Sony giving away free PlayStation Mobile games for the next six weeks

by XB on 16th January 2013

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Sony is currently running a promotion where it is offering one free PlayStation Mobile title each week for the next six weeks. To get in on the action, you’ll need a PlayStation Certified handset or a PS Vita. Then head over to the PlayStation Mobile (PSM) app to download the free game from the PlayStation Store.

This week’s free game is Samurai Beatdown, where you have to defend yourself by tapping in time to the music. A new game will be unveiled each Wednesday. PlayStation Mobile is currently only available in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia. To access PSM on your device click here.

  • What about Portugal, sony?

  • James Earley

    Playstation mobile probably will launch in Portugal eventually but understandably Sony prioritize other larger markets.

  • Herman

    Sony promised me Playstation Mobile when I bought my Xperia S back when it was released. I still don’t have it, almost a year later. It’s not that I live in an unknown country or anything.

    How could Sony forget to bring Playstation Mobile to The Netherlands? We might be a small country, but we are indeed a very productive one. We’re always one of the smaller countries in Europe that are forgotten about :'(

  • Nice one Sony ! Downloading game now

  • Ben-Amie Lim


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  • Mafas

    i just wrote to you on the gsmarena thread, btw that website u told us abt Thank you! Its much better than reading the lament of immature android fanboys

  • powerofviva



  • Thanks for this post!

  • XYZ

    Buy a Vita, Sony never promised Xperia Play 2

  • Norio24

    Got the game ! thank you Sony :-)

  • Your so stupid!!! just download the Playstation Mobile Application from the link above. I’m from the Philippines and i am downloading the game now. Ignorant people just rant on all things on forums instead of searching how to do them. Stupid lazy people. Can’t even download the PSM application by themselves.

  • Don’t just post on forums you lazy ass bitch, download the fucking PLAYSTATION APP!!! My country is not listed but i downloaded the game.

  • Herman

    If Sony wants everybody to use their service, they should make us download it, instead of downloading it ourselves.

    Furthermore, a while ago I did download it, and it did work. That is, the app works, but I can’t log in with my PSN/SEN account so effectively I couldn’t do crap with the app.

    Oh the irony, calling ME stupid…

  • Well, do you know that they have updated the 1st app released? please try to download the new one here

  • Herman

    No I didn’t – and you know why?
    Because Sony seems to forget to mention they updated their app.
    I was waiting for the app for almost a year and I haven’t heard a thing from Sony.
    Sony’s overall marketing should and could be much better!

  • Jan

    I’m too very sad… Poland also would like to play Playstation Mobile games :'(

  • Ameer Zul

    hey bro, we are not lazy, we just want sony to fully support our country -.-. people know theres a PS Mobile app on the web and people download it already.

  • jjghj

    So, can I have this on my Mini Pro? Its rooted to ICS…

  • jjghj

    I’m UK btw.

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  • Guest

    Well, I live in Lithuania and there PlayStation Mobile is unavailable, but I can still use PSM and download games. :)

  • FolkCleric

    My God… Just choose different country… PSM is not available in my country, but I have chosen UK, so it works perfectly for me.

  • ProWeirdo

    Damn, if not released in Netherlands then how much will I wait for Polish release?

  • ProWeirdo


  • Herman

    Sure, I COULD use it if I made another PSN account and pretended to be from the UK, but I won’t. Because I already have an account.

    Is it strange that I want to use my own account? Why can’t Sony let me play with my existing one? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • UKR!

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  • Rishi Rathod

    What about ???? (India)?

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Malaysia is always neglected.

  • mogemoge

    I’m trying to install PSM on my Xperia S, but tapping the Install button won’t do anything. I’ve set my security settings to allow unknown sources to be installed. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • Jan

    Hope it will be same date… Availability is the weakest point of PSM… Hope Sony will fix this soon! i cant wait…

  • So, what the fuck is wrong with you, calling everyone names? Stop being a goddamn child.

  • Mishra

    create a PSN account with US or any supported country so you can download free games atleast even if your country is not yet fully supported. Thats what I did ;)

  • Brokoli

    Indonesia always ruled out..!!!
    Do you know? Xperia lovers in my country pretty much, but lacking services..!!!

  • SrRojo

    I will be getting my Xperia SL in the mail by this Friday. Will I be able to get the games that were already released for free, or will I just have access to the future ones?

  • The main question is, why no ‘Global’ release, and with ‘Global’ accounts? You may bring up reasons and such.. but it’s called service & it should be equal to all. Just my opinion.

  • vhe

    gago ang talino mo!! porket alam mo

  • Joseph

    When will it come to Africa

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