XCore allows you to disable a CPU core to improve battery

by XB on 28th January 2013

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Are you running a Sony Xperia handset that uses the NovaThor U8500 chipset? Are you frustrated by the battery life? Well then you may want to check out Xcore. The app works for the Sony Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia go and Xperia sola by disabling a CPU core to enhance battery performance.

Users report that it works quite well and running on a single core is fine for most tasks barring gaming and video streaming. It features a simple UI on/off toggle to enable or disable the action. If you want to try the app yourself, click here. Note that your phone needs to be rooted for this to work.

  • xR4zz

    Would be nice for Xperia S, too.

  • Dime

    one more think why i should have bought an xperia p stupid xperia s nothing has… except 1,5 ghz cores …

  • ShinOrochiX

    Nice for 2011 Xperias as well! ;-)

  • SonyFan

    how you wanna do something with your phone without a working CPU??
    you have only one core :D

  • My Xperia P already lasts more than a full day. Enough for most circumstances. But it would be lovely for those days when you’re on the go.

  • sfordesign

    wish there is a similar app for snapdragon chipsets! stupid ion barely lasts 8 hours in at&t lte regions with moderate usage

  • Xperia S is far superior phone which is first of all mora stable than current phones with NovaThor chipset. So there is no reason for you to complain.

  • bluestreak_v

    No battery life problems here! My Xperia U uses 25% to 30% battery per day – as in per 24 hours! Admittedly, my usage is pretty light and I use Juice Defender set at 30 mins…

  • Dime

    It’s ok Xperia s but what Sony developers do about Sony makes me nervous… because they are doing nothing. Updates, app everything is late for Xperia S

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    So, if I turn off the core I have on my Xperia Mini…

  • chrisphillers

    No battery life problems but the laggiest phone I ever used – I couldnt possibly imagine the phone even running with a disabled core!

  • tiagopetena

    I think he was just trolling…

  • Just a note, the biggest drain on battery is background data. Disabling wifi and mobile data reduces battery drain to about 1% per hour.

  • Do we have apps for snapdragon?

  • jake

    I have both of them .
    On normal task you cant realize xperia s actually just dual core , they work like quad core . But xperia P you can feel that it actually not as smooth as S .
    Iguess snapdragon is far more powerful than nova thor .

  • rus_media

    You do not need every core all the day

  • razec

    If only SoC manufacturers would care to put a simple circuitry to enable power gating which intelligently disables core to decrease power consumption, as seen on intel and AMD desktop CPUs, then we shouldn’t need these apps in the first place, qualcomm, samsung and nvidia were overfocused on making their chips the fastest but they fail when it comes to realizing how important battery life is. screw big little, screw fifth core, how difficult to implement power gating is beyond me, but seriously ARM should have done this since dual core arm SoCs started to appear.

  • xperia

    what will happen if core status is not on?
    can i disable both core?

  • Doesn’t help with battery saving guys,

  • you sent 500 euro for more power then you install this app do disable that power, isn’t that stupid ?

  • ankitw

    Ok this goes completely off topic.. but i’ve xperia S n i like xperia Z also.. i’m confused if i should sell my S and get Z or wait some more.. cause sony has habbit of doing two flagships in a year each after 6 months or so !!!!! .. and ya m not super rich or normal rich for that matter!!

  • czekker

    that’s funny :D

    JLo (ST26i):
    1core (out of box) + big battery = more than 3 days without the charger (EASY).

    and ICS on Xperia J is really smooth :))
    + official JellyBean update someday..
    + you’d have a card slot..
    + gorilla glass..

  • czekker

    yeah, it is called the `power off` feature – really saves battery life
    you can try it without the XCore apk ;))

  • Sami Dawood


  • bluestreak_v

    Have you ever used a 2011 Xperia with single 1Ghz scorpion CPU? Now *that* is laggy! :)

  • So will have…0 cores?!?!? Are u mad?!?!?

  • SonyFan

    do you need the power when you’re sleeping??? so disable one core before going to bed so that you don’t lose too much % during the night

  • sander

    Why can’t they just add this a feature to jelly bean, while your phone goes in standby it turns off a core, there you go saving loads of battery, manual intervention should be an option

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  • desm

    Using setcpu is much saver than this

  • alexffx

    I had no lags on gingerbread, but yes, ICS killed 2011 phones with mega lags…, after this I hate sony… (I used xperia neo and arc s)

  • AD

    hahaha :D

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