Xperia Z heading to the Middle East

by XB on 11th January 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Ever since Sony Mobile announced two new flagships, most Sony Xperia fans around the globe have been wondering which handset will appear in their country. For those in the Middle East, we can confirm that the Xperia Z flagship will be heading to the region.

Sony confirmed as much via its twitter channel. Those of you looking for the Xperia ZL will be left disappointed, as it looks like only the Xperia Z will launch in the Middle East. We’ll bring you news on which handsets will arrive in other parts of the globe as we have it.

Thanks zohaib!

  • Dj

    First yesss

  • ohh dear =__=” which mean if i’m going to buy ZL i have to order it from outside -__-

  • SonyFan

    Guys i have found Xperia Z wallpaper in 2160*1980

    look here

  • lovebmw

    well, the LTE matches the many arab countries, it’s a brainer

  • Nice! I always buy from clove but I will support the local Sony distributor if they released it soon after Europe

  • Alexander Castro

    @Xperiablog, please, can you provide information about the availability of the handsets in Latin America????

  • May I know why you preferred ZL upon Z? Coz the only advantage I know for ZL is the infrared, despite the design which is a matter of taste :)

  • Thank God it’s Xperia Z, coz I planned to get it even before its announcement!!

  • tk007

    awsome share !!!

  • lovebmw

    i honestly think 80 – 90% will end up with the Z, and the rest with the ZL cause that’s the only option in certain countries… like so far in the U.S. it looks like its only the ZL coming, dumb, but i have no choice if i want 4g

  • i don’t want glossy back i prefer matte design it feels more sturdier then glass .. in ZL no wasted space where in Z there is a wasted space at the bottom which is really annoying they should at least put Xperia logo on it .. at has bigger battery 40mhA can give you couple more mins before it go flat ;) ..

  • SonyFan

    like that comment that everybody can see it

  • If so you’re right, but I think the Z will be globally, while the ZL in some countries only, as far as I understood.

  • xperiaan

    NICE! I was worried about that

  • Alaa

    very good, Im from meedle East > Gulf Air > Kingdom Of Bahrain
    I will buy this phone if come to Bahrain
    I love sony tomuch

  • Same here.
    I do hope that Z will be available here in GCC on March like in the UK

  • don’t forget the infrared, it supposed to consume the battery, it may take the 40mhA that you’re talking about and more :P

  • well as long the program isn’t opened i don’t think it will be on all the time…

  • Guest

    Sony Mobile US is showing both phones as coming to US..

  • NOOOOO! I want the ZL! WHY SONY WHY?

  • I like ZL more coz of the compactness and how the display has the thinnest bezel on the market.

  • Finally I can’t wait to get drunk with this lady #SonyXperiaZ :p

  • shaik

    I am Sony fan and I don’t want Samsung to announce their beast before Sony z nd zl reach the markets. As Sony will take at least 2 months to release where Samsung will take few weeks after launching the new device.

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    um Stamina mode is basically when you shut off the screen the phone shuts off everything apart from sms/mms or phone calls and alarms or anyother feature you specify.
    Will probably get an appt that does that will mostly require root access though.

  • saju

    I am eagerly waiting for this beast

  • Ramy Ayash


  • yeo wee kian

    sony mobile singapore also confirmed only xperia z will be available in sg

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  • Also the Z will be available in March in the Middle East.

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