Music Unlimited update brings high quality AAC 320kbps audio streaming

by XB on 30th January 2013

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Those of you who are using Sony Entertainment Network’s Music Unlimited app on your Xperia device may want to update to the latest version. Version 1.6.0 of the app brings the ability to stream audio in high quality mode (AAC 320kbps). This is in addition to the normal mode (HE-AAC 48kbps).

Music Unlimited has over 18 million licensed songs and is available across a variety of devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, PS3 PlayStation Vita and even some Sony BRAVIA televisions. Sony Xperia owners get to try the service for free in a 60-day trial. You can download the Android app here.

  • Too bad this service is not available in Ukraine.

  • Tamaz Katamadze

    May be someone can share APK file? Not available in my country.

  • Jabbz

    Wonder where it’s available :\ I guess USA only or maybe Japan n UK along !

  • Music Unlimited is available to only 16 countries I recall…
    correct me if I’m wrong

  • NSK

    When this will available in Thailand, damn it Sony!!

  • Quite stupid to have an app which is only available in 16 countries in my Xperia S and I can’t even remove it… PSM is the same thing, Why can’t I buy games with my portuguese PSN account???

  • Libo

    Yessssssss! FUCK U SONY!


    This app is incompatible with your Sony Ericsson LT26i.

    .. WTF?!

  • germany and italy too

  • Well … Here in Mexico the service of Music Unlimited is still no avaliable, but I have a US PSN account in which I bought a 1 year membership for 12 dollars, just downloaded the apk in my Xperia (well actually in my brother’s Xperia) and we don’t have problems playing music :) .

  • Yes, the same think.

  • Just download the psm and register your email, and chose the available country you even if your country is not listed.. It works in my xperia tx..

  • Zong Sien Ho

    It’s not that Sony doesn’t want to make this service available in other countries, Sony must go through some kind of approval in each country first. Just like how google play music is not available for all countries

  • You have to go to settings and force close the app then sign in with a country that is supported (not your country). You should be able to purchase and download content. This may be a back door

  • TechGuyChris

    Based off commebts it doesn’t seem like this Service is Available anywhere except in the US… is this am American site?

  • boosook

    It’s available in Italy (and I use it… :) )

  • utsav shah

    This is quite annoying that no Sony entertainment service is available in India!

  • It’s available in the UK. I’m an user

  • Would be nice if we could buy/download music on high quality. Streaming ‘unlimited’ music is somewhat similar to youtube search results with (HD) quality. It may not sound the best, but it’s good enough to listen to the latest music out there. Unless I’m missing the point of Sony’s “Unlimited Music”?

    My PSN account is US region, same issues with what local Sony offers we get here.

  • SeaTHX

    Yes, I live in Sweden but I want to have access to Thaisongs aswell…

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