Is Sony really planning a 6.44-inch Xperia device?

by XB on 21st January 2013

in Rumours

This photo of a purported 6.44-inch display frame for an upcoming Sony Xperia smartphone, or media player has been doing the rounds today. Now there is no proof that this shell is for a 6.44-inch device, whilst the device looks quite large, it’s very possible that it is being held by someone with small hands. Or it could be a prototype, we’re sure Sony must test all kinds of display configurations when conducting R&D. That is if it is real at all and not some kind of fake component.

Personally, we can’t see where such a device would fit in Sony’s portfolio. It’s almost too large to be used as smartphone, bigger than the Galaxy Note II and that’s already a big phone. Anyway, what are your views – is there really a market for a 6.4-inch smartphone? Would you buy it? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks FlowXT & Thomas!

  • For me 5-inch display is perfect mix between phone and tablet. 6.4 seems to be too big

  • could easily replace a iPad mini and Note I guess.

  • maxiobor

    6.44” phone? Nope too large for me and I dont have a trousers with such a large pockets…

  • sony rocks

    Any thing from sony .i love n love ever.even 8 inch display phone.coz sony knew wat best in technology

  • amir

    no… just 5 inch. no more

  • Keon Fraites

    Well Sony is planning on taking over the market so I guess their going on all the different levels and sizes of devices and types, tablets Phablets and phones, its not for me but it’s probably suitable to others.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Too large but I would consider it if the bottem with ^this model is cut off . IYKWIM

  • adsada_arc

    hmmm it is likely, but probably wont be 6.4″, it is plausible that sony want to jump onto the sucess of the galaxy note series and this may be real, just a little bit smaller then 6.4″!

  • Raphael

    No way i could use it as a phone. I realize when i look silly

  • I want it without a doubt!!!

  • i wouldn´t buy it

  • is this only the screen or is it the whole device…´cause where is the akku or sth. else?

  • Lunkz

    Maybe a Remote for a TV ? Just joking :D

    It’s to big to fit in a pocket, some jeans have smaller pockets when other one so it’s difficult to fit a 5 inch phone

  • Here we go again the same problem like last year to many devices and we barely finish the first month of the year.
    Xperia Z, ZL, E, E.. and this

  • Jan

    6.4 is sweet. but remember, when it comes to gaming, relase it with buttons and joy-sticks.! WORLD IS WAITING FOR PSM!

  • Dime

    No it’s tablet whit this display it wouldn’t be a smartphone … 5 inch perfect!

  • Dime

    Maybe this is a good option PSM

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    If this rumor really IS true, then I can only laugh at this, just the same way I laughed two days ago when I saw this teenage girl talking on Galaxy Note 2.
    It really is true that our generation will hardly see any real tech revolution in upcoming decade(s).
    When you see the way the main tech companies are “improving” their portfolios, it’s becoming obvious that this world is running out of ideas.

    Talking about this concretely, we already turned ourselves into morons with talking/messaging devices becoming brick-sized, for what sake and what purpose?
    6,4 inch sized display, on a phone? Will anyone give me concrete reason foe bying such a device? I’m already having problems with relatively “small” Arc S display, while messaging with one hand only (and my hand is far from small).
    I’m already undecided between Z and T as my next phone, only because of this monstruous 5 inch display of Xperia Z.

    All we are seeing in last 2-3 years on smartphone market, is lifeless, uninteresting race in building specs, without any real innovations. What will we face in 2015? 16 cores maybe? 30 megapixels cameras with the same crappy small sensors/optics? 7-inch phone displays?
    This is all going in wrong direction it seems to me.

  • Michael Hofmann

    A 6.4 inch media player device is the perfect compromise between a 7 inch tablet and the almost obsolete iPod touch.
    Offering the benefits of a tablet – bigger screen whilst be just about pocket-able unlike an iPad mini or Nexus 7. All Sony has ensure is to get the price to £200.

  • Nabil

    Sarcasm I guess ?

  • Patrik Lovrin

    I think that Sony hit the mark with Sony Xperia ZL for everyone who hates big ass phones.. I would never go beyond 4.3″ because even that is almost too big. But when I saw ZL, which is just slightly bigger than XS or XT I changed my mind. If I would be buying phone now I would definitely go for XZL..

  • harbinger2020

    Ill buy it if they make it see through like that, ha

  • Farhad K

    If sony develops such a big thing, Be sure they will think about carrying and using problems before.

    Have you seen an uncomfortable device from sony until now??

  • howard

    is sony being crazy ??? handle a 5.5 inch device is hard.

  • strongful

    This is turley the perfect size exactly what I’ve been waiting fo, roll on Sony bring the goodness to me.

  • tonkotsu

    sony is smart to be entering an area where it currently does not have a device

    The whole message you wrote is trash. Phone usage is all personal preference. If someone wants to use a 10″ tablet and hold it up to their face as a phone, that is what they want. You do not come in and say “no, you’re a moron”.

    More devices means more competition and more choices for everyone.

    Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way. Please list all the innovations you want in phones that none of the thousands of engineers and R&D departments from the multibillion dollar companies have figured out yet, seriously, I’m listening.

  • tonkotsu

    is sony pointing a gun to anyones head and forcing them to buy it? didn’t think so.

  • viiv

    Maybe it’s the second generation Z Walkman

  • Descance

    This is NOT a phone, its the upcoming 2nd gen Z series Walkman which also runs Android. The Sony Android Walkmans are basically an Xperia without the phone part the same concept as the iPod touch with iOS.

  • If that was for a phone, then where is the hole for the earpiece? Personally I think it is for a new tablet… to compete with the new Acer and Asus 7″ tablets…

  • acehkita

    Some peoples laugh when I used Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ as a phone. But, I enjoyed it as long as usefull to me.

  • Mr.X

    if you were a phone manufacturer, what kind of innovations you have ?

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  • ohredhk

    I don’t think there is a realistic market for a 6.44″ device. But Sony has made a lot wired product (Tablet P is certainly one) before.

  • Ryan Liao

    SONY 6.44″ ultral thin (6~7mm) phablet has been confirmed by an insider of China. It belongs to “Creative” line like Xperia Play. So it will not be a flagship and not intend to sell in big volume.

  • Some kind of gaming device? XD

  • Cheng

    I think he mean it.. by looking at his name haha~

  • Xlash Andraid

    Unless you work at any of those companies as a production manager or something like that, I’d write a list of innovations for you.

    What Eldis Skenderagic said is partially true. We are now like zombies running behind the latest trending products (I rather to be called “zombie” than “moron”). But hey, that’s not all bad, I personally love gadgets and I’m in touch with them daily, as many of us do, that’s why we are here reading and discussing. The problem is that the companies sell the idea of letting us to choose what we want/need, but if you analize this deeply, that’s not totally true. For example, not all of us want a big phone with a big screen, so we go to look for a smaller option but guess what? we still want a quadcore device with 2 Gbs in RAM, a 12 megapixel camera and 32 GBs microSD slot… What’s wrong about wanting a device with that power but not so big? Unfortunately, most of the companies doesn’t have that ideal device, pushing us (in some way…) to get the latest flagship just because we want all that hardware specs, no matter if the phone is big, ugly and overrated. Examples: samsung galaxy note and lg optimus g. Of course, I must recognize that SONY haven’t done this… Well, not that much. Xperia Miro for example, is a beautiful device, it has a perfect size, I’d love to have it, but a 800MHz processor and 512mbs in RAM? Wtf? My Xperia Ray is even better than that.
    I know I know, not all people wants a high-end device with the highest hardware specs, but a good marketing strategy should be focused to all kind of consumers in all sectors with different needs and posibilities. Not all companies have a right strategy, and it looks like they only care about selling and selling and selling.

    Rarely, the tendence is: bigger phones year by year. Why? well, better media playing and gaming xperience… And that’s it (I really don’t see more benefits). There should be a limit for this (I hope this limit has been already reached with the latest 5″ devices), if not, then, are we going to be in the street holding a phone with a size of a tablet in our hands making a call or sending a sms in 2016 just because that’s the latest tendence, fashion or whatever you want to call it? how are we going to look like? For me, people look enoughly stupid taking pictures with a tablet, considering that taking a picture with a phone gives you the same or even better quality images…
    Personally, I’d love to have a phone (for example) with an incredible sound quality or 150 GBs in storage than a having huge screen.

    It’s not about only consuming blindly what companies give to us, but analyzing first if we are going in the best road and if we are getting a worth product that we truly want, not just because it’s the latest fashion and is going to give us status and personality (lol). Yes, iphone fans, I’m pointing to you.

  • zimam zamri

    I think it’s better for sony to juz increase the screen size (4.7 – 5.0) of the z but on the same shell

  • TanGenT

    If the device really work, target area for this device is too small. This size of screen will usually fits for guys, and i didn’t think this device will be a good device. hope sony make a faster and stable update in android, keep making phone and don’t take good care of android updates won’t help, just will make harder to configure. my opinion sony should create more unique apps only sony device have and better update.

  • tonkotsu

    so basically your entire argument would be solved with 3.5-4″ verions of todays superphones……. well apple already make the iphone 4s and 5, they’re small enough. and can still meet or beat all current smartphones.

    btw you should not worry about the size of everyones phones. do you also take a peek at others while urinating to see whether or not to laugh at them? grow up!

  • if u open the pic in a image editor(photoshop) and zoom in, u can tell that the pic has been edited. the background around the logo and camera hole is different color from the bezel. it’s much darker.

  • skrug

    You do realize that we need advancement in technology(holographic display for example) before some new revolution is possible? Other things need to evolve/advance before something new comes up. Including faster processor, so we can have real personal assistant(AI). Battery needs some advancement right now. And you know Sony is pouring billions of R&D into technology.

    On your “without any real innovations” point, do you consider the iphone an innovation? If you do then, technology was gearing up to that point or already there (capacitive touch screens, better processors, better displays). It was all package in a nice looking phone with ease of use (software).

    There are innovations like what google is doing with project glass. Instead of using your phone, all the information is on the glasses in front of you. Maybe in the future it can be from a contact lens or some other device that sends it into your eye. Or even have the information sent directly to your brains.

  • APai

    hilarious, you are saying those millions of note 1 & 2 users are wrong ? let them hold a laptop against their head – it’s their prerogative. just because you feel it is wrong, does not make it wrong. steve and his ilk thought 3.5 inch is plenty for everyone. apparently 4-5 inches seem to be good for most people. some simply like it larger. who are you to say they are wrong. they are a small subset of the large market, it’s not like the manufacturers are closing the door for you. niches are good for the customers.

    get off your high horse and stop ridiculing others.

  • APai

    good one, to each his own. why is one person right ? actually, having a range of sizes is good. even though I think the note 2 is a bit too large for me, i dont say it’s bad, because for my friend it suits perfectly well for his large hands. for me one handed operation would be difficult. the xperia T is perfect for me.

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  • xnx

    a good idea for accessories travel abroad. all in walkman,psp/joystick,phone,tablet,Spen on board usb3.0 120gig storage and 4000mah battery don’t forget ashi glass 2.o

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    You really expect me to write any serious reply to you, after your childish statement that my message is being “trash”?
    I could write you the list of possible imprivements other than increasing display sizes and densities, but of course I won’t.
    Nice try of posting something smart, anyway.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Wtf? Mentioning the “urinate” thing here is totally pointless LOL.
    Btw, the iphone is a mediocre phone. Sure, it may have a perfect size, but that horrible system rests a lot of points.
    Now if you mention at least 5 phones that don’t exceed 4″ on their screen but they’re still amazing, I could take your argument as a valid one. Otherwise, I wouldn’t take you serious.
    And you clearly misunderstood my argument. Putting powerful hardware into small phones is not the solution, but neither is making huuuge devices, bigger and bigger.

  • Phone screens aren’t getting larger to bother you, it’s because we do more and more on our phones today. Products are becoming almost all condensed into our phones, we call, we socialize, we watch stuff and listen to music and share things…..So definitely they’re going to get larger because they’re becoming almost replacements for laptops. Video chatting for example needs quite a big screen for it to be comfortable and immersive.

  • Xxtl

    This is too big! I just saw an xperia v a while ago and for me its already too big.. 4inches screen is the ideal size (atleast for me)

  • elpollillo

    Xperia Tablet Z Mini?
    think about, is possible..

  • Ohh no!

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    Reading all those replies, it seems like many people feel, almost like, well, insulted with my post.
    Many wrong interpretations I see there.
    I’m not saying what we have on smartphone market is primarily BAD, not at all. Hence, I am a gadget freak the same way as many of you are. My next phone will obviously be another Xperia, and maybe even a 5-inch Xperia. It’s all about choosing between available choices. And when it comes to choices, we got what we got, and we can’t go out of boundaries, no matter how much we like or don’t like available options.
    What I’m saying, is that market share race, especially in last 2 years, became pure specs-building race, while some other things are still suffering badly, and are not being improved over the years.
    Somebody already mentioned battery life, which is still quite poor. In 2013 we still have phones that needs recharging once a day, or even more often, depending on usage.

    We still have the same, very very limited camera sensors and optics, and yet it’s not stoping manufacturers to artificially build resolutions up to 10+ megapixels. We are talking about “great” cameras on our phones, and yet they are not even close to 5+ years old compact cameras we all have. Well, if you ask me, I would sacrifice 2-3mms of already too thick phone thickness, to be able to incorporate bigger sensors, and bigger battery sizes – therefore capacities.
    Then, what is the point of multiple cores, capable of playing full HD, or heavy games, when they still spend so much energy that our phones are dead after one full-length hd movie, or two in best scenario.

    Also, when I said “morons”, which maybe is not appropriate word, I thought all of us, in general, not concretely and limited to Note 2 users for example, or anyone else. We are all craving for better specs, bigger this and bigger that, and bigger screens among other things. And still we are not certain why we do. Most likely because market trends make us so. Somebody else decided that 5-inch phone is the one worth building up specs to maximum, being “premium” or “flagship” one, and we all start craving for that one, simply because it’s “new” and “specs-monster”.

    So, to conclude, just relax. I wasn’t insulting anyone on purpose. We have what we have on market, and we will consume it, including myself. Just like many of you said it’s your choice to like or dislike 6+ inches displays, the same way it is my choice to have my opinion about it, and to share it. You don’t agree? I’m fine with that. Calling my opinion “trash”, well that already IS insult, very concrete and purposed one.

  • on my point of view 5.0 inch is enough to me because i dont move with handbags. But it seems now people likes big screen phone, i can see many people are using samsung tab of 7 inch as a phone, what i can say it may hit the market.

  • They SHOULD release a phablet. Not because I want one, but there are people who do. And Sony should not miss out on that part of the market. If this has the same design as the Z, the actual volume of the device will be smaller than that of the Samsung Note series, even though the footprint is larger.
    Use the same innards as the Z, along with a larger battery and I think we have something that will knock the Note II out of the parking lot.

  • Farhad K

    Even didn’t make the thing :))))

  • powerofviva

    we hope finally can see xperia play 2


  • Jan

    Maybe. Try to imagine playing Castlevania SOTN(PS1) or Gran Turismo(PSP) (im not dreaming of GT5 on next xperia-playstation device) only with screen, its terrible for longer session. Real games needs real control. I would like to play PlayStation games, not only PSM-touchie-games which are not accesible in my country. i have ps3 but i prefer smartphone than portable gaming console….

  • sony rocks

    U have any problm with my name???

  • sony rocks


  • Aapuci

    if it has WhiteMagic, Pixel Eye and BE2, i would definitely get one…

  • powerofviva


    that is XPERIA PLAY 2

    codename : XPERIA PS


  • tonkotsu

    you seriously expect anyone to take you seriously calling people “morons”? didn’t think so.

    and you won’t because you can’t. all you do is sit here and bitch behind the computer.

    lol@ smart.. your post was a page of mindless rant that offered no fixes.. you ended up sounding like a “moron” yourself.

  • tonkotsu

    I think you should reread your post, then see why i “misunderstood” your argument.

  • tonkotsu


  • skrug

    You talk about no innovation, and mention about optics/sensor, look at the lumia pureview 808 and what sony is did with exmor r/s. There needs to be small advancent before something even better/new comes out.
    There needs to be a new type of battery before the battery improves. Because cramming more mAh for the type of battery we have is not the answer.

    BTW im not insulted by your comment.

  • tonkotsu

    Smartphone cameras will never reach the same level as an equivalent point and shoot because there’s a physical limitation that they’ll never overcome. P&s cameras will always be able to be built with better optics because their size allows for it.

    As for the battery, companies are already paging add fast as they could with more efficient cpus. Battery tech in general is stagnant and it will take the entire electronics industry to push, and the blame should not be solely on smartphone companies.

  • tonkotsu

    Also the urination comment was not pointless. The point was that you care too much about what other people do. If people want big phones or want small phones that is their choice. You don’t peek over and say “nope, too big/small you’re a zombie” you leave them alone and let them be happy with what they have.

    Also you can have as much storage as you want, just bring a portable hard drive and an external battery. Otherwise, a smartphone with 16gb+microsd should be enough to last you a few days even watching hd content. 150gb is not a reasonable request. Just like a phone with a 20″ screen or laser gun attachment.

  • Xlash Andraid

    150 gbs is not a reasonable request? Then is it enough for you only 16 GBs in the LG Nexus? Let me tell you that a lot of people is complaining about the poor storage on it. That phone could be perfect. But hey, Google said “16 gbs in storage is enough and you accept it as-is”. THAT’S MY POINT. You can say “go to get a Xperia or another phone” but there are a considerable sector of people who wants to be up to date in Android, and unfortunately, the rest of companies don’t give those updates fast, mainly because they doesn’t want to sell you pure Android, they want to heavily customize it before releasing any update. Have you seen the problems and complains about SONY’s delayed updates? Check the past entries of this blog.

    ” If people want big phones or want small phones that is their choice” I invite you to read my post again. If you don’t, then I can summarize it for you: There are people who want a small device yet powerful. That device doesn’t exist at the moment. If we want the latest hardware specs. we are (kinda) obligated to get a flaghship, wich it’s likely going to be so big. Got it?

    At least, SONY’s 2011 strategy allowed us to have more options without resting power. For example, the Xperia Arc was big for some people, so we got Xperia Ray or Mini, but getting the same hardware specs as the Arc, except for the HDMI port. That was good, but the 2012 strategy was weird and I’m sure it didn’t work as expected.

    And no, kiddo, I don’t go walking in the street and telling people “hey, your phone is so big, faggot, you look stupid”, they have the right of using it (even if they really don’t know what they can do with that phone, I know a couple of cases), as I also have the right of laughing about how stupid they look with those huge devices and how thiefs have easier targets to steal.

  • tonkotsu

    Yup 150gb is not a reasonable request at all. There’s no logical reason anyone needs that much storage. The reason Google puts only 16gb is because they want to push you to use and pay for cloud services. Other companies give you 32gb or 16gb + microsd.

    Like I said before, you want a small super phone, get the iphone 4s!

  • Xlash Andraid

    No, I won’t, because ios is horrible.

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    Dear Lord, what intelligence.

    Luckily people can read both, mine and your posts, and decide for themselves who’s being a troll, and who’s hiding behind “computer” (LOL), and talking nonesenses + insulting people.
    Oh, look, 85% of people agreed with my first post. Nice statistics for a trash post, from a troll hiding behind “computer”, ha-ha.

    Btw, being teenage is not easy, I know.

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    Do you work with graphics?
    Have you ever zoomed an 8mpix smartphone photo (ANY smartphone) to maximum/native resolution?
    You probably heard about stuff like jpg artefacts, bad exposure, innacurate colors, overprocessed image, color bending, high compression…?
    Smartphone photos are far from being qualified as “high quality”, in any serious terms of picture quality. And yet, all phone manufacturers are advertising their phone cameras as “amazing”, “beautiful”, “great”, etc… Yes, they are good enough for joking around, taking quick shots for your social media account when you’re hanging with your friends.
    What exactly did Nokia achieved with PV 808 and Sony with Exmor R/S? They achieved to be slightly ahead of competition, but that is still far, but FAR, from being called high quality.
    Of course I know phones will always be limited with their volumes, for packing any serious sensors and lenses, but yet, I know, I’m sure, they can do much better than this.
    And what about silly unreliability, that almost all brands out there are still struggling with?
    This is 2013 already. We have multi-core processors, 1GB+ RAMs, beautiful displays, and yet we can see reports from all around globe about problems with almost all flagship devices. Is it normal to spend 300-500 euros on your fancy new smartphone, and then see its housing cracks all by itself in just a couple of weeks (and I’m NOT talking about Arc/S only)? Is it normal for your phone to brick itself while you’re updating firmware? To put your phone on cold surface and then see its back being cracked? Is it normal that your SMARTphone is being terribly affected by an official firmware? That your fancy phone battery drains out in just a couple of hours, for no obvious reason? That your phone network coverage drops rapidly if you hold your phone close to bottom? That your manufacturer’s official support says to you to reset your phone every time you have an problem?
    You know, not all people out there are IT educated, being able to solve some problems by themselves.
    Maybe it is easy for me or you, but many average Joes out there are just a people wanting their smartphones to do their job.

  • tonkotsu

    And 95% agree with my posts… What’s your point? Keep trollin tho..

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    The point is, you’re the one running around here acting childish and directly insulting people, just for not agreeing with their views.
    Like I already said, anyone can see who’s being troll here.

  • skrug

    If you’re a pro photographer or even a hobbyist you would be using a dslr, or a mirrorless not a smartphone to take photos. Smartphones cameras are good for the 90% of the population. So they are marketing to those segment of their customer base which again would be 90%.

    Nothing in this world is flawless/perfect. There are manufacturing defects (avg ~2-3%?). Design flaws. software bugs. Not until it is release to the world, with millions of them out there do these problems pop up. And then there are wear and tear over time, just like life.

    “That your fancy phone battery drains out in just a couple of hours, for no obvious reason? ” Yes there’s an obvious reason, and that is software and hardware running to get your latest message, email, sms, updates, also the screen takes a lot of energy to power and render etc.

    “That your manufacturer’s official support says to you to reset your phone every time you have an problem?”
    That is the first step of any diagnostics. Then if the problem persist then it might be software/driver conflict.

  • XYZ

    I’d want that, if it came with a digitizer stylus. A notepad that can take decent pictures, play movies and music and make phone calls. Its basically perfect for me as a University Student as it would consolidate all of my bits and bobs into one place.
    BTW, Sony, as always, release smaller handsets. There are rumours of a 4.3 inch smartphone and a 4.5 inch smartphone with similar specs to the Z (just lower res screens, 1080p @ 4.5 is difficult, let alone 4.3), so I guess its all there if you don’t want a monster.

  • tonkotsu

    Nope, everyone can see who the immature troll here is. . Have fun troll!

  • tonkotsu

    you also must remember that 6-8″ can easily fit inside most messenger bags, totes, daybags, and womens purses. There’s a huge market for them.

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  • Eldis Skenderagic

    I’m always having fun. ;) Especially reading teenage wannabe-smartasses posts.

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  • sgsgsg

    I am getting this or the Huawei when it is out. I don’t like galaxy 2 as they cut the width a bit. I am a girl and have small hands and don’t care.

  • daniel

    I think 5″ in enough. They have enough tech to smash the competition… just not use it right…
    I have some idea how they should to do, but they have to pay me for this…! :)))

  • D3Seeker

    Walkman Z-2?

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