Xperia ZL heading to Canada [Update]

by XB on 10th January 2013

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Sony Mobile Canada has confirmed that the Xperia ZL (C650X) will be heading to Canada, instead of the water resistant Xperia Z (C660X). We shouldn’t rule out the Xperia Z ever appearing in Canada as Sony Mobile confirmed on twitter that “right now we don’t have any news on availability”. More than likely it will be the ZL only. No carriers or pricing have been confirmed right now, but it shouldn’t be too much longer before details start to appear.

The Xperia ZL will be coming to Canada

The Xperia Z launch in Canada looks unlikely

Update: Sony Mobile is suggesting that both the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL will be heading to Canada. [Thanks Wael!]

Update 2: It looks like that previous tweet was misinformed. MobileSyrup got in touch with Sony Canada who released the following statement: “Everyone is really excited about the week we’ve had at CES. A global representative made an error regarding Canadian product availability. At this time we can confirm that Canadians will be receiving the Xperia ZL as previously announced, but we have nothing to announce about the Xperia Z availability in Canada at this time. We will share more news on future products as they are confirmed.

  • lovebmw

    and they happened to forget about the U.S.? its not like the U.S. is a big market for cellphones or anything!

  • SonySinceForever

    Are you kidding me Sony???? How can you not bring the more appealing handset to such a big market?? CANADA WANTS THE Z!

  • lovebmw

    i finally figured it out, there is a guy from Apple or Samsung that works at Sony and makes sure Sony must not sell and be successful… this is the only reasonable explanation.

    Apple and Samsung on the other hand are aware of not allowing Sony worker make their decisions… LOL i am just entertaining my self

  • I can envy only. But I hope Sony to rethink their plans and ZL version will go to the CZ too.

  • Cheng

    congrats guys~ though I like Z more (mostly of the front and back glass design) ZL looks cool but that plastic back reminds me of my Xperia S, which using over a half year, when in light you will obviously see the plastic has some light spots, due to holding the phone often during gaming etc… sure I bought a replacing back cover from Sony as well, but still glass would be much more durable for long term holding ~~~ I like the straight design more than the ZL curve to be honest~~

  • Yodha

    It’s kinda puzzling in comparison to the case where Sony India website shows both Z and ZL as coming soon!

  • its a twitter from Sony Xperia CA as in Canada……… US got their own guy.

  • lovebmw

    i was being ironic as nothing was announced for the U.S.

  • saeed

    So What About Iran?

  • if you go on sonys site for the U.S. you can see that there is both the Z and ZL

  • Pumafan

    I have been thinking that for a long while now too lol, i mean a big company like Sony being unable to produce phones in mass quantity and be able to release them globally simultaneously? i mean it should be easy as pie for Sony of all companies to be able to do so!!!

  • MoeJoe

    i don’t see it, share the link

  • Bobby

    I love Canada, I think it’s the best state in America

  • spatch

    Hopefully the Canadian carriers won’t load the Xperia ZL up with crapware like Rogers did with the Xperia Arc — the handset cannot be rooted, and I’m left with a bunch of media apps I can’t use because I live in another country. Sony, please follow the success of the Xperia S and release BOTH handsets unlocked and available for retail purchase outright.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    What? U have internet there? Death penalty for homosexual also

  • Mozole

    what if the glass cracks or scratches,or breaks?

  • not at all actually, why do think Apple got Samsung to make almost everything for them even when they are trying to break the link now they have to do it slowly parts by parts. Because no one beside beside samsung can produce the kind of lcd panel, ram, cpu in that kind of quantity for them. ZL is even more troublesome for Sony because of the form factor. PPL would ask why not just make the Z and forget about the ZL. The ZL is something that they are more proud of and let them flex their muscle at CES for getting a 1080p 5″ screen in that size I guess. Like how all companies want to show off with their 4K tv and Sony showed 4K OLED to one up them.

  • Fraulein

    AT&T turned down their specific version of the ZL, C6501.

  • Cheng

    I understand that. But the glass is much stronger and durable than the one of the Iphone’s, als I will be carefull with the masterpiece if I have it ofcourse….so Im sure it will be fine :) Plastic on my Xperia S is also easy scratchable and can break as well… I mean every phone is not really good if I dropped it 5+meters height -.-“

  • kiikooo

    The Z is coming to Canada as well

  • roeshak

    Kinda troubling this releasing phones for different markets. They might have made some strides in hardware specs but it seems theirr software division is still lacking while their marketing dept is just clueless

  • Mozole

    true dat, but i would be more pissed off if the glass cracks or has any thing on it, with plastic its easily replaced, but yea those are the risk, i do like the feel and look of the glass, so i’d prefer the looks of it over plastic, but yea the issues it can bring with it is a risk

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  • Guest

    You can debrand by flashing generic firmware and then root the phone that way. The only thing you cannot do is unlock the bootloader. XDA is your friend.

    If you are not in Canada, why do you buy from it? You could have bought the Arc in the US unlocked and debranded from the get go.

  • lovebmw


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  • Whatever!

    Yes, they do and they also know how to safely bring down an unarmed foreign spy drone by hacking it. You Moron! Get your head out of your media’s ass and world would look a better place.

  • guest
  • TrickyNishidake

    Got a link or anything?

  • kiikooo

    Post is updated here ;)

  • TrickyNishidake

    Oh for god’s sake I’m an idiot. Thanks! :)

  • kiikooo

    Haha no it wasnt when you asked.

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  • Jorge

    In México we also want the xperia Z,please review the request of buyers!

  • Decisions, decisions…

    Z: premium tempered glass, waterproof.
    ZL: less bezel, universal infrared remote, smaller (but thicker) form factor, larger battery, sleek horizontal notification light.

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  • Jorge

    What appen with Mexico,we want the xperia Z not only the ZL

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