Xperia Z heading to all three main Australian carriers in March?

by XB on 09/01/2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia Z is expected to land in Australia on all three major carriers. Telstra has already confirmed its availability and you can pre-register your interest in the handset here. Gizmodo AU reports that Vodafone and Optus are also likely to carry the handset according to John Featherstone, Head of Sony Mobile Oceania.

Featherstone went on to say that “around 80 per cent of our phones for 2013 will be 4G…all of them around the mid- to top-tier devices.” This would be a departure from 2012 where a good proportion of handsets were entry level models.

  • EmeraldReporter

    What of at&t???! I want!

  • TechGuyChris

    What about the US carriers?

  • Ashish Romea

    what about india ?

    xperia blog is having maximum readers from india , but u guys rarely post anything about india :/

  • unknown13x

    US carriers are unlikely to carry the Z, but might carry the ZL since it has the LTE band that supports it. The Z will probably be only available through the Sony Style store.

  • James Earley

    I’m British so I’m not entirely sure but I think AT&T will carry the ZL, the US is unlikely to get the Xperia Z. (In Britain we won’t get the ZL).

  • Muhammad Azman Ruslan

    Sweet!! hopefully Virginmobile will carry the xperia Z also. Coz i dont like the other carries as much as this one.

  • Adrian Casillas

    I want AT&T to have the Z, not the ZL -.- That bottom front camera is stupid -.-

  • Fyez

    Really wanna know when the handset will be available in Malaysia market..

  • naathaanS

    Because you guys are annoying. Keep asking the same thing every time, “what about india”, “when is it coming to india”, etc. xperiablog is not an official blog from Sony, its just a blog that people make and those people know as much as we do, nothing

  • themanspirit

    As posted elsewhere on this blog earlier by sony_forever: ‘Sony India Website shows BOTH Xperia Z and Xperia ZL as coming soon!!!’

  • harbinger2020

    I dont want a branded phone. I want to know when in north america I can order an unlocked GSM Xperia Z. I dont care if I have to order it from canada or europe, I just want an unlocked GSM Z

  • Cheng

    hmm Hey guys, do you know if that text of logo and numbers (CE 8062 etc) at the bottom of the back is final? it would be even more perfect if that is clean too..I guess those text and numbers stays there as final product? ~_~..

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  • XperiaBlog

    As naathaanS said, we don’t have an inside track on exactly which model will release in every country and in what timeframe. We go on what updates we see from the different regions – Sony Mobile India hardly releases any local information for some strange reason. If we receive any concrete information we will report on it for sure.

  • Kuksa-

    I’m thinking that too and I’m afraid that these text’s will be there.. That’s why I’m getting white,because text don’t show up so good :)

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  • Cheng

    hmm I think. not that is a killer. just 1 little detail what would made the phone even more perfect~~~~

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  • paul_cus


  • naru

    How about new Zealand??

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