Sony releases Xperia T Jelly Bean alpha ROM

by XB on 25th January 2013

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Sony Mobile has announced that it has released the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean alpha ROM for the Xperia T (LT30p), continuing its tradition of releasing alpha & beta ROMs for upcoming firmware updates. As with any pre-release firmware, this Jelly Bean ROM is only meant for those who want to see what one can expect with the latest update. In saying that, Sony confirmed that the alpha ROM does not contain the final planned Jelly Bean UI.

A number of features are disabled including the ability to make a call, Google Mobile Services (GMS) apps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and FM radio. You will only be able to try the Jelly Bean alpha ROM if you have an unlocked Xperia T with unlocked bootloader. You can install this update by using Sony Mobile’s flash tool. Further details are included here.

  • JustJust release it .
    andd don’t forget usus Xperia S Users

  • Keon Fraites

    Hmm another reason as to why sony won XDA company of the year. Keeping their software developer friendly.

  • AsadMulla

    Alpha Just released. So how long do we have to wait until full release. And thats for Xperia T only. Xperia S users will wait even longer. Too slow

  • Jormungand

    As an xperia s user i just look forward to a better ram management :s and hope that android don’t bring a new version just after having jellybeans ><

  • I think Doomlord’s Xperia T jelly bean leak made this happen :D anyway kudos to Sony for the developer support :thumbs up:

    Sony came long way from Xperia X10 era with abysmal dev support imho !

  • SonyFan

    Everywhere in every blogs i only read…(sony comeback,next phone will be xperia, sony designs are best, sony ui is really clean and not heavy, respect to sony because they are developer friendly,2013 Year for sony and so on…)
    So we all hope Sony will become one of the most popular and best Manufactor in the mobile category… just keep it up Sony :D

  • APai

    just get through the motions already. the wait has become long, redeem yourself sony.

  • That’s what will happen, we will have jelly bean and another version of android.

  • Anonymous.

    Don’t worry. Sony is very close to finalizing JB SW for Xperia T. It’s way beyond alpha state.

  • Keon Fraites

    I’m an Xperia S user also and seeing the extras we’re getting in this jb update I think we’re getting much more than any other mobile phones JB update because not only we’re getting Jellybean but many of sony’s flavor UI upgrades and Sony apps for example, from one of the screenshots taken on the leaked JB on Xperia S images I saw small apps, thats just one of the many upgrades we’ll be getting. I’m guessing they’re porting everything from the T,V,and most of the stuff from the Z to the S also seeing that its capable. and JB should be better on the ram management for it uses more of the GPU to conduct certain tasks.

  • APai

    I sure hope so. they said mid february. i hope they do deliver it at the earliest.
    Sony had said JB “soon” after release of T. It’s already been 4 months since I have one, waiting for JB
    Sony is redefining “soon” if they mean 5 months!!!

  • Putra

    Can’t wait for April. Jelly Bean on my XS :)

  • Carl

    From the way Sony releases updated for their phones, it looks like they are working with a pair of personnel in R&D. It takes them so long to update their product.

  • Now Sony means, “More of designers, lack of programmers”

  • So happy to see an OEM cooperating with the community. My next phone will be a Sony. Ahhh and I will lobby all my friend to buy one too ;-)

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  • APai

    wow, you really are patient!

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