Xperia Z gets a few hard knocks and a sand massage [Video]

by XB on 18th January 2013

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We probably won’t get a true sense of how durable the Sony Xperia Z is until it’s released. The fact that it comes with a glass back has some people concerned on the fragility of the device. We’ve already seen one drop-test video, although we’d like to see another onto concrete to see how the glass fares.

Until then, check out the video below, where the Xperia Z is subject to a few hard knocks on the corner of a basin and then thoroughly rubbed with sand before being washed clean in a bath. Overall the phone shaped up pretty well, but what we really want to know is where the guy got that funky black Sony robe . . .

Thanks Dacha & Yazan!

  • reptile64

    Poor Z….!!!

  • Keon Fraites

    I really wanted to see a close up under light for scratches, if sand didn’t scratch that glass then I’d definitely classify that screen as the strongest scratch resistant screen out there. I’ve had my sony xperia S and to this day no scratches period (Removed film no screen protectors)

  • reptile64

    I removed the shatter proof film to and I regret it!!! a tiny scratch in the middle of the screen! So annoying…

  • extreme

    I dont care as long as it wont brake in my jeans back pocket while i sit and i weight just over 84kg (185cm height) so no problem, I don’t take a shower with my phone

  • This is what I’ve been waiting for. Proof that it’s actually durable. The only thing I even slightly worry about on this device is fingerprints. Everything else seems prefect!

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Notice the white phone dial thingy/app?

  • extreme

    Thats where the might iPhone’s back plate split in half, I would not remember except that the glass where cutting my A** which was not the pleasant experience

  • Igneel

    Yes? what’s about it? I think it’s just a re-themed dialer for Sony’s Jellybean firmwares

  • Igneel

    You’re not the only one wanting to see the how the screen hold up to the sands! I really can’t wait to see some torture tests on this beast!

  • qwdfgy

    Looks easily get stain on glass there
    you may think “nope, I can wash it”
    but it’s not cool when you should wash it anywhere and anytime to make it looks premium “again”

  • penubag

    Does anyone know if the Z is using whitemagic tech in the screen?

  • llh

    I’m gonna take him and do all the things that he did to the Z back to him, just to test to see finish he breaks.

  • Chuy

    hahaha my screen protector, well… protected my main screen. It melted in a few points after an accident making a smoke bomb. Only a tiny dot was left on the touch surface. But it save my Xperia’s screen :)

  • Redux7

    They should drop it on the corners

  • jag

    They say that it is using an opticontrast screen so u can still see the screen even under bright lighting. So maybe it does the same thing like the whitemagic

  • Keon Fraites

    Dang that sucks I take really good care of my xperia s

  • DragonClaw

    More than sand, keys cause problem. Many a times keys find the same pocket as your phone to land into. And the screen gets damaged after that

  • so dragontrail has been confirmed for the Z?

  • I do not think that the edges of the Z are the same material (Dragontrail) as the front and back of the Z. I think they say that it is a type of plastic.

  • did I hear him say “dragontrail”??

  • The phone has anti shatter proof films front and back, The skeleton frame is made of tough glass fibre polyamide. It has superior mechanical strength, and is so strong that it’s often used as a metal substitute in cars and electronics.

  • reptile64

    I take the best care of my Xperia that’s why I’m mad with the scratch!

  • ciccio35

    keys are a minor problem since metal is softer than gorilla glass and other similiar products. the real problem are the small particles of silicate because they are harder than the glass. you can find them anywhere and sand is mostly silicate: that’s why if the glass can stand against sand you shouldn’t be worried about getting it scratched by anything (except diamond and other uncommon very hard materials you shouldn’t find in your average day)

  • ProWeirdo

    More talking than showing. Why can’t he just shut up and crush Xperia?!

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  • Herman

    My issue is, I’ve got two scratches on that screen protector.
    If I take it off the scratches are gone, but I figure it’ll then be prone to damage more

    I’m in a difficult situation right now ?_?

  • It’s glass fiber polymer, or fibreglass. It’s basically steel with the feel and look of glass.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Oh ok, I thought it was an installed app from the market cause im looking for a white layout.

  • Quark Gluon

    It’s not the same thing. WhiteMagic is an addition of white subpixel to the conventional RGB system. While OptiContrast is an addition of a special resin layer to the display panel, which absorbs the difused light from the backlight and reduces light reflected from the environment. That’s what they said.

    Rumor has it that Xperia Z has WhiteMagic, but until now we don’t have any official confirmation. And why would they do a research for FHD WhiteMagic if JDI is doing exactly the same thing? Except they did it before JDI.

  • Quark Gluon

    I hope they still have the black theme. And I hope the dialer won’t kill itself everytime I press the back/return button.

  • jorosy

    Come on sony, just sacrifice a xperia z unit and make someone do a hammer/scratch test like this. It will be the best advertisement ever. Apparently there are some screen shatter report from butterfly, which all depends on the collision contact spot and the surface that is hitting to. Make a drop test on many different hard surface will clear most potential buyer’s doubt and gain you more sell.

  • Redux7

    my point was that an impact in the corner would certainly spread onto the glass. Likely….However i do remember reading that it was shatter proof.

  • Alvin

    This phone is not complete without sudden death feature *oops

  • chickybits

    Yeh but if you’re rich enough to be able to afford this Xperia Zebra you might have diamonds in your pocket, too.

  • chickybits

  • chickybits

    Oh you harsh boy you!

  • chickybits

    whitemagic is dead, man- deal with it.

  • ciccio35

    Ayway coming back to planet Earth, there are lots of phones that are more expensive than this and still people keep on buying them. Here in Italy almost everyone complains about the economical crysis, but then you give them a second look and they wear dolce & gabbana belt, expensive shoes, iphone 5/gs3/note 2, they drive audi, bmw and mercedes and so on. It’s all about the way you look, people don’t want ot pay taxes to have better services (better schools, better hospitals, better roads, …), but they are ready to be indebted just to be trendy.

  • Moto Insider

    Xperia Z is so fuckin laaame and still cant beat SSGIV and Motorola X Phone, Motorola has been working hard to create a UI that both compliments & enhances the Android experience, and is intended to be Nexus-like. Additionally, they are working on a variety of software add-ons to improve the functionality of the device further, much like several of Samsung’s software features, like S Beam for example and of course X Phone will feature a 5-inch edge-to-edge display.

  • Avery Navas

    quiero uno! :D

  • Julio Spinoza

    damn, this is how the smartphones should be made, all of them, I changed my beloved Xperia S due to the delay of upgrades and poor support, but I am going to return to sony as soon somebody buy my S3. Im glad that sony is returning to the high ended phones instead delivering a bunch of middle and low ended phones

  • All you did was just scratch the oleophobic coating, you can get it fixed real easy, go to Amazon and type oleophobic coating, there you will find a kit to fix the blemish.

  • Keys do nor and I repeat, they do not scratch most new smartphone screens that have tempered glass, sand and diamonds is pretty much the only thing that will scratch tempered glass, or any metal with a hardness rating10 and above.

  • Fingerprints are kept to a minimum by using a method called oleophobic process, all manufacturers use some type of it on the new smartphones and tablets that you but today, the coating does wear out over time but can be restored, go to Amazon and type oleophobic, they sell a kit for $25 that will do the trick once the coating on your device wears off.

  • jag

    nice! tnx for the info.. ^^

  • MatthiasDB

    rockwell, vickers,…? hardness rating is worth nothing without the system you refer to…
    you’re absolutely right though, keys do not scratch tempered glass smartphone screens. Maybe sand is pretty much the only thing that can scratch nowadays smartphone screens, however It is found pretty much everywhere…

  • MatthiasDB

    try washing an iPhone

  • MatthiasDB

    So you put your iPhone in your backpocket
    and then you go and sit down?

  • S Beam is nothing special, my Xperia V can beam and so can the Xperia Z. S Beam is just a name they came up with, normally it’s called Android Beam. Can you mirror your screen with one touch with a Samsung device? – Thought you ain’t.

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