NTT DoCoMo announces Xperia Tablet Z (SO-03E), launches in mid-March

by XB on 22nd January 2013

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Whilst the Sony Xperia Tablet Z was officially announced yesterday, it was announced for NTT DoCoMo earlier today. The Xperia Tablet Z (SO-03E) is expected to launch in the middle of March in Japan, pricing remains a mystery for now. The tablet will launch in both black and white colours.

The Xperia Tablet Z adopts the OmniBalance design as seen in the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL smartphones, it also sports the signature aluminium power button. The tablet has a lightweight fibreglass reinforced back panel with steel-like properties according to the company. It also has a couple of exposed pins on the chassis, so that it can be used with a dock without removing port flaps.

The specifications are the same as we saw yesterday. The Xperia Tablet Z has a 10.1-inch (1920 x 1200) OptiContrast display with Bravia Engine 2, a APQ8064 Snapdragon chipset (1.5GHz quad-core processor and Adreno 320 graphics), a water/dust resistant chassis (IPX5/7 certified) and is just 6.9mm in thickness, weighing 495g. It runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Specific Japanese features include a One Seg tuner and the latest POBox Touch 6.0 Japanese conversion engine optimised for tablets (the Xperia Z (SO-02E) smartphone has POBox Touch 5.4). It is interesting to note that the Xperia Tablet Z does not come with an infra-red sensor. [Update – It seems like it does have an infra-red sensor, despite the fact that it is ommitted from the official spec sheet.]

Other confirmed features include 32GB storage, 2GB RAM, microSDXC memory card slot, 6000mAh battery, a back-illuminated 8.1MP Exmor R camera, a 2.2MP front-facing Exmor R camera, S-FORCE Front Surround 3D (surround sound), NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and LTE. There is no word on a global launch, but perhaps we’ll hear some positive news on this at MWC next month.

Xperia Tablet Z (SO-03E) Promo Video

Xperia Tablet Z (SO-03E) Press Pictures

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Xperia Tablet Z (SO-03E) About Screen

Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E

Via Sony Mobile Japan.

Thanks Dacha!

  • solidpig

    Global release. Now. Then I’ll take 2.

  • Reddish Brown

    This will be my first tablet.

  • i hope the Sony Xperia tablet S drops in price now :) don’t feel this tablet and looks like a blown-up Xperia Z

  • How can you say it doesnt come with an infa red port when the key on the diagram says it does (8)

  • KinG

    Please make it global=(

  • XperiaBlog

    You’re right . Though on the spec sheet it says it is not included…

  • Well i hope it is lol because i will have great use for that feature.

  • Antonio Kukas

    All these new Xperia devices feel to me like Sony is mocking it’s biggest competitors(Apple and Samsung), by making new devices that have both sleek designs with user-friendly interfaces and powerful components with lots of customization possibilities. “Hey, we can do it better then you.”

  • Global please :D

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    why is the dock pin on the left side instead of being on the bottom?

  • Ambroos

    Almost looks like a mini Bravia in the dock!

  • xperiax10.awesome
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  • except samsung devices don’t looks sleek, just look like cheap toys

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  • Kit

    Fuckin love the design but please Sony!!!! I want 13-14 inch screen tablet with a small bezel.

  • incredible masterpiece

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  • AsadMulla

    I mention it has IR yesterday. Al sony remotes have the distinctive square IR sign and its on the back of the Tablet Z also.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    i saw that but I mean why isn’t it on the bottom it leaves out compatibility to a keyboard dock for example

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  • Michael Hofmann

    I hope they’ll make some more accessories other than the dock, like the type cover for Xperia Tablet S. Then it will be the perfect tablet.

  • PowerSonic

    y is it missing the Exmor RS sensor?

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    couz if you’re using a keyboard with a crapdroid tablet that is not BT – you’re doing it wrong

  • Shawarby87

    Will it be available globally or just Japan?!!

  • dereknobuyuki

    There are different ways to use infrared ports on the devices but the way that people in Japan actually care about (and the reason most devices in Japan have infrared port) is to beam your contact information to other people. Every phone for probably more than a decade has had this function (except for non-Japanese brand smartphones, blackberries, Windows Mobile phones, and the 1 or 2 Windows Phone phones that ever made it here) so compatibility is important to list on the website. Strangely enough, NFC has been on nearly all feature phone and smartphone for at least 7 years, but it never really replaced infrared beaming.

    When they say this type of infrared communication is not supported, they (docomo) likely mean this specific function.

  • ????? ????????? ???????? SONY Xperia Tablet Z Docomo SO-03E ? ?????? ?????

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