Xperia Z “most talked” about product of CES

by XB on 16th January 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia Z is already one of the most decorated products at CES 2013 and now we can see that, in social media circles, it was also the most talked about product of the show. The infographic below summarises the social conversation taking place in Las Vegas where the CES tradeshow took place.

As a company, Sony got the second-highest number of mentions, behind Samsung. However, in terms of overall products the Xperia Z dominated the social media buzz with 44% of mentions. There’s no doubt Sony is on a high right now, let’s hope this momentum continues through to MWC in February.

Infographic: 2013 CES as Seen Through Social Media

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Via Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • ahm

    I think Sony have a winner on their hands. The announcement time was just right too, It definitely helped that Samsung didn’t announce their next flagship. Sony need to play their cards right, and they’re up to a great start in 2013

  • Herman

    How can they even remotely accurately tell how many times the word “Phablet” has been used?
    Were they listening to us all the time? In the bathrooms, in the hotels?!

  • Get that phone out ASAP and keep the buzz going. You can only talk about a product pre-release for so long before interest wanes.

    I was surprised to see this infographic claims a specific Samsung TV model was discussed so much. In all the TV chatter I saw in my social media feeds, a lot of it surrounded OLED and 4K in general, more on the Sony side specifically (Engadget, Verge, etc.).The only thing going for that model is its odd bezel/stand.

  • Completely understandable. The Xperia Z seems amazing and astonishing in every singel aspect.

  • John-Mark Christmas

    I REALLY HOPE they can maintain all this hype to launch date and beyond,

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    It does not matter, once GS IV (with AMOLED FULL HD) and M7 release, It will be forgotten like what happened to Xperia S

    And by the way, Do you know that hTC DNA (phone from 2012) scored higher benchmark than Xperia Z did ?

  • daniel

    I dont see any reason people will forgeting xperia s due to new devices revealing in every month. The phone stand out by having unique transperent element. Sure the price will be lower but i dont see any reason people will not buying xps anymore. Just like people still buying s2 even s3 already existed. Benchmark just only a num not present in real task usage. Even it come with octa core.. ” if the device want to hang.. it will hang. ” lol…

  • Microphones!

    Microphones everywhere!

  • DragonClaw

    Not yet. They are still to bring that phone on to the shelves. The success of S-IV will induce from that of S-III, and just like the HTC One X did, the Z might as well die away.
    All Sony needs to do is to time their marketing strategy perfectly, and Z might even turn out to be one of the most talked about product this year.

  • Angel Morales

    I can not wait to buy both colors

  • Sony has to release the phone now to keep the buzz going as well as the accessories to utilize ”One Touch” marketing

  • DragonClaw

    Who will even mention “Phablet”, while in Bathroom?

  • DragonClaw
  • mike_b

    Yes it’s true that when Samsung launch the GS IV many people in the world will turn there heads to look in that direction and we expect that, but what you don’t seem to understand is that people don’t buy smartphones because of specs or benchmarks alone, it’s the overall
    package that people are looking for, a device to fits there needs, with the features they desire, one phone will never be perfect for everyone no matter how great or powerful it is, because people are so different. Sony and the other android manufacturers are there to create that choice, I’m very impressed with Sony’s step forward with the Z/ZL they are beautiful and capable phones and for once Sony up to date with the specs.
    You are mistaken if you think people are going to forget about these phones just because another super-phone is released people will weigh their options carefully and buy which every most suit them.

    All Sony has to do now is release them in a timely manner and I’m sure they’ll do
    remarkable well.

  • I hope Sony proves me wrong about their releases in the market.. Xperia T & V have not been released in UAE yet, and now this phone comes out into the picture. It better come out soon (FEB) or it’ll be a waste of an announcement here.

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  • truthurts

    Exactly, no matter how good ur device is, if u fail to deliver it to consumers asap after announcement, it will just die away. No wonder Samsung and fApple are doing great.
    Sony for once, plz let it out asap.
    If it wasnt ready then you shouldn’t have announced it.
    For god sake, release it when things are still hot. :)

  • Cloud_Connected

    See the example of the SONY ION – state of the art specs but released half a year later it was only mediocre tech compared to the specs of its competitors.

  • saif

    Yesterday I went to SONY store(India) and someone said that it will be released in February end here in India.So i guess most of the European countries,South East Asia and US will get before that.But anything can happen with SONY.Xperia SL was released first here in India and then rest of the world but we haven’t seen Acro S,T/TX,V till yet.

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  • paul4id

    Sony has made the same mistake once again. When Apple announces a phone it is made available the next week. By the time this is available it will be drowned out by the hundreds of devices released at the MWC.

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