Charging Dock DK26 for Xperia Z

by XB on 8th January 2013

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Sony will launch a charging dock to go along with the Xperia Z on launch. The ‘Charging Dock DK26‘ is just that though, it contains no HDMI out to connect to your television. However, it does let you charge the phone without having to open up fiddly port covers. The design of the dock looks different from past docks and fits in with the boxy lines of the Xperia Z. There’s no pricing details on the dock yet, but we’ll bring you more information as we have it.

Updated: Whilst the official site only has the black dock listed, it looks like Sony will be providing white and purple docks to match your handset. See some pictures in the comments below. [Thanks FlowXT!]

Charging Dock DK26 for Xperia Z

Charging Dock DK26 for Xperia Z

Charging Dock DK26 for Xperia Z

Charging Dock DK26 for Xperia Z

Charging Dock DK26 for Xperia Z

  • David Jay

    Needs HDMI or no point (unless you can still use the MHL splitter.

  • goldenblls

    I hope the price is right. These docks can be quite expensive for what they are.

  • Phillip

    I guess this dock probably like acro s will be free that go inside the box with phone

  • lovebmw

    Oh the z keeps rubbing it in my face… I i think i need to move from us to where the z is sold

  • Ravichandra

    When the Sony Xperia V will be released in India..?

    Thanks in Advance…

  • Tim

    I agree. A dock that does nothing but charge is useless.

  • I’m curious how the charging works if you don’t actually have to uncover the microUSB port.

  • goldenblls

    It has metal external charging plates.

  • chickybits


  • chickybits

    Are we talking about phones or something else?!

  • chickybits

    Of course there’s no HDMI out. They want you to buy a Sony TV that you can do the mirror thing with. Part of the ‘One Apple’ strategy or something..

  • peterfile

    wtf, sony designs are getting ridiculous

  • FlowXT states that each Xperia Z sold in Russia will be bundled with a free charging dock that matches the handset’s color. They’ve posted a few photos and it’s really quite good looking.

    More photos at:

  • Ravichandra

    Thanks for the Reply… But, Did u mean that it will be not releasing in India in future..?

  • lolsomany

    xperia v already release on malaysia last monday

  • lolsomany

    release *in – forgive my bad english

  • I do not know where the MHL-port is on the phone, bu this dock allows charging without the need for opening the protective flaps. Also it’s easy and comfortable to use while it’s charging.

  • surethom

    Not an iphone fan but apple have it right, pre new port every chaging port/dock will fit every iphone/ipod. I wish Android phones, or at least every sony phone would have the ports in the same flipping place so every phone would fit every charging dock.

  • Cheng

    they look good man! I love that without opening charging. thats what I need wth my Xperia S lol..

  • Ch’Baud

    For information : on the french SonyMobile Store, they say this Charging Dock DK26 is included in the Xperia Z package.

    See “Ce que contient le coffret” at the end of capture

  • boosook

    Actually, with DLNA (which is a standard protocol) you don’t need a Sony TV, you can use every DLNA compatible TV, every DLNA compatible DVD/BD player, hard disk based player, 50$ Android-based HDMI microcomputer and so on.

  • boosook

    Even audio out ports would have been useful. With Sony putting much effort on its Music Unlimited service, a dock that can be left permanently connected to an audio amplifier would have been very useful (for me at least).

  • ProWeirdo

    Are you a human or something else?!

  • AsadMulla

    That wont work because it uses the pogo pins to charge and from what I can tell, only 2 pins on the XZ means they are only for power.

  • then you should have bought acro s! exactly the same way of charging in the dock that comes with it!

  • I don’t agree, I want it at my nightstand, to charge it at night without having to open the flap over the micro USB. HDMI would just make the stand more expensive. I can always buy another stand for the living room.

  • Tim

    So you would rather buy two of them instead of consolidating into one, which will definitely be cheaper?

  • Yes, I don’t want to move one around all the time. Also, I don’t plan on getting one with HDMI at all, I just want the charging dock on my nightstand. People who want HDMI can get a dock with HDMI (I’m sure it’ll be available soon), and I can get the one without HDMI and get it a bit cheaper. See my point?

  • AsadMulla

    Yeh. Pogo Pins

  • Rune Christiansen

    Hehe, it looks like a little couch :D

  • Haldi

    Yeah, Bluetooth integrated in the Dock! and then Audio Port. Would be awesome.

  • Haldi

    So it’s not wireless charging?It has Waterproof Pogo Pins?

  • A HDMI dock without charging possibilities would be … not as smart as one with tough. As charging is the main feature with a dock in my opinion.

  • AsadMulla

    Yeh. Metal plates on the phone and spring loaded pins on the dock

  • Cloud_Connected

    I´ve stumbled over your comment right now – you seem to have an information I was looking for: The Xperia Z can do the “mirror thing” with every WLAN/DLNA equipped TV? I tried to get further information on that, but the Sony mobile website is quite unspecific on that topic…

  • Me

    Yeah, apple did it right – lightning connector means thousands of accessories went down the trash… think before you post.

  • I guess the reason sony have not include the HDMI is because they want you to buy their TV with NFC support. No cable required.

  • Jim

    You have Bluetooth on the phone… just turn that on.

  • Does anyone has the charging dock or tested it? Is it possible to charge with the (silicon/gel) cover /case on?

  • Rob

    I am interested in this question also… All cases I have seen pics of seem to have the charging port pins covered

  • Rob

    I contacted Sony mobile team to ask if they can suggest any cases that don’t cover the dock charging ports on phone.. They weren’t interested at all in helping and even suggested they don’t recommend a case with the phone.. I must say I was disappointed with the experience


    Does it suport usb debugging via the dock?

  • Derek

    I found a case that has the charging plates exposed but not sure if the pins are long enough. Going to try it and see

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