Xperia V gets 1800mAh Mugen Power extended battery

by XB on 22nd December 2012

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The Sony Xperia V (LT25i) is thankfully one of the high-end Xperia phones that comes with a removable battery. The original BA800 battery has a capacity of 1700mAh (minimum), similar to that of the Sony Xperia S (LT26i). If you are planning on buying a spare for your water & dust resistant Xperia V, then you may want to consider the Mugen Power alternative.

Mugen Power, extended battery specialists, have a 1800mAh extended battery that will offer a modest increase over the stock battery for $46.95 with free shipping worldwide. This battery will fit happily into the existing enclosure no need for a separate door either. The item appears to be in stock but ships on 11 January 2013 for those that are interested.

  • I think you meant “no need for a separate door either.” :p

  • $47 for additional 100mah big joke

  • Mojtaba

    Only for 100mA

  • XperiaBlog

    Thx – corrected! :)

  • I no battery fanatic, but will a 100mAh extra battery show any significant difference?
    What’s the stock’s battery performance like? Would appreciate knowing, since I’m most likely considering to switch from SNote2 to XPV.

  • fit ‘happily’….hahaha

  • lolsomany

    they should put 2000mah instead

  • shivaprakash

    Acer to launch Iconia B1 Jelly Bean tablet for $99 in Q1 2013

  • r0x0r

    agree 1700 vs 1800 does not make any difference, weird to pay extra money.

  • raikow

    it’s 1800+1700 you smart humen

  • r0x0r

    No it’s not. It’s 1800 instead of 1700.

  • Salem Al-Khanbashi

    Maybe you are joke or this Web side mugen Power also joke what is the benefits of this. If the increase only around 6% this means nothing please Mr. Sony understand what happens we need battery more than 2000mah not only 1700 or this mugen Power come and increase only 100 MAH maybe it care about the price so but variety of different types. I pleas don’t joke with us.O

  • Victor

    I really hope the SXS will get a better battery some time, even though it’s a bit tricky to change.

  • Herman

    Smart humen? What are those?

  • MyLive

    So how does this applied? I don’t want my V get thicker.. LOL

  • papa

    weird comments. they offering for 1800mah because if its the capacity larger than 1800 the battery would be slightly bigger and bulky and it won’t fit into the phone or back cover! have you all considering this?!

  • papa

    weird comments. they offering for 1800mah because if its the capacity larger than 1800 the battery would be slightly bigger and bulky and it won’t fit into the phone or back cover! have you all considering this?!

  • Kinder

    No it’s not, It’s your stock 1700 battery THEN the 1800 battery :)

  • maxiobor

    My xperia P has only 1300 MAH :(

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  • ???????!!!

  • David Hallowes

    Re: Xperia V (and new products in 2013)
    As of 24th January, 2013 over 100 customers have registered complaints on the Sony Mobile website about malfunctions on their new Xperia V, launched in December 2012. Issues appear to include constant freezing, catastrophic battery drainage, and WiFi and alarm problems. Nobody in the media is mentioning this, least of all Sony in its daily marketing barrage about the upcoming Xperia Z. All it seems to care about is sales, not service. Does this mean the Z will also fail to work properly once released in a month or two?
    I see the UK regulator fined Sony £250000 today for what it calls “one of the most serious breaches of the Data Protection Act ever reported” in failing in 2011 to keep its Playstation Network software up to date, thus allowing hackers access to its customers’ personal, bank and password details.
    Sony smartphones had a poor reputation in the past. There are now 12 pages of complaints on the Sony Mobile website below. Those people have spent a lot of money on a Sony product either directly or through signing an expensive long-term contract. They deserve not to be ignored and for the mobile media to hold the company to account.
    Compare this with two friends of mine who experienced problems with their iPhones a year or two ago. They contacted Apple and the company simply replaced the products, no questions asked. It clearly cares about its reputation for technical excellence and customer satisfaction. By comparison Sony stops updates on products less than a year old, doesn’t fix problems when they occur (frequently) or even communicate with its customers when they report them.
    It’s not good enough and Sony should be continually named and shamed – and fined – when it habitually fails to service its products when they do not work properly. Only then perhaps will it take customer service seriously. Until then everyone should think very carefully before parting with their money.
    I will not give my money to a company only to get problems and no solutions or service for 2 years, which is a shame because I really want a high-end water and dust resistant smartphone and Sony seems to be the only company that makes them. They are very popular in Japan. What a ridiculous company approach. New management required!
    You can read all those complaints about the problems with the Xperia V here:

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  • We also have a 3600mAh [HLI-LT25iXL] for it now!

  • one

    actually, xperia V has 1750 not 1700, becouse of that, the new battery of mugen only inproves 50 mah, around 3% of battery charge, besides we dont know if the quality is worse tan the original ofsony. The original costs 30 euros

    is it true that exists a new battery that suits xperia v and s, with 1900 mah?

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