Xperia Z Sony logo baked into screen protector rather than its display?

by XB on 25th January 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony Mobile is one of the few mobile manufacturers to pre-apply a screen protector to its smartphones. It’s a nice gesture, providing a factory-fitted finish. The company has been doing this since the Xperia X10 was released back in 2010 and the same will apply to the Xperia Z when it is released next month. However, judging by the photos below it looks like the protective sheet will also double-up to display the ‘Sony’ logo.

For such a pricey phone, you may think that the Sony logo would be baked into the display, but this doesn’t appear to be the case. The guys over at carefully removed the pre-applied protector, although it wasn’t easy as you can see below. They found that once it was removed, the front face of the phone was just a single sheet of glass with no logo to be found.

At this stage, we don’t know whether this will be the case for retail devices, but it certainly seems to be the case for pre-production samples. We’re not even sure it’s such a big deal, a single sheet of glass can look pretty elegant. What’s your view, is this cost-cutting measure a bit too much? Would you expect the logo to be etched onto the glass given the price? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Xperia Z screen protector logo

Xperia Z screen protector logo

Xperia Z screen protector logo

Xperia Z screen protector logo

Xperia Z screen protector logo

Xperia Z screen protector logo

Xperia Z screen protector logo

Xperia Z screen protector logo

Xperia Z screen protector logo

Xperia Z screen protector logo

Xperia Z screen protector logo


  • dave


  • Rammstone

    The question is.. who cares?

  • meh don’t care.

  • SonyFan

    i always let the protection form sony on…its just perfect
    why putting it off??

  • I do.

  • I do

  • My Xperia S screen protector got damaged, if i remove it will the logo come off?

  • Thought the exact same…

  • Riyal

    I really don’t mind at all. It’s not our loss it’s sony’s loss imagine it… Their trademark logo removed on their flagship phone :p

    Well anyways I think it’s just because it’s a developer’s device type. I had a few developer device(loan device) from nokia on the past and recieved most of them having no nokia logos. All that’s etched on the device is a model number like E9-85, C9-00 etc.

  • Richo

    I don’t care – makes little difference to me

  • np,,, take it easy bro,just change the dame protector i have s and t both there is no such essue

  • raheemdot

    It’s a good thing. Because some people don’t like their phones to have any branding on the front, so they can just take it off and slip a different unbranded screen protector if required. This is good news.

  • Nexon

    I like it more without logo, looks more expensive and elegant

  • That protective sheet is not intended to be removed by the user. It has to stay on the display for all the phone’s life. So, why not to write the logo on it?

  • wtf there is also No logo in 3rd pic strange

  • KinG

    Yap I don’t mind too and who’s that stupid to remove it?it help protect the screen and why you go remove it?

  • True! Very interesting…

  • DrazenDodig

    actually seems very nice for people who dont like big logo up front.

  • reptile64

    Well the one think that you don’t understand is that this is NOT a simple screen protector, Sony refers to it as “shatter proof sheet” over the mineral glass, this means that this is not a screen protector you are supposed to peel off if it gets scratched, you have to apply the screen protector that comes in the box (all Xperia’s since X10 have one inside the box). Well.. this shatter proof sheet protects the glass from falls and scratches, in case you drop your phone the screen simply won’t break, it’s not impossible but it will be difficult to break with it applied on the glass as it absorbs the vibrations.

  • Lunkz

    I do too. What if the Screen protector has a damage and you wont to change it? Sending it to Sony back to pay the service? No thanks.

    One my Arc was a deep scratch so I put down the factory protector and replaced it without losing the Sony Ericsson Logo.

  • Lunkz

    Because then the protector becomes a damage to change it without loosing the logo?

  • reptile64

    I did the stupidity to remove it and after 4 months a little scratch in the middle of the screen appeared… and guess what… it is VISIBLE AS HELL because of the extremely small pixels!!!

  • nice I can have a clean phone with no logo on it.

  • Lunkz

    Then this is true, they need to ad a warning sign to not remove the protector of.

    My Arc has a pre-protector too, but in the box I didn’t find any other protector…

  • Skull41

    thats the bottom of the phone :P

  • reptile64

    Weird, I had X10, Arc, Arc S, a friend bought Ray another friend the P and all of them had a screen protector in the box :/

  • There is the bottom ?

  • Exactly!

  • Farhad K

    Why should they show the bottom of the phone while this is all about logo on the top?

  • Farhad K

    That’s impossible

    That’s impossible

    That’s impossible

    I’m telling you, This is fake or this is not a retail device

  • Farhad K

    I do too

  • Farhad K

    In none of this pictures we can see the whole Xperia Z device
    Doesn’t it make any sense?
    This is some thing wrong with these pictures
    I think this is a fake

  • Are we really talkin about this…?

  • I feel your pain bro, obviously i will replace the screen protector, im so protective about my gadgets, i would use gloves if i could

  • john

    Well, then for those who remove that sheet, just apply a second screen protector so you’ll not bother removing it: Problem solve!

  • Loken

    well for those who dont like logos can take it off i guess .. thanks sony for options

  • jusat like my acro s and i didn’t find other protector

  • Paul

    For the whole phones life? Seems to me you’re insane. The glass is supposed to be scratch resistant, not the shatter proof screen protector, which has A LOT of damn visible scratches after a year of use.

    “Not intended to be removed” – Bullshit. Users can choose if they want to be on the safe side if they drop their phone often, or on the beautiful side without scratches.

    And yeah, i’d like the phone without logo.

  • Paul

    The sheet is protecting the screen from shattering, not scratches. The Sheet itself scratches damn fast.

  • cherry

    who would spend so much effort to take off that piece of plastic anyway? the sony branding makes it feel premium.

  • NorthWood

    Some of Japanese user cares.

    Since Japanese Xperia Z has carrier logo instead of SONY logo, so some of them want to erase it…

  • FlowXT

    I guess the reason is that the NTT docomo version has the Sony logo on the bottom and the docomo Xi logo on top. Instead of producing two different types of front glasses for global and Japanese variants, Sony may have decided to move the logo to the shutter proof sheet which is quicker and cheaper to customize.
    It also means that Sony will be able quickly customize the device for specific carriers, with carrier logos at the front. E.g. suppose AT&T suddenly decides to add Xperia Z to its line up – Sony won’t have to produce a specific version, merely add a sheet to the front glass with the relevant logos.

  • aa

    it is shatter proof! not scratch resistant! there isnt any scratch resistant sheet! only the glass itself is!

  • Alvin

    I just care about the phone itself…

  • paul_cus

    Hoping that’s the case. That would make sense.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Why? will you remove the protector? What for?

  • DragonClaw

    It varies region to region. Somewhere they got a few NFC Tags instead of the protector. Some get a pouch to keep the phone in. Some get both

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  • Zong Sien Ho

    I guess it’s just the prototype…

  • Well none of the xperias unboxing neither mine come with a screen protector, only the one that was already applied on the phone.

  • Julio Spinoza

    I bought my XperiaX10 and Xperia S here in Mexico and both of them had an extra screen protector, although the xperia s did not came with NFC, sony mexico said that it was because Mexico is one of the few markets selected with no NFC tags haha. Anyway,supposedly all phones came with an extra protector…

  • Julio Spinoza

    I changed my Xperia S factory screen protector after 2 months of use, because many of scratches were visible, the same happened with my beloved X10. It is impossible that the screen protector will be with the phone till it died. Just my oppinion

  • Julio Spinoza

    No,it wont, but it is highly recommended that after that replace it with another one, dont leave your phone with out screen protector,you will have scratches very soon

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  • edwin

    this is not a problem, stop creating problem !!
    he is basically damaging the phone then find these little things to pick on, why don’t you smash it with a hammer, then post it on the internet again “xperia Z is not hammer proof”
    get a life

  • There are so many possibilities.
    1. The carrier logo issue. Sony might have wanted to make it easier to put carrier logos on the handsets without its own logo so that no extra logo other than Sony’s or the carrier’s is on the front face. if it didn’t, there might have required to exist two spots for logos. One permanent Sony logo spot, and one for each and every carrier.
    2. Sony wanted to give the customers the choice to get rid of the logo (either Sony’s or the carrier’s) if they wish so; but with a price: you need to get your own protective sheet at your own risk (some sheets out there are not really protective if not made by well-known manufacturers).
    3. Sony wanted to use the period of time one can keep and maintain the protective sheet as a measure or sign how the customers has been caring about their phone. This way, if anything bad happens to a phone and the customer wants to abuse their terms of warranty to get some sort of refund or free service, Sony would know whom they are dealing with.
    4. A combination of two or more of the above, or even more reasons behind the move.

  • All retail Xperia V phones are like this. Your point?

  • It’s the same with Xperia V. I saw photos posted to 4PDA illustrating this.

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  • Steve Blows Jobz

    you know phones get scratched and need a replacement, genius

  • Steve Blows Jobz


    Only if it’s a per-production model, otherwise, FUCK YOU SONY!

  • reptile64

    Sorry my bad it really gets scratched but not very easy I can tell

  • Joaquin Padilla Rivero

    Actually i find this rather nice of Sony. Some of us do not like to be showing the brands that we use, particularly since we don’t get sponsorships of any kind. That you don’t need to see the Sony logo every time you look at the phone is really great.

  • roeshak

    Now this is very annoying news. I removed the screen protector on both my x10 and S. I’d like to be given the choice. The display looks much better without it.
    If this is true for all models of the Z, then that’s so so poor. First TFT panel and now we’re being forced to use the protector. Hmmmm

  • Must be photoshop!

  • where is the link????

  • like the iphone

  • that’s bad!:|

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  • Phones life span is about six months. Why even be concerned.

  • Faizal Mohd

    I’m glad, a single sheet of glass should look awesome. Thank for the choices sony

  • Yes they do, but the lifespan of phones now are about six months

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  • Xlash Andraid

    As if you are gonna give the phone a tough use so you’ll need a replacement of the protector each 3 or 4 months…


  • FK


  • My Neo’s screen is still scratchless after 2 years, and I didn’t treat it like a jewel.

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  • No one calls it a problem, just a mildy interesting design choice, stay calm.

  • Wait… why logo color is sometimes white sometimes black?

  • Paul

    Oh, i plan to use it even longer, maybe another year or two.

  • Paul

    *facepalms* go read what i wrote again….. slowly.

  • Farhad K

    Didn’t hear such thing!

  • For what it’s worth, the Bond Phone version of the Xperia V has no Sony logo in front like the normal retail version. I personally feel it’s pretty cool that the manufacturer is not obsessed to advertise their product and spoil the front facade of the phone. We’re just pre-programmed to expect such a thing when its absence is actually quite desirable :)

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  • lastguru

    you can’t change that protector. the factory-installed protector is not user serviceable (you just can’t buy it anywhere except with the whole screen). you are supposed to put another protector on top of that one.

  • laci

    those letters are white or black ?

  • laci

    Its fake pictures, in the picture 3, the protector sheet is not removed and still no logo.

  • PVV

    I have bought Xperia S in Russia and it had two NFC tags and HDMI-cable in the box (which as I know have not been present in EU shipments), but no additional screen protector. So, yes, its region specific.

  • Farhad K

    OK I found the reson!

    This is the cover that attached to the phone in the factory

    It’s a part of phone when you purchase it.

    And you shouldn’t take it off !!!!!

    Every thing is ok with this device
    I looked at my friend’s Xperia Arc and it has this screen protector too and we didn’t even know that such screen protector even exists !!!
    It’s ok guys trust me :)

  • Please please please just let it be a developer version

  • Calypso

    This is why I left sony. Gorilla Glass on Nexus 4 is much better. In optics and haptics. And no scratches at all after wearing in pocket for 2 months now.

    I thought they switched to glass on the Z?! -> really poor!

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  • so does the xperia logo and the info on the back peel away as well?

  • BPaul

    So good :D

  • Jo Kensy

    Is it the same with the xperia logo on the back?

  • Cheeeesy

    I care. Who wants to touch plastic instead of glorious buttery glass?

  • Guest

    it’s to demonstrate that it’s a fingerprint magnet homie

  • I think its a good idea to leave the screenprotector alone and on the screen because in sony,s case it does a pretty damn good job my arc s still looks brandnew

  • i would like to see if this goes for the back too. Why just remove the front?

  • JIN

    its the gayest screen shatter proof garbage and trust me on that when you tilt the phone all the colors on the display wash out grey out Sony is stupid to put this crap on PERIOD!!

  • Venatoir

    I’m just going to leave this one here:

    Check out the response from the carrier at the bottom.

  • Laurens

    It’s the bottom…

  • Gavin1995

    put another protector on top of that one and problem solves

  • Joseph

    Well you should have structured your sentence clearer so that all(most) people can understand easily.

  • wareye

    Does removing the screen protector void the warranty?

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  • zaini

    I didnt know there was a factory fitted screen protector on my xperia v until i found deep scratches on the screen.fisrt i though i had a fake phone.i looked at it closely and noticed a gap near the edge.looked like it could be peeled so i did.i peeled it off with sony logo came out as well.then i tested the screen with sharp blade and it didnt scratch.i looked up on the net found out this.i thought i was having a fake phone.

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  • Aeryk Peel

    My xperia z is already small scratches

  • terminator5000

    Same thing for me, no screen protector included in the box. But just replace the shatter proof sheet with a normal screen protector. Even if this sheet avoid’s the screen from breaking, you just be careful with it and I think it will be okay ;)

  • gs429

    It’s structured better than most posts here

  • KitKit AniChan

    warranty stills on ?

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  • xad

    The sheet is actually there to prevent the glass from falling out in pieces and slicing your skin if it’s in your pocket. It’s shatterproof in that it won’t shatter everywhere. The screen CAN break, if you don’t believe me look on ebay and you’ll find tons of Xperia phones (Xperia S LT26i for example) with cracked screens with the original shatterproof sheet still attached.

    The Xperia SP (C5303) does NOT have a shatterproof sheet on it because it uses Corning Glass, that leads me to believe Sony thinks their brand of glass is more prone to falling out in pieces when it breaks.

    It’s really strange that Sony opted to add the logo to a piece of plastic rather than the glass itself. Either it was to save money or it was to prevent people from removing the sheet because some people were removing their sheets and not putting anything in it’s place, and if it’s true that Sony’s glass is more prone to falling out in pieces and thereby increasing the chance of injury, then that could turn into very bad publicity for a company still struggling to carve out it’s marketshare in this very competitive phones market.

  • workallday1

    me too I bout it less than a month ago and i do take pretty good care of it but the back is full of light scratches ):

  • Cesar

    Well, to late for me I dropped the phone within 3 weeks and the front glass cracked in the bottom ( I wish Sony spent more time making this phone more robust rather than waterproof) MY point is I was wondering where my Sony logo went I was wondering why 2 protectors, so thanks as I found my answer here.

  • Vasko

    can i buy new labeled sony film

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  • sellaagnesh

    Is warranty for the phone applicable if the protective cover with sony logo is removed

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  • iAmJed

    With regards to the camera resolution and calrity, The problem is on the back part of the xperia phones. This protective screen covers the flash of the camera that makes your photos blurry/foggy. The 20 MP camera is useless if this is not removed. and the worst here is if you remove the protective screen, the Brand name Xperia and sony will be removed? No solution for this even in Z2?

  • yuanquan

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  • Muhammad Rafsanjani

    If anyone knows where the site that sells sony logo for xperia docomo ???

    Coincidentally in my country a lot of devotees for this phone

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