Xperia ZL headed to Bell Canada?

by XB on 29th January 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony Mobile Canada has been slow to release information on exactly which carriers will stock the Xperia ZL (it doesn’t look like the Xperia Z will be coming to Canada). According to a few screen grabs sent to Mobile Syrup, it seems that one possible carrier will be Bell Canada.

It shows that the LTE-enabled Xperia ZL (C6506) will come to Bell with bloatware intact including their MobileTV app, Remote PVR, self serve app and the Bell Remote Device Manager app. The Xperia ZL is due to launch by the end of March in Canada, we should hear some official information on availability and pricing shortly.

Xperia ZL headed to Bell Canada

Xperia ZL headed to Bell Canada

Via Mobile Syrup.

Thanks Dacha!

  • Angry Canadian

    Wait, the Z _isn’t_ coming to Canada? #$%^&

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Sony Canada confirmed both models will be on sale in Canada. xperiablog is posting nonsense, yet again. My guess is Rogers will get Z exclusive for a few months, and Bell will get ZL. By summer both will be at both carriers. It has always been like that, and always will be.

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