Sony – Please explain your Xperia naming scheme

by XB on 3rd January 2013

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If there is one area in Sony Mobile’s strategy where we remain thoroughly confused, it is its Xperia naming scheme. Ever since the company moved from its quasi-descriptive naming scheme from the 2011 line-up: the Xperia arc had a concave back, the Xperia PLAY was all about gaming, the Xperia mini was… well mini and the Xperia pro had a keyboard. It was all quite simple and left little room for confusion.

However, from 2012, Sony adopted a naming scheme similar to that used in its broader Sony range. The problem is that using letters of the alphabet does not explain to users what to expect from that particular handset. You could argue that products using letters at the end of the alphabet should be more premium than those earlier. But this isn’t the case with Sony. If you didn’t know anything about the products, you’d think the Xperia U was a more premium model than the Xperia S for example.

Additionally, let’s consider the Xperia Z (Yuga) and Xperia ZL (Odin). Both products have a different design and yet Sony is adding the ‘L’ to differentiate the handsets. If we look to see which handsets the letter L has been added to then it makes no sense why they would be adopting this naming structure here. The Xperia SL, Xperia TL and Xperia VL look identical to the Xperia S, Xperia T and Xperia V respectively. This is not the case with the Yuga and Odin, so once again, we’re perplexed why Sony is adopting its use here.

It makes no sense to us at all. We have to admit, that this confusing naming scheme combined with the sheer number of Xperia models has made us double-check which phone is which on occasion. If we here at Xperia Blog get confused, then what chance has Joe Public got.

What we need is for Sony Mobile to come clean about this naming scheme. Is there any logic to it – or is it really as random as it appears? Sony has so far steered clear of explaining this new naming scheme. However, as we enter 2013 and what is likely to be a continuation of this naming structure, Sony really needs to make it clear what it all stands for.

What do you think? Are we being too harsh here? Can you think of a better naming scheme that Sony should be using? Let us know in the comments below.

  • jjghj

    Nope, I agree, they should at least give a reason for it. 2011 was a great year for Sony Mobile, i’m not just talking about the names either…

  • simon

    Agreed. Its ridiculous.

  • Chemiclus

    Oh oh oh oh and another thing…
    They could just not make a bajillion phones..:/

  • Peria Shan

    I personally also feel that the naming is quite dumb and there is no uniqueness associated with it. A proper name as in 2011 Xperias or other brands do it, is the way to go. This naming scheme adds no value to device when u recall it like ” S was a really good phone”, sounds odd!
    What i would also prefer for Sony to do is a make a series with same name and release sequels like Galaxy S or Galaxy Note series, it adds a lot of value, good for marketing and builds anticipation for the next device in series. I for one wanted Sony to release Xperia Arc II.

  • mikecamimo

    You are 100% correct. Firstly I think Sony has way too many models. Secondly, yes their naming scheme is just plain confusing. I struggle to work out which is the best phone for me when there are just sooooo many models to choose from and the naming scheme or lack of advertising doesnt make it clear. Everyone knows that the Samsung Galaxy S 3 is Samsung’s top end phone, Sony need to do something to make it clear to the average Joe which phone is their top end phone.

  • Ashua

    so how come it works well with the Vaio laptop series then it seems to work well for them ?

  • xperialover

    so zl and then what? xperia a ? nice, “a” comes after z good job sony !

  • Someone

    first I wish I could memorize what products they released in 2012, then I would think about asking why they named them like this -_-

  • solidpig

    I think they’re following the naming scheme for their Vaios, hence following that one Sony thing. But, I never did really understand that either.

  • Honestly, I’m sick of the whole “S” thing. I honestly don’t get it. What happened to cool creative names? Companies are just slapping an “S” to the end of every product name. Also yeah they seem too arbitrary and minimal for a company whose designs I usually admire.

  • Hallon

    I’ve told it earlier here, but a laptop is entirely different product group. When people look for a laptop, they have specs in mind, and look for photos of the design. For phones, the specs are much less obvious.

    Keep in mind though, that the laptop market seems to be changing too, with names like ‘Zenbook’, ‘Series 5’, ‘Envy 15’. Once again, Sony seems to be missing the boat.

  • Hallon

    I sincerely hope a marketing manager of Sony reads this.

    “If we here at Xperia Blog get confused, then what chance has Joe Public got.” Perfectly described.

  • Wixou

    Less Product More quality and better name plz

  • azmadu

    This is why Android based phones suffer so badly. You want an IPhone, sure, what colour would you like they’re both the BEST!

    With every other device out there no one knows which is best (even HTC are struggling with their naming convention) and if you want bog standard guranteed updates then you have to stick to Google Nexus.

    You guys aren’t being too harsh, you’re not being harsh enough, but ultimately it’s a moot point so why bother asking them. If they use names like Yuga and Odin and so forth then I think people will accept this and be able to judge which phone is ‘best’ at that time, but because they are based on an OS which they do not control, none of them will ever be best and therefore buyers need to just get the one that they like at that time regardless of OS version or upgrade path.

    My 50 pence worth…!

  • Vahid Majidi

    everyone can see this naming method is wrong, except sony!
    2011 lineup had perfect naming…
    sony wake up plz! we cant choose which model is which:(

  • RipperZ

    I’m waiting for the Xperia GT-R, twin turbo model. Why not, just name them like cars.

  • Michael Hofmann

    They should use the same strategy they use for their Vaio range (and stick to it).

    E is Everyday with stand-out style – Budget (Xperia E/ Tipo/Miro)
    T is Responsive with all the interfaces you need. – Premium Budget Sector (Xperia U/J)
    Z is Fast and super thin for absolute mobility – Midrange (Xperia P/Sola)
    S is Slim and light for great portability and performance – Premium (Xperia S/V/T)

  • Michael Hofmann

    It’s all car manufacturer’s fault, they started it. Mercedes S, Audi A.., BMW X.., Peugeot 3..

  • SonyFan

    lets start a competition

  • Michael Hofmann

    Just use Google’s naming strategy,
    Sony Xperia 4, 5, 10 etc.

  • SonyFan

    and what if you have two phones which are 4″?

  • The Sony Xperia Also 4.

  • James Earley

    Tell me about it, I’m very confused. Initially it appears the later in the alphabet, the higher end the phone but while T is better than E, T is also better than U. Then they go and chuck in completely different names like Miro and Tipo just and to confuse everyone that little bit more. Congratulations Sony, my brain just exploded.

  • James Earley

    Sony shouldn’t need two 4″ phones! Sony UK currently has 8 smart phones to choose from and they will soon be joined by the E and V. Too much choice!

  • Asa

    Xperia 4-1, Xperia 4-2 etcetc…

    ..joking obviously >.>

  • Bertil

    I Totally Agree. They do Great Phones – but the naming and branding is a Total Disaster..!! – NO way to find out which phone is which – or what to pick – or expect – and the sonymobile site does NOT have a comparision function either – which makes it even harder / More impossible..!! (Previously – in the SE days – the names were pretty clear – and you could always compare several different phones in an easly listing on the site – but now it’s all gone.. )
    Really hope Sony will improve this in 2013 !!

  • Alex Ruiz

    Maybe Sony must release 9 phones. For example: Xperia V, Xperia V Medium, Xperia V Small; Xperia T, Xperia T Medium, Xperia T Small and Xperia Z, Xperia Z Medium, Xperia Z Small. (Obviously with another size names). This way consumers could differentiate and Sony could provide better software support and offer a good range of design.

  • mabz23

    I actually think its a good idea that they are using letters to name phones, it should stop them goin crazy and releasing 50 phones at once and running out of letters. Its like a leash for them, just hope they dont start using numbers coz then even Sony would forget the names of their own phones.

  • rrw

    well one way to look it is that Sony try to make all of their phone look “equal”.

    Think this way. say a customer walk in and look Xperia S, V, & Z. they will think “Hmm all of this look similar except for their price, spec, and appearance. oh well i just buy which suit my need and budget”

    while if they see S3 and S3 mini. they will think “Clearly S3 mini is inferior. i dont want to buy inferior phone. gotta buy best one!”

    Of course we talking about general customer not geek one

    Basically it give sense that Xperia have phone for everyone instead being “you have to buy this one phone!”

    Of course i agree Sony need to have better and more slimline naming scheme. but at least is not as bad as HTC -_-

  • Alaa

    we need from sony to change name to :
    S1 – S2 – S3 – S4
    T 1 – T2 – T3 – T4
    ats very nice

  • Alaa

    we need from sony to change xperia name to name to :
    S1 – S2 – S3 – S4
    T 1 – T2 – T3 – T4
    X1 – X2 – X3 -X4 :

    ats very nice

  • Samuel Serafim

    agreed. The last we know was: U= You. S=super, E= Student; J= Young; V=vanguard, etc…
    But im not sure.

  • Diablo_666_2

    Yes, indeed it’s kinda confussing, at the end, comes to wait for Sony…

  • MyLive

    i like 2011 naming better than just an alphabet, so i think Sony should use phones code name as it’s official name.. xperia yuga, odin, etc sounds unique and distinct..

  • Shakira

    strange crazy sony marketing strategy.. i am all confused as well because everything is mixing up… how much do they need to invest in order to create and manufacture a new model which varies slightly to the previous model. Sony, just invest in one or two great all-inclusive phones and you got it. Otherwise it is a headache. Disappointing!!!!!

  • Sony should just only release 3 models per year, one for the budget-range another for the mid-range and another for their Flagship model. The rest are to be given away like UPDATES WHICH IS A VERY PARTICULAR WEAKNESS TO SONY.

    Blackberry, iPhone and Nokia can give updates to their phonest and how come Sony can’t?

    I bet if they will use this kind of scheme it is fairly easy for Sony to manage and then many people will buy their products and perphaps they could surpass the sales of Samsung and LG.

  • Ramy Ayash

    Does the Galaxy S3, Optimus G, iPhone 5, Nexus 4 make any sense? No, but they all sell well.

    In my opinion it’s all about marketing.

  • Nexus 4 makes sense, since it’s the 4th nexus phone, as the same for galaxy s3.. DAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!

  • Scorpio

    they must be having the roulette naming scheme. “the first letter that comes out is for our flagship.”

    then the piece was blurry and not legible

    “okay folks lets just call this xperia A. To the next phone! spin the roulette guys.”

  • Crispim

    Sony need a definitivy name and the true Xperia “flagship”. Like PSP, Vita and Playstation 2 and 3.

    The true flagship adding value to brand. Iphone is Iphone (3G/3GS/4/4S or 5), Galaxy S is Galaxy S…

  • Nope, its the 5th Nexus. G1, Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4

  • Or use the same naming scheme as Apple.
    Xperia 4 -> The new Xperia 4

  • AsadMulla

    I have given up trying to remember all the different models and names. I only take note of the one I want and forget about the rest.

  • I think Sony should use the prototype name as the official names. Xperia S was Nozomi, T was Mint, etc. Yuga and Odin sounds nice, Xperia Yuga, Xperia Odin. I’m sure they can since there is still Miro, Tipo

  • rafi

    Wow even a name bother that much? As long the spec suit my need i dont even care what alpabet it will have. Cause i will just mention “xperia” when friends asking “whats device on your hands?” :-)

  • Ulises L.

    Xperia Odin sounds badass enough for me, you’re right

  • Xperia Lima

  • skrug

    And what about Nexus 7? and Nexus 10? Are they the 7th and 10th nexus phone? lol

  • Nexus 4 for 4.- inch screen then, as with Nexus 7 for its 7 inch screen and so on.

  • I would so buy that.

  • I know. I’m saying that because he said that Nexus 4 is the 4th Nexus

  • Khanh NPQ

    I think the naming of the 2011 are cool, and self-explain. Xperia Ray, Arc were named based on their side-shape, for example… The 2012 naming isn’t interesting and confusing. Xperia Ray is my favorite of all the Xperia’s so far

  • CS Lee

    yea, they should. i’ve been discussed this naming thing with my friend long ago while they do the same to their laptop and tv series as well. very confusing!

  • Khanh NPQ

    If only they could combine all the S, P and U into one (size of the S, body material of the P and colorful bar of the U) and call it Xperia Lumia, it would outsell the GS3 lol!!!

  • Khanh NPQ

    Couldn’t agree more, I think it’s one the things that made the 2012 so forgettable. People recognize the S/P/U but really have no idea what they are and what they’re called. And I do notice one thing, the Xperia P attracts more “wow” attention than the S, even though it’s a lower ranged model. People asked me what it is, I said “Xperia P”, and they’re like… whatever!

  • Keon Fraites

    Maybe just me but SL TL are LTE where S and T arn’t maybe the L for those models stood for LTE?

  • Khanh NPQ

    Xperia Lumia will outsell Lumia 920
    Xperia S4 will outsell Galaxy S4

  • aligamz

    You got it right for TL. That’s not the case for SL, though. SL is just an S with a slightly faster processor.

  • Quark Gluon

    Agreed! In fact I wish they would release Xperia Ray 2 with today’s sony technologies.

  • Alvin

    Xperia AXE, Xperia PLAY II, Xperia HD, Xperia Arc Advance, Xperia ME ( means Multimedia and Entertainment )… or more…Everyone…?

  • thiru

    Another problem with Sony. Pls ask xperia blog. In olden days C denotes cybershot and W for walkman and T for slim mobile. But for Sony named C for xperia E and E dual. They still confuse. If they named arc 2, Ray2, mini2, then it ill be nice.

    am using Ray and still am waiting for SX international.

  • Alvin

    Yes…SL is just refreshed S with Newer OS ( Because in that time S is still 2.3.7 ) and Upgraded processor, and also more colorful option….

  • isnt Xperia miro and Xperia tipo were another case, rite guys? hmm..

  • Alvin

    Xperia Tujuh

  • Alvin

    But VAIO range naming also confusing…

  • I’m agree. I think Sony smartphone are the best but they have problem with their marketing (same for HTC). When we talk about Samsung everyone know their high end phone is S3 but for Sony is it Xperia S, T or TX. Sony should learn from Samsung and Apple marketing strategy.

  • amsaKANNA C

    Waiting for that awesome moment. Ray is the best model ever

  • Haris

    There is something MYSTERIOUS about their strategy name something that will surprise us…

  • st xperia

    Xperia ellis, xperia royal, xperia air, xperia thermo, xperia freedom, xperia mild, xperia venom, xperia volt, xperia xentric, xperia leon, xperia bay, xperia lite, xperia mass, xperia rio, xperia flaz, xperia destiny, xperia quest, xperia crown, xperia gold, xperia quinn, xperia ice, xperia titan, xperia steel, xperia trinity, xperia magic, xperia tube, xperia mix, xperia style, xperia king, xperia instinct, xperia faith, xperia diamond, etc. Its so simple.

  • r41nier

    VAIO’s current linup

    VAIO Z – Flagship Line

    VAIO S – Midrange

    VAIO T – Midrange Ultrabook (Slim)

    VAIO E – Budget

  • st xperia

    Xperia ellis, xperia royal, xperia air, xperia thermo, xperia freedom, xperia mild, xperia venom, xperia volt, xperia xentric, xperia leon, xperia bay, xperia lite, xperia mass, xperia rio, xperia flaz, xperia destiny, xperia quest, xperia crown, xperia gold, xperia quinn, xperia ice, xperia titan, xperia steel, xperia trinity, xperia magic, xperia tube, xperia mix, xperia style, xperia king, xperia instinct, xperia faith, xperia diamond, etc. Its so simple.

  • doraemonboi

    Z series has always been Sony flagship. Vaio Z.

  • doraemonboi

    If Sony want to use letters, they should be like, Xperia E, Xperia S and Xperia Z.
    Than Xperia E 2, Xperia S2 and Xperia Z2 and so on.
    Xperia E, their low end
    Xperia S, Mid Range
    Xperia Z, Flagship.

  • It arouses potential customers’ curiosity to find out more about the phone :D

  • ballad

    The name Xperia is derived from the word “experience”, and was first used in the Xperia X1 tagline

  • Xperia UPS? (at least, if you get it from newegg)

  • Benjamin

    I don’t agree. I like the letter naming, but it’s true that they should put more logic to it.

  • E for economical, S for standard, Z for zOMG-I-Must-Have-It. The difference is those are series as opposed to individual models.
    There’s not much to differentiate laptops, but the naming system helps. (Ever try configuring two models exactly the same to figure out which one gets you a better price for the same specs?) For phones on the other hand, each model is distinct, and the naming system has the opposite purpose of converging different models. Samsung’s Galaxy S series would be a good example were it not for the ridiculous number of carrier-specific variants.

  • +1

  • +99999999999999999999

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  • Xperia S addict

    What about Xperia B-M-W??

  • i think they should Promote the Xperia Name rather than the alphabets…. i mean like Samasung has Galaxy and LG has optimus and HTC has ONE… so Xperia S series or Xperia Pro series seems like a better idea cuz pretty soon sony will run out of alphabets…. I was hopeing that Xperia T would be named XPERIA BOND!…however id prefer the name Z over YUGA

  • i have a F series Vaio…..and i understand its the mainstream multimedia and gaming notebook…. but witht he nameing going with xperia phones… i ( a sony fan) am confused… i was hopeing they will set standards…. like XPERIA S series for high end XPERIA V series for mid range and Xperia U series for Budget…. Xperia T should have been Xperia S+ or Xperia SII and Z should be Xperia SIII…… also i dont get it.. Why does sony launch soo many phones to beat their own offerings… i mean Xperia T was a slap on the face of Xperia S owners… even now.. who would want to buy a xperia J if they have a Xperia Sola… Sony really needs to Find a new brand name.. like they have vaio for laptops with series… similarly i like the “XPERIA ” name but they need a series not just alphabets… cuz as i said before they will run out of alphabets soon

  • Mozole

    aside from the letters, i would like sony to introduce a new line of is old and remains from the sony ericsson days, would like a new cool name in the future.

  • adonis.warrior

    they should keep giving names of greek/hindu myth gods… like odin… that suits more and ppl would know better about other cultures tooo

  • Paul

    The Ray was just a smaller version of the old flagship Arc, same specs except +front facing cam -hdmi output.
    I agree and also would love a small version of the current (or coming) flagship.

    This madness with bigger phones every year has to stop. Especially if Sony keeps the same old playback capabilities like in the V (H.264 High Profile Level 3.2). What is a 1080p screen good for when the phone itself can only decode 1280×1024?

  • Purnama

    Xperia stand for Xperience/Experience and thats really true giving user more experience using xperia

  • Khanh NPQ

    They already tried it. Its the Xperia SX (Japan only). Basically mimic the Ray/Arc pattern, GX is a smaller version of T (or GX in Japan), with almost identical specs. But the design just couldn’t top the Ray’s. The Ray didn’t do well internationally, that’s why they keep the SX local only, they released the crappy J instead. Its a shame the Ray is so underrated, its the most beautiful looking phone ever , front to back, that half-moon button, the aluminum ray-of-light side frame, … So elegant looking, especially the gold n the red.

  • candra buwana

    make 3 different code, High End Product – Middle Product – Low End Product

  • Emre

    No more Sony , No more Xperia. I’ll sell my Xperia S couple of months later.

  • DragonClaw

    But Arc, Neo, and Ray also was cool, and did not allow for a general customer distinguish phones as inferior or superior from the name itself.

  • DragonClaw

    No. It would turn out to be funny. I have an Xperia Yuga. Sounds as bad as saying I have a Galaxy Young. It’s cool till code-names. Not beyond.

  • Mozole

    i get that, but the name of the line doesnt add to the phones, its there to attract people and getting known for that line in my opinion, hence i was saying that i’d like to see a new name since they are not sony ericsson anymore. or another line next to xperia.

  • Hell yeah!

  • roeshak

    This article is a pure waste of time. Nomenclature is the least of their worries.
    How is naming ever going to explain anything.
    How do we know the galaxy s is Samsung’s flagship model and the ace it’s mid range offering. Because Samsung told us so and the spec sheet. From the name you could also conceivably infer that the ace was the flagship as ace usually means excellent.
    Sony’s problems can be summarised in one sentence……..’ do better with android development’. Sony’s fan base is dwindling while android popularity is rapidly increasing.
    Sony need to offer the best android experience they can and that’s it. Do that and we’ll all see their market share rise exponentially.
    They are doomed to failure if they just focus on fanboy phones and ignore the wider community. The Sony fan is a dying breed and Sony will die out with them if no improvement is made.
    Samsung have gone from relative minnows to one of the foremost electronics manufactures in a very short space of time. And all this they have achieved off the popularity of android.

  • sony should’nt, then it’s like samsung s1 s2 s3 s4..

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    it would be better if they used code names itself as real names for handsets……i think odin and yuga is much better than z and zl…

  • trowfd

    Presumably words like arc don’t have the same meaning or don’t exist in every language so its safer to go with letters. There’s nothing wrong with letters except they should use the same letter for every phone of each segment. Like the Vaio. E, F, S and Z.

  • Ray

    Yea I find it meaningless, but does S means speed, style, superior?

  • I’m so much worried about the issues with their screens:

  • I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Although I have to say, it’s much better than other Asian brands that just do the whole serial number crap…

    “Now, the new XTR-3400-A-4.1!” (WTF?!?!?)

    Sony’s nomenclature is not good… but it’s a SMALL step in the right direction.

  • absolete

    RB26DETT powered, with a flashed ecu :P

  • Sami Dawood

    Sony CES 2013 Live:

  • Xperia Napaled


  • Alvin

    Xperia salebaud… xD

  • Ri

    That’s a great idea man!

  • dude, the G1 didn’t count as the first nexus…

  • Or just call it Xperia 4, and rename the previous Xperia 4 to “The Handset Previously Known as Xperia 4”.

  • paul4id

    They should return to the 2011 naming scheme and keep the same names between years as is done in the car industry (e.g. 2013 Xperia Arc etc.).

    I’m waiting for Sony to make me a 2013 Xperia Pro.

  • fried_egg

    Just reminds me of Samsung and the “Omnia” brand. Was said to be the flagship, on a w6.1 o/s, then it appeared on a symbian o/s, before going back to windows, but at the same time samsung had 300 different names and the galaxy S had become “the” flagship name, which left omnia as a brand with no o/s or quality trend.

  • Wax

    I have made a turn on Sony Mobile website… For some models… I’m pretty sure of the meaning… But as you may know, only a Sony employee can answer our questions…

    S -> Experience everything in HD –> Screen (Also heard on the Youtube presentation video)
    P -> An ultra-bright viewing experience –> Pure
    U -> The Sony powered smartphone that’s all about you –> You
    T -> The ultimate HD experience –> Tiny or TV… (quite difficult this one….)
    J -> Big screen entertainment in a slim Android smartphone –> ???

    After that… I agree the naming convention is a nightmare…

  • Wax

    E –> Easy (Created to be simple)….

  • Nek0

    I think Sony will stop using letters after “Xperia” with Z and ZL. I mean, they already used a lot of letters! (E, S, SL, V, J, T, TX, U, P, Z, ZL). I also agree that the naming scheme of 2011 was awesome, they definitely should use something like that again.

  • Purnama

    yeah… I just like the Xperia name but not last name…

    the name scheme does not stick on people mind or catchy…
    most of user don’t know Xperia T, they just know the Bond phone…
    or Xperia P they just know the aluminium one… they just use codename like Xperia Yuga, but in the end it became Xperia Z…

    maybe they have their own reason and philosophy..

  • Nico

    Sony xperia alpha ..

  • yes will be BUT there’s no logic in one letter scheme. I mean, you see a Xperia S and Xperia T, which one is better? and Xperia P?

    You must read and compare the specs to discover the differences between them, isn’t like the cars.

    The main problem is when the Xperia T is in the market and you want to launch one better model you must use other higher letter, Z. And after? What can you do?.

    I think they must use the Samsung scheme, S1 S2 S3; T1 T2 T3 or maybe the double letter like in japanese market. GX AX VL SX. But, Xperia S2 can be confusing with the korean brand…

    From Sony will also use the HTC naming system, but with more luck than them. I mean in example Xperia X Anna; Xperia X Angela; Xperia X Rachel or Xperia Odin S; Xperia Odin T; Xperia Odin P… When was the ancient brand, Sony Ericsson the names were also easy, and were not any problem in this. The options can be unlimited.

    I was thinking that they will use greek letters, alpha, beta,… omega and so on with a number, it will be useful to make a difference between the low-end and high-end models… Or at least I think so.

  • sudah..sudah… :v

    Xperia Dust (terinspirasi dari lagu butiran debu :v )

  • Alvin

    iya deh, ntar kita dituntut orang lagi, gara2 pake bahasa sendiri, hehehe…
    Xperia Half Me ( terinspirasi dari lagu separuh aku ), *eh

  • Diego

    My oppinion:

    Flag ship should be cool with letter & series: Xperia Z – Xperia Z2 – Xperia Z3 (ZL – ZL2 – ZL3) for 1st half of each year. Xperia V – Xperia V2 – Xperia V3/ T – T2 – T3 for second half.

    Mid-tier & entry level can go well with specific names: Xperia Sola, Xperia Tipo, Xperia Go, Xperia Miro, Acro S are all easy to remember for Joe Public.

  • Ahmo

    you alright.. agree 100%

    Xperia naming scheme !!!!!!!!!

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  • Lee

    Scrabble tiles…. That’s what they use to choose the letter for the phone. I’m waiting for Xperia Q

  • Maesapraba Pande

    .. and Xperia ML.

  • Gum Bubblr

    It’s the same idiocy when it comes to their camera line: F5, F55, F65, FS7, FS700, A7, A7II, A7S, A7SII, A7R, A7RII.

  • Jarl Gaute Vartdal

    I have to say i am currently still confused over the names. I am planning to by phones to my kifs for christmas by the confusion over what is a good model an what is not have left me to look at the prive only. Dont knof if I buy an old cheaper premium og a fairly new mid/low end phone… what a mess. So much easier with Iphone og Samsung. Yes even Microsofts phones are easier to understand.

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