More Xperia Z (C660X Yuga) pictures surface

by XB on 4th January 2013

in Rumours

A few more Sony Xperia Z (C660X Yuga) pictures have emerged and look like they have been taken from a promotional video for the handset. It confirms a number of features of the handset including a water resistant chassis, HDR on videos and photos, a “Full HD Reality display”, 13MP Exmor RS camera, OptiContrast panel and a “Skeleton frame structure”.

One of the pictures on the back surprised us by what looks like a lack of flash. However, we believe this relates to a mirror finish adopted on the back of the phone, which conceals the flash. We know a flash exists as we have seen it in earlier leaks. Overall, the Xperia Z looks like a very sleek and elegant handset and we can’t wait to hear more next week.

Xperia Z pictures

Xperia Z pictures

Xperia Z pictures

Xperia Z pictures

Xperia Z pictures

Xperia Z pictures

Xperia Z pictures

Xperia Z pictures

Xperia Z pictures

Xperia Z pictures

Via Weibo and ePrice.

Thanks Nikko!

  • Jiakushi

    Woooaaaaa, That is really cool photo :D. This will be my next phone :D

  • The cover is in glass, but because of the light it seems to be blue haha

  • ridhwan

    No camera flash????

  • memo

    how it coast

  • Ambroos

    Impressive! This seem to be stills from Sony’s promotional video’s, so we might see one of those appear online very soon.

  • nice !
    this is what i’m waiting for !

  • freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fRzzy

    no shutter key :( fuck you Sony *sosad*

  • Guest

    no there is, check again more carefully

  • Rubenos
  • Hannad Ahmed

    For me, it’s not that big of a problem….Although I always use the shutter key of my SXS and Old Arc, BUT I can become used to the touch on display. I would be totally insane if there is a shutter key but it´s touch sensitive…(Bad English)

  • iPhonesque side shape!

  • afr

    Wow, I love it. I guess it’s time to replace the Xperia S :)

  • JaJa Zoo

    Ugly as fuck! the Xperia ZL looks more beautiful.

  • xperiax10.awesome
  • Really nice phone, but I want to see more news about ZL, my TX is just 3months old but when I saw the leaked image of ZL it made me want to replace my phone that instant..

  • Feanor

    No shutter key… I was so right…. :-(

  • Stupid as fuck! Z and ZL are almost identical

  • these seem to be taken from a cant wait to see the commercial! all i can say is..FINALLY! and im glad were back to physical camera buttons :)

  • “One of the pictures on the back surprised us by what looks like a lack of flash. However, we believe this relates to a mirror finish adopted on the back of the phone, which conceals the flash. We know a flash exists as we have seen it in earlier leaks.”


    I hope ZL to have even thinner bezel.

  • doraemonboi

    Very nice looking phone. I think I will prefer Xperia ZL as it has a thinner bezel. I really have that ZL will be waterproof too. Any idea of the overheating of waterproof phones? Which will be Sony flagship? Xperia Z or Xperia ZL. Lots of questions.

  • lovebmw

    two things that bother me, finger prints and the LTE being not for the U.S. all other countries are just lucky bastards.

  • lovebmw

    they can’t be that stupid, i am sure there is a flash

  • there is a shutter key, as first it is impossible to make ”fast capture” without shutter key and also if you look at 7th picture you see that there is something like touch sensitive key down there.

  • sony_forever

    Samsung just pissed in its pantss!!!

  • And the Xperia V is not yet released here ffs!!! Please Sony hurry up with your releases!

  • ProWeirdo

    Looks great, even more than I expected. Intresting thing is how much space will HDR video (10sec.) take. My Xperia S (a bit hit few months ago) looks MUCH worse than Z, I expected 32GB of space, while I have only 25 to use + the yellow tint issue; they replace bad models only in few countries (not mine) and in other EU countries they say they didn’t hear about this issue. Will Xperia Z have SD slot?

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  • Now time to replace my Xperia S

  • just_being_real

    nice phone! even tho this phone doesnt have a shutter key. you can always program the power button to be the camera shutter key. one of the benefits of android. ;)

  • bkh

    The build quality looks pretty solid. But, I noticed the bezel is quite thick considering it’s a 5-incher – not the edge-to-edge display some manufacturers are putting in there phones now. It will be interesting to see how practical it is to hold/put in pocket.

  • AsadMulla

    I dont want a 5″ phone. I though MY XS was a bit big, but this phone looks amazing and I think I may be on the same boat as you.

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  • nah, this release first before S4, Samsung can copy it any time they want, like what they did with their earlier phones with iphones.

  • chen

    i will buy it if SONY release it on the market right after CES13… i am done waiting for Sony…

  • supposedly mid Feb, and Mid march for odin, cuz its it very hard to make for the size.


    based on the leaked dimension. Odin is smaller than the S3.

  • reptile64

    Wh00t???? O_O I want it yesterday!!!! LOL

  • sanket utekar

    Wait a sec… no LED for photo shots? :O :O :O

  • lovebmw

    dude read the comments! what would we do without you?

  • weeeeooo


  • all qualcom s4 chip has LTE included in their SoC, whether you want it or not. It probably just disable like the Nexus 4 which you can actually activate it. Given that the Z is bigger, they probably also had to fit a separate 3G chip.

  • lovebmw

    but there are those stupid frequencies, no? like lte 3 and 5 works some where but not elsewhere if you know what i mean

  • Aokde Gharra

    one reason why i believe these photos are fake (or partially fake) is because some of them doesn’t show the flash of the camera, which doesn’t make any sense : the back of the phone seems pretty however

  • Ashua

    Now this just shows this year is the rise of SONY and the fact that this coming out early in January is really a good way to start the year with a Bang! ;)

  • Feanor

    The V also has no dedicated shutter key and it’s pretty high end…

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  • Ashua

    The flash is the green light layered on the camera sensor!

  • shivaprakash
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  • They call it fast capture when you unlock the phone from the lock screen and straight into the camera app, and have it set to immediately take a picture, so yes, it can have fast capture with no dedicated camera key.

  • sonyfan

    Finally… Its a Sony.

  • sonyfan

    Now just one advise to Sony.. Dont announce it.. Just Launch it.. and my money is yours.

  • LG Optimus


  • H-R-K

    i think design was great……

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  • sonyfan

    I just cant stand Samsung products.. respect what they have achieved but no love for their products.. believe me i have tried liking them but no luck..

  • harbinger

    really, really dissapointed. Sony has always been at the edge of phone designs and that is what i loved about them…this…this looks just like the iphone

  • Ashua

    Looks like no change In terms of design looks like the note without the button. !

  • kk

    Great build quality

  • Kuksa-

    Looking good but I’m more impressed of ZL.. but I don’t know how the back looks like. What do you guys think will it be glass/glossy too like Z??

  • roeshak

    Somehow I doubt that very much. Sony will always beat Samsung in build quality and design. That’s always been the case. What you need to understand is with android, specs is king. Sony are closing the gap on hardware but are still struggling on software. That’ll give Samsung the edge again. Competition for Samsung will come from HTC. JB 4.1 will seriously handicap all Sony’s offerings this year. Mark my words

  • MoeJoe

    where is the loud speaker? i hope it’s not on the side.

  • where is the camera led light?

  • SONY is a tosser, why the hell would you still use useless tn screen you can even norice on the pic bad wieving angles

  • Dyjin

    the design reminds me of the Iphone 4 honestly. but don’t get me wrong it has a finishing touch of Sony thus with 5 inch display and a New LCD panel they are making now, this phone will be a real “Premium” phone. from quality material to Hardware. Glad sony is doing some right decisions for their 2013 first phone. but i am still mad at their marketing decisions for 2011/2012 phones. =( I still dont know if ill get this, because if i do. well in 3 month they will release a new phone and etc. history repeat itself, what they’ve done with xperia S will happen to this. watch

  • Another I phone 5 different company

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  • awesome

    Please add camera button!!! I don’t need anything else, please!

  • saif

    i think cam/power button will act two in one.there is no point of placing power button in proximity of desired camera button

  • superseiyan

    That one-touch mirroring looks intriguing. But what the hell is a “skeleton frame”?

  • bayernmunchen

    the spects of the phone are unbelievable and plus THIS DESIGN woooww

  • XYZ

    Get the ODIN then….

  • TheLoyalist

    There are different versions of Yuga, for different markets. The C6603 def has à shutter key. No doubt. I think the american version might lack shutter key.

  • Nek0

    Good bye Sony Ericsson logo, that green sphere has dissapeared.

  • Nek0

    I feel exactly the same. Yes, their products are great, but their look and design, that ugly Touchwiz thing covering Android… Well, sucks a lot.

  • gazelle

    camera button makes sony stand out from other manufacturer & with all those monster spec inside, there’s no camera button? fast capture means nothing then.

  • jag

    Gonna wait for it til March!

  • Purnama

    where is the flash???

  • SonyFan

    IT WILL ! :D

  • sonywhy

    without flash :(

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  • Cheng

    The design looks awesome! and everything with dragontail glass! nice man! really looking forward to Sony’s comeback this year!

  • Cheng

    totally agree. The only better design will be S4 which is slightly looking better than their S3 and Note II.

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  • Killing Spree

    my first android was about to be an ace but i dont like their choice of mterials.

  • Killing Spree

    supposedly 2012 was just like a kickstarter for sony. and 2013 will be the year the dragon will kick apple and samsungs butt.

  • Alvin

    Samsung and Apple, Are you ready for just 1 million Galaxy and iPhone sales combined?
    But really, The Design, Camera, And Display ( So far We’ve seen it ) are the best I’ve ever seen in this smartphone, Really, I think I’m dying with Sony now…!
    Isn’t it possible to put the flash inside the camera??? or maybe the flash in this product showing in this video are invisible…?

  • Alvin

    Skeleton Frame…? That’s usually refers to a building technique with a “steel frame” of vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams, constructed in a rectangular grid to support the floors, roof and walls of a building which are all attached to the frame. The development of this technique made the construction of the skyscraper possible.

  • Design, specs perfect. Now what Sony need is extensive marketing like Apple and Samsung did for their flagship product. And they need to release this as fast as they can after official announcement. Dont wait months after hype is died.

  • Alvin

    This is Xperia Blog, not SamMobile…! xD
    But I think, Galaxy S4 which is leaked, better design than S3, but still they can’t beat Xperia Z/ZL for design…. Right..? Because Xperia Z/ZL are very very far far far better design than Leaked, Unofficial, That probably fake S4….

  • Apple itself inspired by Sony’s product. Steve Jobs is huge Sony fans

  • Alvin

    Great design and display doesn’t need the excessive things or like edge-to-edge display….

  • Alvin

    Sony can always sue everyone, but anyone can’t sue them…

  • nadoudidou

    well, it does have a shutter key :) it’s the small key near the bottom side !

  • As sony/ericsson fans from 2003, only this phone really really make me say WOOOWW, this is a super amazing phone.

  • its true, a little shame because it have no shutter key.
    IMHO for a water resistant phone, a shutter key is MUST for underwater photo capture

  • Peng

    Very nice phone especially when turn it to wild screen( scowl), i see 2 speaker as 2 side. like this.

  • Mozole

    Are they hinting at a mirror coating on the back? nice sleek design

  • GregJG

    What’s the screen size? Sexy phone

  • vicky

    i think i m in love!

  • reventon

    are you positive that the Z will have a dedicated shutter key? i would love to have that but i cant seem to locate it from those pictures above.

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  • Beauty outside, Beast Inside

  • Beauty outside, Beast Inside

  • Alvin

    Believe me, Both two products, or one of them have shutter key, if not, you can kill me…!

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  • Alvin

    These people can’t understand if people say things once, even twice, Dedicated Camera button is invisible in the picture, located in bottom of Right side……!!!!
    In “One Touch Mirroring ” picture, you see!!!!?????

  • Alvin

    You’re really really right…!

  • Alvin

    In “One Touch mirroring ” picture, you’ll see that dedicated camera button located in bottom at Right Side of the phone…..

  • Alvin

    But, It called fast capture when the phone immediately takes a picture when you press ” dedicated camera button “, ” fast capture ” is when you want to take a picture without waiting right? You just want it fast, but it’s impossible when it called fast capture your phone doesn’t have dedicated camera button, because if you don’t have it, you must activate your phone, or if your phone doesn’t have camera shortcut in lockscreen, you must unlock your phone, and more confusingly, if you’re activated face unlock/password, you are in a hurry can be angry with your phone for too long just to just open the camera app only…

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  • sony_forever

    You can copy the looks, but you can’t copy the soul!!!

  • And like the Xperia T a sealed, non removable battery.

  • Raphael

    I thought a 5″ was too big. Yet the overall design, the mirror finish with its blue shade look very beautiful and original. I am not sure anymore ^^

  • Alvin

    If you think it is big, then go take ZL, that’s even smaller than GS3…!

  • Alvin

    Removable Battery is not at their era today… ( maybe )

  • Still the question remains unanswered whether ZL will be available globally or not. And what are the main differences in hardware?

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  • ioannisGreeceeeeee

    We Knew about the Fantastic Design from Sony,but we didnt know about that specs!This Phone is really good…!i want to see how big wil be the battery,and the price here in Greece…i want xperia to be my next phone for third time..

  • Alvin

    I will telling all things, not just hardware, ok?

    same things on both Z and ZL : 13 Megapixel Sensor with Exmor RS for Mobile Sensor, Quad Core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 Processor, Android 4.1.2/4.2.1 Jelly Bean at launch out of the box, 5″ Full HD 1920×1080 Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 and OptiContrast Panel,…

    The difference between them : The front camera on Z is located at top of the phone, but on ZL is located at bottom right corner of the phone. Z notification light is standard, located at the top of the phone, but ZL is located at the bottom center of the phone. ZL has smaller form factor and lighter body, but it’s thicker. But Z has bigger form factor and heavier body, but it’s thinner…

  • okay I will.

  • jealous of you. just give me your xperia s :P

  • it has, you can barely see it at the bottom right side of the phone :)

  • it has.

  • yes it has

  • gazelle

    are you sure miss? any source i could view? ‘~’

  • Z

    I think that is a speaker not shutter key..

  • Z

    same with me..very beautiful design..time to partner with Xperia S

  • Z

    It has no speaker at the back of phone..did the bottom right side is the speaker???

  • roeshak

    The xperia zl is the only one that can even tempt me back to Sony becasue of it’s dimensions. If it truly is not much bigger than the xperia s with a 1080p 5inch display, then that would really be tempting. The yuga is the same class as the butterfly and so there’s nothing about it that could make up for the fact that it will always stay one OS behind it’s competitors. Yuga is totally out of the equation for me. With 4.2 like it’s competitors would have, then maybe but as it is no no no no.
    If zl’s dimensions are indeed true, then I’ll give that a look in. Otherwise, it’s HTC all the way for me.
    Sony can keep this phone. It’s a fanboy phone that I don’t expect to sell well. It’ll go the same way as the arc, arc s, and xperia T. Only in the hands of sony fans.

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  • Where is LED Flash?

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  • Alvin

    No, that’s shutter key….

  • Alvin

    Read all comments before you commenting, that’s what we are talking about since 12 hours ago……

  • Raiden

    Sony, hurry up ! and TAKE MY MONEY !

    Samsung you said ? What’s that ?

  • Ashua

    If you love htc so much then don’t Come on this blog then and you don’t Even know weather the device is coming with 4.1or 4.2. And what about the rumored HTC M7 that might be launching on 4.1 then what can you say then? Sony would be on the same level as others in terms of os. So how about you just go to a HTC blog instead of coming giving bad comments on a phones thats not even out yet!

  • Madsham

    Drooling with anticipation, Sony bring it on

  • Xperia V & J are the first to ditch the Green sphere.

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  • Alvin

    Stupid as Fuck! both phones are identical.

  • roeshak

    I can go wherever I like and say whatever I feel. The same goes for you. Neither HTC nor Samsung have ever released a flagship device with an older OS running on it. That’s just the fact. I don’t expect anything different from them this year. Their phones will all launch with 4.2. That’s a safe bet in my opinion. 4.1 was for their 2012 offerings.

    That though as you said would be the biggest boost to Sony Mobile if HTC and Samsung fail to keep up their own high standards.

    For me it’s not really a question of loving HTC. I’ve always had Sony android phones but I’m really pushed to try something else. Unlike you I’m more of an android fan than a Sony fan. Tired of waiting ages to experience the best android has to offer and in some cases missing out all together just like with froyo in those very dark days of the x10 .

    The xperia zl though looks like it’s got something to make up for it’s shortcomings on software which is it’s dimensions. The way I see it why pick Yuga and wait frustratingly for updates that me never come and watch the phone get quickly forgotten about once a new flagship appears later in the year when you can pick either a HTC or Samsung who’d have phones out in the same class, maybe even better speced, and avoid all that crap. Plus they way Sony phones just drop in value is truly worrying.

    I was certain before I saw the zl that Sony was going to have the same type of poor trading year as they had in 2011. The ZL like the xperia S tells a story that’s unique to it. This will carry it over I think. If it’s dimensions are indeed not much bigger than the S, then I’ll even go as far as saying that it’ll be just as successful if not more so.

    Yuga on the other hand doesn’t say anything that it’s competitors wouldn’t be able to say in their own way plus they’ll have the advantage of being more current. In other words Sony should just prepare themselves for sales figures on the same level as that stupid Arc, and it’s descendant the defunct Xperia T.

    Well the merry-go-round kicks off again next. I guess it’s time to take our seats and watch the drama unfold. Will there be a serious challenge to Samsung’s dominance. I desperately hope so. Surely we can’t have another year where another touchwiz device is showcased as the best android has to offer.

  • arcwindz

    Ugly? you must have problems in your eyes lol. I prefer ZL because of its smaller dimension, but Z is beautiful

  • arcwindz

    I hope so, i really hope so my fiend. If i have to wait till April or May, I’d go for nexus 4 instead

  • rs

    You must be indonesian. Jangan lebay dong mas

  • arcwindz

    And Z will got water and dust resistant, and just like Xperia V, it got no shutter button.
    ZL will have that shutter button but got no resistancy, thus the thinner bezel

    ZL rumored to have thicker dimension and heavier instead of Z which will be thinner and lighter

  • Alvin

    Oh god, dammit, i forgot to tell that, xD

  • Alvin

    No, I’m not Indonesian, I’m Indonesian… *ups *eh
    Lagian kesel, nggak pake shutter key….
    Kayaknya di Indonesia bakal diluncurin april yah?? kayak biasanya, pas Arc sama S dulu…

  • Alvin

    Let’s just wait and see in January 7

  • Alvin

    I hope you mean DragonTrail

  • barath

    Killer looks !!! Resembles iPhone a lot though

  • arcwindz

    Zl will definitely be smaller. But the rumored dimension will be thicker than Z. I dunno about the weight but rumours said that zl is heavier, not like that it matters for me though lol
    But it’ll be nice i thicker means bigger & removable battery (hoping so much for it XD)

  • rs

    To everyone that still arguing about the existence of the shutter key: look at the 7th picture of previous yuga leak.
    In my opinion, the pictures above are taken from a video, which usually doesnt have a detail figure of the handset itself. Just look at the old sony ericsson demo tours, they dont render the phone quite well..

  • rs

    Mudah2an. TX aja sampe skrg ga dateng2. Btw arc S kan oktober gan

  • Shichun Zhang

    funny that the only two company that follow android’s software button were Motorola and Sony…

  • pazzz

    No LED flash?!

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  • Another HTC/Samsung fanboy trying to disguise themselves as a (former) Sony fan. Sorry but what a joke…

    And if you really are more of an Android fan and want quick updates to the latest OS then you’d be talking about the Nexus line of phones from Google, not HTC or Samsung. Your lack of credibility is showing…

    Jelly Bean 4.2 was only released in early Dec 2012 so you cannot fault Sony for releasing a phone in Jan 2013 (or a couple months after that) on 4.1. If HTC or Samsung can get their new flagship to market on 4.2 at the same time or earlier than Sony then, only then, could you say Sony is too slow. The real question is whether Sony should should delay the Z and ZL to release it with 4.2, which would mean releasing it at the same that HTC and Samsung release theirs (rumoured to be around May).

    Of course you should expect a phone that’s released a few months later to have better hardware and software than the one before. So personally I think Sony should be releasing their flagship a couple of months after HTC and Samsung in order to get ahead of the technology curve.

    Either way, I hope really Sony succeeds with the Z and ZL. We need another strong competitor for Android.

  • Alvin

    maksudnya, Xperia Arc sama Xperia S, Bukan Xperia Arc S, katanya sih TX Januari….

  • Alvin

    Great Phones doesn’t need great sales…

  • Alvin

    iya, bener tuh, gan, sama, sama opini gw…..

  • Alvin

    Oh boy, I have to be patient in taking care of you

  • Alvin

    You’re right

  • rs

    Use english gan, so all ppl here could understand what we talking about

  • rs

    Oh iya maap salah baca. Email apaan?

  • Alvin

    Email ” The Extraordinary is Coming “, gan. Tapi gw nerimanya ” Sang Luar Biasa Hampir Tiba “,

  • Alvin


  • Oh sorry bro

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  • rs

    Kok bisa dapet? Pernah register apa gitu di sony gan?

  • Yuki

    This is really a good phone and it’s designed by Tokyo team of Sony I guess.

  • Alvin

    iya, hehe, kirain udh register di web nya SonyMobile, hehehe

  • Chris

    I have Sumsung S3 and am very disappointed with the phone. Just can not get over it how plasticy it feels. I can’t wait to replace this PVC phone for real one.
    Sony is back with a bang. Will never ever buy anything Korian again. Ever. Forza SONY.

  • Frank

    Sorry to hear that but I need 5″ due to my job requirement. And buying Sony products I know that is quality built.
    Just can not wait to replace my plastic fantastic S3.
    Sony is back.

  • Looks to be a great phone, I hope US carriers will pick it up.

  • diego

    that phone doesn’t has flash!

  • Im asking the same thing. Maybe creators of the video forgot to put LEDflash on the phone :)

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  • Alvin

    The creator was Sony, they can’t be forgot to put the LED flash, And don’t make me saying those pictures that extracted from video is fake

  • Yes but at least Sony need enough sales to be profitable in this segment. I

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  • reventon_703

    nope. no shutter key

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