Buddy… You put it all in one damn nice way there… +1! :-)

  • Simran

    Common mate, does the absence of a card slot piss you off so much??! 32 GB does justice to an average user like me and so does it to a pretty large section of other users, I hope.. And with your irreplaceable battery thing, you know, you shouldn’t mind that until there’re serious issues with that and XS battery does a pretty decent job.

  • Simran

    And people.. there is nothing to cry to about XS.. Even I wish, I had got that update a bit earlier..
    But have some patience.. I’m pretty sure that it’ll be worth it.. :-)

  • Thats true. But will most people still know what differs in 4.0 and 4.1? I’m mostly thinking of the average customer ;)

  • mustafa

    my reaction.. just sold my Xperia S today and i am not risking buying a Sony phone again until they fix this matter of giving timely updates
    NEXUS 4 FTW!

  • XperiaLover

    For me as one of SONY fan, I’ve been always loving SONY and even made all family, friends and colleagues have at least one SONY mobile, but and only but, I am really very disappointed and I am on my way to change this for ever, I can’t stand with a mobile I put all my thoughts and waiting for updates like we are begging it. I am sorry, I am moving to a brand where I can get faster, better ram and JB updates. See you.

  • paul4id

    Did they not sack a lot of European staff? Is this not the consequence?

  • xSONYfan

    FOrget about JB, the main reason for quick JB demand is the unstable ICS. Even few basic features are laggy/buggy. quicklaunch feature is dead, UI lags. Bad battery.

  • tekkel

    Bye Bye SONY …..

    Recieved my Nexus 4 .

    after my buggy Xperia S …. display problems , update problems , restart problems .

    Imagine that sony would do some software updates it would bw great but after the X10i software issues , I moved to HTC but I liked the design of the liked the design of the Xperia S and I hoped sony learned the lesson of software updates but now i saw they are getting worse .
    The Xperia S was my last Sony for sure because of there software policy .
    LG had good hardware but bad software policy , yes like sony now .
    But now google will support the software of the nexus 4 so this looks ideal .
    Maybe if sony makes a NEXUS device witch has software support from google is will buy one again .
    I am not a samsung-fan or apple fan but at least they support there devices …..

  • James

    Sony should update all the devices which are more powerful than Xperia E or Xperia J, like the Xperia Sola, Xperia U, etc. which has a dual core processors. Many users of these mobile phones were so disappointed and because of this issue, they often said that it will be their last phone from Sony and shall switch to other brands like, htc or samsung. For me, since sony promised to support their phones 2 years from its released time, consumers of their products has the right to receive the latest updates of Android until this time. Giving them the right support will make Sony’s reputation go really high. Old consumers who patronized their products will be encourage to buy a new product from Sony again if there’s of a good after sales service. It’s so simple, but Sony can’t make it. :(

  • Nick

    At first I was 100% sure about buying the new expecred xperia yuga but now that I know Sony is totaly abandon it’s own phones i’m considering this again…

  • saukoon

    As a sony fan I gave my full support when it launches Xperia S (XPS, first time under Sony brand)

    Despite the attractive USD150 worth of freebies with the first batch, it comes with a faulty screen that has the infamous yellow tint issue

    Instead of building up the reputation, Sony just focus on releasing many models which is confusing the consumers! On the firmware update, they are always late and launches new updates in an unprepared manner.

    Few examples

    1. XPS ICS update from GB – we waited a few months for this to come, but the launch was not planned well. A lot of users were not able to download the firmware despite were informed on this update

    2. The same ICS update was also buggy and introduced many significant bugs to this “previously-stable” phone. To me the most significant one is the mysterious frequent lost of mobile data capability which the only solution is to restart the phone

    3. XPS 2nd update took almost 2 months to reach us, despite numerous complaints and bug reporting have been voiced out in the official forum

    JP brands have been known (especially to Asians) to quality products.. but there are way too many defective news been reported (including vehicle makers like Toyota and Honda). They really have to review the whole strategy before being far behind their Korean competitors!

  • Ray

    LCD panels are good enough with punchy colours and great contrast ratio. Just the viewing angles are kinda bad… Nevertheless, the Bravia Engine really helps out a lot :D

  • Ray

    Hey guys Samsung is the one who doesn’t care about their ageing models. They only put in effort for their latest products and flagship models and doesn’t even bother about their previous higher-end devices. Sony’s good enough to provide firmware or Android system updates from time to time. Plus, it has the great screen, design, camera and chipsets. On the other hand, Samsung models usually come with ugly AMOLED screens with relatively low ppi, boring designs (current models resemble the hideous S3 with rounded edges), below-par camera performance and overclocked processors that may seem fast at first but slow down eventually and makes the phone laggy. My 1GHz Xperia ray served me well for more than a year and now I’ve switched to the Xperia S for an upgrade. Getting JB at a later date doesn’t bother me a lot, both my Xperias are currently running on ICS with stock Sony UI and they have solid performance and great functionality for normal daily usage. And I’d really like to compliment Sony for their excellent customer service and superior product quality. Not getting the latest Android OS ain’t a big deal, as long as your phone runs well and carries out its daily chores efficienty.

  • Ray

    Sony’s displays are great, except for their viewing angles. They produce natural looking colours which are crisp and vivid enough but not too much like AMOLED screens. And Sony phones have one of the best cameras among smartphones, its only rival being the iPhone (and don’t forget, Apple gets its camera sensors from Sony). It’s performance in low-light may not be as good as DSLRs haha but by comparing it with pictures taken on other phones, you’ll know the difference. However, I somehow agree with your last two complains ;)

  • Ray

    Thumbs up Simran. I have 22 GB left on my Xperia S and seriously I don’t know what to do with it… Hahaha and the irreplaceable battery is not a big problem either. It does well and lasts for usually one or two days with normal texting, calling and casual web browsing. There’s basically nothing to complain about the XS, just wait for the update and it will be a greater phone by then.

  • SonyFanboy

    In 2013, Vita OS for sony phones and tablets.

  • APai

    I am beginning to think Sony is doing this deliberately. they want to be the consumer company again in the phone arena. they do not want the first movers or the hacker kind as their main drivers , like how google targets the nexus market. for the first movers, they have made it easy to root the device and also probably have more phones in aosp.

    so, this kind of makes sense to me now. how else can anyone explain a slow update schedule ?

  • X

    Faster updates. By the way, It’s 4 months long no updates for Xperia S(HongKong or China mainland)!

  • sony doing the same mistake HTC did in the past. slow or not updates at all and too many handset and well…. all we can see where htc is now

  • Ramon Lee

    I hope Sony release a 2.2/2.3 update for my mom’s X8, but I think it’s merely impossible.

  • roeshak

    I’m tired of commenting about the same idiotic company regarding the same idiotic mistakes.
    I’m just waiting for the 2013 flagships from others to appear so I can relegate my S to a back up device.
    this Xperia blog is going to be as dead as it was in 2011 next year.
    the trouble with the die hard fanboys is that they just don’t get the android market. They talk about Samsung’s poor presentation as though it is critical. Sony might have a more elegant uiand designs but Samsung are much better in just about every other respect. When comes to softwaredevelopment they are light years ahead of sony.
    Sony’sproblem is Apple have a monopoly on the style over substance crowd. If Sony can’t come up with something substantial that endures and is not just forgotten about after a few months, then I fear 2012 will be the last year in which they actually make any sales.
    they’ve got no place to hide now. They can’t rebrand again. What are they going to do…ditch the “ny” and just call themselves “so”

  • goldenblls

    I’m not in the least bit bothered about the update schedule and I had the XPlay.

    And people moaning about viewing angles like it’s a primary feature? Pathetic!

  • Simran

    Yeah, right..No second thoughts about the display.. I’m damn impressed with it..
    The pics too look awesome, brightness, contrast are just perfect.. But the noise in those pics when you zoom them a bit is awfully disgusting.. But other cellphones like Nokia N8 have a great plus point there..
    Anyway, happy and overall satisfied with my XS. :-)

  • uidesigner_sony

    I buy Sony products because of the apps, framework files and special Android UI. Since 2012 because of the build quality, 4ex XPERIA NEO – creaks and red buttons, but I got the new white body, battery and run the cpu to 1.6.

    Requirements for future:
    -clear the autoloading, expand the RAM(I really see no point in autoloading of many apps(GMAPS))
    -no more than 5 smartphones and 2 tablets per year;
    -use this ui ;
    -no silver buttons;
    -new screen;
    -support devices during 3 years(because even iPHONE 3GS gets iOS6) – let us see it on 2011 – Jelly Bean 151 FXP – OK;
    it is not everything that I wanted to say, so many actions that you could do and still can…

    Happy to have in property: XPERIA TABLET S, XPERIA ION, XPERIA NEO(SL)

  • Light

    It pisses me off whereby my current phone, the Xperia Arc is not getting Jelly Bean, but the Xperia J is. I don’t understand Sony’s point of view. If the Arc is an old phone, I think the SII is about the same age, and STILL getting Jelly Bean soon. If the Arc is incapable of running Jelly Bean, what makes the lower spec Xperia J capable of running so? Not to mention; the ICS update was pretty buggy too. I wouldn’t complaint so much if they have updates to make the phone smooth. Even my dad’s iPhone 4 topples my phone’s performance hands down. To think I chose this phone over an SII is full of regrets. No more Sony phones for me-,-‘

  • Blotto

    The only things good enough about Sony phones are physical design and UI. Barring these two, Sony sucks ass in every fucking aspect. No regular updates, abrupt malfunctioning, touchscreen going haywire, fucking ‘crop’ procedure for setting wallpapers, feeble loudspeaker, mediocre camera, no proper utilization of RAM, buggy updates, no support well within the promised 18-month-support-policy and the list goes on.

    Fuck you for everything, Sony.

  • achopraa

    When I bought Xperia S in August, it was the Flagship model. Xperia SL was release followed by Xperia T and what not that I.lost track of which one currently is the flagship model. You want flagship model to be at Numero Un position for atleast an year…not just a month or two. First upgrade to ICS had issues with Radio, 3G and RAM. Even after second upgrade, phone is still laggy, restarting at random and what not. A beautiful phone marred by the software issues.

  • Zack

    Yeah I’m already wondering if I should stick with Sony. Using Xperia S now and tired of waiting for update.

  • XS

    won’t it be better if the updates start from the phones that came out sooner then after that 1 by 1 for the latter?

  • Yea the slow update totally is putting me of, i love the great phone they make and the awesome UI they have.,since there is gonna be an alternative way to get the xperia UI,if the slow update continue, my next phone is not gonna be an xperia anymore

  • With all the competition in the market, Sony can’t afford to add yet another item to its long list of loose ends (stale hardware, bad software programming, less than optimal imaging, etc). If they can’t see that, they don’t deserve to be in the market anymore.

  • Dweaver1

    Xperia S was a flagship – with the time software updates take & SONY’S appalling attitude to fixing issues, you wouldn’t know it. My next phone will not be a SONY….

  • in this issue i have to say yes its matters to me as an xperia user for i want my device to have the benefits of the newest android update together with the same flagships or middle range that the other companies have i really dont get what is the logic behind of not updating the previous flagships 1st followed by the middle range and release the new flagship with new android os out of box.. how i hope next year will be the year where sony will match up with competitors update schedule in timely manner for in hardware wise, and built sony can compete head to head with other top competitors. buts its old os of choice out of box and the delayed of updates that makes sony left behind in competition., just like my xperia p released in gingerbreadwhen most of its range are running ics and updated to ics when Most of its range is now waiting for the jelly bean but still i commend sony for trying there best but try harder for the competion gets tougher and update matters foe most of the users.. more power sony oh by the way hopefully less next year will be a NO BUG build Number update!! for most of us had some minor bugs after the recent update

  • Julio Spinoza

    Thats exactly why I changed my beloved Xperia S for a Samsung S3, so tired about the upgrades, first, is almost a year old phone and supposedly the flag ship of sony, but took half year for the ICS upgrade, then another half year for the Jelly Bean. In samsung took less the upgrades, besides, there are not bugs on them, unlike sony. Waited for the Xperia T but seeing this behavior, better wait for the REAL flagship

  • Chris Handley

    Having now just put CM10 on my XS, I think so long as the hardware is decent, and support is there, eventually, I am happy , so long as the dev community puts out such great roms.

  • The_Newtype


    There is absolutely no reason to get a Sony over a Samsung.

  • John-Mark Christmas

    Please explain to me how viewing angles enhances your mobile experiences I would love to know. SMH

  • Ajc88uk

    It doesn’t take away from the fact they are slow at updating devices. It’s irrelevant whether people know they’re on 2.3, 4.0-4.0.4 or 4.1… Ultimately if there is newer software available they shouldn’t make consumers wait 9 months before rolling it out. It’s also bad to give low end devices priority updates over their flagship phones from only a few months ago. Sony release too many models and create so much work for themselves.

  • Waldo

    Nope, I’ll probably never buy another sony after Xperia S and Xperia Tablet S. I feel like I’ve been fooled.

  • Teng How Lai

    I can’t agree on the camera.. as mentioned by other peoples many many times, it’s over compressed. Nothing to compared with 8 megapixel S3. The white light is always over exposed. In a word, fail.

  • I own the Xperia S – what puts me off is that in early 2012 (when the Xperia S was Sony’s flagship) Xperia S owners had to wait until the 2011-Xperias were updated to ICS before the Xperia S was updated to ICS.

    Now with the JB-Update it’s exactly the other way round: this time the newest phones will get the update first and the older phones have to wait meaning that the Xperia S is going to be the last phone updated again!!

    And I don’t understand why it takes Sony so long when Samsung and HTC have already rolled out JB-Updates for their flagships….

    So yes, it may be the only thing about my Xperia S that I don’t like but it still is a major issue for me…

  • The news of jellybean coming out in April for my Xperia S made me disappointed and I decided to flash CM10, now my phone runs much smoother and faster but i’m still waitin for the stock jelly bean from sony. And i’m sticking with Sony for my next phone.

  • Ashua

    What about the Xperia. Flashtool.? Thats what it was designed for its currently. In beta though hopefully. The beta phase should be completed soon :)!

  • rui

    I bought my Sony Xperias not because of expectations of future updates/functionality but because they work well for my needs now. If the phones get updated, I just consider that a bonus.

    The only Android devices I consider buying if I want/expect timely updates are the Nexuses (Nexii?). I have a Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, and am hoping to add the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 to that list. Other than those, I think Android updates are a crapshoot. I have a T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G (Samsung’s flagship at the time) that never even got an update to Gingerbread. Since that particular SKU wasn’t particularly popular, there were no ROMs available. There are plenty of less than a year old mid-range phones from Samsung, etc that never get updated even if the hardware is up to it. If it’s not a Nexus, I’ve simply stopped expecting to see updates.

    However, I do think Sony should stop releasing flagship phones with old firmware. The Xperia S should have shipped with Ice Cream Sandwich instead of Gingerbread and their upcoming releases (say within next 6 months) should come with Jelly Bean already.

  • Martin

    There shouldn’t be anymore updates – just patches. Let them install in the background and forget this stupid race for os updates.

  • CW Chow

    Biggest problem for Sony in 2012: They released too many phones… Delay of updates are mainly due to that… So in 2013 I hoped they release less phones concentrate in optimizing their software for only a few models…

  • Good Bye sony Ur a real cheater!!! I feel my self ashamed of having a sony Xperia called flagship Phone …..I am not gonna use any sony phone neither recommend to any one in coming future…

  • lars

    I just bought nexus 4. This is after being on Sony-Ericsson for 7 years.
    My x10 update was a mess and when I saw my top end xperia S was late with 4.1 I quitted Sony.

  • David Jay

    I’m now on .55 (Back to my Original Firmware which is EE UK). I reflashed the phone to the Generic UK thinking that as it wasn’t provider specific I would get the updates faster, how wrong was I. I stayed on .453 until I couldn’t take it no more, flashed the phone back to my backed up 2.3 Orange UK Firmware and got the .55 firmware straight away. Very smooth but with a little battery drain now.

  • iqbal

    i think sony mobile have many products, it makes sony mobile coludn’t give up to date

  • Go4Fun

    why bother about Sony, root it and do as you please…

  • Below average displays? You can rag on Sony on most everything, their update schedules, their penchant to flood the market with too many, too similar handsets, etc.
    But the displays are gorgeous. Even the low end models look friggin’ amazing. In fact the display was what made me decide getting an Xperia S instead of a Samsung.

  • I have now bought two SE/Sony flagship smartphones. First i chose the X10 which ended up being a distaster, hate myself for it. Still i got the Xperia S when it came out hoping times were gonna change, its better but not really sufficient. I spent so much money on these two units that im pretty sure im changing to Samsung, im not entirely sure yet cus i love Sony’s design. But i really feel like they are screwing their customers over.

  • hsong

    Nope,I wont abandon Sony like that!!!

  • Adam Von Gafter

    I just brought a Xperia SL and I get astonished when I realized that I got android 4.0! But then I saw the actualization schedule, and I calm down. But now I’m really Disappointment of Sony with the their incredible irresponsibility with the actualization schedule.

    I really like the Xperia smartphones’s design and hardware, but the if Sony politics still like this I guess I won’t bought a new Xperia smartphone any more.

  • Mat Jeng Jeng

    Every body will mess up with xperia smart phone if this continuous to be like this, due to the slow update compare to other brand like samsung and htc. This will make owner of the smart phone will like they are using an old type of phone with the lack of function.

  • Ajay Mathew

    I think Sony still has to work up the delivery of updates. I own an Xperia Z and one of the reasons why I preferred it over the other phones released this year was because Sony promised that the Android 4.2.x version update would be available shortly after its release. I have not had that update come my way and it will only be time before I get really annoyed by this gaffe.

  • I was a Xperia S user since August last year. I am ok with updates are later than the other brands or models as long as the delay of updates are due extensive testings to ensure no or very minimal bugs. But again, keep on postponing of update availability sure does show some incompetence of Sony to deliver as planned. If I am not mistaken the availability was already postponed three times now. If the rumor are true, and the availability of the update gets postponed again to June, sure will make me think twice to buy another Sony smartphones in the future.

    Basically at this juncture, Sony will need to follow through with their promise of delivery the Jelly bean update by end of May with no and very minimal bugs if they do not want to loose customers that are willing to spend the extra bucks to get a flagship model from Sony.

  • Franubis

    Yes, it has.

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