Xperia V gets a 3600mAh extended battery from Mugen Power

by XB on 29th January 2013

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The Sony Xperia V (LT25i) already has an 1800mAh extended battery from Mugen Power, but the renowned battery-specialists recently announced an even larger battery. This one offers over double the capacity over the original BA800 1700mAh (minimum) battery.

The Mugen Power 3600mAh extended battery [HLI-LT25iXL] will require a separate back cover, but a number of colours are offered to suit your handset including black, pink and white. This will ideally suit those who do a lot of travelling, but it doesn’t come cheap, setting you back $98.95 with free shipping globally.

  • is it still water- and dustproof with the extra cover?

  • does it add thickness to the phone? and how much? also if the extra cover sustains the water resistant feature?
    any one with the answer, thanks in advance.

  • Should be.

  • You got some picture of it?

  • AlexBurnout

    Please make one for the Xperia S!

  • Mo.


  • Domino

    Is it a lot more?Maybe, come to Xperia S …

  • From Mugen: “We have made the water resistance on the 3600mah cover, see att’d pic.but not yet send for IPX testing. we cannot 100% guranteen water resistance at the moment. we are going to do the IPX testing after Chinese New Year holiday.”

  • AlexBurnout

    I know it’s a non-removable battery but…

  • hahahhah


  • AlexBurnout


  • one

    mugen, why dont you make one with the maximun power but with the original cover? Around 1900-2000 should be great!!! And, there are a lot of people in spain that should buy it, if you garantize it is secure. Sorry for my english

  • MaDa2DaNe

    but it changeable… :lol:

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