Leaked Jelly Bean firmware (9.1.A.0.485) ported to Xperia T

by XB on 16th January 2013

in Firmware, Xperia T

Just before Christmas, we saw a number of leaked screenshots relating to the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware for the Sony Xperia T (LT30p). The screenshots came from a developer version of the firmware that would only work on development (‘brown’) handsets. Therefore, even if devs could find a way of extracting the firmware, it would not work on consumer Xperia T (‘red’) devices.

However, this hasn’t stopped DooMLoRD from xda-developers successfully porting the firmware to production handsets. As this is a leaked ROM and meant for developer handsets, expect performance to be buggy. Plus there are loads of features that don’t work including baseband, audio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a chance of SD card corruption. If all that hasn’t put you off, but you’re desperate to see what’s in store with the JB update, then click here.

Thanks @AmbroosV!

  • ProWeirdo

    I will lose all my respect for Sony if JB for Xperia S won’t come untill the end of March because it shows how they care about consumer.

  • lovebmw

    Why all this trouble? i’d rather wait another month and get everything official and in working condition

  • Herman

    It shows how they want Jelly Bean to be perfect for each device.
    Hence the time it takes.

    Have more confidence in Sony, or get a Nexus device if you need updates immediately.

  • ProWeirdo

    Find in internet JB release date, if I would like it now, is it immediately? Sony declared JB release on Q1 2013. It means waiting till end of March is maximum. Samsung’s flagships already sail on Jelly Bean.

  • Herman

    I don’t like Samsung’s TouchWiz Jelly Bean though.
    Sony’s skin always looks good to me. If they can fix the lag with Jelly Bean, I can’t get any happier (apart from the day someone gives me an Xperia Z for free, that is)!

  • von

    Just a theory. I think it would take that long bec. the team for Xperia S is also workin g for the AOSP?

  • ProWeirdo

    I agree TW is simply ugly and causes problems, but the point is that Samsung already gave customers new Android. Heh, I also wondered of getting this beuty for free, but my Xperia S…. Google released JB long ago (4.1), Sony delcared Q1, it means it can be released till March; if Sony will release laggy version on time, I will be mad, but releasing after March is not treating customers seriously. Sony is far behind Samsung, so they should take bigger care about what they do.

  • ProWeirdo

    Nope, Google takes absolute care about AOSP or developers. Sony makes its own.

  • ProWeirdoTheReal

    Would you like to write your own nick instead of copying mine?

  • Xlash Andraid

    I’m currently using a LG Optimus black, a phone that was released almost 2 years ago, running Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (cyanogenmod 10). Regardless the crazy battery drain, everything else is working fine, smooth and with an acceptable performance (of course, it’s not the same as a phone with dual or quad core and more RAM, but it’s something).

    Optimus black hardware specifications are obsolete now, also my Xperia Ray specs are. The main difference between the two phones is bootloader. As my Ray has bootloader locked (and is SIM locked too) I couldn’t install JellyBean on it.

    It’s really sad that a a bunch of engineers of a really important company such SONY who are well-paid and have a lot of privileges are so incompetent to deliver early and good updates to the most important devices at the moment such Xperia S and T, but communities like XDA, AOKP and CM10 projects, etc. have shown a great potential to deliver masterpieces such the custom ROMs. And guess what? They aren’t paid for what they do (yeah, maybe they get some voluntary donations), for them developing it’s just a hobby but they do it with a great passion and the results are just great.

    SONY, I can’t understand what are you waiting for, to make improvements in your software section. Firing those lazy engineers and hiring new ones with fresh ideas and capacity would be a big step ahead.

  • Captain Awesome

    It’s hardly the engineers who decide on release schedules and priorities, genius.

  • Xlash Andraid

    …But they’re supposed to work only focused on that. That’s what they do, they DO engineering for SONY. And they don’t do it for free. Duh!

  • Captain Awesome

    People in XDA and similar communities have the freedom to work focusing on one thing only, that’s why they are fast and effective. Engineers of large corporations tend to work on a dozen different projects simultaneously and don’t have much say in where to put down the bulk of their hours.

  • Actually Sony has taken over the reigns of the AOSP project now.

  • Xlash Andraid

    And don’t you think SONY is capable to hire more developers? Is not necessary to have only a few engineers to work in a lot of different projects at the same time. That’s the point. With a good number of people in the staff, they shouldn’t have problems such scheduling.

  • Herman

    What if you think about it like this:

    The Xperia S was released about a year ago. Since then it got updated to Ice Cream Sandwich AND it will get an update to Jelly Bean this Q1. We shouldn’t complain, as there are phones that don’t get multiple updates from their manufacturer.

    On the other hand, obviously Sony won’t be giving updates until the end of time. Sony, like any manufacturer, wants you to buy their latest phone. Still, I think it’s quite reasonable and I don’t agree with all the commotion of Sony not delivering updates on time.

  • Anirudhks

    Its not really a SONY Engineers problem , they will deliver the time they want , its the just the management who really control all this , as developing new firmwares and pushing them to handsets involves a lot of cost , they usually avoid it and keep it to minimum by getting it done only for the newer handsets as it wouldnt profit them in investing for older handsets , thats where Samsung Stand out in terms of consumer friendliness , the design and software may be ugly from Sammy but at the end they are consumer oriented I have a Galaxy S2 which is close to 2.5 years old still it gets its Jelly Bean update with all the newer handset features like multi window and stuff ,, end of the day its the Management at SONY which S U C K

  • Xperia S Jelly Bean

    WTF SONY?Xperia S Jelly Bean ?????where???

  • this so badd on sony software team they gon’g to update all phone to JB except xperia s and arc s what the heck man they dont have any xperia s is not equal expensive set or what why did they sell it out ** man

  • sony

    @1309a9380017cfcc5d45c8d11867c998:disqus hey guys read what @disqus_DmZ1ll3Chi:disqus said carefully …… or get a Nexus Device if you need updates immediately. o.O

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