Sony Xperia ZL = C650X ‘Odin’

by XB on 1st January 2013

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The Sony Xperia ZL will be the marketing name for the C650X ‘Odin’ we can confirm. The name was found in the URL of the ‘Odin’ image found here. We look forward to hearing more about the Sony Xperia Z (C660X Yuga) and the Sony Xperia ZL (C650X Odin) next week at the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas. See a slightly larger image of the Xperia ZL below.

Thanks Aaron!

  • ohh wow this one looks better then Xperia Z and no wasted space !!!

  • trowfd

    Do you think it’s a good idea to release 2 flagships that have the same specs but with different designs or are they for different markets? Seems an odd thing to do to me.

  • wow, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL ready for CES… haha

  • dara ing

    finally a device other than the nexus line with a decent led notification light.. it may sound like such a simple thing, but trying to use a phone without one has become impossible!

  • Wwwwooooooooww !

  • dara ing

    there different form factors the Z (yuga) is a 5 inch note competitor where the ZL is 4.5 inch

  • they are for different market but i really really hope this one is international and not Xperia Z :/

  • I’m excited to get all of the information at CES! But I’m asking myself what the concept of the Frontcamera on the bottom ist.

  • i think it’s an idea to try something like Nokia did with N9

  • TheLoyalist

    They are both 5″

  • Eugen Hannibal

    ODIN for Germany?

  • XperiaJunkie85

    So which one is likely to come to the UK hope it’s the ZL it looks better and is supposedly smaller in dimensions although a little thicker but still have the same 5″ FHD screen as the Xperia Z

  • trowfd

    ok. in the past the “L” has meant the LTE version (eg xperia TL) but I thought the Z was meant to be LTE enabled also?

  • I think from it’s name and rumers it’s 6″
    it’s large Z =ZL
    so if true sony want to make somthing like note and galaxy s phones

  • I hope so :D

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  • yeah, but does this make the phone any better? If yes, in what way?

  • Feanor

    Hmm… it seems already that people are warming up more for the ZL rather than for the Z. But I’m afraid that, judging from the nomenclature, the Z will be the global flagship and the ZL will be region specific, maybe US bound (like T global, TL for the US). Shame bacause the ZL with its tiny bezels and front illumination seems a bit more distinct.

  • DragonClaw

    Damn. I so want to see the phone from the sides and the back side. The front side left me dreaming…

  • I think ZL is the american version, like the TL. Z would probably be the international version. Unless they’re gonna pull the Ion thing, first they said that the Ion would be an US only but when it’s release, it gets release globally

  • Feanor

    I presume it has to do with the much smaller bezels up and down in comparison to the Z. Probably they couldn’t fit both front are rear camera in the upper bezel. So, I don’t think there will be any advantages other than having a 5 inch screen in a phone with a smaller footprint than a Galaxy S3.

  • John

    Well i’am against you.. I hope the Z is the international version and not the ZL. Just a week away.. There aren’t many differences… Water & Dust against the IR Remote. I’ll buy 1 of them that’s for sure!

  • roeshak

    Very impressive design. Much better than the xperia z. But the fact that this phone will stay one OS behind it’s competitors throughout it’s life makes it a no no for me. Not Sony in 2013, maybe I’ll try them again in 2014. Who knows the penny might have finally dropped by then.
    On the phone side, Sony appeals to me most. Their designs apart from the feminine curved crap of the xperia arc and xperia t are always the best but when it comes to android, their performance is so so poor. I wouldn’t mind as much if I thought they genuinely couldn’t compete at that level but the sad fact is I believe it’s a deliberate policy by the company.
    Sony will be launching this phone with 4.1 while others will start with 4.2 as 4.1 is already a box ticked. Then they’ll spend the next 6 months updating their 2012 line up.It won’t be until at least August maybe even September before any update to 4.2 begins to roll out. By then google would be preparing to announce KLP or whatever follows 4.2.
    That’s the base case scenario. Things could even get worse for this phone for instance should google release another interim OS say around June/July like they did in 2012. Then we could conceivably end up with the situation where this phone is 2 OS’s behind.
    As an android lover, I’m not looking forward to either of these scenarios and that;s why Sony is out of the running for me. Not because I hate their products, no I love them but I’m fed up of being short changed on the android side of things.
    To put it simply, I could never buy a supposedly new phone running a dated version of android. That has never worked out well in my experience. X10 and Xperia S.

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  • Nikko

    OH that led!!!

  • Ashua

    This is 2013 now the update s will be coming early for these models after key lime pie is out from may! And the chairman. Made the announcement. Back in September. That 2013. Is going to be a lot of changes at the company.

  • APai

    this is where Nokia is good at. at a fundamental level, they have all the check points in their phones, at whatever level they work at. too bad they did not consider an android phone. i had an E7, and the led notification was fantastic!

  • Ashua

    And the xperia. Z is waterproof. And dust resistant. Thats also. The difference. Between the z and zl Odin. And zl is for the American. Market. While z is for Europe. And asia and compatible. With there LTE. Networks

  • APai

    I’d be so burnt to learn that. why couldn’t they change earlier ? I bought a bunch of phones from sony in 2012. I will see their update schedule before deciding to upgrade in future. Z sure looks like a nice phone. but once bitten…

  • Ashua

    True I understand. What you mean plus I don’t. Think Sony will be releasing. Much phones this year compared to last year and also any news about the dogo? C550x. I think the updates will be easier. Now with lets phones compared. To last year! ;)

  • IMO “Xperia Odin” is a much better name than “Xperia ZL”

  • Guest

    A lot of guys dig that “feminine curved crap” of the Arc design. It is really a striking design compared to all the boxy rectangular stuff out there. I prefer the NXT look myself but that looks to be originated from the Ericsson side and they are trying very hard to kill that idea which baffles me.

    As for updates, well, if you are that into them you will have to get with the Nexus to be the fastest to update. But I do agree compared to Samsung, Sony has lots of improvement to do there. One wonders if focusing on fewer models will help.

  • Ashua

    I think thats the whole point of 2013 Is Everything is all purely. And original. Phones from sony from design, UI and everything the 2012. Models. Were original designs and concepts from sony erricson before The take over happened So I think sony is doing everything from scratch following. The take over from sony, after moving its headquarters. To Tokyo. To become a major branch of the sony corporation again. So 2013. This year is a new beginning. And era of sony phones! :)!

  • Xperian

    But I still want bezel-less smartphone from Sony.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Xperia S was actually great on GB. ICS hasnt been that godsent you know. The updates actually more or less destroyes how the phone works, except the 2011 phone. On those it was really good my opinion. But Sony hasnt release more than one global update for the Xperia S, and it still has really annoying bugs like Camera issues. So in a way I sometimes wish I didnt upgrade to ICS on my XPERIA S. So this arguing that the phone has to have to latest OS. Hell no! Thats not true. What the phone needs is a OS that works.

  • You can downgrade your device at XDA.

  • mauricegerald


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  • shubhs108

    Sony are finally getting their act together with marketing strategy releasing two region specific phones is in my eyes a much better way to go I really hope the odin comes to the uk as the usa always gets the better looking devices :)

  • Rune Christiansen

    What’s with the punctuation?

  • Raphael

    there was no feminine factor in the “arc form”, at least according to Sony designers :

  • Ashua

    Sorry some times when I am typing quickly I tend to make mistakes sorry for the punctuation.

  • Nasar Khan

    Can Xperiablog please clarify what handset will come to what market…

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  • i could never understand this updates, i just need one working phone for any situation, anyway i will buy another phone after two years.why to update software ,just meaningless


    Are you referring to the bottom right camera? lol

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  • “Feminine curved crap”? Get out. Now.

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  • Dozy

    Why everyone think zl for USA

    It’s not like T and TL why it’s not like S and SL

    And I think z for east Asia nD this for global

  • dozy

    An evidence for my words
    No AT&T or verzion on the device maybe on the back but the carrier is not on the screen

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  • jag

    “As for the Sony Xperia ZL (on the right), it’s said to be the Japanese technology company’s rumored Odin handset, which sports a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7227A CPU, an Adreno 200 GPU and a resolution of 480 x 320. It runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.”

    -7:00 PM – January 2, 2013 by Zak Islam – source: Engadget

    i hope this one is not true. xc

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  • i go to buy the xperia z or zl, if they are available this month ;)

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