Xperia Z to hit Italy in March for €649

by XB on 17th January 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia Z is due to launch in Italy in March 2013 for a recommended price point of €649. This is according to who spoke to David Draghi, head of sales at Sony Mobile Italy. There is also the possibility that the handset will be carried by one of the major Italian carriers. The price point shouldn’t come as a surprise, as we already know that this is the price confirmed in both Germany and France. Expect a similar price across most states in Europe.

  • mountain

    Concidering HTC butterfly selling in Hong Kong for €750, Xperia Z is such a discount.

  • Maxman

    Wonder what the true retail price will be… I love this phone but €649 is WAY too much.(at least for me) Where do you think will the price level off ?

  • reptile64

    No word from Sony Mobile Greece yet… arghh!!

  • Moisis Xperia

    makiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dike m

  • reptile64

    LOL Moisis ?? ?????????? ??????;;; hahahahah

  • Feanor

    Yparxei Sony Mobile Greece??

  • reptile64

    Of course there is Sony Mobile Greece

    +30 801 11 810 810
    ? +30 210 899 19 19

  • Feanor

    ?????????. ????, ?? ?? ???? ?????????? ????. :-))

  • isn’t that cheaper than the ancient dinosaur tech iphone 5.

  • maxiobor

    Its recommended price it will fall down reaaaly fast… From my operator before half year Xs costed 450€ (full price) at christmas it costed 350€… Dont worry…

  • Peter O

    79 euros cheaper than the iPhone 5, with a 5″ display, 13MP camera and SD Slot seems to be a no brainer choice. But this Z fast in the market Sony! March is too fkin away!!!!

  • Such a shame! Nexus4 and xiaomi mi2 with the same hardware cost 300$. FullHD and SONY label cost 500$??
    I hope chinese manufacturers will show these corporation, that these prices are incredibly high

  • Maxman

    I see ! I was looking forward to buy it shortly after release. Does anybody have an idea what the price will probably be like when it launches ? It sure won`t come out for the “real” UVP, will it ? I know, it`s still cheaper than the IP5 with way better specs, but the Iphone 5 itself is SO MUCH IN ANOTHER DIMENSION OF PROPORTION of what you get for the price that it kind of compensates for me. And I don`t mean this in a good way for the IP5.

  • ciccio35

    it also has a bigger screen and it is waterproof and dustproof. if you think the price is too high there are three things you can do: don’t buy it, wait till its price drops or steal it, but I strongly discourage you to choose the third option…

  • ciccio35

    probably you will be able to find it on the internet for more or less 599€ when it launches (I’m talking about Italy), but if you think it’s too much wait for a month and you will probably find it for 550. I don’t think it will come any cheaper before this summer…

  • reptile64

    LOL! To kserw epithdes to ekana :P

  • Maxman

    I`m from Germany, so the price probably won`t vary so much. I guess 549 would be okay for me.. First I`ll look at the Huashan anyway when there is more information about it. Thank you so much !

  • SonyFan

    the phone has super specs and super user xperience…and for such a phone 649 is not much

    just take a example iphone 5 (16gb) 679€ (not even HD screen compared to xperia z 1920*1080)

  • meld

    Nexus 4 300$? because google subsidy it
    Not all country can get price like that
    570$ for Nexus 4 in my country without subsidy google

  • yeah fillip…does nexus 4 have HDR video?external storage? 443 ppi? and you’re tottaly wrong because in indonesia nexus 4 price more than 560$.

  • Moisis Xperia

    pantou se akoloutho re xaxaxaxaxa :D

  • DragonClaw

    But the HTC is already available in Russia. Sony will have to hurry.

  • DragonClaw
  • DragonClaw

    The Xperia Z costs about 10% (on [it’s still in pre-order, and pre-order prices are usually higher]) less than the iPhone 5. That makes it same as the launch price of the SIII. Now considering HTC, Sony will not get competition in price sector from the Butterfly. But soon after the 5 Inch phones launch from Samsung and LG, the price will surely fall. Also, Sony will have to make space for their H2 flagship, so by July, prices will sure dip. :)

  • Chelios

    “Most states in europe?” We have countries in europe, not states. I’m completely opposed to being assimilated with the giant clusterfuck that they call europe.

  • PriceTag

    Look here, white xperia z for only €583 !!!!! Delivery in 23 days!*845-XPERIAZ(2d)W/Xperia_Z_weiss.html

  • ciccio35

    You could always buy it from Italy: Sony’s european warranty is the same as your national warranty (unlike, for example, Samsung’s or Nokia’s ones which are slower than the national one). The only problem is that you could have some troubles finding a seller that speaks German or English at a decent level

  • +1

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Amazon Germany says that the expansion slot will accept cards up to 64GB, but Clove UK says 32GB. Which is true ?

  • Phoost

    ZL is the one I would go for. It’s smaller and I don’t need water/dust proof.
    As fas as I know it will be available in australia. Is it possible to use an australian phone in germany ?

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I found it specified as 32GB in Sony product white paper. Germans got it wrong.

  • they are lying about zero profits from nexus4!
    chinese companies are selling quadcore devices for 240$, and they have no subsidies.
    the same is XIAOMI – 317$ for 16gb version.
    people, they are having immense profits from you, and you like it?

  • Marketing rules you, unfortunantely.
    You think that this can make a device more than twice more expensive?
    Of cause in some features this device is better.

  • I have bought xiaomi mi2 for 350$ and I dont want to steal anything.
    I like sonystyle, but these prices are unacceptable.

  • DrazenDodig

    Well buy Xiaomi phone if you like it then? Of course, it is 720p, 4.3″… It is also $360 without shipping, customs, taxes if you can trust Chinese seller from Alibaba… after taxes probably closer to €400-€450.

  • We have no import taxes or customs in Russia. But for western buyers yes, xiaomi is not so cheap.
    Another one example – new quadcore fullHD ZTE for 240$. of course, sony is better, but price..

  • I cannot understand the conversion 1$ = 1€

  • gregosor78

    Perhaps VAT and taxes ? 20.6 in France….

  • ciccio35

    So simply don’t buy it ;) (the part about stealing it was sarcasm)
    Anyway I perfectly agree with you. I thik even 300€ are too much for a phone but there has always been expensive phones without any reasons and there will always be

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  • 21% in Italy, but from July it will be 22%.
    Thanks to our friggin politicans.

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  • if 443 ppi is unnecessary, why htc, and next sammy flagship use > 440 ppi??? if you already have smartphone with 440 ppi and makes the device too hot, then it’s probably you’re device not xperia Z..if you’re saying that Chinese corp can make cheap device with the same specs it’s because that’s the way chinese people doing their business just like cars, motorcycle and most of the chinese product. jezz, i don’t want to spend 560$ for smartphone with average design, 8MP and no external storage, no HDR, no waterproof.

  • competition will kill such prices, and it will be good for all of us.

  • read a review, for example from Z is hot.
    Can you see pixels on 340 ppi? Average user can not. Then, what is the use of 440 ppi? I suppose extra battery live is better than more pixels (which make your phone slower in games).
    One more thing, you think that the more MP camera has, the better is the quality? Then, why Iphone and SGS3 beats Xperia T? Unfortunantely, Sony is not No1 in camera processing algorythms, which are much more crucial, than megapixels.

  • ciccio35

    Theoretically, but lately it’s been the opposite. starting from where I think I remember better, nokia n95 was launched at 499€, iphone 3g (in Italy we missed the first iphone) from 499€, nokia n96 599€, iphone 3gs from 599€, iphone 4 and 4s from 659€, one x 699€, galaxy s3 from 699€, iphone 5 from 729. So I wouldn’t be surpiresed if the gs4 would cost from 750€. If people keep on buying things they don’t need at those prices like sheeps (example: omg, samsung’s just announced gs3! my gs2 is so old, it won’t work anymore in a couple of months. I have to get the gs3!”) they aren’t going to drop them anytime soon.

  • if you want better camera processing than buy SLR camera not mobile camera. you’re only problem is price. i just gave you an answer why chinese product always cheaper than japan / Korea / us. and all i talking about ridiculous price for average feature with 560$ in indonesia (the part that you never understand!) with bad design if you want to compare with xiaomi and nexus 4. mehh… i know you don’t want to talk about design because both of your cheap smartphone have cheap design too.

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  • Mark

    I have seen a nice gallery on with dozen of pictures!

  • that was before.
    but now: look, dualcore chinese smartphones for 150$, quadcore for 200$ and so on.
    xiaomi, meizu, oppo and dozens of noname brands begin making competitive smartphones (not stupid fakes with 600 mhz mediatek)
    and they show us, that corporations are decieving us.
    and when such phones will be available widely, corporations will have to drop prices or sue these chinese manufacturers (but it is worse for customers)
    but china, india and other coutries will become the biggest smartphone markets (much bigger than USA, EU together)
    What about quality, xiaomi for example has no problems in comparison with Iphone, nexus etc.

  • ciccio35

    the only problem is that they are cheap as long as they remain in China and Eastern Asia, the cost will exponentially increase when they start selling their products in Europe and America because of the shipping, the assistance network, taxes, and other expenses they don’t have to pay at the moment. Moreover they will start thinking “hey, apple sells they’re products at 729€ and it’s worse than ours. We pay for every smartphone 150€, so why can’t we sell it for 499. It’s still cheaper than the other similiar products form the biggest manufacturers!” so the prices will drop a little, but when meizu & co. will become big name I don’t think their phones will still be cheap.
    If you live in Europe, think about them as Skoda: before their cars were way cheaper than Volkswagen or Seat ones, now they are almost as (if not more) expensive than Seat cars, and they aren’t that cheaper than a VW. All this happened when they reached a decent market share and people realized their cars were as good as those of other brands (in terms of reliability, Skodas are the best of the VW group, even better than Audi)

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