New Sony Xperia home launcher (version 5.1.S.0.0) leaks

by XB on 23rd December 2012

in Applications, Featured Content

A new Sony Xperia home launcher has leaked. It updates the stock home launcher from version 4.0.3.A.0.9 (at least on our Xperia S) to version 5.1.S.0.0. Changes include a new graphic for the dock at the bottom of the handset, as well as for the app drawer. It also moves the tray options to the left and includes a search bar to the right. We also now get the option to have a maximum of seven home screens, instead of five.

There is also a new way to install widgets, apps, wallpapers and themes. This comes up when you long press an empty space on the home screen. When you click to install a new theme, wallpaper etc you will see the options for these at the bottom of the handset. Another subtle change we noticed is a new screen transition when moving from one home screen to the next. You can download the new home launcher apk here.

Sony Xperia home launcher – version 5.1.S.0.0

Sony Xperia launcher

Sony Xperia launcher

Sony Xperia launcher

Sony Xperia launcher

Sony Xperia launcher

Sony Xperia launcher

Sony Xperia launcher

Sony Xperia launcher

Sony Xperia launcher

Sony Xperia launcher

Thanks Auni, Aaron and @tigrisofgod!

  • will it work on Xperia pro?

  • ThilinaC

    What about urushi my @xda love ? I thought he leaked the apk

    credits should be given for him

    Anyway nice launcher,will have to do some porting to get it on my s3 I guess

  • XperiaBlog

    No he didn’t. There are several threads on xda and the first we found was here:

    We were sent the apk directly,

  • Ogbemudia Jonathan

    Looking fantastic. Gotta try on my Xperia S

  • why it doesn’t appear on the update center, maybe because it will be available with the upgrade to 4.1?

  • Norio24

    Works great on my Xperia S, thank you so much for sharing

  • Amazingly beautiful!

  • Matt

    So So

  • Works great on my Xperia T, thanks for sharing.

  • Adrian

    Loks great! Will it work on Arc S and other 2011 models?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Its qute nice. You can even get more homescreens on this one. And one more good thing. Google+ widget got to work again. How strange

  • LancerEX

    Gorgeous as always :)

  • why are people asking if the thing works or not? Just try the damn thing

  • owl

    Wow, this is great! We’ve been stuck at 5 homescreens for a loooooong looooooong time now. It’d be great if I can set it to 2 (yes two, call me crazy if you want) instead.

  • It work .
    Just try it .

  • adsada_arc

    YES!! What I also love about this update is they have finally changed the highlight colour so when you flick through the apps it no longer highlights an app even though you dont want to select that app!

  • Guest from SL

    Is it possible to install this with unrooted xperia S ?

  • ifjihfj

    maybe :)

  • adsada_arc

    Yes you can install this on any xperia device, even unrooted ones.

    Simple download the app link above ^ and install it as you would any other .apk
    note: if you want the old app back you will have to restore the phone.

  • kima

    I wanna know that too :(

  • Adrian

    If it gets wrong you can have a complete screwed up phone…

  • maniket

    Wow its completely awesome!! I hope the jelly bean update for my Xperia S will bring many awesome features like this. Eagerly waiting for the update. Go sony go!

  • Miss my bouncing widget
    Too transparent
    Yet nice

  • Sncx

    working great on my Xperia TX, thanks for sharing.

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    Does not work on xperia 2011 devices….sadly

  • maniket

    yeah it should its just asn apk!!

  • lostsouls

    How can I set it to 7 home screens?

  • so this new launcher works only on ICS not GB ?

  • You’re installing an apk. Works? Great it works. Doesn’t work? Application not installed. Simple as that

  • Kima

    restore? what I loose when I restore my phone?

  • Adrian

    Does this version fels faster and less lagg?

  • Ali Al-Khazal

    Works Great on Xperia Arc running Xperia T rom from Zohaib at XDA. It just crach when I tap Themes but for the most part it works great. Thanks god Sony fixed the home screen lags in this Home launcher :)

  • Can This Work On Xperia Ray .. i have used Xperia S home launcher and lot off bug and Force close ..

  • mountain

    Love the new home on V. Though the spacing is a bit akward, the widgets is much more logical. Hope to have a final version soo

  • MeetVora

    Seems this is the launcher for JB in 2012 SX Models, as homescreen transitions are butter smooth, although pinch for “overview” doesn’t happen. Thanks…..

  • maniket


  • Hemesh2101

    How To Upfate To This Launcher….?

    Im using Xperia S. Please Help… TQ… :-)

  • adsada_arc

    you could always do a back up, but just go ahead and try it chances are you will keep it

  • Kima

    for me 3 homescreens is a best solution :)

  • maniket

    How can an apk screw up your phone? It wont install if its broken.. stop acting like noobs!!

  • Kima

    ok, thanx, I’ll try it :)

  • maniket

    Download the apk from the link and install it as an normal app.

  • Someone

    what’s with the leaks today?! is Sony trying to satisfy their customers with some leaks :P
    I think this version is better than the one I had on my Xperia P , though I didn’t try it as I switched to Samsung …

  • Kima

    ya, sony has to do something, so I guess we will see more than this :) lol

  • Brody

    On my Xperia S I have the impression that it works faster

  • maniket

    Sony didnt leak it the people at xda did. It was actually made for jb update. Go rot with shitty touchwiz!

  • jag

    yeah.. sad…. i really am going to get the V next month! hmmp!

  • Auni

    urushi did not. His thread is being reported and closed now. carlito-lt26i first posted this in the Xperia S forum in XDA

  • jag

    doesnt work on gingerbread

  • Bill

    stop asking noobs to stop acting like noobs..They are noobs,gonna test it on my jelly bean Xperia S and inform you about how smooth and good it is…

  • jag

    it looks the same as the one in the Xperia Z or Yuga screenshots. SUPER COOL!!!

  • maniket

    ya i was thinking the same!! :)

  • Someone

    for your info I switched to Samsung because my xperia P bricked after 3 months of service, only rooted it to remove few unused system apps, so which one is more shitty ;)

  • jag

    so why do you still go to this site? just having fun trolling? hehe! go to samsung forums and declare your samsung’s glory-ness.

  • Kima

    I’m sorry for bothering u… Should I do a back up with Back up @ restore app from my Xperia S before I install this? :)

  • Michael Salib

    Works smoothlyon my XS thanks for sharing…I’ve always liked this site for its fast sharing.

  • XperiaBlog

    Long press to bring up wallpapers, widgets app icons. Then swipe to the end of your homescreens and click +. You’ll be able to do this twice to get up to seven homescreens.

  • XperiaBlog

    Yes, works fine.

  • Not happy. This ws available with go launcher also. What have sony done new in this?

  • adsada_arc

    lol, no need! I have installed this on my Xperia S and it works fine. I only mean, if you want to have the old launcher back, you would have to do a backup and restore to get it back

    your installing an .apk it is doesn’t work, there is no harm to your phone it just wont install and thats it

  • Others seem to have rooted just fine.

  • Kima

    thanx a lot :)

  • roeshak

    works well on S. Just another example of what Sony does well….presentation!
    Sadly that alone won’t carry them over the finishing line. Not in this day and age. Apple has a strangle hold on the section of the market that prioritizes presentation. The android marketplace is very different. Droids want cutting edge tech more than anything that’s why Samsung keeps selling 10s of millions of phones worldwide even with it’s plasticky exterior and cartoonish UI.

  • cloudie

    if anyone noticed, u can now create folders in the apps drawer

  • Kima

    I installed it and my Xperia S works faster :) Can’t wait for jelly bean update :)

  • nice update ! but is this official launcher ??

  • hank

    too bad the app drawer’s so laggy when u continuously swipe left and right

  • XperiaJunkie

    Works great on my Xperia T hoping for some new widgets and themes to leak now

  • disqus_pFpSpn7k37

    how to install apk in xperia arc it does not install?

  • AnP

    Will this work on Xperia T? Suddenly since a day or two my home screen has become laggy. Anyone knows why & how resolve it? I don’t have too many widgets placed.

  • Auni

    Try it, it should work.

  • esc_sequencer

    It’s work with T and TX properly.

  • Someone

    That’s the problem, I even checked with Sony’s forum. I guess using ST-Ericsson chips was a bad idea. my Arc S survived for a year with overclocking and stuff…

  • AnP

    Will try, but the lag I’m experiencing on my default home screen has been very annoying! Pressing the home button or swiping through the home screens hasn’t been smooth! I’m not sure what went wrong all of sudden!

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  • megane198

    Sweet. I can create folders in the app drawer!

  • WhoDaresWins4Ever

    Didn’t work for me using CM 151 on Arc S. Failed to install…

  • Bennet Muders

    It is already relesed officially for me in Germany yesterday… Via Update Center. Good work Sony

  • AnP

    Do you think changing to this Home Launcher will help me solve my problem? Any idea if this is an official Sony Mobile release? Anyone?

  • Samuel

    There is no apk file instead of it there is cwm flie only for rooted Xperia can anyone put apk

  • Does not even download as a
    n apk. On my phone

  • Work great on my Xperia S. Fantastic, and eyecatching. Love Sony full.. :)

  • Bennet Muders


  • esc_sequencer

    I don’t feel much different in term of speed in both launcher, maybe restart your phone can solve the problem. I use TX on 1.0A.3.197 build

  • mohammad1233214

    Hey guys i downloaded it but when I press on it on the notification bar it goes to Office Suit.
    Help me please.

  • X Ray

    Didn’t worked on Xperia Ray ICS 4.0.4….:(

  • love this update :D

  • I downloaded it but it is showing as zip file, what to do after that?

  • Putra

    i’ve download this on my phone and the file is on zip :o i found not an apk :/

  • mohammad1233214

    Hey guys when I downloaded and press on it on notification bar the phone goes to Office Suit I dont know why
    please help guys I really love the newhome

  • Mark phillips

    Oh my god it works amazingly on my xperia S just so fluid love you sony! that’s a reward for late update i guesS! :)

  • FanAsus

    Rename zip to apk :)

  • mohammad1233214

    Me too

  • AnP

    I restarted. Even restored the phone with a full wipe using Sony PC Companion. The lag is still very much there. RAM isn’t overloaded either, not much background apps also.

  • FanAsus

    Rename zip to apk

  • maniket

    Had the same problem ..try downloading from a computer

  • FanAsus
  • Leonell Tabella

    try renaming it to .apk…or you can download it to your pc then transfer it to your phone

  • niharp94

    wow …. the best thing sony has done in the past few months

  • Leonell Tabella

    have you allow third party software to be installed on your phone?…check it first in settings

  • FanAsus
  • FanAsus
  • Leonell Tabella

    try renaming it to .apk…

  • rAJ

    Great! Thank you…. works great!!

  • CeccoFF

    Another Xperia launcher .. it has to do with this?

    Xperia Launcher Ported to all Android Devices Running ICS or Higher

    OT: On my Xperia I have the same background (Hubble photo) :)

  • AnP

    Just installed on my Xperia T :) It’s a great improvement. Specially now that we get more home screens…

  • AnP

    Just installed on my Xperia T :) It’s a great improvement. Specially now that we get more home screens… And the lag is kinda gone :) Bit of a relief but hope I don’t face any other problems!

  • Mmm I don’t like it, also instead of updating the damn launcher they should be updating the firmware!

  • AnP

    Just installed on my Xperia T :) It’s a great improvement. Specially now that we get more home screens…

  • electrash

    Nothing better, same shit different way.

  • Mehdi Solamannejad

    It will screw your home screen and having access to Application manager “might” get impossible, unless you wipe your phone.

  • Ryan G

    Rename the apk to “Home” and replace in the systemapp with proper permission, reboot system and clear data of the “Home”apk.
    Make sure to keep backup.

  • Animation to app drawer is fast and glitchy, also with app folder open animation is fast and glitchy


    works well on Xperia p too~:D

  • AnP

    Just installed on my Xperia T :) It’s a great improvement. Specially now that we get more home screens… But the lag isn’t kinda gone :(

  • ravi kanyal

    working for me … :D on my Ray but crashes every time when i m clicking on theme option.

  • Fianne

    I’ve been desperately waiting for the ability to create folders in the apps page and the wait is over!! Yes there are launchers out there that lets you do that but who wants 2 rows of drawers which would defeat the purpose of a big, crisp screen? (Using Xperia TX)

  • Ryan G

    Works great on my Acro S. I installed it as a normal apk and no problem with the themes.

  • ravi kanyal

    Sony plz change ur UI transmission effect . like Samsung fade effect and ur UI feels perfectly smooth and beautiful. just my opinion :D

  • Ryan G

    Rename the .zip to .apk I guess.

  • AnP

    How can I go back to my old home launcher on my Xperia T? I had lag issues before and it has continued with this one too :(

  • Putra

    Ok. thanks for your information! :) it works on my XS very well :)

  • Ryan G

    Did you replaced the original Home.apk? If not, just simply go to Apps>Xperia Home>Uninstall Updates.

  • Works well with Xperia V (LT25i) also +no need root to install.

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    hmmmm ……for my neo v it says app not installed,iam on ics 4.03…maybe thats why….

  • I love this new home launcher, i don’t know if there is a way to add and delete home screens before. But i surely loved removing them, haha, now i only use 3 home screens. the interface is now simpler than the last xperia s home screen. i really like sony’s launcher unlike samsung’s very cartoonish launcher with cartoonish fonts. Love sony for this

  • AnP

    Thanks. I was able to go back to the old factory version. Any idea how can I solve this lag I’m getting with respect to my home screen? The lag happens when I press the home button or when I swipe through home screens!

  • FanAsus
  • FanAsus

    Flashable zip via recovery:

  • P9

    look like sony is doing new update softwares and some brand new softwares as well I think. come on more sony. I really love you. :)

  • janon ezekiel

    I tried downloading it but it seems that i am unable to launch it.
    Can someone please type the step-by-step instructions so that i can enjoy this awesome launcher in my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S.

  • M Usman

    i did just that! 3 home screens. i find five too much lol

  • M Usman

    Works great on my Xperia S! Flawless. It’s been ages since we had a leak lol. Now I wish the new sony walkman app is leaked with clear audio! That would be amazing before the JB update!

  • Fabio C.

    Molto ben concepito, semplice, fluido e ricco.

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    new firmware for xperia 2011….

  • Dhruv

    Awesome dude

  • Omar K, Rostom

    Works on the Xperia P Like a boss, Bootloader unlocked and rooted, and also am running a cutom rom “The Brains Rom v4” it works very smoothly !

  • Faizal Mohd

    cool. folder in the app drawer

  • Kima

    hey friend :) do u have silver line all down under the icons on the home screen or is it just on my phone? o.O

  • qdos10

    worked perfectly xperia s

  • Raymond

    Work perfectly on my xperia sola. No root and bootloader unlock is needed for xperia sola. Nice job sony.

  • arcds

    Love it!

  • it doesn’t work on the 2011 xperia portfolio… sorry dude…

  • i suggest installing a task manager apk or something to close unnecessary running apps, so the main screen doesn’t lag so much. works the same way with me :)

  • Pranit

    how do u create folders in the app drawer? I tried dragging one icon over another but nothing happened? pls reply

  • ThilinaC
  • Less free RAM

  • HAHAHAHAA ThillinaC! you are the best even with Galaxy S3 you still best them-er around :D hope to see any of your work in any Sony’s new phones section soon :P

  • Matthew Cheung

    Everything is running buttery smooth with little to no lag (even with a live wallpaper) and no glitches/errors! Can’t wait for it to be officially released along with my Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update :)

  • Much better than the current one, but i miss the ‘overview’ screen that was present in the last release (the screen when you ‘pinched out’ the screen and all the widgets started to float)..Other than that its great..Especially improvements in the app drawer are very welcome, addition of the ability to make folders and the search button are pretty good improvement imo..

  • Sillouette

    Not working on Xperia Miro

  • it needs root access for 2011 Xperia phones? asks me for root access on my xperia pro…

  • bombay

    guys i really dont know how to install, do i go through comp and install it straight to the systems folder ? please help. feeling very dumb right now

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Im using Home launcher from Xperia T on my XS and it is more smoother than this one new.

  • bombay

    done it

  • Don’t work on CM9.1.

  • Keon Fraites

    Download the apk and copy it to your phone. Then use whatever file manager app and you have to install it, or you can download it on your PC and email it to yourself then run the apk on your phone by tapping on the file on the phone while in your gmail, it will proceed to install.

  • Adrian

    Yes, that Would be à really nice surprise from Sony, offering a new firmware with this laucher. Such thing would be more than enough even thou that we dont get JB.

  • george

    is working on xperia mini ???

  • EMRE

    Anyone tried this? Much better. You can adjust the icon number at the app pages. 5×5 , 6×6 etc. I use this.

  • george

    is working on xperia mini ??

  • Works very well on Xperia Neo V with ICS 4.0.4 :) greetz pandemic on xda

  • ventage

    I ditched stock launcher over Nova on my Xperia T. Way better then stock.

  • First, download it to PC. Then copy it to your phone. Use Astro File manager to find and install the .apk file. Enjoy…

  • gazelle

    purrrrrrrrrrfect. :D
    *xperia s*

  • Tried it on my Xperia V, and I have to say the previous one was way more beautiful. This one was more smooth tough. Design over a small lag issue, so I’ll keep the 4.x design until cm 10.1 :)

  • Puma Nike

    Works charming on my TX!)And overall it is much better than old home luncher.The only thing is that white line at the bottom of the screen is not good!)

  • owl

    so it’s not just me who finds 5 a little too many!

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Nice, but not much difference. One thing I didn’t like is the icons without text below. Is there any chance that there’s an option to turn them back on ? Also the frame around the application icons looks odd.

  • It’s work on my Xperia S superb and very fast.

  • Ganman

    Xperia V: No lag at all on the new launcher. Really great!

  • Chris

    perfect on my xperia T!

  • nikko

    works well with ION !

  • jag

    really? maybe you’re on ICS.. im still in GB.. flashed back from basics ^^

    Very Very Smooth, Fast, Quick
    and Now I can add more Window in Home screen and alos I can customize
    everything by one hand. As Xperia S got 4.3′
    inch Screen and to add widget/wallpaper I had hard time reaching with
    one hand as the customization bar was in top of the screen but Now its
    down. Another Cool thing is that now you can Make folder in App Drawer. I
    was hoping for this feature for a long time.

    I just only miss the Floating Widget option :'(

    Floating widget option was really cool and its was one of the reason
    that I didn’t use any other Launcher so far but I am keeping the NEW

  • Do you Know that now you can Make Folder in App Drawer(Menu) :D

  • live wallpapers wont work anymore :|

  • Sony thanku for this beautiful home launcher…works great on xperia s and very fast

  • looo

    How to install!!!!??

  • Download the file to your pc first then copy it over to your phone. Use a file manager app like Astro file manager to install

  • Chong Benedict

    Great! Sony is listening to what the users want, you are the best!

  • raj

    For me a file got downloaded :(

  • raj

    Some say rename it to Home.apk and install it. Didn’t work
    Others asked me to use this apk n replace the Home.apk in systems folder. Didn’t work

  • Help

    Why can’t I install this on my xperia ray :(

  • gag

    They work

  • gag

    You can shift other widgets like jb just hold a widget and keep it hanging below another wiget

  • Vinegreen

    works great on my Xperia TX

  • doe

    works fine on my Xperia Go.

  • JenH

    a bit faster than pre-launcher?? or just the animation has been set shorter…..

  • Mark phillips

    yes just long press an icon and place it over on other icon it automatically arranges! :)

  • running it on Xperia T…and works perfectly!

  • thewalker

    this home only for ICS right ?

  • it works on my xperia T so i am sure will work on V aswell

  • ive download it for xperia j and it say cannot install because of existing home what the option??

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I couldn’t find how a folder can be created in any home screen or in app drawer. Any help will be appreciated.


  • help me plzz

  • MoHiT

    Awesome Launcher :-) No Lagging..Speed Of Processing Is Too Good Now :-) Great Work Guys :-)
    Xperia S User

  • is this new home launcher work for xperia j???? help me

  • Mark phillips

    Yes it should work for you install the apk file provided in the website above and try it!

  • ive already installed it but it say ‘ APPLICATION NOT INSTALLED
    An existing package by the name with conflicting signature is already installed” what does this mean

  • Mark phillips

    Sorry,I don’t know than might be something to do with the file name!

  • i already change the name 3 time already but still appear the same problem,,is that other way????

  • Drag an icon over another icon.

  • You must sort the app drawer in “Own Order” and then drag and drop an icon on another to create a folder.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Thanks for the information. Neat, but not so intuitive.

  • fidan

    I have problem with instal new version…what i do for instalion new version …?

  • paz

    Works good on my Xperia S, but I don’t like the new look of the Menu…

  • X

    Smoother?On Xperia S?Great?

  • xperialover

    Merry Chistmas xperiablog team

  • Pranit

    hey thanks a lot :)

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  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I guess this was the biggest visible change which JB will bring, so we don’t need to hold our breath ’til April anymore.

  • FolkCleric

    I personally more like the old version. It works smoother for me.

  • Sagar

    Great, better than the previous one, but the outline does not look that good.

  • no-one

    yeah, it’s the launcher itself that has the silver stripe!

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  • Kima

    I don’t like that silver stripe… Thats why I’m asking :) Thanx

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    same thing

  • JDA

    did you install it with root or from recovery? :)

  • santhosh

    old one is better….home screen animation is ok…but the 3rd picture (i.e menu screen is not good old one is better)

  • You’re welcome. I know, but I believe the ability to create a new, empty folder was removed from at most ICS, and the Xperia Home launcher is following that trend. I was confused too when I first discovered that.

  • gowti

    can some one please instruct me the steps to install this?? am a new acro s user

  • ranjith

    Fnds how to updates XPERIA u cell..

  • ankit

    will it affect warranty?

  • Bill

    what os do you have

  • does it work on xperia sola??

  • IIIIiiiiii Liiiiiiikee itttt :-)

  • Pro0oMan

    really good on my Xperia S . i changed the file name from zip to apk and installed it , waiting for jelly bean anyone have a date for it ?

  • No worries!

  • jag

    yep! i think it will too,, just saw the upcoming JB update.. the xperia 2012 lineups then will be amazing!!

  • Bill

    tried that allready….did not worked…

  • vignesh viggs

    Works Great with Xperia Go(4.0.4. Android)

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  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    xperia j has ics 4.04 at the moment

  • how do i set up on my phone? thanks

  • sanjana

    plz help its not working with xperia ray

  • avinash

    ravi plz help me i tries installing it on my ray ics 4.0.4 it did not install plz help frnd

  • Norio24

    Jusst download the apk file and install it as any other apk file

  • avinash

    ravi iam from india plz help me to install the new homw launcher on xperia ray plz frnd

  • can i use it on my xperia P ???

  • it works on xperia P ???

  • M Usman

    I have that silver line block too. its transparent under the four icons at the bottom

  • M Usman

    CHECK THIS OUT XB!… Xperia T updating as we speak…

  • rafi

    Wow very fast and smooth… tq

  • Saksham

    not able to create folder in app drawer (menu)

  • litoni

    I realize that this launcher runs faster, like swiping left to right and right to left, from apps to homescreen.

    but 1 thing i dont like is, that they took out the pinch zoom feature, where all the widgets bounces around. :(

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  • konvicted

    I m unable to download, whenever I try to download it, first it starts and then after a while it shows repair your downloading plz help

  • Phil

    would this work on nexus 7? :D

  • abood

    Didnt work on xperia s running cm10

  • aacrolead

    Earlier launcher had an option to easily uninstall apps! Now this new one doesn’t! Any way possible to go back to original launcher?

  • vignesh k k

    is it working on xperia SL ??

  • It would be better if sony launched launched all their system apps like walkman players and messaging apps etc. on Play Store and update those app and only release the new android updates with the required files :)

  • It should work :)

  • Sony is making the launcher bloated than before!!

  • And so? SXS have ICS too.


    Can’t install it on Xperia Ray and Arc S v.587

  • Pritchett

    I tried it and uninstalled it, the old one is way better.

    This one is faster but it’s not smoother, it has more lag than the previous one.

  • masoud


    worked xperia ion

  • Shahrul Iqmal

    does this work on xperia arc s?

  • Shahrul Iqmal

    hope you guys can leave a response answer here

  • jack

    my sony xperia u cannot install it even i go setting there allow installation of non-market apps and change the name to .apk
    please help me~ i really really love this launcher..thx~

  • Lim


  • Samuel Serafim

    Functional: yes. Beautiful: No. I want go backup to my previous theme.

  • installed this launcher and it works well on xperia s, gotta get used to it from the previous system and it looks a little too much like how samsung organises their stuff but still good. However, anyone else finding it drains the battery?

  • Arslan Ayub

    its works ith glaxy s 2 …..?

  • ohhcj

    Not working on my xperia P. Install button was not clickable. What should I do?

  • Installed great and works superb on my SXS! Match it with the festive wallpapers from Sony Mobile JP, and it works like a charm! Lovin’ it!

  • Xperia S – D

    when i try to install the home launcher i got a massage ” This is a system application. Do you still want to replace it? All previous user data will be saved ” if i replace the system app can i return it like before ” how can a uninstall it ” ???????

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Already done that :)

  • please someone help me. i cant install this. nothing happens after i have downloaded it. step by step guid pleaseeee……

  • Mandy, you might want to try downloading it from a PC then transfer it to your telephone manually, it seems when you download the link from your telephone the file downloaded is a .zip file and not a .apk file.

    once transferred to your phone find the file with your file manager then run the app, it will then install over your old version of the Home

    out of interest which Xperia handset are you trying to install it too?

  • cshen94

    in the older version, when long press an apps then can easily uninstall, but it doesn’t work in this version ?

  • use the option (far right button) button when in the app draw and select UN-install, red crosses will then appear on any app that you can remove

  • ?????!!!

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    but my friend xperia J’s ics is more similar to the one found on 2011 xperia phones….xperia 2012 phones have a bit diff ics implementation….for eg:the launcher and stuff

  • I have never installed an “apk” but i really want this..can anyone help?

  • Xperia S – User

    Question for the new Home Launcher on facebook :

    New Sony Xperia home launcher (version 5.1.S.0.0) leaks


    is it true that this is new home launcher…. when i try to install I’ve
    got this massage ” This is a system application. Do you still want to
    replace it? All previous user data will be saved “if i replace the app can i bring the old if i don’t like the new one, and this app is going to influence on the warranty ?????

    the answer :

    Sony Mobile

    This is not something which has been officially announced therefore we would be unable to comment on this – Aimee.

  • george

    is working on xperia mini ???

  • I (and another friend) both got this new launcher via an over-the-air update in Germany…. didn’t need to download anything manually. So it isn’t really a “leak” then …
    –> Xperia S

  • shadow

    so frigging awesome….my xperia p just got transformed!…..loving the folders in the app drawer idea!

  • avinash

    ravi plz help karo na how to install this on ray

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  • Chemiclus

    Ahhh I can’t get this to work haha
    APK file won’t show up in appinstaller when opened in phone.
    I quit :P

  • is this the jelly bean suppose to be in xperia s ??!

  • there’s bit of lag

  • Guilherme

    Works fine on xperia p. It install as user app, so if you dont like it, you can just uninstall updates and go back to original launcher.

  • mbaid

    works with my xperia sola!!! :)

  • amir

    hi,i have Parse Error!!????what can i do???plz help me thx

  • amir

    hi,i have parse error!!???plz help me

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  • apis

    not work on XMiro?? :( help,,

  • jerom

    what about xperia j Does he work on that device please feedback?asap

  • Nabil

    Does this really works ? I guess I have to root my phone first ? I just got my Xperia Arc S, and updated it to ics 4.0.3.

  • Shan Cham

    will this work on xperia arc s? Will Sony release any official firmware update for arc s any time in future to have this UI?

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Mine too. :)

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Works on my ion :) Looks better but some features I don’t really like such as the square around the sorting options.

  • Yhon21

    doesn’t work for my Xperia J. it says, “APPLICATION NOT INSTALLEDAn existing package by the name with conflicting signature is already installed”

    what should i do?

  • how to uninstall it?

  • monyo

    how to rename it through my phone XS??

  • pozh

    Can’t install at my arc s,fix it please

  • Pradeep kumar

    hey….this apk works in sony ARC S or not????plz let me cnfrm..

  • amit patel

    can it work in xperia j,pls help me

  • amit patel

    how to download pls tell me

  • amit

    ive already installed it but it say ‘ APPLICATION NOT INSTALLED
    An existing package by the name with conflicting signature is already installed” what does this mean

  • No man
    xperiaS update is opensource and will be the best update any phone has ever seen

  • David Jay

    Is this an official update or a hack. Will this be updated ion the next version of software by Sony. where is the source from.

  • satanicspirits

    hi this is very nice. there is a small bug.when you have just one home screen the wallpaper not shown from can only see left side of your pic that used as wallpaper

  • cleiton

    i don’t want to replace my original home screen i just want to try this one,, if i try to install this apk it asks me to replace the xperia home launcher, what can i do?


    even I cant make folders.. please help me if this cn make folders its the best launcher for xperia

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  • ermond12

    Installed it and it works. Nice. But then I have one problem though. When uninstalled it, I’m having problems in adding widgets to the homescreen e.g. delayed adding and I cannot add the SHARE weidget of Timescape. It keeps prompting me with WIDGET ALREADY ADDED or something like that. Can anyone help me on this? Again, I’ve experienced this right after I uninstalled the new Home Launcher. :(

  • You can safely go forward replacing. If you don’t like the new one, just go to Setting->Apps->Xperia Home and click on uninstall .. thats it :-)

  • You can do folder in menu only if you set “Own order” of applications ;)

  • poyoyo

    Just install this on my xperia ion. Smooth, folder in drawer, multiple homescree plus google maps wont come out if u disable it anymore. Now my phone looks like xperia z

  • when i am trying to install the apk file its showing that “application not installed” plz help me

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  • Kima

    I’m using this new home launcher on my Xperia S, can someone pls tell me…when new firmware update come, do I have do unistall this new home launcher to back to do prevision version of launcher and then update my phone or I don’t need to do that?

  • Leonell Tabella

    no need to restore phone, just uninstall updates from Home launcher.apk in system apps.

  • Leonell Tabella

    No need to uninstall. Just update the phone. There’s no harm.

  • Fred

    Wow works amazing. Thanks a lot pal. keep up the good work.

  • yogesh21

    awesome launcher….works fine on my xperia neo v

  • mohamad

    I think xperia t is one of the best smart phones in the world

  • Mown

    Works on Xperia U! :)

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  • my xperia s.

  • ???

    Why my Xperia J failed to install it? I already had uninstall my old Xperia Home before install it.

  • hs

    Working on my Xperia Sola le,YAY,the best xperia home ui!!!

  • it only updates the stock
    home launcher from version 4.0.3.A.0.9 . that means no launcher for 2011 xperias. please make one for us too…

  • Lokesh

    i rooted the phone

    and now also i can’t install it


    please tell me what to do

  • Tony

    is there any apk file like this to change the launcher on my xperia arc running 4.0.4 stock ics??
    the above apk file is not installed..

  • eslam

    in the app drawer menu …you have to sort app in own order …. then swap an app on another it will ask you for folder name

  • SMF

    Sorry bad EN

    nice work on my TX, thanks

    But i think:
    1- the list box (for sorting icons) on app drawer is too big, if it exists under menu button it was better
    2- long press on home screen and select widgets or apps or…, the former way and style was better, cause former style is bigger and better to see and select wallpapers and widgets

  • jc

    Just updated it, working great, faster. Thanks

  • Ayub Mazumder

    Works great with my Xperia S.
    Does not work with Xperia Arc S.

  • sundeep

    i have a problem in miro. i put my phone to vibrate in silent mode then chaged to normal mode all of them are chaged to normal mode except my touch and screen lock sound is not coming. how to get it

  • nadhem

    can i use it on my xperia J using jellybean

  • nadhem

    dosn’t work on xperia j pls help its so laggy

  • ?????? ??????????

    ?????, ?? ????????? ????? ???? ????? ??????????, ??????? ? ??????… ;)
    P.S. ??????? Sony acro S ICS 4.0.4

  • lefkos

    this apk can’t installed on xperia neo V cuz there is an application with the same name what can i do??

  • Lalithesh M.P

    Wil this work on my Xperia p? If in case it doesn’t, how to go back to my previous setting? I’m currently on ICS.

  • Bryan0803

    Guys please help me. I just downloaded the file but when I try to install. It says ‘ invalid package data’ what should I do. :'(

  • arun

    this home launcher consumes more battery power in my xperia sola need some help to rectify it

  • Cesar Miniao

    Can’t install on my xperia neo L :(

  • tirot pidaot

    hi. is there any method on how to remove unused homescreen?? it pissed me off. i dislike when theres too many homescreen at my screen phone. im xperia j user. really need yr help and thanks  

  • Aquil

    Does any one have it working on a lg l9 unrooted

  • vivZ

    Works great on my Xperia U.

  • Tausif Khan

    Working not on my Galaxy S3

  • reply plz

    i am not able to find UxpNxtLockScreen.apk in system/app why??

  • jam

    does it work on xperia miro?

  • Kiran Kollam

    how can i download this launcher

  • tomi

    Plees help ?? xperia J -oficial android 4.1.2 JB not work … no root ….what problem .. ??

    how to fix/repair problem ??

    sorry for bad English .. I’m Slovak ..

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  • Hamid

    thank you its grate to me ………… thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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