New firmware (6.1.1.B.1.75) starts rolling out for Xperia P; coming to other NovaThor handsets

by XB on 8th January 2013

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A new firmware update, version number 6.1.1.B.1.75, has started to roll out for the Sony Xperia P (LT22i). The handset was certified by the PTCRB back in mid-December. The new firmware will roll out to all handsets powered by the ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8500 chipset: the Sony Xperia P (LT22i), Xperia U (ST25i), Xperia sola (MT27i) and Xperia go (ST27i). We don’t know what changes this new firmware brings, so if you’ve updated, let us know in the comments below.

Thanks Manas!


    and Xperia S still nothing…

  • habla

    It’s like Sony is pretending it doesn’t exist

  • adsada_arc

    seriously this is a joke, the Xperia S was Sony’s first half of 2012’s flagship, and yet the amount of updates it has got compared to its Xperia P cousin is ridiculous

    The Xperia P has a whole load of features that haven’t been given to the Xperia S, such as battery % in the notification bar and WiFi Direct etc.

    the jellybean update better bring these, or sorry sony but its nexus devices from here on out.

  • mohammad1233214

    My Sola still GB

  • How many updates did the xperia s get? P h as got 3 updates with this one included. A lot of versions are certified by ptcrb, Few are made available…

  • Someone

    Do you think will do the same for Xperia Z (just like they did to Xperia S) !!
    I have a strong feeling they will do the same …

  • Xperia S will also get % Battery, Wifi Direct and additionally Miracast, the new Task switcher and mini apps… almost like Xperia T…

    If you won’t wait try this ported Xperia T Rom…
    running with Version 7 since end of November and Version 8 since today and it works like a charm… you can install it without wipe anything (look at tips)

  • DJMashup

    Of course they will, Sony design and make some fantastic products but their marketing sucks ass … Prepare yourself for the same trend as last year with top end phone(s) being replaced within a few months and also a huge influx of average phones, probably at least 10 that are virtually identical specs wise just in different boxes so to speak and poor 5 mp cameras no doubt which is bad by today’s standards, considering my C902 from about 7 years ago takes better pics than the U for example.

  • Different teams work on different phones/platforms. It’s not like they all sat down and decided to prioritise one phone over another.

  • Alex Ferdean

    That’s my feeling too! I don’t know what has Sony with Xperia S. It’s like a phone they are ashamed of! Really annoying.

  • adsada_arc

    do you have any sources that say we will get these features?

    thanks for the link, but I have a locked bootloader and am on unrootable 6.1.A.2.55, I am tempted to downgrade to 6.1.A.2.50 to gain root again, but there were a lot of bugs in that release like fast capture not working etc.

  • Alex Ruiz

    Mine too! I can’t even upgrade it to ICS!

  • habla

    and I seriusly doubt it will ever get jellybean

  • Sony-italy-hates-you-no-really

    well, the new 3.0.8 kernel is quite a good news! Won’t buy Sony ever again by the way, not upgrading a 6-months-old phone to jelly bean is just a joke.

  • Andrew.D

    Looks Like They’re Leaving XperiaS Behind With Eveything. The Last Update In Deccember Was Only Dust In Our Eyes.
    Xperia S Was The Xperia Flagship Phone After Ericsson Left The Building. Now It’s Been Almost A Year Since, And There Have Been Other Flagships Of Xperia Phones. I Mean, WTF? Can’t There Be Just One Flagship For At Least A Full Year?
    There Should Be Some Good Updates Coming For The Xperia S Soon. Otherwise Sony Will Have Some Very Dissapointed Users Out There.
    It’s Not Fair, On The Other Hand, Cause Since Xperia S Came Out, There’s Been A Wave Of Xperia Models In Less Than A Year….So Give Us A Break…

  • stop crying for Xperia S having no updates! our XP camera and gps wasnt working properly nor Sound and more that’s why we got updates, your XS works well and doesn’t need updates

  • Markac

    Has anyone actually done this update? It doesn’t seem to be available yet.

  • You realise that most of the Xperia P updates have been to introduce new bugs and fix existing bugs, right? I would rather have a stable ROM than a few extra features that I don’t use.

  • Matthew Cheung

    Same here!

  • Same here

  • Sagar

    I’m get frustrated seeing updates for Xperia P and U. Did you forget about our S?

  • Is it still an ICS firmware? Or Pre-JB?

  • Kedar

    Request sony to release jelly bean for Xperia sola (MT27i) it’s featured smartphone.

  • blitz_arc

    don’t you realise that might be sony just hastely wanna sell all of the ‘sony ericsson based’ design last year. and its final product is the V and T.. So in this year there will be only sony design product. I have high confidence that Sony will never do that same mistake again this year. finger crossed!

  • Zeke

    And here’s me thinking Miracast used 802.11n 2.4GHz for signalling and 5GHz for data transfer, but if the XPERIA S could/can connect /display to a MicraCast certified device, I’d be the first out there doing the happy dance.

  • Just updated using Sony Bridge

  • ics. 4.0.4

  • Mehdi Solamannejad

    Take a look at the screenshot mate. It’s Android 4.0.4.

  • xhsjdfufh

    Well a new update for the Xperia P can only mean one thing for me, an Xperia owner in the UK, and sure enough I’m proved correct. A check for updates this morning reveals a *new* update for my phone – 6.1.1.B.1.54 – which was released last month. That’s right folks, if you’re in the UK, you’re always one release behind. I’ll be expecting 6.1.1.B.1.?75 in a few months time.

  • This is why I think, along with the nasty Yellow tint, camera focusing problems, and fewer updates, the P can compete side-by-side with the S.

  • The XS doesn’t work that well I think, otherwise I agree. But…sound problems? I didn’t notice any O.o

  • there’s always flashtool :x

  • Some of the Timescape bloatwares have been removed, and now I can use the homescreen in landscape mode too (previously I have to use it on portrait only). Some of the widgets doesn’t work now, so I’ve removed them. I guess it’s just the UI update….

  • Tim

    Sony Xperia P still has camera bugs! Half of the photo taken in 8mpx is still black!!! WTF? I couldn’t notice anythin new(((

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  • John

    Sony is fuckin idiot, they released lots of phones last year and this mistake of the past came back to kill them.

  • maleni

    i have problem too on my xperia p

  • maleni

    camero did not fix on firmware .75

  • boosook

    “Oooh! We bought the xperia S and no updates!” So funny to see all these kids whining… :) The xperia S will be the first, and probably the only one in the NXT series, to be updated to JB, and that’s probably why they’re not wasting their time with another ICS update, and still you’re whining? Kids! :)

  • Yes on .54 sound was somehow Cracking, was very very annoying =/, with xLoud it was just impossible to hear sound from the phone because it was always cracking like hell, but now it’s fixed =), only the camera bug still remains =(

  • yeah, i had Xperia U, and it has the % icon along with Wifi DLNA, and slightly other couple options in ICS on Xperia U, unlike the lack of these on my Xperia S now, and I wonder why, cuz the S is way faster better in everything than both U and P.

  • I had xperia U, and the cam is a little bit noisy, and before that I had RAY and the cam is 8MP but it was awesome! now I have Xperia S and the cam is incredibly amazing and sharp as RAZOR!

  • you can downbgrade and then install this Rom over a locked bootloader… the Rom is based on 55 so there will be no Problems of 50 :) the only Thing that doesn’t work for me is in-app sharing Pictures by taking a Picture directly… after taking photo you got black Screen and after that some apps will hang until complete reboot… could be caused because i have not wiped anything (was on 55 and downgraded to 45 to root) but i can use an alternate camera app like mini camera app for small apps… works perfectly and is much faster :D

  • the T WiFi Chip is capable of 5GHz… but it is deactivated… btw there are no DUALBAND Chips out there so using 2.5 or 5GHz in parallel will NOT be possible… on first Jellybean Update it will NOT be possible on Xperia S and P to use wifi parallel to miracast… this Feature will be addet with a later update… otherwise it’s possible that they will make this possible already with the JB update because it was planned to introduce Miracast end of last year… it seems they skipped that step… if you use parallel it will use one of both 11n antennas for miracast and the other one for a (slower) wifi Connection…
    Source: Sony Xperia Expert on IFA2012

  • ehm… the S has DLNA already since it’s Launch like all other xperias since 2011 :D

  • don’t by phones though Providers or debrand it and you WILL got updates -.-“

  • set it on 6MP 16:9 Resolution… they are only black in 8MP if flashlight is active… this is the only Workaround… deactivate flashlight or set it to 6MP… or use another camera app… it’s annoying i know :-/

  • anyone still not notice but the camera bug still exist in .75 update i just root my phone and use the camera fix so the bug will fix hope it helps

    and about the changelog of this firmware still i cant see any changes live wallpapers still have a lag better stay with .54 cause for me nothings change . thats my opinion

  • fake no update found yet

  • chakri

    how can i use this update as it is directly downloaded to my pc…
    please help me
    thanks in advance..

  • Anwar Zainol

    Actually Xperia P also will get Jelly Bean. And it will come earlier than Xperia S.

    check out this page

  • adonis

    Even I am getting that problem…. what can be solution

  • RIDZ

    mY SOLA too was in GB…i flashed too to get ICS for ma mobile…:)..

  • Tasfique Enam

    Why does says .54???

  • samuel

    i am also not having update agree with u rahul

  • samuel

    how can u explain bro

  • bibars

    me too

  • anna

    after upgrading my phone the screen appears to have a shadow.. what!!!! what do i have to do to have it back to its normal screen????

  • dolly sharma

    update centre is not showing 6.1.1.b.1.75 update for my xperia p.wat should i do..please help me out in this friends

  • neo_cypher

    just updated my firmware and the timescape stops working again… haven’t seen any difference or new added application.. since I do back-up most of my installed softwares and returned it again… that’s what I notice… how about the others?

  • Patrick Joseph Aloña

    i just updated my xperia P, but nothing’s change. same problem with the camera. half black, specially on instagram – 3/4 black. please sony. fix the bugs. thank you very much. it’s very inconvenient to us to have this kind of problem.

  • xperia p

    after the update, AUTO scene in camera with fill flash still takes pictures with half of the screen black!

  • Thejas kerala

    how can i get this ?

  • aefsousa

    When will they realease this upgrade??

  • Lawi

    regarding with the half black images… i found out that when you activate the night scene mode using the 8mp camera it works properly… and doesn’t not show the half black images.. :) i hope this temporary solution could help you guys big… ;)

  • Lawi

    regarding with the half black images… i found out that when you activate the night scene mode using the 8mp camera it works properly… and doesn’t show the half black images.. :) i hope this temporary solution could help you guys big… ;))

  • maleni

    Thank’s man it is working with night scene on 8 MP

  • When is the update for Xperia Go coming??

  • Hello, Im from the Philippines and i didn’t get this update? is it worldwide release or just in several countries i tried PCC and SUS but theres nothing, still stuck in in .54 =( HELP! =)

  • Abhay

    But Xperia u didnt get any new firmware update …!!

    Did any body installed this firmware../???

    Because nothing has been updated for xperia u.

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