Some more Xperia Z pictures to keep you going ahead of this evening’s conference

by XB on 7th January 2013

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In just under three hours time, Sony will reveal all on its latest flagship Xperia smartphone(s). Until then, feast your eyes on yet more leaked photos of the Xperia Z (C660X Yuga).

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Zperia Z Digi Wo

Via Digi-Wo.

Thanks Nikko and xperiax10.awesome!

  • Z or ZL – Which one is it going to be ? Need to see more ZL – Both look super devices !

  • xperia blog whats wrong with you why dont you tell us everything you know we know that you know it all come on too excited

  • Woooooow , sony really knows how to make such an incredibly beautiful design ..

  • Herman

    So slim, so sleek, so superb!

    It’s a must for me

  • daaamn! that’s sooo sexy!

  • I don’t feel excited at all. With the current support Sony can spoil whatever hardware they take care to deliver.

  • TwardyBidon

    This headphones cover is so fucking STUPID idea, dude cmon :|

  • Steve

    It’s my next phone..

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Lemme see a white one O>O

  • ZeroCools

    Been using a bluetooth headset that came with my SE Aino for years now never have to touch the headphone jack ever.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    To be water resistant or not to be water resistant.

  • Xlash Andraid

    *fap fap fap*

  • The phone is water and dust resistant, but it couldn’t be without a cover for all the ports, so no, it is not a “stupid” idea.

  • tymodmyt

    Where the heck is Xperia ZL? We’ve got enough Xperia Z leaked photos, but Xperia Zl is more interesting!
    P.S. This message is addressed to those who take these pictures. Is Xperia ZL not prepared for CES?

  • kurt hinds

    It’s my next phone also! The hardware rocks :-) . :-) .

  • Arnel K.

    OMG…why do sony mask the socket for the ear phone ? the SD and SIM slot could be better design- like opening with a bolt.

  • It’s WaterProof.

  • MyLive

    is ‘thin cam button’ confirmed?

  • Arnel K.

    Thats great. But the masks could be like apple’s sim slot?! they could cancel the ear phone and use wireless for music

  • KinG

    OMG FK AWESOME!!the design is wonderful now we can sure there is a camera button and a flash and one more important thing is there is a microSD!!I don’t care about the battery is built-in or not the phone also perfect already,who say it’s not good enough can go to die!!

  • it looks thin, but similar to the one you can find in the Xperia U, so it shouldn’t be an issue :)

  • Metallica

    does it have a camera button?

  • wtf

    how can it be yours when its gonna be mine lol :)

  • wtf

    shut up and take my money :D

  • I have to disagree, it is possible. Just take a look at this

  • Your are probably right and if so, they have a NDA, which means they can’t reveal to much.

  • but still no has own task-manager and file-manager? I’m so worry about quality of SONY phones design after what happen to Xperia Ars S and other SONY phones.

  • Atlas

    Just watched and SGNL by Sony video and its saying that the battery is 15-16 hrs talktime and 500hrs standby.

  • Quark Gluon

    Xperia Zed!

  • Cp2020
  • Cp2020
  • Ryan Liao

    Sorry but Xperia Z does not have a camera key. These photos owner(Latter 21) has confirmed it. Thin recess seems to be speaker mesh.

  • File manager I understand but a task manager? Since ICS, Android has allowed you to “kill” apps from the Recent Apps screen.

  • End of 1Q? Driod DNA is already 2 months old and probably will be outdated by end of 1Q. Sony should have released this in the next few weeks if wanted to compete with the crappy but hot selling Samsung phones. By end of 1Q, S IV will be too hyped for common customers for anyone to even notice Sony Xperia Z.

  • jag

    nooooooooooOOoO!!! early march to april availability!

  • jag

    Woah!! Hair raising ad!!! Shut up Sony and take my money!!! ^^

  • ersan

    the z is on the official german website. but there is no zl -.-

  • Silverwagon

    No dedicated camera button?

  • xperia Z not have dedicated camera button, look at video

  • Ramon GT

    Pictures? Bah…
    CHECK THE OFFICIAL VIDEOS !! (ten videos)
    (thanks for the tip gtrab)

  • Cheng

    More press and pics for both Z and ZL:
    ZL has no double dragontrail glass and ofcourse no anti-3-resistance as the Z.
    For me Z is the real flagship. The opening scene with the power button is DAMN awesome!

  • Cheng

    More press and pics for both Z and ZL:
    ZL has no double dragontrail glass and ofcourse no anti-3-resistance as the Z.
    For me Z is the real flagship. The opening scene with the power button is DAMN awesome!

  • Cheng

    sorry for double post..~~~~~~

  • jag

    finally… someone appreciated the power button

  • Cheng

    Nope, that little thing is INWARDS, so its a speaker, not a button….this thing is disappointing yah…~~maybe the ZL has…will keep following~~

  • jag

    Ten? Where are the others? I’ve only seen two vids

  • Sony really disappointed me with their 5″ screen … just from a video you can see how bright is the back light which will make black color looks like grey !! and the viewing angle isn’t like HTC Butterfly ! i’m still waiting for a review don’t get me wrong but with a screen like Sony is offering i’m not impressed at all.. and what with the edges ??? it pick dust ! it will become really annoying on the run i mean come on you can do better then that !!! .. the Xperia ZL looks much better then Xperia Z =__=” ..still going to wait for HTC M7 and other device from Sony if non of them impressed me then i’m going for HTC Butterfly !

  • Cheng

    btw, both Z and ZL have the “Stamina mode” feature; which when ON, it will close everything like wifi, notifications when ur in standby mode (locked screen), but ofcourse user-friendliness; you can customize which apps still receive notifications DURING stamina mode. This is a SUPER feature for me as Xperia S user, having to charge 3 times a day~~~~~~ nice Sony!

  • Cheng

    forgot to mention, the Stamina Mode increase standby mode up to x4 times, which is according to those resources 4 to 9 days(!!!!), I suppose 9 is when u do nothing in those 9 days except standby, which is veryyyy long. MAN, Im already happy if it can exceed 1 day with average usage~~~~ ftw…Nice Sony nice!

  • Cheng

    yep ZL has a camera button (while Z) not. I guess because of the water-resistance…

  • nanana

    What do u think bout battery? 2330mah enough juice up 24h data on?

  • well with their stamina mode i think it will be enough … also developers will bring new kernels which will pass 2 days without any problem like my Xperia Arc :)

  • sergy
  • truthurts

    Thats so iphone’ish but hey… Iphone copied Sony’s design.
    This is nice but too big for my lil hand :(

  • Ney

    You call that “great” or “sexy” design?
    I just can’t believe what I’m seeing here. A bunch of mindless “uh oh” comments. You behave like Apple fans. Disgusting.

    I am Sony user since 12 years. I like that power button and phone shape overall.

    What is really ugly in this handset is that strange darkblue-ish shape on its sides. Kind of reminds me of Lumias. Again, one tiny detail which spoils the overall design. Shame on you, Sony.

  • nanana

    Isn’t stamina mode disabling data, is it like xperia p extended mode ?
    And how long it last heavy usage ? Xs just about 2 hours with data on.
    Just wondering if i want change to this phone even It’s nice phone

  • Joan of Arc

    I love Xperia ZL design, is not too tall as Z but what a bity! the ZL’s back is thicker than the Z.

  • Mikko

    One guestion: Where is a speaker? Is the speaker that little hole on the back or on the down right side?

  • Sami Dawood

    HTC >>>>>>>>>> Camera is really Suck !

  • Ameer Zul

    the speaker is at upper from SONY logo. :)

  • jag

    WOW! nice critique here.. each person has his own opinion so don’t mess other’s minds, okay? believe what you want to believe and same with others also.

  • chrismauz

    CES 2013: Sony unveils bath-friendly Xperia Z smartphone:

  • well it doesn’t suck that much it got HDR + burst mode plus taking pictures while playing video so it’s good if it’s not on pair with iphone or S3 quality it not that bad

    and i don’t care that much about camera cause i have my dSLR long it does the job i’m satisfied with it .. what i care is what i’m going to look at everyday and everytime which is the Display if the display is not good then it’s not worth buying it cause there are better screen on the market

  • yah it is but you can customize so that it won’t disable data if you want … well i don’t know if gonna last more then 2 hours with data on..but it’s really strange ..why your phone last only 2 hours?? do you leave your phone open for 2 hours continuously ?

  • Norio24

    I can’t believe this design !! Amazing , Samsung should be confused right now lol

  • Mixed Feelings

    LOVE the ZL’s front and the Z’s back!
    Lothe the Z’s front and the ZL’s back…

  • I can not agree more with you

  • Cheng

    well said. just say what u wanna say and share~~~~~calm down..

  • Cheng

    uh..I thinkt he speaker is where we first thought the camera button is. As that place now is INWARDS not outwards, so it can only be the speaker….

  • Nico
  • xperialover
  • wtf

    its those tiny details that give it the looks :)
    and in one interview a guy from Sony said that all future xperias will have the same button. and now only if operators from Serbia get this beauty :D

  • wtf

    on the official youtube channel u can get all ;)

  • wtf

    Amen my friend ;) well said lol

  • wtf

    we are million miles away from Apple fans lol in behaving that is :) and this design is totally different from Lumias.

  • roeshak

    In that video it looked like the Z has the better design maybe it’s just that I hate white phones.
    Also was it just me or was that guy really struggling to find things to say. Hardly anything new apart from hdr in camera. Very underwhelming.

  • wtf

    there are tons of good file managers in play store :)

  • when i saw the videos on youtube, i was like OMG! SO PERFECT! The song, the voice, the actors, the video, the SMARTPHONE! Love!

    I just want to know about that unlock screen

  • rickiking

    All review sites and blogs, even sony haters are praising this. When can i pre-order?

  • Eugen Hannibal

    I’m going to buy Xperia Z :-)cool

  • roeshak

    ok after watching a few you tube vids of both devices.
    Contrary to they way they looked in pictures, the Z is actually the better looking phone in reality.

    The ZL though has the better form factor. Apart from the software improvements to the camera app, can’t see much difference from their 2012 line up in there. Early days yet so let’s not jump to any conclusions.

    One thing though that’s just so depressing is the use of good old tft lcd panels on both. God that crap just makes the displays look cheap. There’s another video comparing the Z to the Butterfly and the difference in quality was just so glaring. Of course head on the image quality will be equal on both but I think it’s high time Sony adopted ips technology. Sony someone else makes better lcd displays than you do. Just take it like a man and adopt that technology and stop sticking stubbornly to inferior crap because it’s proprietary.

    All in all, I expect these phones to sell reasonably well considering the head start they have. As usual they are presently being compared to 2012 flagships and win out hands down. The question is how they will compare to 2013 flagships from HTC and Samsung. I’ve seen this happen again and again. Sony phones getting high praise at CES only to be relegated to the second tier of high end devices once the other flagships appear. Let’s wait and see.

  • Lythanhong

    Thing is though, the Sony Xperia Acros S does have a dedicated camera button. Which makes me wonder why Sony didn’t implement into Z. I guess it was so that people buy ZL for the dedicated camera button. My logic sounds greedy but it’s a possibility and is quite smart to make the consumer choose between two great devices but with slight differences.

  • surethom

    Nice that it is water & dust proof, but Hate the port covers, I am fed up or opening the cover on my Xperia S.

    Please Please Sony when will you make a proper Android Camera Phone i.e. Cybershot with Xenon flash.

  • Cp2020

    Agree with You here. Don’t like white phones myself but putting that aside, ZL’s materials are not as premium, not waterproof, questionable flap at the back. It is also thicker… Z is the true winner here. ZL has bigger battery tho but only by little. I’m guessing these to smartphones are for different markets. ZL will also cheaper than Z And yes that fella struggles I honestly find it hard to believe he works for Sony [ lucky bastard really got both of them ]

  • lovebmw

    I just think it’s too big you tube siii vs z.. The z makes the siii look small

  • lovebmw

    The design is incredible and buy Isn’t it big? I mean the z makes the siii look small

  • nanana

    i’m wondering why too, using 3g only data on absorb too much power. maybe heat problem? i got 42-46 degree and no deep sleep (cpuspy) if data on since i upgrade new “fake” .45 from pcc. wanna try factory reset but setup phone from zero is awful

  • jag


  • jag

    nice! the last tiime when i saw the power button, this Z really turned me off… but when i saw the vids and good pics of it… wow! it was like a jewel embedded in the phone.

  • I am aware, I was only referring to this phone.

  • Cheng

    btw, Does anyknow, if that bunch of text and logo (CE, 0682 etc.) will be also in the final handset for consumers? I mean..the phone is totally sexy, if the back bottom is also clean that would even better… TBH……

  • jag

    hey… i just remembered!!! i was thinking where i saw the power button design… then when i was turning on my ps vita this afternoon.. i saw the same exact power button and then i realized that it is the same as the one in the Xperia Z! nice huh? ^^

    now im really feeling the “Sony” thing in this new xperia ^^

  • sweetu

    The round power button looks alike xperia Z to china mobile,Sony will re
    think of this power button design,the whole prettiest look of the xperia z is just gone by looking of this button, if you put another design expect to round
    ugly chrome type power button & also best viewing angle/IPS
    technology it’ll be the best smartphone in 5″ screen range.otherwise its shape is really good and seducing. . ..

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