Sony Xperia weather widget stops working; AccuWeather looking for a fix [Update]

by XB on 3rd January 2013

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Dozens of reports are emerging that Sony’s stock weather widget for Xperia handsets has stopped working. It appears that a network error took place yesterday, not allowing any refresh of weather data. The widget is currently display a “No network connection” message for those who already have set a location. Users trying to add new locations are met with a “Location not found” error message.

Sony uses AccuWeather to provide the data and the latter appears to acknowledge the issue, although there is currently no timeline for a fix. The widget still appears to offline as of writing this post and is affecting all locations worldwide. There’s nothing users can do right now, apart from sitting tight and waiting for the issue to be resolved.

Update: As mentioned in the comments, the issue now appears to be fixed.

Thanks Zeke!

  • Cheng

    I thought so… I was wondering yesterday if its my connecton. good to hear its the servers’~ now hoping they fix it soon~~

  • I always had this problem

  • MyLive

    fiuhh.. No wonder.. I thought my tipo dual start malfunction.. wating for a fix

  • Like here the same!

  • Robert Caldecott

    First Timescape Facebook integration and now this? What a joke.

  • Me too, since 1st January 2013

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    OOKKKK….so thats why i could not set location to Delhi….i thought it was a problem in my phone…..

  • move to, Sony!

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    dude timescape fb works for me…

  • Someone

    Could it be like what happened back in 2011 with iDevices, alarm stopped working on the new year :s

  • My XS too. I dont know since when this problem. Waiting for fixing.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Doesn’t work from yesterday 8 am, and Sony Support acting as usual “make phone reset”

  • Someone

    I didn’t know a phone reset will fix someone else’s server issues :P
    I might try it out ^_^

  • Feanor

    Widget doesn’t work on my Xperia P since yesterday but strangely enough the equivalent widget on my Xperia Tablet S works fine. It’s a different widget but it still draws info from AccuWeather. So, im not sure the problem lies with AccuWeather.

  • amr

    Me 2 I have same problem,,

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo
  • Robert Caldecott

    Try updating your FB app to v2. This breaks Timescape. Check the official Sony forums as there are lots of people having this issue,

  • Larkspeed

    ok yes the best way to fix a server problem is move to an inferior service…. not.

  • zdanee

    At least this time Sony didn’t leak any credit card nubers… or did it?

  • my timescape and weather both malfuction,sad my favourite widget all cannot use

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  • zack

    this happen everyday in India it will not work and then you have to refresh it

  • Anon

    Could anyone explain what RealFeel is, it asked me whether I wanted it or not so I ticked it, but what’s the difference, if you don’t click on it, would it not give you the temperature or show if its cold or warm ‘it really feels’?

  • Jacobs

    using a smartPhone doesn’t mean that person using it should be really dumb.
    Oh gott, I never thought that RealFeel is a rocket science.
    Anyways, it just means what the temperature ‘really’ feels like which may be less or more then measured temperature depending on various factors like snow, wind, rain, sun, etc.

  • If they say that they are aware of that issue, its their issues

  • zackNotIndianName

    hehe, get a better internet connection on your phone, there was no problem with it until last year and there is no problem with weather widget specifically India as well :)

  • i was thinkimg its only happened to me..
    so ill waiting for the fix

  • no_name

    I thought the updated launcher messed it up as I tried it yesterday and coincidentally accu weatherwidget stopped wprking.oh well let’s just wait for the fix.

  • Really? mine works well here

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  • SonyFan
  • APai

    haha, in another world, nearly every problem from broadband lines to other issues – the standard fix for the support team would be “restart windows” :)

  • Anon

    But why should it vary from measured temperature? Shouldn’t the measured temperature be correct?

  • paspals

    it’s the sonyllenium bug….

  • Paarth

    same here it has started since new year!!!!!!!!!

  • fei

    how come my timescape no work also?

  • Norio24

    Actually I did a factory reset because my phone was slow and even reinstalled my Xperia S’s software but nothing changed !! The bug is still there !!

  • Alex Ferdean

    I thought I did something wrong. Nice to see this info here.
    Also, can anyone tell me how to use this widget with other launchers. I can’t see the Sony widgets in custom launchers.

  • AnP

    Even I thought something was wrong with my phone or network. Hope the problem is solved soon. It’s annoying to see NO NETWORK CONNECTION!

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  • Back up and running now it seems!

    Xperia S Firmware .55 France

  • Pumafan

    Yes its fixed just now! (You dont realize how much you need it till its gone)

  • Long

    Still work for me, in Hue, Vietnam

  • In Portugal is now working! :D (Xperia S)

  • Kam

    It’s working now again. (Stg, Germany)

  • P9vutha

    I don’t have this problem anyway, jist normal.

  • Chielectric

    Seems to be working now

  • Nek0

    I have FB v2 and it’s still working.

  • It is working now (Xperia S)

  • Anon

    Seems to be fixed now…

  • Dennis Krause

    Here working too!!! (Xperia T)

  • adnewey

    now finally work!!

  • Nek0

    Mine stopped working 2 days ago. Right now I checked and it’s working again.

  • Ba

    It’s back guys ;)

  • Asa

    Widget is working again as of now.

  • Xavier

    The widget working just now…Here in Hong Kong using Xperia S 4.0.4

  • It works now!

  • yes, working again!! xperia S from hk

  • Mine works again! :)

  • Putra

    Mine is normal..

  • TrickyNishidake

    Hmmmm, mine wasn’t working yesterday, seem okay now.

  • TrickyNishidake

    There’s multiple variables that factor in to how the temperature actually feels like to the human body like humidity and wind chill.

    Google can also explain it to you if you want.

  • starbearer

    Doesn’t work for me on my Xperia S with FB v2

  • Purusharth Dwivedi i checked and can confirm that “it does not work with fb v2″…..says”could not update from facebook”…

  • shubzz

    Hey itz fixd up guyz
    Now itz back 2 perfect

  • pavel

    it works already!!The best weather widget!!

  • This issue is resolved. Just added a new location for a new widget and it actually searched the server to find the state and country of the city.

    I deleted the widget I had previously installed when it stopped working so not sure id the error with ab existing widget is resolved

  • It works fine now… I’m from Romania, if it matters..:)

  • paul4id

    American Accuweather data is rubbish for European weather forecasts
    anyway. Unless you are American, better to use something else.

  • Ramy Ayash

    Its fixed but that’s not the only bug. Timescape is not updating Facebook since Facebook got updated the last time.

  • MyLive

    its working now.. thanks xperiablog!

  • accuweather is often lying about the weather in Russia
    therefore it is unacceptable for me

  • rafi

    The timescape feeds also not working…. :-)

  • Sukhjinder

    Thanks Sony, its fixed for me. Working perfectly fine now. Sony rocks!

  • Cheng

    great to see its working again~ my fav. weather+clock widget ever: simple, clean and LIVE~~

  • It Started working from last night , m using and ,m really happy for it

  • no, you not need to deleted widget and add this widget again, i doesn’t touch this widget sinci its stopped working and yesterday this widget update it self and back normally

  • I thought it has stopped my local area support :P

  • Yeah when it stopped working I thought the widget broke from the update I applied to my phone, so I deleted the widget thinking it would resolve the issue. As it was accuweathers issue, this did not fix it.

    My post was not saying to delete the widget to get it to work.

  • true, on my SXS it didn’t work, but on my Galaxy Note 10.1 it worked like a charm.. both accuweather widgets, but look different.

  • Wax

    Down again today in France it seems…

  • Lovisa Tärnholm

    The problem seems to be back :/

  • Dylan Paz

    I´m sorry but, where can I download this widget?

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