Xperia Z in drop test

by XB on 12th January 2013

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Sony has refused to be drawn in over exactly which glass it is using for its latest flagship, the Xperia Z (C660X Yuga). There has been much interest in this particular feature as any phone with a glass back is always going to feel more fragile and susceptible to cracks, than one with a plastic back. Sony says that the Xperia Z “uses durable tempered glass that has equivalent specs to Gorilla/Dragontrail”.

Well judging from this drop test that we’ve come across, it seems that whatever glass the company is using, it should stand up to some harsh knocks. Two handsets were dropped from around waist height and appeared to survive the impact. We’ll wait for a more definitive drop test, perhaps onto concrete, to really see how strong this glass is. But from this initial test, it seems that it may do just fine.

  • ZeroCools

    Does that mean I can throw the Xperia Z around like I did with old SE phones?

  • SonyFan

    It gets better and better
    the more news the more i want to buy this phone
    i am officialy fall in love in this phone *___* OMG

  • APai

    the waterproofing will be a major draw, along with the sleek design. is there ANY other flagship phone in the market with this feature ?

  • DJMashup

    Yano something, these drop tests are pathetic. Who cares if the glass breaks if I drop my phone from waist height, I’d be far more concerned with what was going on internally … Just because the glass doesn’t break doesn’t mean the device isn’t going to fuck up. Also, wtf is with everybody creaming their panties over a waterproof phone? Who actually gets their phone wet other than retards and clumsy fukcwits. It’s just another gimmick that gets you chumps to buy it and then within 3 months you will all be crying about how it’s no longer the flagship phone as several more will be released, it’s the same old story everytime with fanboys and especially Sony and there terrible marketing.

  • paul_cus

    The Panasonic ELUGA that launched last year was waterproof.

  • Anthony Kelly

    Phones can get wet. Waterproofing is a useful feature for those rare occasions when a phone is dropped in water or rained upon, and is especially desirable if it can be done without compromising hardware design.

    I just wish that phones with waterproofing as standard also had wireless charging as standard. Port covers will quickly become an annoyance.

  • Feanor

    Well, if you noticed the video, they dropped the phones and then they checked if they were working, so inside everything should be fine too. And a waterproof phone means you can also wash it if it gets dirty or dusty, so it’s super useful unless if you like tomato and chocolate decorative patterns on your screen.

  • Most Japanese-domestic phones are waterproof, there are some from Sharp, Fujitsu/Toshiba as well

  • FlowXT

    Japanese had waterproof phones since 2006.

    Fujitsu phones are IPX8 certified, up to 1.5m waterproof as opposed to 1m of the IPX7 that Sony uses. The latter is less hermetically sealed.

  • Yes, Its my fault that it rains all the time where live, I’m a clumsy fuck, will you forgive me?

  • **their terrible marketing.

  • Quark Gluon

    There’s a charging dock and NFC headsets from Sony if you hate dealing with port covers that much. I hope the dock will be included in the box like some Xperia V.

  • Quark Gluon

    You should do the drop test and upload it. It would be better because you hate the phone.

  • Kaostheory

    I go skiing all the time and my phone gets pretty wet sometimes, also I work in the construction industry and destroy most of my phones within a year from dust.

  • Lunkz

    Yeah after 4 hours using bluetooth headsets and your phone turns off, you gonna kill that fuc*er who invented the port-covers with headphone jack, who thinks because there is a chance of 0,001% that your phone drops by a rain in a puddle, but the chance that your phone bricks in this moment is 0,01%

    And a bluetooth headset is never better than my Shure SE425

  • Coollead

    You DO know that you can use your headphones with bluetooth, right? I use my own pair with my Bluetooth headset (MW600).

  • Lunkz

    I have an MW600 too. But did you test it with headphone jack on your phone and your mw600? Did you noticed the difference between the sound quality? No? I have bad news for you.

    I know a smartphone is not the best source for listening music in a good quality but why should I make it twice more worse using bluetooth?

    And the MW600 wasted power too and so many people complains about bad battery life but using bluetooth to listen music ” I don’t like cables so I use bluetooth, but the battery drains fast, why they not put bigger battery’s “

  • jag

    Haha! Made my day!

  • Quark Gluon

    You don’t like port covers, and you don’t need waterproofing. Well I guess the ZL will suit you better. Anyway, waterproofing is not just about accidetally dropping your phone into a puddle. It can be useful when it comes to, say, a pool party. Unless there’s less than 0.001% chance of you going into a pool party. lol. I was kidding. What I really mean is like going wet in a pool or lake with your friends or family and taking pictures and videos without worrying about bricking your phone.

  • APai

    hey good to know that, wonder why it did not push others to bring something similar. I knew that there were others with the same capability but not many were flagship phones with all the marketing might behind it. usually, they were like the mid range phones, where they’d give okay hardware along with durability.

  • Avery Navas

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Hadi

    very good ^^

  • ProWeirdo

    Xperiablog seam desperated to use videos of Polish blog komórkomania….

  • unknow

    well if you know how much for the screen cost you woudn’t say that, cuz my old one x costs me around 210 us dollars.

  • TheLoyalist

    So now water proof/dust proof is a negative thing????

    I’ve had 2 water proof phones (Sony V and Acro) and you should just know how convienient it actually is. In the summer we go boating alot and other water activities, it rains alot.

    Stop giving this phone negative aspects it doesn’t deserve. It deserves the opoosite

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  • but that phone can’t come across as compare to this beauty :)

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  • Mozole

    so,,,if those flaps get broken..its not waterproof anymore? quite silly if thats the case

  • Lunkz

    The ZL is not available in Germany :(

  • who

    Test on plastik floor. is this a joke?

  • vonchirole15

    Samsung unveiled their futuristic flexible screen and a phone who is already utilizing it and Sony is just barely being able to produce phones that are very much current and now. :|

  • PRo

    Xperia Z camera Samples r out……. Software refinement need. Good improvement frm previous Xperia T………….

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  • I’ve seen these pics and there is a loss of some detail. This is mainly due to them using HDR mode to take the images, I’d guess. As anyone who’s ever used the HDR on an iPhone will confirm, the images produced are always softer than with the mode switched off. With that in mind, I’m not particularly worried. Lets see what the reviews show.

  • Not every floor is concrete. Most floors are carpeted, many are wood or laminate. I’d like to see a drop test on Concrete too but it’s hardly a laughing matter that they’ve not got around to it yet.

  • Really? Not seen that. Mainly because they have done no such thing. They showed a couple of screen prototypes a while back but they were nowhere near production ready. We’ll see what the S4 brings but I’d bet real money that there’s nothing even slightly flexible about its screen.

  • Who wants a waterproof phone? You’ve never been to the UK, have you? It rains here. A lot.

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  • Nabil

    But wait those phones aren’t Lavaproof … Sony is always a year too late …

  • Flexible screen is not new, Sony had theirs since 2007 (not even just flexible but also rollable and foldable). I don’t really see a point of having a flexible screen if the phone’s body is not capable of flexing, unless they’re removing the phone’s body completely

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  • Penor

    I just jizzed in my pants…

  • xperia active, xperia arco s

  • Peter

    They were allowed to use it as it’s the only crash test video on the web…

  • I just spent 10 minutes on the phone with Sony Rep. Apparently Sony uses Gorilla Glass 2 as well as DragonTrail. Devices will come with either one installed. (you might have the front panel made of GG2 and back from DT) and consumers will not have a choice of the glass used. The back panel of the phone has an additional layer on the glass which provides some glare effect (so that could be the layer that is being scratched and not the actual glass). On the front there will be a screen protector preinstalled.

    Users will not have an option to select the glass used in their phone, so we will either have GG2 or DT on the front and either GG2 or DT on the back. I think that this should also clarify the on going debate about which glass is used in Xperia Z.

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    come here to make this test in Bulgarian “ciment” :)

  • ishaan

    Its not durable my back pannel is broken dont knw how a great crack is on the back from top to bottom its just broken due to overheating i kept it in the sun not single scratch on the back sony care is saying it was a physical damge we are not able to replace my back pannel is swelled its not durable sony is lying 2 nd day with the phone its not tough as steel its like glass breaked automatically hate it dont buy guys

  • nayef

    i bought xperia z but it’s not recognize my mw600 headset what’s the problem

  • moxey46

    they might survive a drop test but my z back screen cracked while i wassat down with it in my front pocket

  • Rebecca

    With only 2 weeks of very rare use under it’s belt it suffered somehow a massive shatter. Is as if the screen was hit with a nail. It is completely dead. I found it much more delicate than my Xperia S was, that went in water twice and survived, it was dropped countless times and no problem. Even holding the Z in my hand it felt really precarious. Didn’t like it at all. And I lose 500£ so completely ditching the Z and going back to the S, or maybe the T.

  • sophia

    It is bouncing they will not disturb their reputation therefore just relax

  • With its sturdy metal chassis and two uninterrupted slabs of chemically strengthened Dragontrail glass, the Sony Xperia Z1 sure feels like it’s worth every penny. It’s a marvelous piece of tech, neatly packaged in a seamless assembly of metal and glass. But will that beautiful glass be the Z1’s undoing? but Still I Love Xperia My Love <3

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